Monday, 22 October 2018

NIKMAT OLALIM - Self Devouring Land EP 2004

Now I come to my first and only vinyl from Israel and they've been around from 2001 to 2005. The band plays nice straight political hardcore and the songs about ecology, the "security" fence, work and life in the scene. Here we have six pieces, released via Boshet Records, and the singer reminds me a little bit of Napalm Death, his voice sounds doomin' you know and their aggressiv style comes cool and makes this little EP worth hearing. Very interesting and the brilliant artwork is also impressive. I don't have a good connection to the Israel scene and therefore don't know many bands there but these guys make their job well and who, like me would to discover something new can grab this confidently.

Friday, 19 October 2018


Brussels punx Walpurgis Volta released one 7Inch and two albums and were founded by Bob (vocals), Éric (guitars), Georges (bass) and Phil (drums) and this is their debut on La Rage. I remember very well the flea market where I bought this slab for little money, didn't know the band at all but the cover did my favor and so I took it with me. They packed twelve crazy friggel short songs on it and this investment has more than paid off. Not much is known about the band only after the end of Walpurgis some members start a new band called PPz30 in 1992 and their style is described as "freaka-rocka-funky-dirty" sound, formed of three former Voltas Eric, Phil and Georges with American actor and mime Bruce. PPz30 draws its influences in many genres such as funk, rock, hip-hop, reggae. The name of the group comes from the chemical formula of cement and this combo released four 7Inches + five albums. Sadly Éric dies in January 2012 and this event marks the end of PPz302. Okay, enough for today, I lie down and cure my migraine.

JELLO BIAFRA & THE MELVINS - Never Breathe What You Can't See 2004

Let's ring the weekend in with America's second famous postmen (still top Henry Chinaski) Jello Biafra and on his tour he delivered a parcel to the Melvins and this resulted in an excellent collaboration which 2004 friuted in this album. The response was surprisingly sparkling and many were pushing for more and so a year later they decided to release another album called 'Sieg Howdy!'. There were plenty of reasons for this because a lot of shit was happening in the world at the time and Jello never tired of thinking about it and putting fabulous lines on paper. This led to many people shaking his hand or wanting a picture with him, you can imagine how exhausting that is and he usually often came home late from his tour, so he decided to quit this fucking job and to continue his life as an artist. This shows that everyone has the opportunity to create something creative, you just have to discover and do it, eight examples may help.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

TAISHO & OXYMORON - Limited Split Single 2001

Late in the evening one more cool slab from Disk Union/Knock Out Records, a split single with each two pieces by Taisho & ‎Oxymoron and how many are pressed is unknown to me. Taisho were a Japanese Oi!/Punk combo and active in the late 1990s-2000s. They released four 7Inches and two albums and they play a decent spirited mid-tempo street punk with non-english words and the booklet makes little sense because no one understands a damned line in the western civilization. Anyway, the music speaks to you. Oxymoron was a punk band whose members are originally from Erlangen and now live in Berlin. Formed 1992 by Sucker (vocals) and his cousin Björn (drums), along with two friends, Martin (guitar) and Filzlaus (bass). Their first real public performance was @ an annual punkrock festival in their hometown, along with other local bands. After the show, they were offered several slots as support acts for more established bands all over the world. They released six 7Inches and five albums. While not announcing an official breakup, the band has been on an indefinite hiatus since 2002, when Oxymoron announced: "In the near future you won't hear much from us. Oxymoron will have a break for a while! We'll let you know what's going on here, but first of all we definitely [need to] take some time off with the band." In 2005 they reported that "the band is still on ice." 2006 saw the release of somewhat new material in the Noize Overdose split EP with Bonecrusher. The EP contained previously unreleased tracks, along with live footage from a 1999 Hamburg, Germany concert. As of 2014, Oxymoron officially disbanded; their website being no longer active with a message simply stating, "Sorry u guys out there, Oxymoron doesn't exist anymore - it's up to you to keep the spirit alive!Okay, let's take care of that!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

SITUATIONS - Pressure Is A Pleasure 2006 + EP

Drunk'n'Roll Records/Wanda Records/No Front Teeth Records released this little slab in a handnumbered edition of 500 items and Situations from Berlin were: Stunk (vocals), Stummel (guitars), Kei Lee (bass), Gonzo (guitars) and Hupe (drums). I bought their EP Reibung at some concert many moons ago and was immediately impressed by their fast wild garage sound, no song longer than two minutes. Significantly the power of both guitars which kick like a big sniff and tear down your walls. The EP has not done a lot of laps for a long time and I didn't know that they made an album at all and this is full with fourteen delicious crackers + the five EP biscuits.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

EA80 - Alle Ziele 2001

Yesterday I had a slightly crappy day because the work was so damn hideous, so I went out and decided to walk at the main and listen to my friends of EA80, don't think that when I feel bad put out the EA80 records, No! No! (rather Cure albums) but whenever I hear the Gladbacher I feel better again, and so how it should be, right? Alle Ziele is the eighth album and one of their best, rough fat production (as Schweinegott 1998) and all songs are dynamic and powerful blasting right from the start. The highlight is the ten minute song "Waldmenschen" which is a superb example what great musicians they are and how much emotion can be put in one fuckin' song and I didn't felt this by any other band. Who has seein' EA80 live knows what I'm talking about. Lyrically, as always, very demanding and critical, and those people who put this band in a "depro" drawer has nothin' understood or are deaf and blind. I know, I praise the guys very high but many fans confirmed this again through their numerous coming at EA80 gigs and that's not always easy. Alle Ziele is a further milestone in the EA80 discography and far away from the traditional punk crap. Glorious vinyl rip made to play always loud!!!!!

Saturday, 13 October 2018

ACTIFED - Dawn Of A Legion 12'' 1983

Now a record from a band I didn't know to date. The band is called Actifed and they are from London and this 12'' is their first release via Jungle Records and it's not really a punk slab. In the net are a few infos and they say this is gothic punk... hmmm, probably you can pack them in this drawer and maybe for this early time this sound was new and gothic was something new, they could also belong to the New Wave corner, anyway... the four songs are okay and this quartet, David Rogers (vocals & lead guitar), Clinton Grace (guitar), John Bristow (bass) and Stuart Hemphill (drums) offered some hope for gloom-rock in the early 80s, with their spiny, swiftly-paced Gothic punk suggesting that this particular genre didn't have to be completely out of touch with the modern world. There more info within and that's definitive all for today (by the way, great cover).

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

V/A - Back To Front Vol.6 1995

After ripping two small compilations, I want to end the evening with the following Klangwerk. Last volume from the Front with twenty decent rare goodies from around the world which are only pressed on 7inches (some in the blog), again released in a limited hand-numbered edition of 1000 copies by Incognito RecordsTime to open the last beer and listen to music, see you tomorrow.

1.2/2/79 - MAGGOTS
2.Sid Vicious - KARANTEENI
3.Waiting For A Change - BREAKOUTS
4.Hj Rtats Slang - LIKET LEVER
5.Rechtlos - CONDOM
6.Mulla Menee Lujaa - PELLE MILJOONA & 1980
7.Too Young - ZORROS
8.Waiting For Worldwar III - PVC
10.Educated - FLY ON THE WALL
12.No Fun Is No Fun - DAILY TERROR
13.You Really Don't Wanna Know - NEKRON 99
14.333 - ANARCHY
15.You Sucker - ED NASTY & THE DOPEDS
16.No More Violence - CHEAP'N NASTY
17.Mayday - REBELS
18.Emman Pojat - DYNAMO
19.Kents Theme - CELIBATE RIFLES
20.Operation Julie - DRUG SQUAD

Friday, 12 October 2018

ACCÜSED - The Return Of Martha Splatterhead 1986

Holy shit, that was a long hard fuckin' day and I need the weekend more than ever and to switch off now a record that I heard in those days with my best friend up and down and unfortunately no longer in my collection: the first Accüsed album. A bit info from wiki: The Accüsed is a crossover thrash band from Seattle, Washington, founded in 1981. The band was a progenitor of the crossover style that bridged the gap between thrashcore and thrash metal, later influencing grindcore and some crust punk bands; as well as an influential band in the Seattle alternative scene. The band calls their music "Splattercore", and their zombie mascot, Martha Splatterhead, appears on most of their albums. Common themes involve social issues and the theme of Martha Splatterhead coming back from the dead to slaughter rapists and child molesters. The Accüsed took an 11-year hiatus in 1992, with members taking time to play in Seattle bands such as The Fartz and Gruntruck. The band re-formed in 2003, and after several line-up changes was put on "...indefinite hiatus..." in 2012 according to band founder and sole original member, guitarist Tommy Niemeyer. The Return of Martha Splatterhead was released on Subcore Records and later re-released on Earache Records (the first mosh album), in 1986. According to reviewer Jeb Branin, "I was writing for a zine in Canada called Northern Metal that reviewed the new LP The Return Of Martha Splatterhead giving it a 0.0 rating and absolutely crucifying it in the review. It is the only 0.0 review I remember ever seeing in Northern Metal. They hated it so much I knew I had to buy it. As I suspected, the album was a masterpiece of hardcore hysteria."

Well, I'm still excited about this aggressive sound that I've never heard again which continues seamlessly on the second longplayer 'More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral'.

Thursday, 11 October 2018


Schlemihl Records released this proper record in a limited of 1000 hand-numbered copies with eight rare songs from Müllstation and Dog Food Five. Müllstation is a punk band from Eisleben in Saxony-Anhalt and were founded in 1980 in the GDR and is now one of the longest active Punkbands in the East, members are Harty Sachse ("Steve Aktiv", vocals) and Frank Baur (bass), at first the band used pots as drums and a homemade guitar. In 1982 the band met in front of the Palace of the Republic in East Berlin with two presenters from the NDR (Tim Renner and Thomas Meins) and these two took Müllstation and the band Menschrock for recordings to Hamburg and these were played on 20 September 1982 in the broadcast "Club" on NDR 2. Over the years they often played in the Christusgemeinde in Halle along with bands such as Schleim-Keim, Wutanfall, Größenwahn and Betonromanze. Susanne "Susi" Horn on bass as well as Volker Eschke and Mike Beelitz on guitars joined the band later. Resolution 1989 and Reunion in 1990, Frank Baur took over the guitar parts and Ralf "Ralle" Brauer came as new drummer, but was soon by Roy Hoffmann and finally in 1995 by Jürgen "Grahli" Grahl (previously at Abraum and NFP) replaced. At the end of the 1990s Melanie Stütz joined the band as new bassist, since 2002 then Alex Zschaege (previously KVD, NFP). Frank Baur and Jürgen Grahl are also working with non-Müllstation member Toralf Schwarz still in a side project called The Morlox. The Morlox play surf with Slavic influences.

Dog Food Five was founded in the summer of 1991. At a time when punk was considered a deadly serious, ideological issue, there were five mid-twenties, old friends and then something of a veteran of the local band scene, in a rehearsal room in Kassel in Hessen together to make songs in the style of Sex Pistols, Adverts & Dead Boys. Their quasi-postmodern look at the role models was perhaps a bit more distant than was the case with other punk bands of the time. So they had no problems with it, Rockabilly elements, Sixties Garage, New Wave, Surf & Psychedelic Rock in their music. To make the whole thing clear, they decided to Suits and ties, which amazed an audience that was accustomed to bands in military trousers, T-shirts and Lumberjack shirts to see. In the end, Dog Food Five, with its wild, raw sound, was also the purist of the punk scene convince and also attract people to punk concerts, which actually did not have so much to do with such music. Dog Food Five soon had a record deal and four albums, a split LP and a hand appeared in the next nine years full of singles. Bands like Müllstation and the Shocks covered their songs. In addition, Dog Food Five played hundreds of concerts in half of Europe, the last Christmas 2000 in their hometown Kassel. At that time, playing with stereotypes had become a cliché. Punkattitude was meanwhile become mainstream. Every second band musically relied on the punk and garage canon and suits on stage Punk clubs were such a common sight that nobody could shock them anymore.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -