Tuesday, February 06, 2024

V/A - Även Vackra Fåglar Skiter (Live) 1992

Released via Birdnest Records gives this double record set an fantastic impression of the Swedish underground scene with bands that have caused a sensation with good Powerpunk rock since the mid-eighties, all this were recorded live during Totalgalan, the 18th and 19th of October 1991. This is the CD Version and we find we also infos inside but only in Swedish. But I'm sure these little bio or liner notes express what can be heard, namely a solid selection of bands/songs that achieved a bit of fame in their country and outside of it. Check out the blog and you will find studio material for many of the protagonists mentioned here. Cool piece!

3.Can't Stand It - CHARTA 77
4.Vikingjazz - TUK TUK RALLY
5.Betongbarn - STREBERS
7.Hallucinationer - D.L.K.
8.Yellow Submarine - PUBLIKEN
9.Svart Jul - CHARTA 77
10.Sånger & Eld - TUK TUK RALLY
11.Lycklig - 23 TILL
13.U.S Of C.C - THE PAST
14.Do Anything You Wanna Do - 23 TILL
15.C.P Framför Sin T.V. - D.L.K.
17.Häxcalypso - KÖTTGROTTORNA
18.Midsommarvisa - STREBERS
19.Whats Your Feeling - THE PAST
20.Bikt I C-Dur - TUK TUK RALLY
21.Pärleporten - STREBERS
22.Doesn't Make It Alright - CHARTA 77
23.Ensam Kvar - CHARTA 77
24.Tänk Om Jag Vore... - D.L.K.
25.Sofia Dansar Go-Go - TUK TUK RALLY
26.Sista Supen - 23 TILL

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Monday, February 05, 2024

D.I. - Horse Bites Dog Cries 1985

Second album by this California combo D.I. which was released via Reject and has been regarded by some music critics as the bands best album. and I guess it's probably close to that. I only know this one and the songs have energy and can absolutely be considered as an entertaining pleasure. A bit info from wikiDue to a typo on the album itself, many fans believe that it was released in 1985, but this appears to be false because its release was delayed until 1986 to avoid confusion with the band's then-current album Ancient Artifacts. Horse Bites Dog Cries was the final album featuring the Agnew brothers (Rikk & Alfie) and drummer John Knight (until his return on 1994's State Of Shock). Fact is, they packed twelve superbly strong pieces on this record that bring joy and ensure a heated half hour.

Sunday, February 04, 2024

ZSD - Ehre & Gerechtigkeit 1981

Today a record I thought it would already be on the blog, apparently not and since I'm in the mood for simple, hearty D-Punk today, I come to the debut of ZSD from Munich, founded in summer 1980 by Wix (vocals/guitars), Sigi (bass), Sepp (drums), which I can't definitely ignore. Released via Lächerlich! Schallplatten and filled with twenty straightforward, short and nasty songs. ZSD embodied the ideals of a Punkrock band like no other throughout practically the entire Eighties and for many, they were a role model with their radical, consistently critical attitude. And with their delicate exactly to the point lyrics - briefly and directly - they were, so to speak, the mouthpiece of the Munich Punk scene. Rightly re-released several times, this record is an irreplaceable sound document of early German Punkrock history and sets a worthy monument to ZSD. Love this stuff, a must listen!

Saturday, February 03, 2024

H.D.Q. - You Suck! 1987

Second album on Meantime Records by H.D.Q. from Sunderland, one of the most important UK melodic Hardcore bands of the late Eighties and they released five records in their life-span and I know only the first two ones. But these are powerful and pure energy. Of course this is also Dickie Hammond's (Leatherface) guitar playing, which he underlines with rich melodies and strong riffs, plus the demanding lyrics, and there isn't boredom even with three minute songs.If you haven't heard H.D.Q., you're missing out on a very influential and highly entertaining Hardcore combo. Let's see if I can answer some emails later, I'm way behind.
Maybe a second post will follow.

Friday, February 02, 2024

RAW POWER - After Your Brain 1986

The following band is one of my favorites and is always a pleasure to listen to: Raw Power. Formed 1981 in Poviglio by brothers Mauro (vocals) & Giuseppe (guitar). Through the years the band has lived through several line-up changes and the two brothers were the only stable members until Giuseppe’s death in 2002. After Your Brain is, I think, the third album which came again via the California based label Toxic Shock into the record stores and is a bit more "discreetly" than its predecessor. Tim Yohannan reviewed perfectly in MRR #38 • July 1986: "Pretty straightforward thrash as well as some Punk tunes. Lacks the overall insanity of some of their best material, but there’s plenty of hot stuff here and a lot more variety than usual." These words correspond to my impressions and with "We Shall Overcome" they recorded one of my favorite songs. Thirteen decent smashers, not so furious but still kicking ass. Essential and deserves the Italian Hardcore seal!

Thursday, February 01, 2024

KLAMYDIA - Pää Kiinni Painajainen 1992

First post this year and honestly, I didn't miss it. Real life has a lot of hold on me right now and it's more important than music (who knew?). I don't want to say much either, it is what it is and of course the blog will continue, the theater isn't closed, it is just being renovated, lots of cool records waiting for their appearance, so stay tunedLet's continue with Klamydia (Chlamydia), a Finnish combo which founded 1988 in Vaasa and the band's name was chosen because it was the worst word coming to their mind. They always been renowned as a humour-band, but they have a lot of songs criticising society, and other songs about serious subjects, like incest as well as love songs. The band's history is characterized by a multitude of changes in the composition of the members - only singer Vesku has been a member of the line-up continuously since its founding - but also by a tirelessness that has so far led to twenty-four albums and a total of well over three hundred songs. This is their third album which came via their own label Kråklund Records and was recorderd by Vesku (vocals), Vuokko (guitars), Shitsi (bass), Riku (drums). Musically, they write short melodic pieces, and I mean there are only two types of Punkrock from Finland dominant: blatant Hardcore and melodic Ramonesque sound. Klamydia tend towards the latter, but every now and then flashes of aggressiveness, not for wimps. And they're still demonstrating it live, check out when they're coming to your city.

Sunday, December 31, 2023

CHELSEA - The Punk 7Inch Collection 1998

So friends, last day of this year and it was an interesting one for me with lots of new experiences, great music and ups & downs. Big hugs to everyone who supported me, left a comment, sometimes encouraged me and to everyone who visited and recommended my theater, thank you all! Without you, none of this would make any sense, Cheers!! In 2024 wdthtc will of course continue, and as often as I find time, new stuff and re-ups will find their way herein, so stay calm and look forward to the upcoming movie programm. The perfect ending 2023 belongs to the fantastic foursome Chelsea from London who are on the road since 1976 and this superb collection was released via Captain Oi! and features all their early 7Inches and kicks twenty-three times and doesn't need more words.

Have a Happy New Year, stay vertical and be yourself!

Friday, December 29, 2023

GROOVIE GHOULIES - Fun In The Dark 1999

One more great stuff from Lookout! Records with the Groovie Ghoulies from Sacramento and on their fifth album were involved Roach (vocals/guitars), B-Face (bass), Kepi (drums) and the three stand for excellent usual Ramones-style sing-a-long songs and is suitable for every party. This little fucker has thirteen of that. You will warm up to the album very quickly because the songs enter your genes unhindered like heroin into your vein and inject the good mood straight into your head, this is mainly due to the melodic power of the songs, the magical singing and ultimately the positive rhythms. This record brings you calm down, checks our visions and ensures a relaxing time. Forget all the new MTV Pseudo Pop-Punker, this is simply the best and original. And my neighbor just tells me: this beauty is reissued 2023 by Stardumb, etc... Records in a pressing of 1000 copies on transparent blue vinyl with black smoke, so watch fucking out!

Thursday, December 28, 2023


A band that really impressed me live (back in the HH-Fabrik) were Angeschissen,a four piece from Hamburg and existed from 1984 to 1988 and during this time they released a single, a LP and a split 12Inch with Das Moor. They were one of the influential, funniest and style-defining bands of the Hamburg underground scene in the Eighties and all there complete work are combined on this fantastic double album created by Schiffen. Dark, poetic lyrics meet a solid, snotty sound; a perfect mix of words and tones that have been incorporated into the successor bands, and maintain hold this consistently high level over many years.

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

THE SQUIRT - Men And Their Masters 1985

The only album by this fantastic combo was released via Weird System and the four were inspired by the sound of such great bands as the Dead Kennedys, D.O.A., Black Flag, etc.... the Squirt founded at the beginning of the Eighties in Zurich and consisted of Marc (vocals/guitars), Gertjan (bass/vocals), Ueli (drums/guitars/vocals) and their aim was to become the fastest and toughest Swiss band. They recorded a demotape in 1983 with fourteen Songs and somehow it fell into the hands of the Hamburgers and they were immediately enthusiastic and decided to make an album with them, and so Men & Their Masters was recorded, followed by a Germany tour. In terms of sound, the Squirt is fast and precise, a healthy portion of Hardcore that rarely comes from the Alpine country, and the potential is strong and the level is very high, they absolutely don't have to hide behind the aforementioned bands, the four can inspire with thier record. A real smasher!