Thursday, 16 August 2018

THE OPPRESSED! - Live 1984

A small live album by the Oppressed!, a skinhead band who hated what nazi politics was doing to the scene, formed 1981 in Cardiff, Wales. Most of the musicians in the band's various lineups have been skinheads. Throughout the band's career, the members (especially vocalist Roddy Moreno) openly expressed opposition to racism and fascism in their lyrics, interviews, on-stage comments and other actions. In 1989, Moreno visited New York City and met a few members of Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice (SHARP). On his return to the United Kingdom, he started promoting SHARP ideals to British skinheads. The band has also had ties to other anti-racist groups, such as Anti-Fascist Action. Moreno is a Cardiff City F.C. supporter, and some of the band's songs express that support. The band has split and re-formed several times, the first occasion in 1984 after which Moreno focused on his record labels, Oi! Records and Ska Records for the remainder of the decade. Their most recent split was in 2006, but they re-formed in 2009, and continue performing today. The Oppressed 2013 line up featured, alongside Roddy Moreno on vocals and guitar, Paul Cobley on bass and Tony Kizmus on drums. This CD was released 1997 via Step-1 Music and has twelve classics in its luggage. FUCK FASCISM BEFORE IT FUCKS YOU!

DT & THE STOODES - Metallic OK 1981

Great and very rare Swedish kbd punk release from 1981 and this was limited to 500 numbered copies. Founded in Stockholm and the band members were Deep Torkel Knutsson (vocals), Gamen (guitar), Johan "Tapeface" Thulin (bass), Micke "The Leaf" Löv (guitar), 2Meter (guitar), Peter Johanesson (drums), Åke Erikson (drums), Jonte Tom Collins (drums), The Vulture (guitar), Michael Ghomri (guitar). This is their only Album which was released by Nerv-Ös Records. Hard to describe but I think this is a live album mixed with rehearsal recordings, partly the sound quality suffers a little bit but in the end a noisy snotty album. Twelve chaotic songs recorded between 1979-1981 at different places (detailed information inside) with a rousing dose of fun and don't let yourselves be deceived by the album title, it's 100% pure punk rock in a decent Low-Fi sound. Cult!

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

P.V.P. - Las Reglas Del Juego 1984

Two years after the great debut Miedo P.V.P. released their the second album via 21 Records and the nine songs are more mature and you can clearly feel the advancement that now end up in mostly four minutes tracks, partly also very poppy. I must admit, I sometimes miss the aggressiveness and harshness of the earlier recordings and not all's my taste. Anyway, suitable for pajama parties, beach evenings, a nice evening for two or housework.

Monday, 13 August 2018

WUT - Kapitalismus 1986

Awesome Killer Stuff now by this great band from Langenfeld. WUT were founded in 1983 by Schetty (vocals), Holger (bass), Oli (guitars) & Jörg (drums) in Langenfeld. First release in the same year in form of a split EP "Their Last Testament/Everything Ever Seen - Everything Ever Heard!" with Rotting Carcass on More Fun Records and also in 1985 their only album Kapitalismus via Double A, 1990 another split 12'' with Sons Of Sadism, also Double A Records. I quote the band from the insert:

"We are four individuals who've come together about 2½ years ago to express our attitude to life through music. However, we do not understand music as an end in itself, but as a step out of our own impotence, the powerlessness that we experience every day when we look at the state of this world.

Our system is based on the exploitation of the masses, the developing countries and nature. It relies on brainwashing in schools, psychiatry, factories, barracks, and in the media, where it sells consumer goods as a substitute for interpersonal relationships, living off alienation from one another. It educates people to selfish money-hungry intolerant dependent self-employed labor-bearing and consuming machines. This is the world of gross national product, the 5-year plan, the suicide rate ...

The music creates a free space, a medium through which we can express our thoughts and feelings. On the other hand, it's just fun for us, a fun that gives us more than the full of fun, aggression and walls of coolness marked 'fun' of the well-known 'jokers' at countless concerts, meetings and other places.

Through the band, we also got to know people we might never have met otherwise, people who make us rich with a lot of positive experiences and the confirmation to do something useful. The people we have known for some time, who have experienced our way and whom we love! And all those we do not know, but who may be on the same path as us, we dedicate this album! Love & Strength to those who resist.

There are days when people question all the beautiful ideals that they laboriously built up, because the feeling is quickly spreading that nothing will change anyway, especially when sees that unconditional adaptation to this power money-driven society is rewarded by a secure content (??) existence, as long as man does not come up with the idea to ask the meaning of such an existence. We can not let ourselves be lulled by the ignorance of the masses who are only interested in their beer supply, their new car and the length of their cocks. Keep your own head and live your life!"

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

LAST RITES - This Is The Reaction 1984

A classic in the late evening and we're not talking about a caramel-cream-liqueur or five grams of exquisite white powder, no no no... this is a serious page, got it? Back to what I really wanted to say; the only album by the Last Rites, a four piece from Glasgow formed in Winter 1982, on Essential Records. Togehter with their two decent 7Inches (listen) and a few compilation goodies the band broke up in 1985. Fourteen anarcho-punk killer blasts have they recorded here and is for me without doubt one of the best records from the UK. Okay, two more days to the deserved weekend, bleibt artig!


Before Fehlfarben was Mittagspause. The glory of Mittagspause is bigger than their song repertoire. Three singles appeared during the life of the band, as well as contributions to two samplers. Musically, the band had swum early from the traditional punk and the stylistic device of the irony discovered for itself. Their fame is based mainly on the sovereign and non-pathetic handling of their singer Peter Hein with the german language. Mittagspause came in 1978 from the early Düsseldorf punk band Charley's Girls and persisted from Peter Hein, Franz Bielmeier on bass & guitar, as well as founder of the Rondo label, the drummer and later painter Marcus Oehlen, as well as former S.Y.P.H. guitarist Thomas Schwebel. The first cast also included the later DAF singer Gabi Delgado-Lopez. Already in 1980 the band disintegrated, their last studio recordings remained unpublished for more than ten years. Hein + Schwebel devoted himselfs to the Fehlfarben, Oehlen of art and art music (Vielleichtors/Red Krayola) and Bielmeier next to his label Rondo the drugs. Fortunately, they have tried a reunion so far, but a retrospective with unpublished Material in preparation, and also Mr. Bielmeier lets under the pseudonym "Sister Ray" again hear music...

Captain Trip Records from Tokyo has finally packed all studio recordings of the band on a CD in 2004. All shots are from 1979. The five previously unreleased live recordings, including a cover version of Trios "Da Da Da" date from 1983 & the CD was mastered in the Atatak Studios by Pyrolator.

Friday, 3 August 2018

U.K.SUBS - Europe Calling 1991

Weekend's knocking, let's see what it has in the luggage for us. Hmmm.... a small CD with twenty-seven catchy songs, five studio tracks, the rest live, born in the house of Released Emotions Records. The band is called U.K.SUBS and were formed 1976 in London and they combine the energy of punk and the rock & roll edge of the then thriving pub rock scene and is still present... hmmm, never heard of them but I can still remember a fantastic gig in cookies and I think this was 1998, you must know this location is more a disco where the Saturday Travoltas drove their mischief, and the four stood on the dance floor and brought the shed to a boil. That was really exceptional with all the mirrors there and the cozy ambiance. Well, time flies and the gentlemen don't get tired and I think they've fabricated over twenty five albums to date. OK, let us listen now to Charlie (vocals), Alan & Darrell (guitars), Flea (bass) and Matt (drums), I open one last jever and enjoy the balmy summer night.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Thursday, 2 August 2018

BLAST - Damned Flame 7'' 1973

Let's get to a band that is unlikely to be known, Belgium’s Blast: Antoni (vocals & bass), Tony (guitar) and Mick (drums), entered a studio and laid down the two songs on this 7”, which were released in 1973 on Majestic Records and it’s a frantic proto-punk record and was recorded and mixed in two hours. The band estimates between 300 and 500 copies of this 7Inch were originally pressed, but it lives on through a 2015 reissue from Death Vault Records (source: Decibel Magazine). A real blast!! 

- Great Thx to François -

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

V/A - Trip Fixe 1996

August kick off with another compilation from Get Baque Records with rare stuff, this time from beautiful Portugal. Twenty nuggets from 1978 - 1982 and make clear that there was also an excellent underground scene, albeit small, but they wrote heartily variable and refreshing songs and the original 7Inches from which most of the pieces are sourced are hard to get today. Therefore, it is important that music maniacs like us are bringing their collections to the people. Discover new and old well-tried and enjoy the evening sun at the beach with fresh antique music and a cold longdrink!

1.Eu Não Sei - AQUI D'EL ROCK
2.Quero Tudo - AQUI D'EL ROCK
3.Caçada - UHF
4.She's Gonna Leave Me - SPEEDS
5.Where I Used To Play - SPEEDS
6.Destruição - C.T.T.
7.Estou Farto - FM
8.Sê Um GNR - GNR
9.Portugal Na Cee - GNR
10.Vem Daí - NZZN
11.Trip Fixe - NZZN
13.Sangue No Meu Mundo - PIZOLIZO
14.Bolinhas De Sabão - TILT
15.Gatinha De Luxo - TNT
16.Rua Do Carmo - UHF
17.Terra De Ninguém - VODKA LARANJA
19.Quotidiano - SEMÁFORO
20.Um Chuto No Quarto - STRATUS

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

DESTRUCKTIONS - Vox Populi 1983

Ingenious Hardcore from Ulvila by Destrucktions, the four was founded in 1981 by Mike (vocals), Poko (guitars), Mixa (bass) and Jaakko (drums) and Vox Populi was recorded for Propaganda Records but is released via Rock-O-Rama in 1983. At that time Destrucktions had already split up, so that is the only record they have ever released. Compilations featuring the band at a few, one in this blog: Finnish Spunk/Hard Beat. Fifteen absolutely short kicking bombs with fierce sound which gives the band proper power and anger. Höhnie Records released 2007 a record named Complete Destrucktions with all their recordings plus rare demos in a gatefold sleeve with lyrics and band history, both in Finnish and English as well as some archive pictures which you can get via Melonville Hardcore blog. Fazit: first class twenty-five minutes of Finnish Hardcore!