Monday, 23 November 2020

THE MODULATORS - Girl Trouble 7'' 1980

Debut 7Inch by this New Jersey four piece on Vintage Vinyl Records with two quiet PowerPop goodies. A bit Info by Nicky Gee: "The Modulators unofficially began in the early 1980’s when Joe Riccardello walked into Vintage Vinyl Records, a small store in Irvington, NJ, and met owner Rob Roth. After a few months, Joe started working at Vintage Vinyl and he and Roth started writing songs together (Joe wrote the music and Rob wrote the lyrics). With all of the instruments/vocals performed by Joe, “Girl Trouble” B/W “Amplitude Modulation” was released as the first (500 numbered copies) single. Joe called his old band mate, guitarist Mark Higgins, and the band, The Modulators, began. They recruited some other players, namely Fran Barbone on drums, and Jim Gordon on guitar, with Joe shifting to bass, and the foursome began a series of promotional shows at various NJ clubs. The Dirt Club in Bloomfield, NJ, was the first club they played, and the Modulators became a fixture there – probably playing there more than any other band. Ron Cassel replaced Barbone on drums shortly after the band started. Soon thereafter, Gordon left the band and bassist Gene O’Brien joined briefly. With the departures of Cassel and O’Brien, The Modulators were down to a twosome – Riccardello and Higgins. The duo began recording a Roth/Riccardello song, “Down at the Dirt,” a tribute to their favorite club. The song became an anthem at the Dirt Club, eventually winding up on the Dirt’s Various Artists album, “Vol. 1”. After auditioning way too many drummers, Mark “Cakes” Westlake solidified the band. The Modulators were now: Riccardello, bass/ vocals; Higgins, guitar/vocals; and Westlake, drums/vocals.

The band began playing more high-profile gigs, @ clubs like Kenny’s Castaways and the Bitter End, in NYC, and the Meadowbrook in NJ. All the while, they continued playing at their home base, the Dirt  Club. They recorded their next single, Higgins’ “She’s So Cynical,” and Roth/Riccardello’s “Dream Girls” that garnered more radio airplay, on stations such as Long Island’s WLIR, New York’s WNEW, and New Jersey’s WDHA, along with many NJ college stations. Additionally, the band promoted the record on the “Uncle Floyd Show.” The band was doing well, and a representative from A&M Records contacted them, requesting more material. The band went back to the studio to work on new songs, which would eventually form the basis of their album, “Tomorrow’s Coming.” Unfortunately, by the time the new material was completed and sent to A&M, the interested rep had left the label. The band continued recording, finishing and releasing the album in 1984, to critical raves, and receiving airplay on many college stations as well as the NJ shore station, WHTG. Bassist/vocalist, Jim Brennan, was added shortly after the album was completed, and has been an integral part of the band ever since. Following the recording of a video “Spin Me Around,” the band continued to perform throughout the mid-1980s, playing Jersey shore clubs. Their video for “Spin Me Around” has received over 17.000 hits on YouTube."

Sunday, 22 November 2020

THE ORDINARYS - I Wanna Be An Ordinary 7'' 1978

This amazing two sider of '78 mod is one more rarity from Love Child Records! Limited 250 press with original flip back sleeves... it surely is 1978 all over again. The Ordinarys should have been massive - an appearance on hit TV show "New Faces" and a fan in the legend that is Mickie Most should have got the band the recognition their talent deserved. But some reasons unknown they never released anything.... until now! Taken from the only known copies of the finished recordings the tapes have been masterfully restored by Dan Husayn and sound as crisp as intended back in '78 Love Child Records are more than happy to put out this long-lost piece of '78 New Wave/early Mod Revival lushness. First 150 copies come with free promo poster. Guest on Bored Teenagers Vol.4, and you'll know how awesome this series is... Enjoy!

- Great Thx to Bristolboy -

Saturday, 21 November 2020

V/A - 499 2139 1979

Oh, here again and I have a fantastic PowerPop compilation with mostly local bands from the U.K. in my luggage. Released via The Rocket Record Company, this is another nice example of an interesting record with solid tracks by short-lived unknown combos and a pleasant listening, in my opinion to the fourteen, is guaranteed. A slab that is not much valued and I think, you can get it for little money everywhere, that's a small perk so the mint fools ignore an excellent piece of wax, the artwork is simple but with useful liner notes on the insert. I didn't know any of the bands, bought them because of the low price and the release year and I'm not disappointed. Should you see the slab, buy it and enjoy fourteen lost refreshing nuggets from talented bands that deserve your full attention! That's it really for today, Soccer is due in about two hours, today versus RB Leipzig: not easy but I hope, it will be interesting and an exciting match with three points at the end. I'll see you tomorrow!

1.Sure Fire - THE ACT
3.Audio Audio - THE CLASSICS
4.Kicking Up A Fuss - MALCOLM PRACTICE
5.Carscape - ESCALATORS
6.King's New Clothes - THE VYE
7.Feelin' Hard - WOLFBOYS!!
9.Tricky Girls - WARDENS
10.Distant Drums - THE BRICK WALL BAND
11.Career Girls - LES ELITE
12.Green Glass Green - REAFER
13.Alice In Wonderland - SINISTER
14.Skip The Beat - THE ACT

ARMATRAK - Inner Space EP 1987

A frosty, misty good morning from the beautiful Wetterau and I'm still not awake after two strong coffees. Now catchy music from Auckland and this is Armatrak's third record which came out via the German label Gift Of Life. The band that existed through the mid to late 80's and who were one of NZ's first forays into the American Hardcore sound of the mid 80's. Armatrak put out some very solid releases on their label, called "Positive Youth Promotions", which put out tapes, did 'zines and put on shows, contributing a lot to the NZ scene. I guess, that's it for today, re-ups will follow later, use the day and stay vertical

Friday, 20 November 2020

THE DECEASED - Boredom 7'' 1983

Number nine of Love Child Classics and here with the Deceased from Wigan, Lancs. active 1979-1984. They made a few tapes in the early 80s and appear on some compilations as well before their only record Death Trip came via the important French label New Wave Records in 1985. Two smasher and a few words about this slab: "Love Child Records is very excited about this latest release - two slabs of raucous, angry, frustrated, tense examples of Punk music in '83. "Boredom" sums up what it was like living for many of the U.K.s youth at the time in this country "lost in apathy, lost your way. The only way out is another day" whilst the flip is another example of the fear that gripped many people with the threat of nuclear weapons "i don't wanna fucking die". 250 copies only in '77 style DIY sleeves". That's all and it's time to listen with full volume!

- Great Thx to Bristolboy -

Thursday, 19 November 2020

AGEN - Fortschritt 12'' 1988

Hailing from Verden (Oasis in Lower Saxony), Agen were a four piece and existed from 1981 'til 1989. Members on their only 12Inch were: Thorsten (vocals/bass), Maik (guitars/vocals), Jürgen (bass/guitars), Michael (drums), released via 53 Records. First as Agen 53, they released their first fantastic Ich Wünsch Dir Für Die Zukunft Etwas Mehr Glück, Junge Welt EP on the same label with four top tunes. I first came in touch with their sound via the Keine Experimente! II compilaton, and b.t.w. this slab is a masterpiece, the band matched it brilliantly. Actually, they didn’t became much attention as the others and unfortunately much too underrated in my opinion. They are excellent musicians and far from the most political D-Punk of the early 80s, and this is exactly what I like to hear, words with depth that make you think. Yes, Agen combine their anger and views in melodic, aggressive catchy songs. Their label released 2008 a CD (Fortschritt 2.8), limited to 53 copies, with both vinyl tracks plus an unreleased song (someone have it for me?). Every now and then they do occasional reunion shows, but rarely (the last one was already twenty years ago). Top music + top band = solid record!! 🔊🔊🔊

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

RIISTETYT - Nightmares In Darkness 1984

Classic and legendary Finnish hardcore punk, unbelievably rough and snotty, unmatched then as now and another personel favourite of Finnish bands: Riistetyt - Originally formed as Cadgers, the band was created 1981 and recorded one split 7" with Kaaos before changing their name, then played until 1985 and reunited in 1991 and have been active ever since. Their second album was licensed by Rock-O-Rama and I can tell you, it's overpriced these days, okay, the record is brilliant but it's crazy what some people want for it.... pure capitalism! Egal, the studio side contains songs in bloody English which work quite well. So far, Riistetyt have always been on the road in Finnish. The B-side is full with live material from the a set that they played on the aforementioned Puntala-Rock in 1983. Good sound quality and the band delivers. On this album are Lateri (vocals), Perry (guitars & bass on tracks: A1 to A8) and Piise (bass on tracks: B1 to B10), Jaska (drums on tracks: A1 to A8) and Stydy (drums on tracks: B1 to B10). The boys can be found on numerous compilations and their first album Valtion Vankina is a blast, re-upped for you, and if today would be Friday, I would say an absolutely perfect start to the weekend, but recommended even after a long, hard day's work. Let this crazy, wild & irresistible sound penetrating you!

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

MÉTAL URBAIN - Les Hommes Morts Sont Dangereux 1981

Before I dedicate myself to football, a small, considerable sound document from the early 80s: "Dead Men Are Dangerous" is the only studio album by the French electro-punk band Métal Urbain. Formed 1976 in Paris and heavily influenced by the Clash and Sex Pistols on one hand, and on the other by an electro approach related to Metal Machine Music by Lou Reed. They relied on heavily distorted guitars and replaced the traditional rock rhythm section of bass guitar/drums with a synthesizer and drum machine, a then-unique approach that foreshadowed the experimental possibilities that were explored by later post-hardcore bands such as Big Black. They were also known for their radical image (the color scheme of albums always being a stark black, white and red), and subversive lyrics sung in French. They were met with some enthusiasm in the United Kingdom, particularly by John Peel and the Rough Trade label. (Métal Urbain's 2nd single Paris Maquis was Rough Trade's first release.). In 1977, their first single "Panik" was named "Single Of The Week" by New Musical Express. They had an enthusiastic but small audience in France, receiving little exposure. The punk rock scene was not as popular in France as it was in the United Kingdom, and they did not interest the French media as British bands like Sex Pistols did. As a result, singer Clode Panik left in December 1978, though the band continued to gig and record with Eric Debris on vocals, and also recording with spin-off bands Metal Boys, and Doctor Mix and the Remix, until 1980, when guitar players brothers Schwartz and Lüger left to form the short-lived band Desperados.

Métal Urbain had focused their efforts on singles and only produced one album during their first period of activity. However, several compilation records were released, gathering their singles with additional material such as BBC sessions and live recordings. Their electro approach was very innovative for its time, and the group are a reference point for such groups as the Jesus and Mary Chain, Bérurier Noir and the producer Steve Albini. The band reunited in 2003 to tour in the United States, and had since toured consistently in France and the rest of Europe. Métal Urbain recorded their second studio album, J'irai Chier Dans Ton Vomi, in 2006, produced by Jello Biafra in San Francisco; a follow up mini-album, Crève Salope, was issued in 2008.

Sunday, 15 November 2020

THE HENCHMEN - Lust For Glory 2000

I'm a bit through today because yesterday I've been busy until late at night and I'll be brief. "Great eighties stuff from New Zealand and this punk combo is at home in Auckland, formed 1982 (previously know as Dum Dum Boys) and active till 1985. After moving to Sydney, the band changed its name to Reptiles At Dawn to avoid conflict with The Henchmen. Underappreciated but never underproductive, the Henchmen had grit and belief. They played and recorded when and where they could, releasing We’ve Come To Play (Cadaver Records), one of the great New Zealand punk rock albums, in 1983. There are some things you don’t do without expecting some kind of menace. Like invoke the spirit of Iggy Pop. But invoke Iggy’s spirit they did and whatever pact The Henchmen signed with punk’s dark prince, it ensured the West Auckland Detroit-punk outfit were never forgotten." There is much more info about the four in the web so I don't have to add anything.

Saturday, 14 November 2020

V/A - Hicks From The Sticks 1980

One more New Wave compilation, this one with exclusively UK bands, released via Rockburgh Records. And like the previous post with sixteen decent songs that aren't boring. I would like to quote the makers' notes from the back cover because I believe that their words are still more relevant than ever:

"This record is the first of many special self-help projects designed to disturb established A&R practices in favour of provincial rock bands, also to neutralise the incredible London bias of the music press as effected by its most powerful journalists. Provincial bands have traditionally been ignored-in actuality discriminated against- but the recent reactivation of the music industry has emphasised the syndrome to the point where the imbalance has besome completely unacceptable. Demoralised by the lack of significant media support, many musicians have lost confidence, become unnecessarily self-critical, and either repeatedly re-grouped or else quit altogether.It is obvious that the majority of bands represented here would already have secured recording contracts, if instead of living in a part of the country inadequately police by 'professional' A&R personnel, they were natives of the metropolis - and knew exactly how 'media support' can be achieved. The quality of these recordings is self-evident. They will serve further to embarrass those record company executives who, since '76, have signed countless no-talents at the expense of the good guys. There is more, much more, to come." (Nigel Burnham/Des Moines, 29.2.1980) 

A nice album with versatile sounds and definitely worth the money!     

1.Move In Rhythm - AIRKRAFT
2.Sympathy (Don't Be Taken In) - EXPELAIRES
3.You're Without Sound - CLOCK DVA
4.The Human Factor - MUSIC FOR PLEASURE
6.Head In The Clouds - ADA WILSON & KEEPING DARK
7.Choreography - MODERN EON
9.True Colours - RADIO 5
10.Where Have I Seen You? - THEY MUST BE RUSSIANS
11.After-Image - SECTION 25
12.Gimmick - ART FAILURE
13.I Don't Know - I'M SO HOLLOW
14.Hey Disco Joe - WAH! HEAT
15.Immortal In Mirrors - STRANGER THAN FICTION