Wednesday, 20 December 2017

ILEGALES - s/t LP 1983

Let's move to warmer regions and visit the north of Spain and meet the Ilegales which formed 1977 in Asturias by Jorge Martínez, his brother Juan Carlos and David Alonso, first as Madson, two years later they change its name to Los Metálicos. Juan later left the band, being replaced by Íñigo Ayestarán on bass. At that time they are renamed as "Illegals". Despite being a rock band, Ilegales have diverse influences and their acid lyrics have made them a reference for groups of their own style, as well as being one of the best punk bands of Spain in the 80s. In 1981 they won the Ciudad De Oviedo rock contest and few months later they release their debut 7Inch "Revuelta Juvenil En Mongolia" on Discos Arrebato. 1983 the band recorded the debut album and the sound is very thin but it shows Jorge's peculiar way of composing, looking for strong and lapidary phrases that reflect a nihilistic view of a marginal + street world, where fatality and violence are omnipresent; letters of stark social criticism, which characterize songs such as "Tiempos Nuevos, Tiempos Salvajes" or "Yo Soy Quien Espía Los Juegos De Los Niños", alternate surrealist words, presided over by cynicism, black humor or provocation, ("Problema Sexual" or "¡Heil Hitler!").

This first highlight (Hi-Fi Electrónica) shows a photo on the front by artist Ouka Leele, which becomes an icon of the group, gets a success that goes beyond the independent label set up by the producer Paco Martín to publish it, which is why the Asturian singer-songwriter Víctor Manuel gets the rights to the recording for the Sociedad Fonográfica Asturiana (SFA), which in turn licenses it to the multi Epic, which was then dependent on the almighty CBS. With the move to a larger label, Illegales are guaranteed a distribution and promotion of the first order, which arrive at the moment when the band is approaching the peak of its popularity. 1983 the 12Inch "Europa Ha Muerto" comes out with two early pessimistic-humorous punk/ska-rock goodies, recorded in Estudios Norte (Gijón) and produced by Pedro Bastarrica and René De Coupaud, a real profit for the band. A lot of records were released until 2011, members change every little time except Jorge, who keeps rocking, some members died and their music coined generations.

Now you are all well informed and let's enjoy twelve wonderful lost rock nuggets!



  1. Olé: thank you very much for this Ilegales' debut album.Thanks fo the info too (by the way I knew the singer and he was "a little insane" haha...well I wish you happy holidays, dear friend:)