Friday, 14 June 2019

NIVEAU NULL - s/t EP 1981

Now a brilliant release which was long on my Wanted-List and I'm proud to present you this absolutly rare gem of a nice german punk record by Niveau Null, active from 1979 until 1981. Released on Heimat Records, a small independent punk rock label in Bremen which was founded 1980 and they were focussed by bands which came mostly from Bremen and the surrounding area, and all records came in a fuckin' small edition and not every one has a cover. "Then the record came out, but the cover weren't finished, so they decided to use the stencil for most of the covers of the record. When the covers actually arrived, most of the records were sold without the regular cover." (adsw77) - I've searched a fuckin' long time for this release and when I listen to this garage early '77 punk style sound I'm happy to start blogging. Without I presumably would stand in the shit! Four brilliant songs here and they also feauterd on awesome compilations: The Best Of The Rest 1/2, Nur Hits [Tapes], Unser Sämbler, Bloodstains Across Germany 1 + 2 (coming soon) and Break The Rules #9. In 2015 WSDP released a fantastic compilation of thirteen songs in an edition of 100 copies which sold out within a few hours. Cheers!!

Thursday, 13 June 2019

LOST CAUSE - Forgotten Corners + EP 1982

Today a wish of my own is fulfilled with the only album from Lost Cause, a combo from Orange, CA, formed in February 1981 by Johnny (vocals), Scott & Steve (guitars), Helmüt (bass) and Danny (drums) and they released their debut EP 1981 on High Velocity Records (which I only had and is within) and a year later this mini record & disbanded in 1983. Too bad that they were only very briefly together because the potential and power of their songs are for me the best from the States; solid teamwork, the necessary pace plus the harmony of both guitars and the perfect dirty mix give the band the sound that a punk record must have... I'm excited and you will be too! 

- Great Thx to Reinhard -

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

V/A - Hurra For Norge # 2 2007

Get ready for the second Volume of rare Norwegian punk 1979-1986 by Svindel Records and it's again full with goodies you never hear before. Taken from demos, rehearsals, outtakes and much rough live numbers which are here available for the first time (as with Volume 1) and all infos you need about bands/songs are withinGood mood and sweaty hands are guaranteed, discover something new and inject the dose of wild passion into your pear.

1.Snutesvin - Ø.B.K.
2.Konstant Anfall/Fader Vår - K-ANFALL
3.Skyggene Fra I Går - OSLO BEURS
4.Det E For Jævlig - KVIIIN
5.Problemer - HÆRVERK
6.Drøm Eller Mareritt - FEBER
7.Dødsonanist - DATAKLUSS
9.Rockerne Er Nekrofile - DE SJENERTE
10.Det Er Bare Løgn - BETONG HYSTERIA
11.Hærverk - SVARTEDAUEN
12.The Crazed - FLINTSTONES
13.Hippieblod - STROYERS
14.TV's Cool - Z-OFF
17.Supermann I Kvikksand/Skoletrøtt/Ku Klux Klan - OVERDOSE
18.I Don't Know - FRONT PAGE
19.Tel Hævete Mæ Dæm Aill - KONFRONTASJON
21.Regjer - SVARTE FAEN
23.Omega - BANNLYST
24.Brenn Loven - OPPSLUTNING
26.Kværk Kleppe - SLIPS
27.Se Dæ Rundt - MITTI SKRITTI
28.Complicated Minds - EASTER BUNNIES
29.Hooker - PINK DIRT
30.Alle Er I Mot Oss - KAOS
32.Mannen I Badetkaret - ØRESUS

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

THE RAGS - Crunch!! 1991

The European Championship qualifier against Estonia is very one-sided therefore a short detour to wdthtc. After their great three song EP the Rags pushed their only album a year later on Incognito Records with ten '77 style supple punkrock nuggets and it crunches neatly and captivates with great melodies and highly recommended listening. I guess a short time later, the band has scattered in all winds.

Monday, 10 June 2019

PUTSCH - Kein Traum 12'' 1982

The band's first single was recorded in 1981 with Rudolph Dietrichthen devoted himself to his own projects and this Mini 12'' of the Zurich band Putsch was then with the following formation: Stef (vocals), Christian (guitar), Roger (bass) and Stefan (drums) recorded and released in 1982 via R.F. Records and is a committed product with a rich funky bass. For a while they managed to keep the level, a third 12'' Geniess Es Nicht came out then the band of the brothers Roger & Stefan Müller left without a trace. On compilations rather not represented, only on Definitiv Zurich with one song. Musically not as hard and dirty as many other well-known Swiss colleagues but with good lyrics and wavie vibras.

CONTINGENT - s/t LP 2015

From Danger Records/Poch Records was finally the lost and only one album by Contigent in an edition of 500 copies released. The band were founded, probably in Brussels, by Bob (vocals), Eric (guitars), Guy (bass) and Jo (drums) and this line-up made their vinyl debut 1980 on Contigent Records and is a fine four track killer EP and was their only record and appeared on a bunch of great compilations .. until 2015Why it did not come to the longplayer at that time is apparently due to the lack of interest of labels, money or possibly internal band rubbings. Now the recordings from 1981 have been dug up, remixed and sound amazingly fresh and absolutely fantastic. Comes with lyrics and rare pictures, unfortunately not there but who has one for me please send. Ears up for fourteen wild catchy stars.

Friday, 7 June 2019

UGLY AMERICANS - The Dream Turns Sour 1984

The debut slab by the Ugly Americans on Discipline Records is an infamous fourteen dirty song masterpiece. Simon Bob Sinister founded the Uglys along with Danny Hooligan, Chris Eubank and Dan Adams in Durham. Adams soon left and was replaced by Jon McClain. After releasing two albums and a 7Inch the band broke up in 1986. This is an excellent record and very representative of what this band sounded like in the day. Great catchy mid-tempo numbers seasoned with quick snotty attacks plus a few melodic ballads. They drove that dirty aggressive sound a little back on their second longplayer Who's Sleeping In My Bed? but I like it too. Simon then joined C.O.C. and in 2014 the band reformed and released the Panopticon EP and since then they played shows in North Carolina and I think they're still alive.

MANIACS - The White Rose Of Resistance 1986

In the mid 80s Mülleimer Records released the second album by the Maniacs from Rotenburg an der Fulda and they were founded 1982 from some local bands (Blutverlust and Bunker) and were very influenced by the English hardcorepunk style. In their lyrics, the band took on classic political point themes and sang against right-wing extremism and the established society. They released four albums, three 7Inches and lots of brillaint compilations tracks. On the split with Tin Can Army they slotted decently forward and the twelve songs on this album, I'd almost say, more melodic and mature and mostly over three minutes long which is unusual for a Punk record. But they make it strong and I would almost say this is their finest album. Make yourself a picture and look forward to the long weekend!

Thursday, 6 June 2019

ÅTERFALL & VANVETT - Split 10'' 2017

A pleasant experience I must say is this 10'' from Phobia Records/Buzz Box!/P.P.P. Records/Mog Records with two Swedish bands I never heard before and I was curious when I got them, 350 copies were pressed b.t.w. - Återfall were formed 2008 in Västmanland and they have three 7Inches out and this split with four songs which kick with brutal and aggressive energy so that Jesus falls from his cross and wanna pogo. Vanvett are from Stockholm and they have previously released two 7Inches and they increase the whole thing vehemently with five furious and fast crusties! "Don't give a shit-beat!" I think after those sweaty fifteen minutes the saint deserves a beer and says: This is a loud record, no doubt about that either.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

BOSKOPS - F.E.D.I.A. 1988

Classic third album by Boskops from Hanover on Boskops Produktion and where Lauschgift ends, goes F.E.D.I.A. seamlessly onwards: offensive, brutal and with clear words. They eyeing the stupid society, even in its own ranks, generating absurd images, global views, etc... Simple, but meaningful. I still like to hear them today and indispensable for every German punk friend. Da geht die Post ab wie es so schön heißt. In 1990, Boskops take part on the first Schlachtrufe BRD-Sampler compilation and a year later the last album Non Plus Ultra was released. End of the 90s the band broke up. Must have!