Monday, 15 August 2022

BLONDIE - Heart Of Glass 7'' 1978

Today a classic and I'm sure all you Fotzkos know this awesome band. This goodie is featured on the band's third studio album Parallel Lines from 1978 and at the time, Blondie was one of the bands at the forefront of New York's growing new wave music scene and were accused of "selling out" for releasing a disco song. According to Harry, "Heart Of Glass" made the band pariahs in the eyes of many of their fellow musicians in the New York music scene. The band was accused of pandering to the mainstream that many Punk/New Wave bands at the time were actively rebelling against. She also said, "People got nervous and angry about us bringing different influences into rock." Despite the controversy, the song was a huge hit and helped propel Blondie from cult group to mainstream icons.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Saturday, 13 August 2022

NEUER FRÜHLING - Abendlos 7'' 1982

The swim day is over and the dry season will soon seem like a desert land but who cares. Now minimal synth/NDW stuff by this short-lived Austrian combo called Neuer Frühling from Vienna on CBS with two surprisingly catchy songs. I can't say much about the band, some information says there are only two in the band, others report five members, in the end it doesn't matter because the 7inch is cool and there's nothing more to tell. Bundesliga in brief with the first away game in Berlin.

- Great Thx to Reinhard -

Friday, 12 August 2022

FUN THINGS - Lipstick 7'' 1985

Two songs by the Fun Things from Brisbane which appeared on their highly acclaimed four track EP ("500 copies were pressed and is one of the most collectable artifacts from Australia's Punkrock era") in 1980, have been re-released by Sonics Records on this 7Inch. The Fun Things were a high school band and formed late Seventies during the heyday period of Punk by Brad (vocals/guitar/piano), Graeme (guitars), John (bass), Murray (drums). The four were a primary group behind Brisbane's second wave punk scene between 1978 and 1980. According to music historian, Ian McFarlane, Brisbane produced "some of the most anarchistic bands of the Australian punk rock era" and that it was a city nationally renowned for its ultra conservatism. After the Fun Things dissolved both Shepherd brothers eventually went on to subsequent bands. Popular guests on numerous essential compilations. Enjoy!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Thursday, 11 August 2022

RADIOAKTIVA RÄKER - Verkligheten EP 1993

Ohhh my dear followers, bad news: my turntable is kaputt, the needle said goodbye and now I'm standing in the woods. Even shaved legs are of little use, believe me, damn damn damn. Well, now it must the stock of friends and sleeping rips to serve and the first combo is a freshly ripped 7Inch from Sweden and the combo is called Radioaktiva Räker, a TrallPunk (Trallpunk is a Swedish subgenre Punk style that is based on trall-friendly melodies, fast drum beats and often political (mostly left-leaning) or narrative texts. The pioneers of Trallpunk are said to be Asta Kask and Strebers, however, there are divided opinions about this. Trallpunk gained increased popularity during part of the 1990s) band which formed 1991 by teenagers Johan (vocals/guitars), Danne (guitars), Jimmy (bass), Jonas (drums) in Hofors, Gästrikland and disbanded in 2003 after a small summer tour. After two demos they caught in summer 1992 a record deal with Beat Butchers and all records, three albums & two 7Inches, came out there. Their fast, sing-along melodic songs came to symbolize for many the Swedish Punk/Wave that culminated in the mid-1990s.

The band reunited on 25.09.2009, for an evening with the celebration of the Beat Butchers 25 year anniversary. This occurred on Södra Teatern in Stockholm together with a number of other bands that have collaborated with Beat Butchers.

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Wednesday, 10 August 2022

TWINK & THE FAIRIES - Do It '77 12'' 1978

Now a little piece from Chiswick Records and this is a solid three rockin' track 12Inch. On this record involved Twink (vocals/drums), Chris, Kid, Little John (guitars), Danger (bass), Fingers (keyboards) and it's the first slab with the Fairies from Colchester. A few basics: Twink, is an English drummer, actor, singer, and songwriter who was a central figure in the English psychedelic movement. You can read on the web how this formation came about and so on, I'm a bit empty and don't want to keep writing useless blah blahs. Twink has been in the music circle since the mid 60's and is still active to my knowledge.

Tuesday, 9 August 2022

THE MODERNS - Suburban Life 2021

Sweden's first and best mod-revival band The Moderns mixed the love of 60's pop with the intensity of Punk and had the big breakthrough around the corner during the short but intense career. Based in Malmö, the Moderns existed from late 1978 to 1981 and founding members were Mats (vocals/guitar), Tony (guitar), Jan (bass), Rickard (drums) and early 1979 they released their first self-financed 7Inch The Year Of Today. The record gained a lot of publicity due to the freshness of the sound and the fact that nobody else did this kind of music in Sweden at the time. Some line-up changes followed and eventually another single plus an album was released in the early 80's but the album didn’t sell as much as was anticipated, partly due to switch to the Swedish language, and so the band broke up shortly after. Busy Bee Production has once again created a real highlight on vinyl and along with the second single, songs from a couple of compilation albums and some completely unreleased tracks, this record is the definitive collection with The Modern's first line-up. Limited edition, 600 copies (400 black & 200 blue vinyl). Grab a copy if you get the chance, because this is interesting stuff for all outsiders & undergrounders.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Monday, 8 August 2022

V/A - Punk Rock Rarities Vol.2 1996

And immediately the second and final part of the Punkrock Rarities by Anagram and the spirit of this CD is the same as the previous one. It brings us again closer to rare 7inches by lesser known or short lived bands from the British Isles, and giving them the respect they deserve. Together with Vol.1 they form an absolute glimpse of what was happening on the fringes of the big bands and the scene was anything but tired. Music that does its deserved rounds and is a perfect introduction to the UK subculture for all newcomers and dirty old freaks like me. Enjoy!

1.Kicks In Style - THE USERS
2.Dead On Arrival - THE USERS
3.Chelsea '77 - THE MANIACS
4.I Ain't No Legend - THE MANIACS
5.I Am A Dalek - ART ATTACKS
6.Neutron Bomb - ART ATTACKS
7.New Wave Love - THE DOLE
8.You Make Me Sick - SATAN'S RATS
9.Louise - SATAN'S RATS
10.System - FRONT
11.Queen's Mafia - FRONT
12.Gutter Kids - THE DYAKS
13.It's A Game - THE DYAKS
14.£8-A-Week - SQUAD
15.Red Alert - SQUAD
16.Raise The Roof Tonite - THE SHOVE
17.Violence - THE SHOVE
18.Pigs - THE SHOVE
19.Nutters Of York - THE SHOVE
21.Lucy Is A Prostitute - THE SATELLITES
22.I Fell In Love With A Lesbian - THE SATELLITES

Sunday, 7 August 2022

V/A - Punk Rock Rarities Vol.1 1995

The Punk Collectors Series by Anagram Records started in 1989 and ran until mid-2005 and were released only on CD, but considering what's packed on it, this format fits perfect in this case. The idea behind was to immortalize old out of print Punkrock 7Inches/Goodies onto one compilation, be it per band, be it per label, in both cases great pieces were pressed and I'm a big fan of this series. A few are already on the blog and more will follow. From the Rarities volumes exist only two outputs, but these have a lot to offer and are dedicated to bands that didn't get much attention and released only one or two singles on small labels during their active time. Many of you, myself included, hardly had a chance to get hold of the originals because they weren't distributed professionally, had small editions, were sold by the bands themselves and were therefore hardly known across borders, real D.I.Y. spirit you know and that's totally okay. And that's why it is important that labels use their possibilities to dig out such Nuggets, so that we, who are interested, can enjoy these forgotten bursts of creative innovation today, or simply: excellent stuff!

2.Modern Politics - THE PANIK
3.Urban Damnation - THE PANIK
4.Murder - THE PANIK
5.Office Girl - THE STOAT
6.Little Jenny - THE STOAT
8.Back Street Billy - BILLY KARLOFF BAND
9.I'm Different - EMBRYO
10.You Know He Did - EMBRYO
11.Here Comes The Night - THE RIVALS
12.Both Sides - THE RIVALS
13.Sounds So False - MURDER INC.
14.Polythene Dream - MURDER INC.
15.Nobody Cares - MURDER INC.
16.Lord Of The Dance - JUMP SQUAD
17.Debt - JUMP SQUAD
18.Kings Cross - CHARGE
19.Brave New World - CHARGE
20.God's Kids - CHARGE

Saturday, 6 August 2022

V/A - Rat Music For Rat People Vol.2 1984

Well, the Bundesliga opener yesterday was a total flop, 0:5 after forty-five minutes, a brilliant performance in all areas, impressive. Bayern showed Frankfurt where the hammer is, and made it clear who wants to become Deutscher Meister. It will be difficult for any Bundesliga club to beat this team. Nevertheless, I'm sure that the SGE will play a good season. To the post: a decent compilation by CD Presents Ltd. is the second part of the mini Rat People serie. Eleven renowned bands of the Eighties with fourteen classics come to your house to tell you to keep an eye out for their records and to get your lame butt moving because those little flabs are telling you: no more convenience! Partly different versions than on their records make this delicacy an absolute listening and Pogo pleasure. And now breakfast.

1.Butthole Surf Theme Song - BUTTHOLE SURFERS
2.History - BIG BOYS
3.The Seed - BIG BOYS
5.Fake Contest - MINUTEMEN
6..Middle America - J.F.A.
7.Skate Or Bate - TALES OF TERROR
8.They Sent Me To Hell C.O.D. - FANG
9.Pay To Come Along - MDC
10.(R)evolution In Rock - MDC
11.Legacy Of Man - DICKS
12.Madman - D.R.I.
13.Sad To Be - D.R.I.
14.Postcard From Dachau - THE WHITE LIE

Friday, 5 August 2022

GLUEAMS - Discography 2010

"One of the holy grails of femme Punk underground gets a much-deserved reissue" and this straightforward ’77 masterpiece was brought to us by Static Age in an edition of 500 copies. This little label from Berlin has already revived some real Nuggets and I think, this one's is the first release at all. Egal, the Glueams were a short-lived combo which released back in the day (1979-1980) only three EP's which are all on this sucker plus seven unpolished live tracks from the "Swiss Punk Now" Festival which took place in November 1979. On this record are involved: Dorette (vocals), Huri & Martin E. & Martin P. (guitars), G.T. (bass), Marco (drums). I'll leave you with a suitable review so I don't have to write much:

"Absolutly beautifully packaged collection of the 7Inche of this essential Swiss Punx, plus a remastered but still raw live set. Fierce female vocals over artfully constructed yet raging punk that's somewhere between Jack & The Rippers, Lost Kids and TNT! Dorette's vocals are less schreechy than Poly Syrene and less arch than Kleenex, but have this raucous sexy quality them that brings to mind Lost Kids. The music is basic, sorta brutish in places but anthemic and catchier than scabies. It's hard not do dance to this shit. "365" is a dance party floor filler, "Mental" is a triumphant anthem; perfect for soundtracking another crappy day in the real world. The lead guitar part sounds weirdly intricate and repetitive. "Strassen" has this swagger to it, the vocals less exubertant than on the first Singles, then a paint-by-numbers guitar solo comes in and dislodges your brain cells. The live stuff were recorded at the is cool, but after listening to the Punk perfection of the first two seven inches it's not quite as compeling. Though it does add to the rest of the package.The cover has this crazy picture of Dorette under a weird foil covered burning cross, it gives it a dark paganlook rahter than anything else though. Releasesd in part by the people who did the amazing Hot Love book on SwissPunk that you gotta check out if you haven't already, it's the size of a phone book and probably on of the coolest documents of the early Punk scene I have seen." (Layla Gibbon, MRR May 2011)

Weekend, sunny, tonight SGE-FCB... Yippee!!!