Wednesday, December 07, 2022

V/A - It's A Youth Explosion! Vol.2 2021

Second volume in the series and more corking unreleased and rare blasts by rather unknown UK bands from 1978 - 1984 on Heavy Soul Records and this compilation was also published as limited edition, how many is not specified, I guess 500 or 1000 copies. And as on Volume 1, again fourteen lost masterpieces come together that amaze and delight us all. Especially when it's freezing cold outside and many are punished with a fucking flu or something like that, like me (no taste for anything sucks), and the only thing left is to stay on the couch or in bed, but there is no room for boredom and it quickly gets better with lively music, the best medicine. In addition, the World Cup is just as entertaining and provides a welcome change, but tea and pills are not standard. Fuck it, it will pass as well. Enjoy the music wherever you are. Cheers!

2.Press Gang - URBAN ENEMIES
3.Don't Criticise - PATROL
4.Getting High - THE MEDIA
5.Real Control - THE DECEASED
7.Damn The Damned - THE TRENDIES
8.Desperate Dan - STATION 360
9.Can You See Me - REACTION
10.Fashion Queen - THE DETOURS
11.Step Back - THE THREADS
12.All I Get - THE USERS
13.Bright Lights - THE SLEEPERS
14.Fate - THE PLOY

Tuesday, December 06, 2022

RKL - It's A Beautiful Feeling! EP 1984

Beautiful debut 7Inch by RKL (Rich Kids On LSD) from Montecito/California and they were associated with the "Nardcore" scene that evolved out of nearby Oxnard. Their music expanded over the years from West Coast Hardcore to a mix of Hardcore with Rock & Metal elements. This style, along with touring, made them very popular on the European scene, especially among skaters in the 1980s and 1990s. Formed 1982 and on this EP are Jason (vocals), Chris (guitars), Vince (bass), Bomber (drums) jamming, this seven sucker was released via Super Seven Records and the band's name came about as a mere fluke from some light hearted criticism. According to vocalist Jason in a 2002 interview with Thrasher magazine: “it happened that some guy said, 'ha, those kids will never be anything, they're just a bunch of Rich Kids On LSD, man.' The first party we played we didn't have a name for the band, so we put that one on the flier and it just stuck.” The beanie boy logo was born one night while Bomer and Jason were being tattooed. Bomer was attempting to draw a dragon pattern. On seeing the drawing, Jason commented, "Yeah dude, it's Cecil! Where's Beanie?" Dan Sites was sitting alongside drawing a flyer for a show supporting Suicidal Tendencies in Oxnard and drew a beanie guy jumping from a building. Beanie boy was born. They released six albums, a few compilations and three members are unfortunately no longer with us and you can read for yourself when and why. I had their Rock'N'Roll Nightmare record, but had to sell it early, a tragic loss. Well, what remains? R.K.L. had a vehement influence on the American underground scene and will not be forgotten, like many others.

Monday, December 05, 2022

SHAVED DOGS - Skinhead BBQ EP 2007

Today a rare piece from Madrid with four solid Streetpunk goodies and this is the only EP by Shaved Dogs and members were Manu (vocals), Nestor (guitars), Kiriko (bass), Coko (drums) and this record came in a limited edition of 500 copies (250 with Skinhead BBQ sleeve, 100 with Valencia, 100 with Llanero Solitario and 50 with Angeles Caidos), all black wax and hand-numbered. Surprisingly little can be found on the www about the combo and in 2008 they released an album Feos Y Malvados and probably disbanded afterwards. However, all four songs could be from the Eighties, the heyday of the Oi! movement, and are just as worthy as the driving early works of the English heroes and I think I'm catching a damn cold, my nose is running and I'm sneezing all the time. This sucks because on next Friday I want to go to a fantastic event and I really want to be there. Enjoy the music!

Sunday, December 04, 2022

DAS KAPITAL - Lili Marlene 1984

Well folks, now an interesting band from the far north of Europe and you know, extremely cool music comes from there, sometimes snotty and cheeky, sometimes melancholic and dreamy and these Gentlemen are more in the second area, but read for yourself: Das Kapital was a short-lived band, fronted by Bubba Morthens, at a time when he was living fast. By this time Bubbi had been drinking heavily and was burned out, he had released five solo albums over a four year period, three albums with Utangarðsmann and three albums with Egó. When news broke in early 1984 that he was going to the United States to act in films, the nation went along with it and wished him well, unaware of his drug use. He also said in interviews that he had formed a new band with Danny Pollock and other western musicians under the name Das Kapital. The name, as most of course know, comes from the work of Karl Marx. Bubbi went west in the spring but came back a few weeks and still hadn't formed a band. In July, however, news broke that Das Kapital had become a reality. Besides Bubba, the members of this group were Mike (guitars) and Bubba's friend Björgvin (guitars), Jakob (bass) Guðmundur (drums), but the last two came from Tappi Tíkarrass. Bubbi himself was the third guitarist and vocalist and Gunnar played keyboards for a time.

Initially, the intention was probably to play only at Laugahátíð during the shopkeeper's weekend, but then it was decided to continue the collaboration and make an album. Bubbi had suggested songs that were actually all in English, but the lyrics were quickly translated into Icelandic. Before the band went into the studio, guitarist Björgvin left. However, two assistants were hired for the recordings, saxophonist Jens and cellist Arnþór. The album was made in a hurry and was released by Gramm and was titled Lili Marlene after the only cover song on the album, the wartime hit immortalized by Marlene Dietrich. Lili Marlene was generally well-received and sold well, even though the critics of the newspapers were unimpressed, the album barely got anything but shitty reviews in Morgunblaðin and Þjóðvillin, but much better in Helgarpóstinum, and became the third best-selling album of  1984. In the same year, they held a solidarity concert at Lækjartorg  but then there was a BSRB strike, the strikers were invited to give speeches between the band's songs, but by the time it was over, the band had been pushed off the stage and the strikers were taken over the program, Das Kapital thus became guests in a secondary act at their own concert. Soon after the end of the year or in January 1985, the news arrived that Das Kapital had gone on hiatus, but she had then retired, the reason being that Bubbi had admitted his problem and gone to treatment. He would re-emerge later that year after the treatment with one of his best albums, Woman. However, Das Kapital's story was not completely over, because they reunited at Bubba's birthday concert on June 6, 2006, which was recorded and released under the name 06.06.06, where you can hear three songs with the band. (source: glatkistan)

Saturday, December 03, 2022

FUNERAL ORATION - Survival EP 1986

Brrrrrr.... it's gotten damn frosty and that needs distraction and the next combo do this perfectly: Funeral Oration celebrated positively feedback with their remarkably debut Communion and left clear marks in the Dutch Punk scene, followed 1986, after some line-up changes, with the Survival EP on Remedy Records and this was recorded in Amsterdam by Peter (vocals), Hayo (guitars), William (bass), Ferry (drums). The four songs on this little piece of wax impress with their fantastic melodies and sophisticated lyrics, mainly due to the unmistakable vocal style of Peter (R.I.P.). The main track was guest on the Weckewerk compilation Not Great For Great Men and made a big impression on me, but somehow I lost track of the band and years later I grabbed the second album, which came out in 1987 on Swaddle Records, but that didn't excite me much and I sold it again. Anyway, let me give you a suitable review of this post: "Although the band has reformed and has had some line-up changes, their patented power sound comes across as strong as ever with the release of these four songs. Combined melodies and loud thrash come forth with harmonizing vocals and straight-forwards lyrics, all making up this band’s creative sound." (Martin Sprouse, MRR #40 • September 1986) Nothing to add, enjoy the platter & turn the heating on.

Friday, December 02, 2022

V/A - 4 Per Ⓐ//ⒶⒶ Per Tutti EP 1984

Hot compilation in red vinyl from Totò Alle Prese Coi Dischi with four Italian combos. Raw Power from Poviglio with two rough wild cuts from their demo tape (1983). Then Rivolta Dell'Odio from Ancona with a track from their La Danza Del Sangue E Del Sole cassette (1983) which, with a length of three minutes, doesn't come across as brutal, and ensures peace and quiet. The other side will be opened by Rappresaglia from Milan with two mid-tempo goodies and last but not least Pedago Party from Piacenza with two candys from their L'Arte Della Rivoluzioneare tape (1983) and they're short, snotty and with nice female vocals. - All four symbolizing that season of fury that made Italian bands famous worldwide. This excessive piece of vinyl comes with a lovingly stapled insert with lyrics and infos about the bands. A review: "Like most compilations, a little spotty. Raw Power starts off and blows away all the competition. Their sound here is sooooo much better than their first LP, as they showcase their breakneck stop-and-start sound with vocals literally spit out through your speakers. Rappresaglia & Pedago Party both go for a more popular thrash sound. The other band, Rivolta Dell'Odio, has a slower art-damaged sound." (Dogtowne, MRR #22 • February 1985) - I think it's a very good EP, varied and by no means superfluous and a decent start into the weekend.

1.Fuck Authority - RAW POWER
2.Burning The Factory - RAW POWER
3.La Danza Del Sangue - RIVOLTA DELL 'ODIO
5.Rappresaglia - RAPPRESAGLIA
6.Lo Spazio Che Ci Resta - PEDAGO PARTY
7.Morire A Beirut - PEDAGO PARTY

Thursday, December 01, 2022

DIE AUTOS - Niemals! 7'' 1983

December also kicks off with a rare 7inch, and also based in Mönchengladbach are Die Autos, a duo consisting of Lloyd & Junge, and their only creative outpouring came out on the small Park Platten label (200 copies in green vinyl)which also threw the fantastic Pesthauch Des Dschungels compilation. My copy is the re-release on KillerReleaseRecords from 2001, this edition came handnumbered of 1000 copies, yellow vinyl and in sturdy fold-out poster sleeveThe special thing about side projects is that the actors let off steam musically and exploit other musical resources that sometimes lead to extremes and are far from what you are used to. Weird and experimental but also different and catchy. The two goodies from the Autos impress with their wavie rhythm that floats in a solid mid-tempo and provided with meaningful lyrics, and I would almost say, the record sounds like an early EA80 demo. Well, what am I supposed to keep talking? Anyone who appreciates the Gladbach sound will grab it without hesitation, everyone else should definitely do the same. Note: 'Slaughter' from the flip was 1991 re-recorded for the first Böse Hand EP (coming soon). Now enjoy the first delicacy of the Advent Calendar!

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

EA80 - 20 EP 1989

I say goodbye to the ugliest month of the year with a rarity from my favorite band: EA80. From this little sunshine were 200 copies made for the Birthday of a friend of the band and was then served as a ticket to the Party on 23.December 1989 and was never sold regularly; there are three different artworks, all copies are numbered. 'Twenty' is a typical provocative song that hardly any other combo can write: ass kicking, self-reflective, uncompromising and clear. 'Coming Down' is a tender thoughtful Christmas carol for everyone who didn't stay at home (or don't want to stay at home these days) and 'Dilettanten' was recorded live in the rehearsal room in the distant past (1983?) and is dedicated to all those who have no solution for everything and thus continue to make things worse, Hauptsache es macht Spaß! Innovative and pithy as ever and enjoyable at any time.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

PANKRTI - Lepi In Prazni EP 2014

Great re-release of Pankrti's first 7Inch from 1978 on Ne! Records (limited to 300 copies, 100 in black and 100 in clear vinyl) with two bonus cuts, I'm guessing unused studio demo recordings but I'm not sure. Pankrti (Bastards) was founded 1977 in Ljubljana by Peter (vocals) and Gregor (manager), completed with Mitja (guitars), Jure (bass) & Slavc (drums). These five became one of the most important former Yugoslav Punk bands. They have a rough sound and it's still cool today, because there were hardly any bands behind the Iron Curtain at that time. After five albums released, band ceased to exist at the end of 1987, but in 1996 they temporarily reunited to perform as support act for the Sex Pistols in Ljubljana during their Filthy Lucre Tour. In 2003, Pankrti were included in the Yugonostalgic Croatian rockumentary Sretno Dijete, which deals with the former Yugoslav Punk & New Wave scene of the late 1970s and early 1980s. The band has numerous compilation appearances, some of you can find on the blog, and have been active again since 2007. This EP kicks and demonstrates concentrated determination.

Monday, November 28, 2022

DÄMMERATTACKE - Das Märchen EP 1981

Damn, I'm late with this slab, it was requested seven years ago and I said yes. Sorry for the extreme delay, but I'll take care of it today. Not many records exist from this combo which were formed by school friends 1979 in the Wiener Neustadt called Dämmerattacke and the line-up were Walter (vocals/guitar), Thomas (bass), Wolfgang (drums), Erich (keys), Michael (sax/vocals) and 1980 they performed together with X-Beliebig @ the Vienna Amerlingbeisl and gained attraction of Austrian Punk pioneer Panza who released this fucking 7Inch on his Panza-Platte label (200 copies) and we enjoy four shallow New Wave goodies and if you want to get the original EP you have to dig deep into your pockets, which of course is completely exaggerated in my opinion, there is no re-release either (their only album Tausend Seen was reissued in 2012 in an limited edition, if that interests you). The album received unfortunately not much attention (I think the Punk community wasn't open to this kind of music) and after this commercial failure the band was dropped by distributor Ariola and folded by its members. Thomas and Wolfgang later formed the Bates Men.

I have to admit, I can't listen to their songs all the time, I have to be in the right mood and it may sound clichéd, but this is exactly the right music for gray November days like today. But it's all a matter of taste, as always. Dämmerattacke is a clinical term for states of short-term altered consciousness and now decide whether you wanted to do this to yourself or not... I say: you can do it!

- Great Thx to Reinhard -