Sunday, 15 May 2022

NEW ORDER - @ The Venue, Blackpool U.K. 30.08.1982

It's strawberry season again my friends and for the past few days I've been enjoying 500 fresh grams of them, that I can buy here on the side of the road from a local farmer. Even today, not exactly cheap but fresher. Yesterday I told you, that I have a lot of housework to do and today I finished Part 2 and I can tell you that cleaning windows is exhausting, especially when they are big. It's an old building where I live but I would never want to live anywhere else. For musical accompaniment I had this fantastic soundboard recording of New Order's Blackpool performance from 1982 in and I thought: why not post it? The sound quality is okay throughout and I like the early recordings of the four because I think they combine a perfect fusion of Joy Division & New Order and some of their new stuff is also to my liking and runs temporarily on my turntable. Nine songs but that's enough for an entertaining pastime. And now I want to go out in the sun.

Procession/Ceremony/586/Truth/We All Stand/Hurt/Everything's Gone Green/Age Of Consent/Ultraviolence

Saturday, 14 May 2022

ASTA KASK - Handen På Hjärtat 2013

Founded 1978 in Töreboda, Asta Kask have been on the road for a number of years and have released a couple of important albums. Handen Pa Hjärtat is their latest one and the first thing that strikes you is the grandiose cover, which I think is very successful. Speaks a clear language, doesn't it? Also noteworthy the record label with the sonorous name "Kloakens Alternativa Antiproduktion" which immediately makes me smile and I tip my hat to so much creativity. This is what I called D.I.Y. Their two 80's albums Med Is I Magen & Aldrig En are fantastic must-listen slabs and with this piece of wax they continue seamlessly. Eleven melodic icings that delight the heart and push you into another dimension, even the Martians fall off their chairs. Despite singing in Swedish, the band have gained international reputation and their songs have been covered by acts from three continents. You see, you don't always need English. Enough words, I have a lot of housework today and maybe I'll rip another record, ma gugge.

TOLLWUT - Seuchen 2017

An older rip now and a few words from the web: One helluva obscure release for all KBD lovers is this record by Bochum's Tollwut, Susi (vocals), Matte (guitars), Hans (bass), Angela (drums), from Hayride Records, one of the most iconic underground acts Germany saw in its 1980's. We speak of Punkrock in its original form and spirit-border songwriting that presents lots of ska-rhythms among furious riffs. This compilation consists their only vinyl release, the "Seuchen" EP from 1981, and the even more rare "Tollwut-Hits '83" cassette. The more sophisticated tape recordings makes one think of a way more raw, nihilistic and aggressive Ideal and Ton Steine Scherben and might appeal to fans of the more wicked NDW underground as well. In the end all of these bands are rooted in a similar background they share with Tollwut (Rabies). Interchanging male and female vocals add much diversity to these tracks. When it gets to the four tracks from the classic EP, ferocious underground Punkrock placed in between more tracks from the 1983 tape. It works fairly well with this splitting of the original single tracks and shows how a full length album released back in the day might have sounded. Tollwut have a good feeling for great anthems that stick to your mind and deliver a brilliant rabid experienced performance. Could have become a hard hitter on the scene back then! Fans of early German music should definitely give this a go! - Solid record.

Thursday, 12 May 2022

V/A - Belgique Putain Frigide 1996

Seventh homemade compilation in this theater from the CD-R bootleg label Get Baque Records. And in this episode they take a trip to Belgium and present us twenty five rare Punk/New Wave/PowerPop highlights from 1977-1982. Well, seventy-five percent of the protagonists are already known and represented on numerous compilations, the remaining twenty-five are worthwhile and interesting. That speaks once more for the variety of bands from the Euroheadquarters state. Of course you can say, "Oh no, not Belgium again" and do I need that at all? The answer is an unequivocal YES! Here we go...

1.Job In Town - THE BASTARDS
2.Nuclear Apocalypse - CHAINSAW
3.Working Man - STAGEBEAST
4.Just Like A Rainbow - ABLAZE
5.Le Prof À Mac Off - D.D.MAC OFF
8.You'll Be The One - HUBBLE BUBBLE
9.Saturday Night - JOHNNY PALERMO
10.No Monarchy - THE KIDS
12.I Am A Computer - MAD VIRGINS
13.Stooges - P.I.G.Z
14.Ça Gaze Pour Moi - PLASTICHKE
15.Heaven Only Knows - X-PULSION
16.Hot Love - ONION DOLLS
17.Life Addict - ACETYLENE
18.Tears - CHARTS
19.Violence - CONTINGENT
20.Don't Play Around - THE CROWS
21.Astronauts - GENOCID
22.Night Fever - STRUGGLER
23.The Modern Dance - DEFINITIVOS
24.Life It's A Joke - KEBAB

Wednesday, 11 May 2022

TV EYE - My Generation EP 2017

It's going to be wild, loud and brutal with the last record by TV Eye on Hoax Records, released in an edition of 100 copies in marbled vinyl. This Swedish combo was formed in 1998 by former members of Raped Teenagers and Second Sight and consisted at last of Johnny (vocals & guitar), Mat (guitars), Glade (bass), Pat (drums). Seven fast dynamic short killers in an excellent production, as many Eighties Hardcore combos would have wished for. They conjured up two albums, two 7Inches in their short active creative phase and especially the number of tracks on the albums (thirty-one and thirty-two) immediately make me think of the Dirty Rotten EP by Dirty Rotten ImbecilesSo it fits very well, because their music is at home in typical Eighties Punk. My Generation is catchy, authentic and fresh, enjoy!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Sunday, 8 May 2022

BLUT+EISEN - Fleisch Rollt 7'' 1984

Your butcher recommends WS 006, one of the rarest releases from Weird System and Blut+Eisen is one of my favorite German Punk bands which consisted of Capri Schotte (vocals), Super Slinky (guitars), Krösus (bass), Karl (drums), and the music of the four is absolutely settled in the top league of the Punk universe. Dynamic nervous, screechy thrashers with a sudden chorus and sharp guitar parts who pump the shit out of your fucking brainThe band's name refers to a well-known statement by our first Reich Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, that the big decisions in history are not made through speeches and majority decisions, but only through blood+iron. The lyrics of Blut+Eisen are sometimes a bit funny, no screaming phrases, but on the other hand the necessary "seriousness" is not neglected. Pretty pissed 7Inch and b.t.w., all German posts are re-upped you fuckers.

Friday, 6 May 2022

CHIN CHIN - We Don't Wanna Be Prisoners EP 1984

Since I've just re-upped the records of the Swiss all-female Chin Chin from Biel, now their debut EP from 1984 on Farmer Records. And "We Don't Wanna Be Prisoners" has everything a top Punk record needs and since I'm a bit drunk at an advanced stage, I'll leave it at that... nobody cares anyway... right?... Right! 🎸 Re-issued 2010 on Mississippi Records in a limited edition. Fantastic sound between Punk and twee pop, catchy melodies with sing along choruses, upbeat tempos, thumping bass lines and noisy guitars, there is nothing to complain about here and Seville is in two weeks.

Thursday, 5 May 2022

HARNRØHRER - Stadtguerilla EP 1982

Now a fucking classic by Harnrøhrer, a four piece from the city of Freiburg, located in the south-western part, close to the Switzerland border, founded in October 1980 by Siegfried (vocals), Daniel (guitars), Volker (bass), Stephan (drums) they were active untill 1983 and their only sucker was the first release (POGAR 1) by the legendary Pogar Records label located in Berlin (the first 100 copies contained a lyric insert and are now offered at inflated prices). Harnrøhrer is a typical band that stands for harsh, fast & dirty simple '77 style Punkrock, with pissed pseudo guitar leads and a real good singer. Nothing earth shattering but I love this slab and is one of the best early D-Punk stuff in my opinion. Unfortunately, no further effusions followed, a pity. But the band does a few Compilation shows (most on cassette), but the vinyl farts are a must. This EP was re-issued in 2019 via StaticAge. And now dear friends: Euro-League!

Wednesday, 4 May 2022

LES SCALPERS - It's Too Late EP 1988

Debut EP by the Scalpers, a French three piece, Henri (vocals/guitars), Gerard (bass) & Henri (drums), who recorded four rockin' songs and released them on their own label Skalpz Records. In their short life span they released three albums before disbanding in 1992. I find the use of the harmonica particularly successful and gives the impression that the three are very fond of early American Rock&Roll and I have to say that the sound fits their music perfectly. I like this time as well and I like this instrument. Driving nice melodies have they wrote and overall an enjoyable record.

Sunday, 1 May 2022

EA80 - @ JUZ Perla Palast/Raunheim 25.04.1987

Ich mache es kurz: Junge (vocals/guitar), Hals Maul (guitars), Nick (bass) & Nico (drums), better known as EA80, with a fantastic live performance captured on tape. Almost thirty-five years ago were these recordings made and are still worth listening. Energetic, funny and absolutely entertaining. I didn't go to the gig at the time because I had already seen their concert at the JUZ-Bockenheim, at least I think it was in the same year, but I could be wrong. However, a visit to the Mönchengladbachers is, and will always be worthwhile. The song selection is as well, even with one non-album track. The surprises contained in a performance by the four are unique and I only know a few bands that can keep up.
Get in and enjoy the evening!

Nimmer Geht Beiseit/Hello Goodbye/Dr. Murkes/5x4/Matatu/Café Am Ostpark/Einwegwelt/Jungen & Technik/Rot/Die Jahre Vergehen/Tenno/Ritter/Hoffnungen/Ein Tag An Meinem Fenster/Der Sandmann Ist Tot/Irgendwann/Die Gescheiterte Revolution/Kein Plan/Auf Wiedersehen