Wednesday, 20 December 2017

WHITE FLAG - Bleedin' In Sweden EP 1986

This one's was from the Wanted-List long time ago and I can't remember who wants this. Anyway, White Flag again and after playing numerous shows around California, the band toured Europe for their first time in 1986 and released this little Live! EP from that tour titled "Bleedin' In Sweden". All songs were recorded 7th June 1986 @ The Yang & Yin in Gavle and released on Punish Records. Seven Songs in a good quality and if I listen now I'm in the mood for a concert. Full of energy, wild and loud, just the right atmosphere and I can imagine how cool this gig was. White Flag is a fuckin' cool band. Get their second album WFO as well and now buy your ticket to Moscow and visit the President.


  1. Great post Wild! Hard not to think of Bill Bartell (Pat Fear) (R.I.P.) this time of year--my favorite and only Greenlander I got to know. We friended up early on facebook and I had a few good years of following his posts--he was highly studied in Christianity and Theology as well as Beatles. As I finally use up my remaining vacation time for this year...taking that week off as I can only post at work, so it was a great year blogging Sir thanks to you and I send all my hopes to you for a 2018 full of great musical discoveries and regular listening.

    1. Thank you Via for your kind words. Music connects and it is good to see that what I do is lovingly rewarded and not everything is in vain. Almost every music blogger is there with heartblood and sharing is beautiful, I think you're record collection is far more versatile than mine but what connects us is the passion and we don't get tired to continue....have a relaxed X-mas with your loved one and for you only the best for 2018


  2. Thank you very much, and have nice days, my friend:)