Wednesday, 12 December 2018

UPRIGHT CITIZENS - Open Eyes, Open Ears, Brains To Think & A Mouth To Speak!!! 1985

One of my favorite records is the following slab by the Upright Citizens and was recorded and mixed during the month of Feb. & Sep. '84 and Feb., April & May 1985 in Zero Green Studio, Essen. Resulted is this record in co-production with 'Better Youth Organization'. Also released by the band itself, limited edition in clear blue, the rest in black vinyl (my copy). Most of the tracks were already released on previous records, however almost all are either new recorded or at least remixed. Engineer was Walter Fux, with which we have mixed together. Cover artwork for the idea and we stand responsible. And also all texts and the total music comes from us except for "Holocaust" (CRISIS). Upright Citizens was one of the first German punk bands with English lyrics. In 1982 appeared the first record, the Bombs Of Peace 12", of the band from the Ruhr. In 1985 they toured as the first German punk rock band for six weeks across the United States. The eighties and early nineties were the most successful in the twenty-two years of band history. In addition to publishing various recordings the band earned reputation as a terrific live act, for example they were opener for such punk giants as Dead Kennedys, Bad Religion, UK SUBS and many others.

The first line-up consisted of Anton (vox+guitar), Uli (guitar), Cracker (bass) and Mario (drums). In 1989 the line-up and the musical line changed - with Alex (drums) and Chris (guitar), today members of the mopedgang or at Eisenpimmel, new influences came into the band. The songs changed, away from the fast political hardcore punk towards a sound and become more metal and I would not tell this punk anymore. The stage show of Upright Citizens were often compared with the Social Distortion, well I don't give a shit about those who wrote that.

In spring 2003, Upright Citizens gave their last concert on board a chartered excursion steamer on the Rhine. I can say, Upright Citizens are one of the best German punk bands whose records (early) are all absolute classics. Very rough and with brilliant lyrics, the gents stand out clearly from all of the incompetents and Pseudo punk bands in this country which not even understand the meaning behind it. Must have!!!

CO-AL 159 - s/t LP 1982

Never heard this band before and I'm always happy to come in touch with new stuff, especially when it comes from Germany. This band has been named after a car registration, presumably their license plate and I find this very originell. This nice idea is also reflected in their music because it comes up with a simple scrape sound which I call NDW punk or whatever, the guitars reminds me of the Düsseldorfer KFC and you know how great they were. In 1982 the members from Coburg published their only album on Rockport Records with twelve songs. Remarkable their cover versions of "Lemon Tree" and "Blue Suede Shoes". Everyone should listen to these wacky songs, really. CO-AL 159 were Carsten (drums), Clement (bass), Jörg and Kurt (guitars) and Marion and Alex (voices), and here ends my info. Well, what remains is another cool platte which shines with the two part-singing and simply minimalistic sound effects: Cult!

- Big Thx to Fredrik -

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS - The Story Of A Young Heart 1984

The third and last good album by this four piece Liverpool Wavers and for me a significant increase to ListenIt was their last album until 2018's Ascension to feature the best known line-up of the band, as guitarist Paul Reynolds left shortly after the album, 'The More You Live, The More You Love' was released as lead single, despite heavy rotation on MTV and other music video shows at that time, the single was only moderately successful, but the album's other two singles – 'Never Again (The Dancer)' and 'Remember David' (released only in a few European countries and a brilliant shot) – did not make any headway. Faced with sliding sales and a loss of direction, the band continued to consider their options whilst touring. The B Side is clearly the winner for me and proves their musical diversity. A Flock Of Seagulls is always a welcome guest in my house.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

ZERO BOYS - Vicious Circle 1982

I'm in a hurry so I don't talk much but use the information I have: the Zero Boys are a hardcore punk quartet from Indianapolis, Indiana fronted by Paul Mahern. Other members include bassist Scott Kellogg, drummer Mark Cutsinger and guitarist Dave Lawson. When he walked into Keystone Recording in Indianapolis on August 18, 1981, Zero Boys singer Paul Mahern told producer/engineer John Helms he wanted his band's debut LP to "sound like the Germs' GI," released two years prior. "He really nailed it!" laughed Mahern recently. Much agreed: Few records have ever sounded this whizbang buzzing. And whereas GI transformed an appallingly shambolic L.A. band into a shocking powerhouse, Vicious Circle merely snared a smokin' Indiana band that'd been rehearsing five hours a day — so tight they spun this corker out in just two days, by recording live together.

It still bursts out of your speaker on CD as it did off a needle when released on Nimrod records 19 years ago. Terry Hollywood's razor-zinging guitar and Tufty Clough's Speedy Gonzalez' bing-bing-bing bass playing (fastest fingers in the Midwest) burn like blowtorches, and drummer Mark Cutsinger plays like he IV'ed amphetamines. Mahern sings like a hurrying rabbit, rapid-firing words about assassinations/celebrity-shootings, anti-nostalgia, having a "high time," and, well, doing speed. Whereas other records of the new hardcore scene tried to sound tough, this was like Johnny Thunders, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Dictators, and S.L.F. on 45, smiling like dopes. Reissued with two bonus tracks from the same session, Vicious Circle remains a vicious pleasure of frenzied attitude, chops, speed, tight playing, and rocket-launching zeal. (Jack Rabid)

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

ESKORBUTO - Anti Todo 1985

More strong attitude and crude lyrics with the second album by Eskorbuto on Discos Suicidas and was Eskizofrenia rather rough and gruff is the quality of the production here significantly better. Eleven songs in thirty minutes, solid mid-tempo stuff, a bit Oi! influenced, in a word: excellent! Get more info and some re-ups of old files via the great split mini album Zona Especial Norte from 1984 with R.I.P. - So, let's see what vinyl I could rip next.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

WIPERS - Over The Edge 1983

What would be a 4 December without the Wipers? Right, a useless day without drugs. My absolute favorite US band and the third album shines with eleven catchy emotional nuggets im typical Wipers sound and I can lend my ears at any time to every record, unchallenged and extraordinary in every way, touches me every time. A few words which I stole somewhere and exactly hit the point I think: "Like the previous two albums, Over The Edge must have had (and still has) the capacity to make quite an impact on you if you’re in that phase of your life when you wonder whether it’s all worth it, when you’re wondering what the fuck you’re doing at the place where you are and how you’re gonna find a way out of the mess." I have the Braineater copy with red labels and all downers are re-upped, go searching for it and enjoy the music!

Monday, 3 December 2018

VORKRIEGSPHASE - Auf In Den Tod 1983

An incredible fast & hard carnage are the only slab by this four piece from Kaufbeuren with fifteen bloodbaths, released via Rock-O-Rama. Founded by Mad (vocals), Frank (guitars), Georg (bass) and Kurti (drums) sometime in the early 80's. Presumably they sent their demo to H.E. and he produced their plate in the usual ROR sound. Partly a bit exhausting, not comparable to today's stuff, but still good and intense. In the same year appeared the 'Scheiss Krieg' EP with three pieces and a demo from 1984 was the last life sign by the band. The original record is traded extremely high and in 2006 a bootleg found the way to light with all recordings. Now enjoy this rush of fast attacks, complete with the rare insert, Prost!

Sunday, 2 December 2018

THE STIFFS - The Punk Collection 1999

Puhhh, slept a long time today and I must go right back in the direction of Offenbach and meet one of my ex-girlfriend for dinner in a Belgian restaurant, I'm looking forward to it. But now to the Stiffs, an English band, variously referred to as Punk, PowerPop and PopPunk, hailing from Blackburn, Lancashire. Championed by Radio 1 DJ John Peel, their most successful singles were 'Inside Out' and 'Goodbye My Love'. Band members are Phil Hendriks (vocals/guitar), Ian 'Strang' Barnes (guitar/vocals), 'Big' John McVittie (bass/vocals) and Tommy O'Kane (drums).

The Stiffs were formed in 1976 by 14-year-old school pals Phil Hendriks (lead vocals, guitar) and Ian 'Strang' Barnes (guitar/vocals), joined by Tommy O'Kane (drums) and Mark 'Ossie' Young (bass guitar), and played their first gig at East Lancs Cricket Club in 1977. Following several local church hall and youth club bookings playing a mixture of covers and original Hendriks/Barnes compositions, Young was replaced by 'Big' John McVittie (bass guitar, vocals). Their first single 'Standard English' b/w 'Brookside Riot Squad' / 'DC-RIP' was released on their own Dork Records label in early '79, now regarded as rare and collectible. In December '79 the band, having tightened by this time into a powerful live act despite being legally unable to order a pint at gigs, released their second single 'Inside Out'/ Kids On The Street, recorded at Oldham's Pennine Sound Studios on a budget of £75, produced by engineer Paul Adshead and the band, embodying the bands musical progress, amalgamating melody, power and energy. A mistake at the pressing plant led to the first 1.000 copies having the labels printed on the wrong sides.

This compilation from Captain Oi! is a collection of the band's singles plus many hitherto unreleased demos and masters, covering the bands entire history.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Saturday, 1 December 2018

V/A - Positive Energie [New German Underground] 2018

Wie bereits vor einigen Tagen von mir angekündigt jetzt ein weiteres Highlight in diesen, von Euch allen geliebtem Blog, mit einer compilation die diesmal mit neuen Sounds aus heimischen Landen der Jahre 2011-2018 bestückt ist. Part V, nach Trotzdem Süß, meiner kleinen Serie rarer deutscher Musik und wir tummeln uns hier im Punk, Post-Punk bis Alternative und Rock Sektor mit Bands die zum Teil schon Singles, Alben oder nur Demos am Start haben, einiges erhältlich bei This Charming Man, dem independent label aus Münster mit massig heißem Stoff aus aller Welt. Ich glaube die 23 Songs machen deutlich welch großartige Bands es in Deutschland gibt und ich denke dass sie gehört werden müssen auch anderswo und ich hoffe Ihr habt Gefallen an diesem kleinen schicken bunten Tondokument neuer deutscher Untergrund Musik. Danke an all diejenigen die mir einige der Bands näher brachten (Reinhard, ich hab dich leider im Booklet nicht erwähnt) und Part VI folgt 2019.
Part V of my small serie 'Rare German Underground', this time with new stuff from 2011-2018, everything's done by myself, taken from Singles, Albums & Demos, Music that needs to be heard, not only in Germany and that's why I created this little dizzy!

1.Hier Kommt Euer Bester Freund - TRISTAN BRUSCH
2.Produkt Der Amygdala - DIE ANGST
3.Sieg Smile - FRONT
5.Nachbarn II - LOVE A
7.Grabeland - DUESENJAEGER
8.Lo-Fi Diskothek (Live) - SUPERSTOLK
9.Augen In Der Dunkelheit - MESSER
10.Stuttgart Kaputtgart - DIE NERVEN
11.Fortschritt Der Vernunft - KRANK
12.Logbuch Des Captain - COCKTAILBAR STAMMHEIM
13.Nightmare - DIÄT
14.Wem Du's Heute Kannst Besorgen - FABER
16.Garten - PANIKRAUM
17.Bullen Raus! - MÜLHEIM ASOZIAL
18.Dein Freund (Immer Noch) - BEN RACKEN
19.White Falling Snow - PINOREKS
20.Nach Dem Krieg Ist Vor Dem Krieg - KONTROLLE
21.Identitätsverlust - PUFF!
22.Call Him Tree - CARROWS

Friday, 30 November 2018

V/A - Bloodstains Across California 1993

Weekend knocks, final day in November and I throw this colorless month out with twenty essential punk rock blasts, so let's wring the neck of California in this case and we travel back in time to the early 80s where all those rare sound documents were made in shabby little studios without a plan, out from the belly, pure emotion. Side A starts a bit lame and disoriented, a little soft whispering and I'm struggling to get not drunk, on the other hand, I have to buckle up at Side 2 so as not to fly through the windscreen. In a scale of ten points as top grade I would give 7,5. Well, in any case interesting mixture anyway.

1.American Society - EDDIE & THE SUBTITLES
2.Prison Walls - THE INJECTIONS
3.Waiting For The Bomb Blast - FUNERAL
4.Don't Blame Me - REIGN OF TERROR
6.I'm Gonna Punch You In The Face - CHILD MOLESTERS
7.Stiff Love - THE INSULTS
9.Laurie's Lament - VIDIOTS
10.Bloodstains - AGENT ORANGE
11.Midget - VKTMS
12.Tammy Wynette - THE MAGGOTS
13.Cuties Wrong Now - SEIZURE
14.Hard Rock - THE GEARS
15.Move It - PLUGZ
18.Criminals In My Car - JONESES
19.Tower 18 - CHIEFS
20.John Rock - THE DOGS