Sunday, 31 December 2017

THE MIRRORS - Dark Glasses 7'' 1978

Last post in 2017 and there is something new from the Wanted list and it's the second single by the Mirrors, a short-lived combo from South Wales, and on these recordings involved: Gary (vocals + rhythm guitar), Alan (bass), Bree (lead guitar) and Trevor (drums), released by the small London-based label Lightning Records. On the a-side we enjoy a lumbering four minute piece who monotonous pulls its laps and I can permanent listen to this fuckin' rhythm. They play exactly the drive as I love it, sure for some boring and uninspired but this soft bluesy melody listen I seldom and the four gentlemen do it very well. On the flip-side is a pleasant 2:30 mid-tempo KBD powerpop/punk goodie which rounding the record out. On compilations not often represented but Cure For Cancer was taken for the Young Raw Sounds UK #1 (Zeus Records, 1997) record, only bands/songs from Lightning releases and highly recommended. Enjoy or endure the music!

I wish you all a nice New Year's Eve and thanks to all who helped me this year, sent good music, gave some comments and we face the 2018 challenge!  

- Great Thx to Bristolboy -

TROTSKIDS - A Mort!...A Fond!!... 1986

Francophone punkrock between snot and hymn is comin' from Brittany and released via Terminal Records this is the 'second' Album by the Trotskids from Rennes. They play the typical hard fat French Punk sound and with this record they emphasize this in every way. I like this slab because I love an decent Oi! sound and the production is well rough. The band formed 1982 in Rennes by brothers Doumé (vocals) and Félipé (drums), Ivan (guitars), Ruff (bass) and occasionally Nono as second drummer. After many gigs their vinyl debut was made on the Chaos En France #1 compilation and in 1984 their first album with six songs was released via Chaos Productions. Chaos #2, line-up changes, a tape (4 Fois En 10 mn!!) followed inbetween until A Mort !...A Fond !!... comes out and in June 1987 the band split up for reasons of musical divergences.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

ATTAQUE 77 - Dulce Navidad 1989

Christmas is over but this record is currently running up and down because.... A bit info from wiki: "Attaque 77 is an Argentine punk rock group and were formed 1987 in Buenos Aires as a group of friends who got together to play their favorite songs, most of them by the Ramones, their favorite band and the one that influenced them the most. They started writing songs in the same punk rock style, lyrics with proletarian content (about exploited factory workers, etc.), and wore denim jackets, which became one of their hallmarks in their beginnings. Currently, only three members continue performing and recording. When they were just starting, they played the more traditional punk rock and in those years, the band became more popular by virtue of a more melodic style. High points in the band's history include the album El Cielo Puede Esperar in 1990, with the first band's big-hit "Hacelo Por Mí" and performing their first gigs at the Estadio Obras in October 1991." Many records have since been released and the band is still active and touring decent and maybe a new album will follow.


Friday, 29 December 2017

NEONBABIES - s/t LP 1981

Ahhh.... fine stuff now from the Neonbabies: they came together at the beginning of 1979 in Berlin. Among its founding members were the sisters Inga Humpe ("DiLemma") and Annette Humpe ("Anita Spinetti"). The group made its first appearance in the spring of 1979 at the Gasthaus an der Havel and the gigs were the highlight of the concert season 1979/80. Later they were able to make their first recordings at the senate's own Beat Studio with Nikolaus (guitar), Conny (bass), Toni (drums) and Reinhard (saxophone). The first EP (I Don't Want To Loose You) came out early 1980 and includes a first version of the later Ideal killer Blaue Augen, in autumn then the 2nd EP Nervös. The band were now an integral part of the Berlin music scene and were worshiped as cult. 

In early 1980, Annette Humpe founded the band Ideal and was replaced by singer Petra (Miko) but she was only heard on the debut album and this was released on the Berlin independent label Good Noise Records in 1981 and sold ca. 16.000 times, Nikolaus said: ''We were never ideologically defined. Good Noise said: we make the record with you - and then we signed a contract for a plate". The music is a cocktail of early german punk (KFC or S.Y.P.H.) and New Wave & Pop. 

In 1982, Dave Hutchins produced the 2nd album (Harmlos) @ Conny Plank Studio which was released on Ariola Records, followed by a tour through Germany. After the quit of Nikolaus, he was replaced by Toni Kambiz, the group engaged Drafi Deutscher as producer of the 3rd 7Inch 'Ich Bin Ein Mann' but the sale was very much less, far far behind expectations. The last album '1983' was recorded with Gareth Jones in Berlin Hansa Studios and also appears at Ariola. A short time later, the group broke up. Conny left and Inga participated around the project DÖF which was produced by her sister and the single Codo became a great fuckin' hit! With Eiskalte Engel the last Neonbabies 7Inch was done and it was a remix of the title Engel from the 3rd album and was considered as farewell gift for the fans. Enjoy now fourteen crunchy poppy bubbles from album #1.

ABWÄRTS - Beirut, Holiday Inn 12'' 1982

Abwärts is a German punk combo from Hamburg, founded 1979 by Frank Z. (vocals, guitar), FM Einheit (keys & percussion, drums), Mark Chung (bass), both left the group in 1982 to join Einstürzende Neubauten, and published with "Computerstaat" & "AmokKoma" two records that are on my Top Ten list of German punk records. Dissatisfied with the support provided by ZickZack, they now wanted to work more professionally and offer the next album to a major label. The work began fall 1981 in the Hamburg Hafenklang, a month of self-financed & produced studio recordings followed by a week of mixing in the London Townhouse studios and at the end of the year the album Der Westen Ist Einsam was finished and offered to various record companies and finally Abwärts signed at Phonogram. The reviews were shitty and in my opinion wrongly but that was the 80s journalists scum and Punk were Abwärts since already no longer. But it works for them and Mercury released then this 12'' with a new version of "Beim Ersten Mal Tut's Immer Weh" plus three more fine tunes, less punk and more Wave style, but worth hearing and as comparison you'll find their last ZickZack 7Inch "Roboter In Der Nacht" within (after that record, the hamburgers became uninteresting for me). Be nice to each other in your crisis area!


Huvudtvätt existed from 1981-1984 and were formed by brothers Mats and Torulf Nilsson. After the demise of Sundsvall's famous (and orthodox) punk band Massmedia in 1980, the two brothers moved to Linköping to study and they were eager to play again. It was originally planned as a solo project by Mats, but it resulted in Huvudtvätt (HT). With new influences from the US hardcore scene and England’s Discharge, they step towards in a wild/tougher style and they were noticed in the clubs. All the song titles have a cleaning theme and the ambiguous lyrics were humorous but serious at the same time. The band also appeared as Headcleaners, whose name came from a cleaning cassette and their music was as rough as HT, but the social critical English words were written primarily by Janne and they released one or two 7Inches via the Uppsala label Malign Massacre. On stage Huvudtvätt only performed once during their career. - From the Picnic Boys came the B-Side with two classic KBD tunes. They were a three piece combo (also Sundsvall) and that's all info I have for you. These both tracks are damn cool and I think this is all they pressed on vinyl. Unfortunately, I think a full length would become a killer LP.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

MARIA.023 - s/t EP 1979

Tokyo punk from Maria.023 with their lone record which was released via Gozira Records. Four friggle mid-tempo tracks with a brilliant crazy voice and I don't understand a single word even though they have english lyrics.. famos. What should I say? listen

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

V/A - Live & Alive [Special] 2017

It's time again to torture you with one of my superfluous self-made compilations and since I'm a Live person, this Machwerk is full with sixteen Alive goodies from bands which I have seen live multiple times, whose records I love and being a constant companion in the past and present. Simply strong songs that impress and touch me or which I just only like. The artwork came on its own and I hope it appeals to you. Take this as a small gift and listen to it while cooking, in the train/plane, while cycling or body sport... made to play loud! 

1.Not Another Hit
2.The Traveller
3.Remember Tomorrow
4.Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
5.Ruperts Grün
6.A Forest
7.Shot Down In Flames
8.In Shreds
9.Chelsea Monday
11.Such A Shame
14.Walking On Both Sides
15.Very Ape


V/A - OX-Compilation #53 2003

The OX is probably the best-selling punk fanzine in Germany and I think they were the first who put music with their Heftschä, first as a 7Inch and then as a CD. This gives bands the opportunity to get to know a bit, or to promote new releases, of course for a little cash. The compilations are usually very well mixed, great covers and there is also much to discover. Here's # 53 with thirty-one fat punk rock blasts (and the only X-Mas song).

1.Little Drummer Boy - EA80
2.Sang Sans Sens - OPÉRATION S
3.Total Teen Degenerate - REAL LOSERS
4.She's Hysterical - GIRLS
5.Thrill Me - UNDERTONES
6.Spit Me Out - THE SPITS
8.Cold Cold Cookie - THE CHEEPS
9.A Blues You Oughta Get Used To - SUBSONICS
10.About Dirt - LO-LITE
11.Wrapped In Red - BLACK MONDAY
13.Economia - BULLOCKS
14.Love American - GIVE UP THE GHOST
15.Artificial Sun Kills Ideologists - A CASE OF GRENADA
16.Shining Star - SOULMATE
17.I Killed Her But That's Not The Point - THE UNFINISHED SYMPATHY
18.Count It Down - K LINE
19.Points - BLOCKO
20.University - SOLANOID
21.Love Of Mud - YUCCA
23.Blue Eyed Devil - DUMBELL
24.Hot Rod - GRINDOLLS
25.Der Mann Mit Dem Hut - CHEFDENKER
26.Herbst Im Herz - ORAL FLIPPERS
29.The Obituary Of Happiness - ADJUDGEMENT
30.More Than Less - MADSTATEWORLD
31.Pepe'ling - BARBARA ANN

Monday, 25 December 2017

V/A - AK•79 1979

This little masterpiece was released by Ripper Records and has six bands, each with two pieces, from lovely New Zealand in the luggage and brings us the early underground of the late 70s closer. Not easy to get nowadays some slabs from there in Europe and the original 7Inches are as rare as a polar bear at the South Pole. Hence that is important there are records like this that shine at least with a little bit of the sound otherwise not reachable. Hugh, I spoke!

1.Mysterex - SCAVENGERS
2.Never Been To Borstal - TERRORWAYS
3.I Am A Rabbit - PROUD SCUM
4.True Love - SCAVENGERS
5.Suicide - PROUD SCUM
6.She's A Mod - TERRORWAYS
7.Certain Sound - SWINGERS
8.Funny Stories - PRIMMERS
9.Squeeze - TOY LOVE
10.Baby - SWINGERS
11.You're Gonna Get Done - PRIMMERS
12.Toy Love Song - TOY LOVE

V/A - Metropolis 3LP 1980

I've decided to post some compilations for the holidays that I have a while and now as little gifts throw out for you; I think the start yesterday was not bad but it goes still better. Door #25 is a three record set from the Finnish label Johanna with bands who released their slabs there, partly only on this record, and musically there is something for everyone: solid '77 punk, weird rock'n'roll, a little surf twist, in short: forty-two nice melodic Christmas carols for a harmonious togetherness... is not that nice?

1.Saippuaa - RATSIA
2.Ole Hyvä Nyt - RATSIA
3.Ne Ei Haluu Kuunnella - RATSIA
4.Pikkuaikuinen - RATSIA
5.Me Noustiin Kellareistamme - RATSIA
6.Tämä Hetki Ja Tulevaisuus - RATSIA
7.Gotta Getaway - RATSIA
8.Louie Louie - RATSIA
9.New Rose - RATSIA
10.Raw Power - RATSIA
11.All Your Love - JIM PEMBROKE BAND
12.That's All Right - ROCK BOYS & THE AGENTS
13.Blue Suede Shoes - ROCK BOYS & THE AGENTS
14.Can't Help Falling In Love - ROCK BOYS & THE AGENTS
15.Kitara Twist - AGENTS
16.Snake Shake - AGENTS
17.Yes, I Love You Baby - DUCKTAILS
18.Drinkin' Wine (Spo Dee O Dee) - DUCKTAILS
19.Eileen - DUCKTAILS
20.Backstreet Boys - BRIARD
21.I Want Ya Back - BRIARD
22.Miss World - BRIARD
23.Fuck The Army - BRIARD
24.Superstars - BRIARD
25.The Famous Five - WIDOWS
26.Hang Yourself - WIDOWS
27.Cartoon Rock - WIDOWS
28.What You Want - WIDOWS
29.Mun Kaverit/Elvis - MAUKKA PERUSJÄTKÄ
32.Tulevaisuus? - VAAVI
33.Uhoan Voimaa - VAAVI
34.Me Voitais Vaikka Rakastella - VAAVI
35.Suomalainen Yleisö - VAAVI
36.Juosten Kohti Elämää - PELLE MILJOONA 1980
37.Ajassa Tapahtuu - PELLE MILJOONA 1980
38.Tämä Sukupolvi - PELLE MILJOONA 1980
39.Raitsikka Oot - PELLE MILJOONA 1980
40.Koko Yö - PELLE MILJOONA 1980
41.You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover - TUMARI NURMIO & KÖYHIEN YSTÄVÄT

Sunday, 24 December 2017

V/A - Senseless Death 1987

Exactly the right stuff on this compilation from Nuclear Blast Records with an excellent title for today. You know what I think about Christmas: Nichts Nothing Rien Ingenting Niente! but I hope some of you still enjoy the glittering season with your most precious people. My copy is the second edition with six bonus tracks (Ever Rat Records) and we push the gaspedal far forward and listen to twenty-six fast noisefully american hardcore blasts and I can say the mix is decent like the rum in a piña colada. No fillers, no love songs, no cure, rather a lot of bleeding gums, maybe later we can have coffee together.

1.Take A Look Around - SACRED DENIAL
2.When I Sleep - SACRED DENIAL
3.Some Curiosity -SACRED DENIAL
4.Prophecy Fulfilled - FEAR ITSELF
6.Red Streak - A.M.Q.A.
7.AMQA - A.M.Q.A.
8.Satan's Sandals - CONDEMNED?
9.Chemical Death - THE DEHUMANIZERS
10.Cigarette Death - DEHUMANIZERS
14.Patton's Disease - IMPULSE MANSLAUGHTER
17.No Blind Power (Live) - ATTITUDE
18.Deadly Euphoria (Live) - ATTITUDE
19.Black/Doomy Theme - CANCEROUS GROWTH
21.Cardiac Arrest - SEA MONKEYS
22.On The Team - SEA MONKEYS
23.Meat Market - PSYCHO

Friday, 22 December 2017

TARGETS - Massenhysterie 1985

We start the long X-Mas weekend with full steam and let's open door #22 with a German classic, thirty years ago and not a bit rusty, this legendary and only album of the Slime successor band appeared. Targets existed only two years, released two EP's (listen) and one album, all on Aggressive Rockproduktionen, and they are still popular in our orbit nowadays, no wonder that Colturschock/Höhnie Records reissued the slab in 2014. Why AGR only at the first pressing with red labels the track "Großer Bruder" has is a mystery to me, my copy has yellow labels. Anyway, the songs sounds still fresh, dynamic and with such intensity which is unparalleled in my opinion, and lyrically as brilliant as Slime: "An Outbreak Of Emotions, People Running Around, On A House Sits A Madman With A Sharp Rifle - Chaos Panic Masshysteria!" - I think that's enough info, buy the record, enjoy this German punk nugget and have a nice time!

Thursday, 21 December 2017


Top rare record by this Argentine punk band called Comando Suicida, a partial continuation of Los Desalmados, a punk rock band formed 1981, from which came the members Sergio (vocals) and Key (guitar). El Mariskal (who later joined Trixy y los Maniáticos) and Fernán (drums, formerly of the band Alerta Roja) completed the band's lineup. In 1987 came this first vinyl via C.S. Records out with four raw Oi!/Punk classics, including a 4-Skins cover (Chaos) and they were influenced by bands such as Cockney Rejects, Last Resort, Decibelios, the 4-Skins and Nabat. After two compilation tracks on the Invasion 88 LP problems between two of the band's members caused the band to split. In 1998 they became active again and brought more records among the people. Now I have to go to bed.


Wednesday, 20 December 2017

ILEGALES - s/t LP 1983

Let's move to warmer regions and visit the north of Spain and meet the Ilegales which formed 1977 in Asturias by Jorge Martínez, his brother Juan Carlos and David Alonso, first as Madson, two years later they change its name to Los Metálicos. Juan later left the band, being replaced by Íñigo Ayestarán on bass. At that time they are renamed as "Illegals". Despite being a rock band, Ilegales have diverse influences and their acid lyrics have made them a reference for groups of their own style, as well as being one of the best punk bands of Spain in the 80s. In 1981 they won the Ciudad De Oviedo rock contest and few months later they release their debut 7Inch "Revuelta Juvenil En Mongolia" on Discos Arrebato. 1983 the band recorded the debut album and the sound is very thin but it shows Jorge's peculiar way of composing, looking for strong and lapidary phrases that reflect a nihilistic view of a marginal + street world, where fatality and violence are omnipresent; letters of stark social criticism, which characterize songs such as "Tiempos Nuevos, Tiempos Salvajes" or "Yo Soy Quien Espía Los Juegos De Los Niños", alternate surrealist words, presided over by cynicism, black humor or provocation, ("Problema Sexual" or "¡Heil Hitler!").

This first highlight (Hi-Fi Electrónica) shows a photo on the front by artist Ouka Leele, which becomes an icon of the group, gets a success that goes beyond the independent label set up by the producer Paco Martín to publish it, which is why the Asturian singer-songwriter Víctor Manuel gets the rights to the recording for the Sociedad Fonográfica Asturiana (SFA), which in turn licenses it to the multi Epic, which was then dependent on the almighty CBS. With the move to a larger label, Illegales are guaranteed a distribution and promotion of the first order, which arrive at the moment when the band is approaching the peak of its popularity. 1983 the 12Inch "Europa Ha Muerto" comes out with two early pessimistic-humorous punk/ska-rock goodies, recorded in Estudios Norte (Gijón) and produced by Pedro Bastarrica and René De Coupaud, a real profit for the band. A lot of records were released until 2011, members change every little time except Jorge, who keeps rocking, some members died and their music coined generations.

Now you are all well informed and let's enjoy twelve wonderful lost rock nuggets!


WHITE FLAG - Bleedin' In Sweden EP 1986

This one's was from the Wanted-List long time ago and I can't remember who wants this. Anyway, White Flag again and after playing numerous shows around California, the band toured Europe for their first time in 1986 and released this little Live! EP from that tour titled "Bleedin' In Sweden". All songs were recorded 7th June 1986 @ The Yang & Yin in Gavle and released on Punish Records. Seven Songs in a good quality and if I listen now I'm in the mood for a concert. Full of energy, wild and loud, just the right atmosphere and I can imagine how cool this gig was. White Flag is a fuckin' cool band. Get their second album WFO as well and now buy your ticket to Moscow and visit the President.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017


Kåmejnis Kallsonger (Khomeinis Underwear) was a punk band from Växjö. They played together between 1977 and 1982. Originally calling themselves Zlem (or Slem), but changed its name in 1980 to Kåmejnis Kallsonger. The band was inspired by English punk bands Sex Pistols and 999. In the spring of 1981 they released their one & only EP titled Extas Rock?. The songs were recorded in the Speldosan Studio in Ödetofta and contains four awesome KBD smashers plus a bonus track. Ecstasy Rock was released in 500 copies and has now high value among collectors. In Peter Janderus book The Encyclopedia Of Swedish Punk the EP's value to 5 on a 10-point scale, where 10 represents an extreme rarity with very high value. The group was Växjö's first punk band (Vägra Raggarna Benzin Vol.3 & 4and in addition to their gigs they were opening act for Ebba Grön, Dag Vag, and Nationalteatern. Members were Johan Wetterberg (John Olive) who sang and played bass, Per-Ola Evaldsson (Per Capita) vocals, organ & guitar, Jonas Nilsson (Jonas Volta) vocals & guitar and drummer Håkan Bohlin (Malte Metronome). They never really officially split up.

Monday, 18 December 2017

THE DETONATORS - Billion Dollar Nazis EP 1991

Great four track EP by the Detonators, formed 1979 by Bruce Hartnell & Juan Camacho in Redondo Beach, California, to participate in the emerging hardcore punk rock scene that was exploding in southern California at the time. Just out of high school, the two life-long friends played various parties and gigs with numerous drummers as punk rock was still fairly frowned upon by most musicians, and finding a drummer willing to stick around long enough to allow the band to build an audience what quite a task in itself. Korky Ollerton joined on drums in 1981, and with Hartnell on bass, and Camacho on guitar, the band took to putting and advertisement in a L.A. weekly paper, “The Recycler”, for a vocalist. Mike Mooney passed the audition, and with his inclusion, the band set off work on material that was to become their first album “Emergency Broadcast Systems”. This is just a little intro and you can read their full story via soundclick and not unimportant as well: the needful Smelling Just Another Bad Breath compilation from 1986.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

UK - s/t LP 1987

This combo was a short side project of Mick Fitz and Steve Kent, both members of the legendary The Business and on drums was Mark Brabbs (Tank) and they released their only album on Chain Reaction Records. Ten powerful rockin' streetpunk tunes give us the three but I find them a bit monotonous because each song sounds the same. I like more variety and that's what I miss here, so it's not a bad record and 'Pride Of Hell' and 'Tortured' are really good songs but... well, check out for yourself.

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

CONDEMNED 84 - The Boots Go Marching In 1991

One of the oldest English Oi! veterans are Condemned 84 from Ipswich and they were formed Autumn 1980 as Criminal Tendencies, after three years the band changed their name to Condemned. The 84 moniker was added a year later, coinciding with the release of their first demo tape. This compilation (released via Cock-O-Rama) contains, in my opinion, their best songs: all from the Oi! Ain't Dead EP + In Search Of The New Breed 12'' and a few Gröhlies from the Battle Scarred mini album. Thirteen streetpunk anthems from the Eighties and they don't get tired... but I and there's coming soon a fine movie with Louis de Funès (the man with forty faces per minute). Yeah!!

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

V/A - Osaka Battle Royal 1990

This fuckin' christmas time is full with all kinds of crap but the best goodies are the cookies and hot Äppler/Punch/Wine, etc... and I'm getting fatter each time. Well, enough from my little private stories and let's talk about Japanese music. This compilation on O.B.R. Records is decorated with Osaka maniacs, six bands, two songs each and I'm a litte surprised because we find excellent mid-tempo goodies, Punk/Metal/Oi! style, and no screaminhardcorenoisecantunderstandpunk lullabies and that looks interesting like blood im urine. Now I need a shower and come back with a fresh lemon scent. 

1.Easy Life - CYCLAMENS
2.Run Like Hell - CYCLAMENS
3.The Angel Kills You - DOROCHYS
4.Dead End Dreamer - DOROCHYS
5.Wind Jammer - GRUESOME
6.Dog And Stag - GRUESOME
7.Holy Terror - BUGS BUNNY
8.Rusty Eyes - BUGS BUNNY
9.Come Back, Maria - WHITE ROPES
10.Heartache & Trouble - WHITE ROPES
11.Fireman (My God Ittue) - GHAPPS
12.Heavy Time - GHAPPS

Monday, 11 December 2017

MEN AT WORK - Business As Usual 1981

This record was also very influential in my musical history and I remember very well their hit that splashed over the ether day and night but I mean Men At Work have more to offer than Down UnderFormed 1978 in Melbourne by Colin (vocals + guitars), Jerry (drums) & Ron (lead guitar). They were joined by Greg (flute, saxophone, keys) and John (bass). Business As Usual is the debut album and was released 1981 and is one of the most successful albums internationally by an Australian group. The excellent mix of Pop, Reggae and New Wave makes these ten songs absolutely worth listening to, without stress, melodic, anytime and bring you to a pleasantly relaxed level (that's the case with me). Thirty-five years old and still a delicacy. Also album #2 (Cargo 1983) is, in my opinion, a solid record which I like to hear as well but with the third slab (Two Hearts, 1986) the band loses its class in all points: Uninspired, Boring, Poor, Cruel! Ergo, the group had to disbanded in 1986. Now sing the classics with me again.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

DIE CRACKERS - BRDigung 1981

A complete underrated band I think is the next post: Die Crackers with their brilliant debut album. Sure, in punk circles rather unknown and really only known among local rockers but this album is the best they ever released and that's certainly not only German rock. Their lyrics are funny and frighteningly close on current affairs and the music is pure impact. Originally established 1980 in Wiesbaden at the height of summer, intended to be a joke combo at the beach party of a student nude volleyball tournament, the band has released four albums to 1987 and many singles. Apart from some initial difficulties some of their songs have become great hits. Moreover, they were in 1984, in addition to the Rodgau Monotones, Flatsch! and Hob Goblin are the protagonists of the so-called "Hessen-Power". A national success they celebrated with songs like Phonhaus & Pornokino (both in 1981) and their biggest one was the 'Klassenfahrt Zum Titisee' (1983) 7Inch, in which they coined the term "Turnschuhgeneration" that quickly found its way into the German language. 1987 the band broke up and two years later they recover with a new line-up. Since 1998, however, they play back in the original cast. In 2003 they appeared at the "Silberne Hochzeit" a anniversary concert for the Rodgau Monotones at the Stadthalle Offenbach and played there in front of 8.000 fans. For their 30th anniversary, the band recorded at concerts on 5 and 6 December 2008, the double CD "Die Crackers Live", which appeared in May 2009. The setlist of the evening came in agreement with the audience. In July 2009, the band released the 7'' 'Wir haben einen Traum', the official fan song of the soccer club SV Wehen Wiesbaden. So if you have the chanxe to buy this album (excellent cover b.t.w.) do it, because: it's unique! - Fuck..... it's snowing vehemently

Saturday, 9 December 2017

DENTIST - s/t LP 1978-1979

Dentist was a french punk from Nice, founded in the late 70's. They play fast, rough & they make it good. Dentist chose superbly their covers ranging from Otis to Radio Birdman, from The Stooges to Question Mark, essential songs exclusively... Even more, Dentist got to writing their own material inspired by the models that they were caught up in, producing an original sound that was neither ridiculous or immature. The A side of the album presents the 1978 session and on side B their 1979 session. Sliding towards a more 60's sound which was an early sign of things to come and the end of the group. Late 1980, Dentist split to leave space for another story: Les Playboys. All in all a classic punk rock nostalgia and this compilation was released by Mémoire Neuve in 2009.

Friday, 8 December 2017

ALONZO & FAS 3 - Dansa Som En Fjäril 7'' 2012

Now something almost new with Michael Alonzo (singer of KSMB) have not made music since KSMB's reunification in the early 90's, but now he felt it was time and in summer he contacted bassist Inge Johansson from The (International) Noise Conspiracy. The band, Fas 3 is Sulo (acoustic guitar) from Diamond Dogs, Nicke Andersson on guitar (Hellacopters), Tony Johansson (guitar) and Tomas on drums. This is their debut record, released on Ny Våg Records and you get two tracks and both pretty damn good. The title track is a perfect upper mid-tempo punk rock number, powerful & melodic while the flip starts tranquil and increases slowly to a proper ballad. I like both songs even if the length is more than three minutes and those of you who like the legendary KSMB albums is well served here and all others become new fans. Alonzo & Phase 3's debut album is released on Blue Fin Recordings in 2013 and the second 'Hur Du Blir En Man' (300 copies) two years later. Also Obacht!!

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

BOYZ NEX' DOOR - Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Thee Mighty Boyz Nex' Door EP 1995

Very good EP by this combo from Turin which belongs to the glorious 333 x Up & Down series via Incognito RecordsProbably the first record and it comes along with four songs in a decent '77 style. Sounds almost strange because from this country I know finest Hardcore & Oi! stuff but these are the 90s Baby and the world is changing. Enough bla bla, who cares? By the way, my monitor is starting to shit off who sends me money?

Thursday, 7 December 2017

STRAHLER 80 - Das Kann Jeder... EP 1996

Emotional Punk from Linz/Austria here with Strahler 80 and the band introduce themselfs as follows: "... after a not clumsy-needled system, consisting of state, religion, capital, media, sexuality, gender, race, math, science, prison, + myriad other components, us all the possibility takes (you notice that you fucking hippies) to get out of this, we want at least donate some confusion in it, and search for the weak point. Domination, go shit yet. Furthermore we are präpotent wankers." That sounds quite decently I think. Strahler 80 released a few singles and one album which is called Knuth on Lufthanfa Records. Musically they play a nice mix of energtic punk with a touch hardcore and emo. And they're loud! They disbanded probably at the end of the 90's. Not bad :)

- Special Thx to Reinhard -

S.O.D. - Speak English Or Die 1985

A long time since the last Metal post although the debut album of the Stormtroopers Of Death (S.O.D.) is more a Hardcore/Trash/Metal slab and they formed 1985 in New York by Scott Ian (guitars), Charlie Benante (drums), Dan Lilker (bass) and Billy Milano (vocals). "They recorded a 63 song demo called Crab Society North and set to work on an album for Johnny Zazula's Megaforce Records. The album, titled Speak English Or Die, was recorded and mixed over three days and has since been hailed as a landmark album that was among the first to fuse hardcore punk with thrash metal. They toured in support of the album in 1985, opening for Motörhead and The Plasmatics, among others. Their music served as the theme of the '80s incarnation of MTV's Headbangers Ball. They planned a follow-up titled USA For S.O.D. which was ultimately scrapped and never recorded." I heard a lot of Metal & Hardcore in the 80s and then came this album in and I was immediately excited, the intensity and dynamic which play the four their twenty-one songs is just awesome. Let yourself be intoxicated by this brilliant record.