Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Quick Update

Short interim information for you, dear friends: all desired re-ups have been renewed, summer is refreshing here and I enjoy every day off. I can't say exactly when new posts will continue. On the one Hand I'm not very motivated, on the other I have a lot todo's at the moment and these eat me up, but I promise you, splendid records will appear in this theater in autumn. If you find more dead links, write a short info and I will fix it as soon as possible. Until then, stay decent and drink a few delicious Mythos! ūüćļ

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

EA80 - Schauspiele 1992

Last post today before I say goodbye for ten days on a well-deserved vacation. Schauspiele is the sixth album by EA80 with Oddel for the first time as new bass player. The album is full of classics that they always love to play live, especially the first track is a great opener for example. Long dark songs mix with fast aggressive pieces, plus again great lyrics which are deep and, as always, critical, unique, introspectively and the whole misery of human existence on a small and large scale describe, demonstrate the clear attitude of the four. The recordings are harder and more punk compared to 202, sometimes I find the drums & bass drum a little too quiet, but even this small deficit becomes irrelevant when the song is on, no wonder by the twelve quick-witted hymns of the very first quality. I can only recommend you to buy this record, the original is long been sold out, but Major Label from Jena was allowed to produce a re-release in 2015 (plus other EA80 records) and that's a good thing. Another milestone of by far the best and most innovative band in this country.... A Fucking Must Have!!! Maybe one sentence to previous posts, sure some are down, but write for re-ups in the comment-section and I'll fix it as soon as I'm back.

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

ASOCIAL - Religion Sucks 2016

Before I take care of some re-ups, first an excursion to Hedemora, Sweden and this compilation on Radiation Reissues is flavored with all their recordings, twenty-eight tidbits. Asocial is a early Hardcore band at its best, credited by Heavy Metal expert Daniel Ekeroth as the true inventors of the Blast-Beat and the originators of Grindcore (in his book "Swedish Death Metal" he defines Asocial as "key to any survey of extreme music). The band first consisted of Tommy (vocals), Svenne (guitars), Tompa (bass), H√•kan (drums) who created the debut single in 1984. After a few line-up changes, an EP and tapes were released before the band split up in 1987. An album followed then after the re-union 2016 in 2017 on F.O.A.D. Records. Some gigs were played again and as far as I know they're still active and smash their sound around the people's ears. This record is a firework of extremely loud snotty blasts, don't miss it.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Sunday, 6 September 2020

V/A - Who's A Punk? 2013

Bit late today, but I had a little housework and had to rip a cool record, but now I'm ready to give you an example of another cool unofficial compilation and first, I think it's from the same detectives who create the Je Suis Punk record; same artwork, almost the same album title and the same stable packaging. I wouldn't say that the songs belong to the very best British punkies, but they are rare, partly unknown to me but that is exactly what made such slabs interesting for me and I'm always curious and happy when such records appear (difficult to keep track of the publication as they usually only appear in limited editions). I have no problem with bootlegs as long as they have a good presentation (a booklet/small insert would have been desirable here) and the selection of songs is largely not available elsewhere, that applies brilliantly on this record. If I award points on a maximum scale of 100, I would give a 90. Ten deduction because no information is included (except on the back). Is that enough for you?... I'm sure - ENJOY!

1.Juvenille City - RICHARD NEWMAN
2.Alltime Needletime Loser - RADIO ACTIVE
3.Bye Byes (Ain't Nice) - TELESCOPE
4.School Days - STEVE VOICE
5.High Rise Love - GYPPO
6.Punk Rock - WOZO
7.Jesus Crisis - HORRORCOMIC
8.Do You Wanna Touch My Safety Pin? - SEPTIMUS
9.Gimme A Can Of Spray Paint - AIRSHIP
10.Down At The Vortex - YELLOW DOG
11.Badly Bruised, Slightly Stoned - COLIN LLOYD BAND
12.Throw Him In Jail - JOHNNY DU CANN
13.Johnny B Rotten - THE MONKS

Saturday, 5 September 2020

V/A - It's Your Choice [Unreleased Live Material From The Your Choice Live Series] 2x10'' 1991

Weil heute so ein schei√ü' Wetter ist bekommt ihr einen Nachschlag, two 10 inches, all songs live and I'm sure you've all heard or downloaded a record of the Your Choice Live Series before, and if not, the uncle won't let you die stupid. The series began in the late 80s, lasted until the mid 90s and the last effort was in 2002 and since then is Schicht. The plates were mainly characterized by the very good recordings and brought rather more unknown bands a platform on which they could show what they can (mostly fast & loud)As you can read, these are songs that didn't make it onto the regular albums, including some covers and other specialties. A total of thirty-five records were published, two of them on the blog. Das war's f√ľr heute, now I'm making myself comfortable and touring France, Salut!

1.Bankrobber - SO MUCH HATE
2.Passing Through - LIFE, BUT HOW TO LIVE IT?
4.It Doesn't Make It Allright - VERBAL ASSAULT
5.Overload - RIPCORD
7.Lingköpping - RAPED TEENAGERS
8.Generation '68 - PULLERMANN
9.I've Got My Role To Play - PULLERMAN
10.Shut Up - ARM
12.Il Mio Dolore - KINA
13.Sale Dal Buio - KINA
14.A No Money Down - SCREAM
15.Re-Pulsion - NONOYESNO
16.It's Shoved - MELVINS

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

HOTEL MORPHILA ORCHESTER - Schwarze Energie 1982

"Punk Meets Art", unique and grandiose interpreted. We're talking about Hotel Morphila Orchester from Vienna, founded 1978 by Peter Weibel (vocals) and Loys Egg (guitar), completed by Paul (guitars), Franz (bass) & Wolfgang (drums). After their 7Inch Dead In The Head on Extraplatte they released a short time later via Schalter their first full-length. A bit of information about the style of the band: Peter's long, programmatic preface corresponds to the artist's staccato on stage: an eruption of key words, text fragments, codes and associations “in his unmistakable style, in which no syllable can be certain that it will not be swallowed up by the flood of words "(Thomas Kramar,"Die Presse"). But that's what one expects and hopes for from Weibel and his Hotel Orchestra: wise words in the corset of well-hung 70s rock'n'rolls: "Schwarze Energie", the combo's splendid debut." But not only excellently lyrically, also musically the four play a solid mid-tempo Rock'n'Roll, not quite so hard but that wouldn't fit. I added two bonus tracks but I don't know where from. They split up in the 80s, reformed in 2011 and a new album Face To Face came out and before that, this album was re-released. A furious masterpiece celebrated with an inspiring dark swing. By the way, cool cover, looks like mine!

Friday, 4 September 2020


Bizarre Leidenschaft was founded 1982 in Hanover by Horst Illing, ex-Rotzkotz member and this is their only album on GeeBeeDee. The band consisted of Horst (vocals/guitars), Gregor (synth/vocals), Mulle (synth) and Marcus (drums). Geheimnis is a nice melodic synth pop album with hearty New Wave influences and lyrically not uninteresting. After the arguments about the further direction of Rotzkotz, attempts were made to gain a foothold in the music scene of that time, but unfortunately they didn't earned positive feedbacks and so the band split up soon without further ado. When I heard the record for the first time I was skeptical, not every song ignites, but after listening to it several times I would consider it as good ('Oho' is by far the worst song, an eighties dance poor copy, cruel)I wouldn't call them NDW, it's too special for that in my opinion. At this point loving greetings to Rio!

Thursday, 3 September 2020

ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE - We Are...The League 1982

It's time for one more classic and also one of my TopTen records. The debut by the Anti-Nowhere League on WXYZ Records, founded 1979 in Kent, thirty miles south-east of central London and after some line-up changes this four; Animal (vocals), Magoo (guitars), Winston (bass) & P.J. (drums) recorded this awesome platter and before I go on, I open a delicious Augustiner Br√§u. Hmmmm... tastes delicious! The band name alone inspired me immediately and I love people who express their dislike and dissatisfaction, frustration and above all their emotions, in a clear direct language, and don't be afraid of any stupid critics or mobsters who only interfere and say; 'it doesn't work that way!' or 'you have to change that!' ANL went their way and caused a furore with this album, and that's what I like because, I'm as well. And after nearly forty years, the twelve goodies are still shockingly up-to-date and have retained their bite. That's what I appreciate about the four gents. They broke up in 1989 but come back three years later and they're still active! Many records and Singles were made and I hope, they will stay with us for a long time. Two more decent reviews for you that do it better than me, enjoy!

"The years pass, the wheel of time turns, and the shocking, moral-challenging ne'er-do-wells of one generation eventually seem almost sweet when compared with those of later days. Every so often, though, something will remain almost gloriously offensive and wrong no matter what the future brings; the League's filthy gob of a debut album fulfills that brief, and then some. Musically, there's nothing here to surprise or challenge anybody -- already dated three-chord thrash, smash, and bash at the time of its release, years later it just sounds like the type of stuff folks like Offspring listened to while killing time in rehearsal studios. However, for all of the band's protestations of "being shit," the roar is actually reasonably produced, with a good oomph to it instead of becoming too treble. Every so often the band tries something just a tiny bit different (the slow opening to "Woman," which is almost a late-'50s tearjerker in modern leather gear before everything revs up), but mostly they just do what they do. It's vocalist Animal, though, who transforms the League from being just another band to becoming veritable kings of trash. His rough vocals tackle everybody and everything, not least of all himself and his bandmates; suspect sex, random contempt (the brilliantly titled "[We Will Not] Remember You" and "I Hate...People"), and more just scratch the surface. The group even trashes their own medium, as "Can't Stand Rock'N'Roll" concludes "the man who made it was big and fat." The undisputed highlight, of all things, is a cover of Ralph McTell's folk anthem "Streets Of London". Transforming the sympathetic look at the city's outcasts and dregs into a celebratory anthem of defiance, the League delivers one of the best remakes ever done, almost in spite of itself." (Ned Raggett, AllMusic)

"The most viscous mean-spirited, gratuitously violent punk band to come down the pike in a long time." and stated the album was for "mature adults, this is the best hard-core punk record England has yielded since the Sex Pistols era. Every song features a slamming, inescapable beat to match the freely flung obscenities." (Ken Tucker, The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Thirty minutes of outstanding, fresh, ugly and rough punk'n'roll how it could perhaps only be played by the Sex Pistols, but continued in seamless fairways by the amazing Four! "We Are The League..The Anti-Nowhere League..YEAH!"

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

THE STALIN - Trash 1981

Debut album on Political Records by The Stalin, („ā∂・„āĻ„āŅ„Éľ„É™„É≥) an influential Japanese punk band formed in June 1980, by leader and vocalist Michiro Endo. After numerous member changes, he disbanded the group in February 1985. In May 1987 Michiro formed a group called Video Stalin, which mostly made videos instead of albums; they disbanded in 1988. In 1989 Michiro created a new band named Stalin and continued to make music with them until 1993. Endo chose the name because "Joseph Stalin is very hated by most people in Japan, so it is very good for our image." Originally a three piece with Endo on vocals and bass, Atsushi on guitar and Jun on drums. Shintaro joined as bassist later in the month, however their first single, Dendou Kokeshi, was already recorded without him and was released on September 5, 1980. In 1981 they released the Stalinism EP. In July Tam replaced Atsushi on guitar. On November 4, at a live performance at Kanto Gakuin High School, Endo is arrested for indecent exposure. On December 24, 1981, they released their first full-length album, the half studio/half live, Trash. Twenty short killers adorn the album and it's far better than the 1982 sequel Stop Jap in my opinion. The band has fabricated six albums and a few singles and can be found on numerous compilations. Michiro Endo died in a Tokyo hospital while battling pancreatic cancer on April 25, 2019, aged 68. Let's go boys!

Tuesday, 1 September 2020

THE EXPLOITED - Troops Of Tomorrow 1982

Continue with the next classic on wdthtc. The protagonists are Wattie (vocals), Big John (guitars), Gary (bass), Danny (drums) and Steve (drums on two songs) or simply The Exploited. This is their second album on Secret Records and what I meant by Slaughter is with this record completely the other way around. Sure, Punx Not Dead is a great album but this is far better. On the one hand the sound is much cleaner and more powerful than the debut and the songs are much harder and more catchy, the four have developed further and then to name the album after a Vibrators song (to be found on V2and to cover it excellently is a brilliant move. ' Fuckin' USA' is the hymn par excellence and my favorite song of the Scots, other classics 'Sid Vicious', 'UK82', 'So Tragic' or 'Germs', shine with dynamic hardness and are pure punk. The boys from Edinburgh been never better than here. There's one more record, War Now 12'', in the Blog but I can't find the file, DAMN FUCK! Anyway, now I'll have to buy some more Mythos and I know I'll get the 12'' soon. And now enjoy the noise making, chaos causing, government hating, rule breaking, unrelenting punkrock sound of the fantastic Four!