Wednesday, 26 April 2017

FOXY - Por Vida, Stay Foxy! 2001

So, the second semi-final of the DFB Cup will start shortly and yesterday my favourite team Eintracht managed to make it into the final and let's see who is on 27.05.17 in Berlin with us. But first another highlight which I have already posted on DU and I think it's worth to present this stuff again. This is the debut album by Foxy from Orange County, which includes thirteen songs that were produced by John Maurer (Social Distortion) and recorded 2001 at EMG Studios, North Hollywood/California. Beautiful melodies, inspired by the Ramones and Clash, and all songs are really rockin' and rollin' and they live entirely clear of the rough, but never screamin' voice of hot Lisa, uuhhhhhh..... - You can read a detailed review of the record on OC Weekly, and I leave you for today because I have to pay my bills and soccer rolls in. So suck down this brilliant album and enjoy!

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

KOLLAA KESTÄÄ - Kokonaan: Jäähyväiset Aseille 1995

Let's meet singalong punk from Tampere: Kollaa Kestää. Founded 1976 by Kai (vox+guitar), Juha (guitar), Erkki (bass) and Jyrki (drums). Mikko came for Erkki on bass after recording their single "Musti, Sotakoira" in 1978. In the band's hometown Tampere the record company Poko Rekords was founded and members of the band were good familiar with the owner Epe Heleniuksen. Kollaa recorded their first single on the Gulf of Microvox studio in the afternoon of 28.November 1977, on the same day Eppu Normaali recorded in the morning their debut single as well. The band recorded the b-side "Tähtien Rauha" in January of the following year. The single was released on March 30, 1978. The new lineup recorded their first EP called Kollaa Kostaa with six songs with Mika Sundqvist MSL-studio on August 24, 1978. Later more songs were recorded for the Hilse compilation and "Adverts Blues" made it and on the Poko Christmas album "Kylmää Joulua!" Kollaa delivered another classic with "Tonttuarmeija". On 19 March 1979 the band recorded the MSL-studio single "Kirjoituksia Kellarista", which appeared during the following month. That same year the band asked Johanna and the labels interest in the publication of the first length album was honest. The label agreed and the band decided to leave Poko. Their debut album Jäähyväiset Aseille was recorded at the peak Finnvox studio and released in yet to the 1979 season. The record became positive criticals and its title song became a small success. Jyrki Siukonen wanted to do something different from the punk-rock and left the band. Mikko Nevalainen from Eppu Normaali joined as bassist. Kai Stone and Juha Helminen were in favor of continuing and did a few gigs with drummer Eila but however, the band broke up the same year.

Kollaa and Jyrki made with Siukonen a gig in Helsinki @ the Old Student House and in summer 1982 the band come for a short reunion together. Kai died on 10 June 2007 at the age of 48 at home and Juha died in March 2013.

- Great Thx to Marcus -

Monday, 24 April 2017

HELLHAMMER - Apocalyptic Raids 12'' 1984

All right, the weekend was very intense and after the incredible soccer match Saturday my best friend Larz and me have a session in my room and we talked about our metal days in the 80s and listen to some old trash goodies and he told, he had recently sold this unique record from Hellhammer for about € 50,- and I know the band but none of their songs and so I find a rip and post this bloody sucker here as a further metal post. Musically extreme black/death metal stuff with awesome guitars and I must confess: I still like that. The band released three albums and two EP's and split up three months after recording this record and later regrouped as Celtic Frost. Just try them.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

ETER - Berns 7'' 1981

Another hot record is this rare 7'' from a totally unknown band from Sweden. Here I have absolutely no information and the www gives nothing so forth quite a few words to their music. Shallow pace mixed with brilliant distorted guitars with a female voice, cool solos and both tracks sung in native swedish. I would rather say that the sound tends more to Pop Punk but both songs would not be wrong on a KBD sampler. With a running time of nearly eight minutes is a listening experience guaranteed. Nice record this little gem of swedish subculture - Worth every tone.

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Friday, 21 April 2017

V/A - Rock Today 1980

I will be a bit softer with the next record which is probably not released (Metronome) and as promo platte cataloged but its still coming out I think. Well anyway, I have a copy here and on this record is a decent gathering of different styles and not all songs are quite cool but more than 50% I would say is acceptable, especially at the end the sound kicks, no wonder with this bands. The drugs show effect and I feel much better than yesterday, must be fit for the stadium tomorrow. All right, that was it for today, tomorrow is another, enjoy the weekend.

1.New Lines On Love - SNIFF'N' THE TEARS
2.So Good To Be Back Home Again - THE TOURISTS
3.The Eton Rifles - THE JAM
5.American Heartbeat - DUNCAN BROWNE
6.Dead The Beast, Dead The Poison - THE RADIATORS
7.Heavy Duty - JIMMY HIBBERT
8.Gabrielle - THE NIPS
9.Frustration - PURPLE HEARTS
10.Jumping Someone Else's Train - THE CURE
11.Smash It Up - THE DAMNED
12.You're Ready Now - SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS


NO NAME WHY - Sick Life Sucks EP 1997

Motopunk, legendary label here in Frankfurt, was known for their cool garage/hardcore/punk releases and they give mostly bands from Frankfurt (for example SUPERFAN, MONOCHORDS, etc...) and its suburbs of the Rhine-Main-area the chance to get a little bit more famous in Germany or Europe. With No Name Why was the second record released and the band from Oberursel immortalized four dirty Punk'n'Roll numbers in less than six minutes, you think great?? - Yes, fuckin' Great!!! So, now you can imagine from what Mucke I'm talking about. Great AssKickin' sound mixed with finest songwriting form together an explosive bomb which is amazing. And I remember that I spent one or two euros at a record fair for this EP so really a superb investment. Get yourself four.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

SCALLY - Que Fue De Los Dos EP 2001

Puuhh, I guess I caught a cold again, no wonder at the frosty temperatures, Fuck! and I'm slowly getting old, ARGHHH. Where are my defense bacilli? - All right, somewhere in the swiss mountains, where otherwise well sonicate only alphorns the lush alpine meadows, Scally have recorded their second EP and it comes with classic old-school hardcore, angry, rough, dirty and bang on your cap. A damn fat piece and the special thing are the spanish lyrics (!) and the expensive D.I.Y. artwork. A total of seven songs, including a live track and very interesting and worth every minute of listening.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

JUMPIN' CADORS - 3 Titres EP 1983

Psychobilly stuff by this four piece combo from sunny Nice. Their only record but with three decent killers, released on Rekin's RekordsI am a little fucked and don't slept last night and I move immediately back to my bed to be fit for tomorrow so all I can say about this band is that they have one more song on the Week-End A Nice compilation from Black'n'White Music which came out in 1984, sure a good one. Maybe later more.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

NO BOIS - ...Don't Ask! EP 1994

Again rare german stuff from the Cologne label Corrosive Productions comes this EP by this sympathetic five piece band from Cologne I think. No idea if they made more but I think that's all what these boys ever recorded. Unfortunately I can't say much about the band because no information or lyrics exist. They found together on ads or on beer parties, grabbed broken insrumentes, scrape together money and spit out this six fast songs and then immortalized them on vinyl, in the hope then to have a secure pension, haha... - A rarity is this EP well today and I can't imagine that there exists more then 1000 copies. So my pension is secure. Musically No Bois comin' dirty, crashin' and with good short catchy punkies, all sung in English and they provide for miles all the great old punk bands from the UK or USA in the shade. And the singer is convincing with his crushed voice. Don't ask, just trust me: these guys blowing the dust out of your fuckin' deaf ears and that's exactly why such blogs like this (and others) are alive.. to bring you music you have never heard.