Monday, 25 March 2019

V/A - Tusen Och En Natt... EP 1981

Here's a nice interesting record with bands from Linköping. Released via Straight Arts Records in an edition of 1000 copies. Not really a punk record, more wave or alternative sound I would say. All bands are damn unknown to me and let's see what they offer. It starts with a pretty cool number with nice melody keys and a leisurely pace, to that fine guitars. Slides well. The second is the punkiest one, pretty mid-tempo punk style, fat guitars, cool drummer. Social Grupp 3 is very catchy, sad they never made an album. The flip starts with a over five minute classic wave tune, again very keyboard-heavy and the guitars blend seamlessly purely. Stulna Begär released two EP's on Straight Arts Records later and I think both are not bad, I like their melancholic sound, really horny. The last song is unfortunately a little needless, a chaotic instrumental which only torments my ears. Overall, an acceptable record.

1.En Dag, Ett Liv - STULNA BEGÄR 
2.9 Till 5 - SOCIAL GRUPP 3 
3.Eftertankens Kranka Blekhet - STULNA BEGÄR 
4.Mycket Väsen För Ingenting - KANNONBALL

Friday, 22 March 2019

ELEKTRIČNI ORGAZAM - Dokolica 7'' 1982

A nice 7Inch on Jugoton by Električni Orgazam from Belgrade and I wonder if it really makes sense to record from a fantastic killer track (A-side) a dub version (B-side), this is exactly the case hereI think you can argue about that and I guess it's fun to experiment in the studio at the mixing desk but I find it just nonsense. Anyway, Dokolica is a solid number and if you want more check their debut from 1981.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Thursday, 21 March 2019

COITUS INT. - Dead Excitement EP 1980

Five completely unique overlooked and underrated tracks from a band who would later develop a darker, slower sound throughout the 1980s. Original via Rock Against Records, re-released 2011 from the American label Bunkerpop but this is the original. Coitus Int. were a four piece combo from Utrecht I think and the music has a dark gloomy atmosphere but you can feel the punk roots in every song, they fast, snotty and it's a the sound I knew from the Holland times. They were on various compilations, highlighting the Feel Lucky Skunk?! and Killed By Epitaph• Dutch Punkrock '77-'82 slabs. You can find the superb debut album on Blogged & Quartered. That's it now, tomorrow I'll be not back!

MDC - Live @ CBGB's 1983

Holy Moses, this record blows the shit out of your mind, the legendary political punk hardcore pioneers MDC during the golden age of hardcore at a legendary club. This set captures a legendary band at a legendary time. Complete with social commentary between songs all caught live as it happened. Limited to 1000 copies on translucent green vinyl on Beer City Records. I guess your breakfast has to wait until this awesome slab has gone through.

Intro/Multi Death Corporation/Selfish Shit/Pay To Come Along/Dick For Brains/I Remember/John Wayne Was A Nazi/Born To Die/Radioactive Chocolate/(R)evolution In Rock/Corporate Deathburger/Greedy And Pathetic/Church & State/Business On Parade/Dead Cops

- Great Thx to Reinhard -

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

V/A - This Is My Life - Not Yours! EP 1988

This litte dittie comes via Recordrom Records in a limited edition of 1000 copies and all bands have a female voice at the micro. Our life will be opened with P.M.A., a combo from Brunswick, they made only a few compilation tracks in the late 80's and here are two under one minute blasts, Dan was formed in Darlington 1983 and released five albums, here with a nice live number, FFF from Bonn are the only band with a violin I know and they made a great album plus an EP, cool stuff, Anarcho punks Potential Threat from Blackburn in the usual political manner with an excellent smasher and finally the Hardcore combo Alptraum GMBH from Wuppertal with a pretty mid-tempo end. Klein aber Oho!  

1.Act Positive - P.M.A.
2.Deepest Blue (Live) - DAN
3.Mit 18 Jahren - F.F.F.
5.Hey Boy - P.M.A.
6.Das Böse Erwachen - ALPTRAUM GMBH

- Great Thx to Donot -


Monday, 18 March 2019

BRÄNDA BARN - s/t EP 1980

Brända Barn (Burned Children) was a punk band from Sundsvall and singer Anders "Brodde" Brodin was previously active in Massmedia and released with them a couple of singles in 1979. Then he formed in summer of 1979 Brända Barn who loan their name from a novel by Stig Dagerman. The band started as a punk band but then evolved in another direction, clearly influenced by Joy Division and other post-punk bands. They played as support act for Sham 69 when the group appeared in Sundsvall, 30 January 1980. The band recorded a series of singles in the early eighties plus a few compilation track (Sveriges Största Singel) and their debut, Allt Står I Lågor (Everything Is In Flames) on Mistlur in 1983 and become a lot of attention, polarized criticism and listeners, but overall an extatic audience at their concerts during a tour in the winter 1983-84. In February 1984 the band split up, Brodin said he can’t coping with the intense pressure from the fans during & after the concerts. Teens in the audience had repeatedly stormed the stage to touch him. In late 1984 the band made a comeback under the name The Wild Bunch, which later was changed to The Bunch. After this, the band had a number of reunions: 1987, 1991 (two concerts), 1999 (two concerts) & 2003 (three concerts).

Friday, 15 March 2019


Quarter-finals and today draw, let's see who is swept away next. Weekend is there and we start with the rare debut by Picture Frame Seduction, formed 1978 in Hardfordwest as The Frames, split up in 1987, reformed in 2003 and is still going. Band name taken from something Sid Vicious muttered before he died. Turned down offers from both No Future and Riot City Records so Rot Records was ready to release the album after one year of the I'm Good Enough (For Me) EP on SoSoAll in all, the sixteen lanterns kick well and I would say the typical UK punk sound we love all still moves my tired limbs, partly reminds me of G.B.HAlso featured on many cool compilations, A Kick Up The Arse, for example, is one of them. Enough blah blah, enjoy the break from the daily routine and till next week.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

CRAZY - No Chance 1980

Before I fly to Milan tonight and cheer for the SGE a short stop in Switzerland and meet Crazy from Lucerne, formed 1979 by Urs (vocals), Rene (guitars), Tremp (bass) and Burri (drums) and they released the first independent Swiss Punk album which was recorded in a mere three days at the Sunrise Studios and the makers of the small Hamburg label Moderne Musik Tonträger became fans of the band so they released the record as well, both versions are very much sought nowadaysFourteen simple catchy '77 style smasher have they recorded and what can I say? Heart-refreshing melodic numbers, perfect length, glanderous voice and good lyrics packed in a small Heftschä, live always welcome. One more 12'' was also released in 1980 with four songs and in late 1982 or early 1983 the band broke up. Solid record... and now I must buy a few beers.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

ANGELIC UPSTARTS - 2.000.000 Voices 1981

Always an excellent choice is the sound of the Angelic Upstarts and I chose their third album because it includes lots of classics. Formed in South Shields 1977 by Mensi (vocals), Mond (guitar), Steve (bass) and Decca (drums) and they're still active. I have all their stuff I think and when I'm really pissed off with all their music bring me back to the ground and my head only turns half as fast. Have seen them here in the excess years ago and is was galactic. Anyway, the decent mix of fast punk, reggae and ballads makes this album worth listening to and not for nothing it reached #32 of the UK Indie charts. We're Gonna Take The World.... then let's get up!

Sunday, 10 March 2019

VMZT - No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service 1999

Now a little bit melodic punk ala Snuff from the beautiful Hesse country, more precisely from the area around Limburg, there formed VMZT (from a millionaire to a dish washer), Stammi (vocals & guitar), Jens (guitar & bass), Fussel (bass & guitar) and Christian (drums) and this is their only release which they recorded in their laboratory and released without a silly label. Seven decent liquids with constant volume and the boys master their bunsen burner, to that a pretty four-color artwork with lyrics that was certainly not cheap next to the studio time. Anyway, this little blast looks pretty professional and intoxicates your senses... really!