Thursday, 23 September 2021

DEAD CAN DANCE - Mosaic 2013

We remain gloomy and floating and come to a bootleg that is disappointing in every way and Mosaic is announced as early demos, but what you get here are Peel Sessions from Dead Can Dance and demos of poor quality. "First the tracklist is completely wrong, many of the songs listed are not on this release and a better buy would the The Garden Of The Arcane Delights re-issue that has all of the Peel Sessions in immaculate quality. The Inner Life and untitled tracks are in rough shape, and in all honesty the versions out on youtube sound better", so a discogs user quoted and I agree, not even the title song is included on this compilation and the artwork is just as poor and unimaginative (I recommend to listen to the debut first). Responsible for this is the Belgian label Arkain Filloux who are certainly known to one or the other, but what they have done with Mosaic is a real Fiasco. I like bootlegs and they are usually not perfect, but I expect more than such a loveless, jaded record. Anyone thinking of buying should definitely listen beforehand, only hard/lost/souls will spend their money for shit. 2 points out of 10!

Wednesday, 22 September 2021

ARTS & DECAY - Trail Of Tears 1988

Well, yesterday I wanted to do another post but couldn't find the time and threw away the band I was talking about because it is really lame and sucks in every way. Instead a rather unknown band in terms of punk, but a record which is audible. Arts & Decay are a Gothic combo from Kaiserslautern and were founded in 1988 by Roger (vocals), Voodoo & Halbi (guitars), M.W. (bass), E.L.Hesky (synth). They released four albums until they dissolved in the mid 90s. In the early years their music moved between punk and darkwave using a drum machine. They first got a lot of attention with the song 'Mescal' when it was released on the German Mystic Sound Sampler - Volume II and with their concept album Shadowjesus they caused quite a stir in the black scene. The debut Trail Of Tears was released via Dreamhouse Records and has seven decent dark goodies in the pocket and I can't remember when & where I bought this record but there was a short phase in my life, that was in the mid 90s, I liked to move around this scene and go to the discos, but only for a short time because I'm not the type who paint himself and mop up, NO! But some bands got stuck and are still interesting. But I've talked enough shit again, check out this stuff & enjoy your freedom.

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

HOODOO GURUS - Stoneage Romeos 1984

Today two new bands that say zero to me and I'm always grateful for that. It starts by a well-known band from Down Under who got a pretty positive response. Hoodoo Gurus were formed in Sydney 1981, by the mainstay Dave Faulkner (vocals/guitars) and later joined by Richard (bass), Mark (drums), and Brad (guitar/harmonica) and they recorded their debut in 1984 and the title came from a 1955 Three Stooges short Stone Age Romeos and was awarded 'Best Debut Album' of 1984 at the July 1985 Countdown Music Awards. When Stoneage Romeos was released in America it stayed at #1 in the Alternative/College charts for seven weeks, becoming one of the most played albums for the year on the college network. Initially a cult inner-city act, their popularity expanded due to regular airplay on radio station Triple J and nationwide pop TV show Countdown from mid-1983. Their breakthrough single "My Girl" was accompanied by a video clip featuring a dog trainer with his once champion greyhound. Members of Spiderbait described seeing the video for the first time as "a beautiful, classic pop song". Some viewers insisted the song was "written about a dog". This was closely followed by "I Want You Back", which featured animated plastic model dinosaurs. Both videos were aired frequently raising the group's profile around the country. The band made seven albums until they finally took a break in 1997 and since 2003 they've been back and making concerts and records. The Hoodoo Gurus' were inducted into the Australia's 2007 ARIA Hall Of Fame. The band's induction announcement stated that the Gurus were one of the most "inventive, lyrically smart and exciting" bands from Australia. From 1960s power pop and garage punk to hard rock and funky psychedelic kitsch, the group's music stood out from Sydney's Detroit-inspired bands.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Monday, 20 September 2021

V/A - Can Of Pork 1992

Another Lookout! release is the epic -Can Of Pork- compilation, a great document of the thriving early 1990's punk scene in the East Bay and other pocket scenes around the US including The Lookouts final recorded appearance, Kick Me In The Head, truly one of their more loose, rocking tracks. Also featured are Fifteen, Blatz, the first recorded appearance of Lag Wagon among the rest of this top notch comp along with nuggets from other Lookout! artists. Another achievement of Can Of Pork, was to capture on record a number of other unsung punk treasures of the day, such as One Man Running, Vagrants and The Porcelain Boys. Legendary ex-OPIV outfit Downfall contributed North Berkeley, teasing interest in one of the most anticipated bands that was to never be. Housed in perfect Lookout trademark style artwork, Can Of Pork stands the test of time as a document of its day - covered in punk landmines, and littered with the right attitude. Originally released as double vinyl, a nice booklet which contains band infos, lyrics and some writing and comics. The spine lists this as Lookout Rekkidz #44 and is one more important chapter of punkrock history blah, blah, blah @#$%&*?!!!"

2.Trinidad - BRENT'S TV
3.A Promise Is A Promise - LIZARDS
4.Evolution - ENGAGE
5.Redneck Woman From Planet Mars - HORNY MORMONS
6.Gotta Get A Job - ONE MAN RUNNING
7.Kick Me In The Head - LOOKOUTS
11.Sidetrack - PORCELAIN BOYS
13.Noble End - LAG WAGON
14.Martian - LOS RUDIMENTS
15.The Future - RICE
16.Learning How To Smile - BLATZ
17.Parents Are Really Weird - JACK ACID
18.17 Reasons - FIFTEEN
19.College Town - JUKE
20.T-Shirt Commercial - MR.T EXPERIENCE
21.Berthe - VAGRANTS
22.Benicia By The Bay - PINHEAD GUNPOWDER
23.North Berkeley - DOWNFALL
25.Dysfunction - SPITBOY
26.Why Quit? - GOOD GRIEF
27.Other Day - FREE FALL
29.Viva La France - MR.T EXPERIENCE

Saturday, 18 September 2021

THE PUNKLES - Punk! 2002

The Punkles were a band performing songs by the legendary and grandiose Beatles and of course, in their own style. The four were formed 1998 in Hamburg and were actually a side project of Prollhead. After a lot of playing gigs around Europe they toured together with Beatallica in October 2005 and in Spring 2006. Unlike Beatallica they performed the Beatles songs "as they are", singing the same lyrics and playing cover versions of the originals, just a "little" faster and with a punk spirit and every Beatles maniac, like me, will love this compilation of songs. The Punkles were quite successful on our continent and in Japan as well. They released five albums, one 7Inch Drive My Car and numerous sampler contributions. The band split up in 2006. "Part tribute, part tongue-in-cheek, the four don't just parody the Lennon/McCartney songbook, they breathe new life into it." - Released via Bitzcore and Punk! is their second one with sixteen classics. You love the Beatles - you love the Punkles! A perfect start on this sunny morning.

Friday, 17 September 2021

QUOD MASSACRE - Fait Accomply 1983-1986 [Tape]

I'll give you one more today and this stuff comes from an interesting band, back then from a united country, and in which I spent a very nice holiday (not in Slovenia and pictures will follow tomorrow), and this combo is called Quod Massacre, a melodic HC Punk band from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Founded by Bogdan (vocals), Robert (guitars), Rob H. (bass), Rok (drums) and Faith Accomply is an official tape repress approved by the band members of No Profit Tapes, original released in 1986 and repressed for the first time in form of 200 pro dubbed tapes with pad print. Each tape comes with original A5 14-page zine/booklet. Available in white, blue & green colors. This band has a basic thrash sound with a good bit of melody, but the heartfelt lyrics and good production sets this tape apart. The recordings are consistently decent and it was not until 1991 that they released their first album through Search & Enjoy. It followed a live CD in 2016 from Ne! Records and they are represented on various compilationsThat's it for today, I'm a little drunk and you'll see me again tomorrow.

WIZO - Bleib Tapfer 1992

If you're into German punk culture in the 90's, maybe by the name Wizo (to pronounce Veezo) will ring a bell. Accounts of the inception of the punk rock band Wizo differ, even among the band members themselves. While Jochen traces the band's roots back to 1981, Axel claims that the band started in 1985, when the band made their first demo recordings. In 1986, the band from Sindelfingen, Germany changed their name from "Wieso" ("Why?") to "Wizo". What did not change was their steadfast commitment to their punk origins. True to their style, they more or less shunned the establishment and largely did what they want. To remain independent from commercial influence, they founded and published under their own label Hulk Räckorz. This second example is strong & tough right from the start, very fast melodic songs, wicked and humorous and it’s more than twenty years old and what I would call: a solid punk record! After a short creative break, they've been since 2009 present again and still hard-working and funny, as if they had never been away. Keineswegs Für'n Arsch und tapfer bleiben Freunde!

Thursday, 16 September 2021

CARNIVORE - s/t LP 1985

Another band whose music thrilling me right from the start were Carnivore from Brooklyn, New York. Founded by singer & bassist Peter Steele † 14.04.2010, Keith Alexander † 11.07.2005 (guitars), Louie Beato (drums) out of the break-up of the metal combo Fallout in 1982. Although the sometimes ambiguous lyrics led to controversy, Roadrunner Records asked the band to sign a contract in 1984. One year later the debut comes out and was heavily influenced by the contemporary New York Hardcore scene. The 'post-apocalyptic' theme that dominated the album and was carried onto parts of the second one (Retaliation) was apparently inspired by a dream Peter had and which became the basis for the lyrics of Predator. The lyrical theme was then expanded on to describe human society (or the lack of one) between imaginary World Wars III, IV and possibly V (as referenced in the song World Wars III & IV). Other lyrical themes included nihilism, anti-religious sentiment, cynicism, and explicit-but-tongue-in-cheek depictions of gore and despair. Song titles such as Thermonuclear Warrior and God Is Dead reflect these themes. In my opinion, just as fresh and essential as the day I first listen to the record. Polarizing, radical, misanthropic and extreme, that was Carnivore.... to be continued!

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

ABOVE THE RUINS - Songs Of The Wolf 1984

All right my dear followers, now a record that can/will certainly be a subject for discussion, but I like the songs and that's why it's okay to post the music here on wdthtc. Nevertheless, I quote a little facts/background as you are used to from me and tell me your opinion if you have any criticism or anything else to say about the record: "After being asked to leave Death In June in 1984 due to his membership in the British Fuckin' National Front, Tony Wakeford formed Above The Ruins. None of the group's releases name any of its members. Wakeford never said which other persons were involved in the group. The band released one cassette in 1984 which was issued on vinyl 1986 (First Floor Records) and CD in 1996. The album's sound was similar to the dark post-punk of early Death In June. They contributed a track on the No Surrender compilation which was released via Rock-O-Rama alongside with fuckin' nazi bands but I think this happened without the band's consent because Egoldt was a damn money-hungry bastard. The music's post punk sound bears resemblance both to early Death In June and his future project Sol Invictus. The anonymity of the band members, the lyrics (dedicated to subjects like patriotism, anti-Marxism, anti-egalitarianism and anti-multiculturalism) and Wakeford's political affiliations of the time led to on-going controversy and speculation surrounding the project. Wakeford formed Sol Invictus shortly after this project was abandoned. In 2007, he stated that he had had no connection to or interest in such ideas for twenty or more years." This copy is the re-release from Infinite Fog Productions which came out in a limited edition of 500 copies. Take it or leave it, but don't talk about it until you've heard it.