Thursday, 14 June 2018

HERR MARMELAD & HANS SKORPOR - ... Någonstans I Sverige EP 1980

Early in the morning and after ripping two records now a rare one with old content. Mr. Marmalade and Hans Skorpor were a six piece combo ((Mr. Eriksson, Mr. Lagerlöf, Mr.Lilja, Mr. Lindkvist, Mr. Lundström and Mr. Svanberg) from Stockholm and was an acclaimed live band of the early 80's, but also one of the bands that played for the blessed radio program New Wave. This is their rare debut record on Sista Bussen, two years later came their 2nd and last EP "Vår Bäste Vän" out, which is more ska oriented. But here they're weird and funny and mix their dirty punk sound with fat raw guitar solos which gave all the three songs a glamour rough feeling. Hell, is this awsome, haha... pretty cool '77 style in the KBD vain and with 'Visby Hotel' an absolute Killer track on it. So anyway, I write some shit here which nobody cares at all, you're here for the music and this blows the fuck out of your shoes.

Monday, 11 June 2018

NAUTA - Onko Suomi Vapaa Maa? EP 1979

Nauta (Reijo (vocals/guitar), Kai (guitar), Petri (keyboards), Pekka (bass) and Antti (drums) were founded in the late 70s where punk also conquered Finland. This is their rare and only record, self-financed and called Is Finland A Free Country? and published by Majuri Records. Meanwhile a rare collectors piece because only 150 copies exist. Listen to three beautiful melodic songs in finnish language and also worth mentioning is the hand-painted artwork. It's amazing (it seems there is a bubbling spring there) how easy the northmen create shallow pop-rhythms in a colorful punkdress and throw a lot of good records into the world... a meaningful pastime + dreams never end. They represented on two cool compilations from the 80's, 3 Vuotta Myöhemmin and Asfalttidisco. Nice One!

Friday, 8 June 2018

O.T.H. - Musique Atteinte 7'' 1982

The CD's days are not over but today I have the passion to put some vinyl out and the last post on this sunny friday push us into beautiful France and there wait OTH, a five piece from Montpellier and they were formed 1978 by Jean-Michel Poisson (vocals, guitar & harmonica), Domi + Motch (guitars), Beubeu (drums) and Phil (bass). The name of OTH comes from the British phrase "On Tent Hook", meaning literally "On Hot Coals". They make their first appearances on stages in Germany, France & Spain and on this occasion they record 1981 a demo called Classé X in an edition of 200 copies. They make the front page of France-Soir by organizing a pirate concert in front of the prefecture of Montpellier to protest the lack of concert halls. In 1982 they participates in a rock springboard, finishes second and wins a recording and they released their first single Musique Atteinte via RCA. Although the record was a little success, the members have conflicting relationships with the record company and O.T.H. breaks its contract to invest in an independent way. Gig & festivals with groups (Camera Silens, Single Track, The Degraded Mouse etc..) followed and a loyal fan base arised1984 the first album Reussite was released without any promotion and OTH multiplies the concerts and produces a first video as well as a live tape Coeur Et Cuir. Two years later the second album Sur Des Charbons Ardents came out and demonstrates that their music matures and the lyrics are edited with agility, humor and sustained violence, and so it went on, many gigs were played, singles and albums released and after a tour in 80 French cities the band finally, after thirteen years of existence, separated in 1991. By way of farewell the band recorded a last live album, Un Dernier Pour La Rue, and released it via New Rose Records in 1992. 1995 a compilation called Anarchives comes out via Last Call Records/Arcade Music Company with fourteen smashers new remixed. So many words but now you are well informed and I'm sending you into weekend.

TARNFARBE - Heroes Of Today 1984

Tarnfarbe were founded 1982 in a small insignificant village called Neuwied/Rhineland-Palatinate by Ralf (vox & bass), Michael (guitars) and Willi (drums) and their sound was heavily influenced by American Hardcore, which was kind of unusual at that time in Germany and they play fast catchy & melodic Strawberry tarts with German and English lyrics. Their first album Heroes Of Today was released 1984 by a very small label called Rat Records and is considered as milestone of German punk music, why is not known and I'm always skeptical with such eulogies but here I agree... anyway, fact is: all sixteen songs (this is the re-release on Nuclear Blast Records) are real nuggets and this slab is in my list in the upper table, Euro League qualified so to speak. After a break they released three records in the 90s ("Right Away Into The Last Decade“ '91, "Vacant Of Fortune“ '93 and "Still War“ '96) and appeared on numerous compilations, performing a change in style leading to a more melodic American sound. Their albums were re-released many times and distributed worldwide, even after the band was split-up for years.

L'ODI SOCIAL - Que Pagui Pujol EP 1986

L'Odi Social is a hardcore punk band from Barcelona (Catalonia/Spain), founded at the end of 1981 with the name of Social Odi by Jordi "Gos" (vocals), Fernando Poza "Damned" (guitars), Josep Urpí "Poly" (bass) and Saina (drums) and they remained active until 1992 and are considered one of the founding groups of the hardcore punk scene in Barcelona, along with groups like Ultimo Resorte, Shit SA, Anti/Dogmatikss, GRB or Subterranean Kids. Inside this scene, they are reminded , among other reasons, for being one of the first groups that used the Catalan language in their lyrics and titles. During their existence, they published an EP with five songs, Que Pagui Pujol (1986, later reedited, with extra tracks, such as LP and CD), one album (Esventats/1990) and participated on various compilations, including the Nicaragua Rock cassette 10-5-86, where their performance at that festival was collected. And now enjoy your breakfast with five excellent hardcore goodies.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

GUNS 'N' WANKERS - G 'N 'W 1994

First glass of beer today and we join it with Guns 'N' Wankers, punkers formed by ex-members of Snuff and rockers of the Wildhearts in the early 1990s. The band consisted of Duncan Redmonds (vocals/guitar), Patrice Walters (drums/vocals) and Joolz Dean (bass guitar/vocals) and after touring up and down the United Kingdom with the likes of Leatherface, NOFX and Wat Tyler, the band set about recording demos. This album, I think the debut, contains ten melodic heart attacks (I sometimes hear a bit of metal influence) on Rugger Bugger Discs and it pumps the shit right from the start with a great punch out of the amplifiers & assemble the notes to a harmonious sunrise on the edge of the Pacific, a real breakwater.. incredible.. you will not be disappointed (I think more songs were not recorded). Point your cursor at GNW for more band info.

Friday, 1 June 2018

PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES - The Mating Sounds Of South American Frogs 1983

Finally, a classic and fantastic album. Their second record on Trapper Records by Peter & The Test Tube Babies, a Punk Rock band formed in the small town of Peacehaven in 1978 by Del Strangefish and Peter Bywaters. Due to their humorous tongue-in-cheek lyrics, they have been considered part of the Punk Pathetique subgenre. For me the best album of the Babies. I remember how many times we listen drunk and dance through nights in our shared apartment without going to fucking work nexy morning... those were heavenly times.... and today?? Fuck it, weekend is there and the party goes on. The Babies are still present and every year, traditionally at Christmas time, in my city. Current line-up: Peter (vocals), Derek (guitars), Trapper (bass) and Ogs (drums) and the band are planning more and even bigger things. For example to celebrate their 40th anniversary in 2018, the band will soon present their own TEST TUBE BABIES festival. Peter & The Test Tube Babies remain indestructible... and that's good!

NICHTS - Made In Eile 1981

Underrated band from Düsseldorf who had a real hit with 'Radio' and were wrongly packed in the NDW drawer in my opinion and after two successful and one less album, the band split in 1983. Tobias learned drumming in 1978 as a founding member of KFC. When in January 1981 the first record Letzte Hoffnung was out it came to a conflict with Tommi Stumpff. Both left and founded Nichts with Andrea (vocals) and Chris (bass) and they recorded a demo which unleashed positive reactions so the independent label Schallmauer Records released their first record Made In EileThe song radio was particularly noticeable due to its earwig quality, so that Chris played it to the Bananas director Rolf Spinrads. This was enthusiastic and invited the band to record a video for the broadcast of 8 September 1981. Since it was clear that radio had the potential to a hit, the band and Schallmauer Records decided to decouple the song in time for the show with the major label CBS Records as a single. The Bananas broadcast made Nichts known nationwide and after seven months, 70.000 copies had already been sold, although due to poor distribution, the plate was difficult to obtain. Nichts went on a tour in Germany and returned to the studio to record their second album Tango 2000, they had offers from five major labels, which were played against each other, the contract finally won WEA Records in Hamburg, Schallmauer was involved as a production company in the contract.

In February 1982 the four went on a four-week tour of Germany, which had been booked by a professional concert agency (Blindfish) and the gigs were completely sold out. In Hamburg, before the club Uncle Pö with 800 left at the door remaining visitors to a police operation, so that larger halls had to be searched and the agency attached a mini tour through Austria and Switzerland. More gigs followed, now already in larger halls, these were partly sold out, as in Hamburg (Markthalle) several times. The 7'' Tango 2000 was decoupled, a tango-disco-parody with a concise, unmistakable tremolo guitar and this became the band's biggest hit. In summer 1982 it finally came to a break, band leader Michael left the band to start a solo career: "We actually had no big problem with each other. I was just driven to our chosen direction, and I wanted to do something different."

Andrea and Tobias decided to continue the band with two new members: Stephen, former guitarist of the Bochum band Bertha And Friends and Peter on bass. In the usual rapid pace a new album Aus dem Jenseits were recorde and released in January 1983. The band managed to recapture the Nichts sound despite the absence of Clauss' incisive guitar playing with the new members, but the album failed to match the band's great successes. A booked three-week tour of Germany had to be canceled due to an injury Brinks. The band broke up afterwards. What remains: catchy songs that still sound fresh and charming and remember, ten beers are sometimes too much.

V/A - Cumstains Over My Record Collection 1998

Let's start June with another blast with a stupid title, who thinks up such a shit? But somehow typical and what was packed here in content in sixteen songs is absolutely worth listening to. Rare hell punk cookies worldwide from the good ole days, limited to 600 copies, hand-painted/screenprinted cover. One hit chases the next and all those among you who love short dirty and catchy KBD smashers will enjoy this slab, cum guaranteed!

1.Never Been To Borstal - TERRORWAYS
2.B.I.C. - RAPED
3.1970's - EPILEPTICS
4.27.3 - ICE 9
6.Radio Anarchy - DEGENERATES
7.Movements - PITFALL
8.Whiskers - UPPER JAW MASK
10.I'm Trouble - SADO-NATION
11.That Neutron Taste - BLEACH BOYS
12.Warzone - OUT OF OUR HEADS
13.Trendy Violence - THE ENEMY
14.Stole A Maserati - HYPNOTICS
15.Time For Smack - BAD POSTURE
16.Dynamo - THE METHOD
17.Short Haired Rock & Roll - TERRORWAYS

Thursday, 31 May 2018

CAMERA SILENS - Realité 1985

Now a french Oi! from Bordeaux called Camera Silens and they were active 1981-1988. They were founded summer 1981 by Gilles and Benoît and the group chooses a strong name. Camera Silens is a reference to isolation cells used for the incarceration of members of the Red Army Fraction and they won a contest in 1982 and two years later this debut album was released by themselves. A 7Inch and a second record followed 1987 and one year later the band broke up. Ten decent streetpunk numbers on this debut which can compete with non-European bands of that time. On many compilations, one the great Oi! The French Connection Vol.1 record and I'm finished with words, time to sleep.