Monday, 21 October 2019

V/A - Beware Of The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing 1985

A bit more musical tempo with this, to date unknown slab, wonderful dutch compilation by Nozem Records with seven bands each three pieces. Again, there is one album or 7Inch from each band (except Hiroshima Nooduitgang) to find or check out relevant compilation and tapes for more stuff. I can't detect any filler, comes with lyric insert and not only interesting for hardcore maniacs among you. By the way, great album title.

1.Politician - DEAD LOCK
2.In To The Age - DEAD LOCK
3.Slave For President - DEAD LOCK
7.Religie - INDIREKT
9.Multinationals - INDIREKT
10.On And On - NO PIGS
11.Fools - NO PIGS
12.Law On Your Side - NO PIGS
13.Security - SCA
14.Keep Them Stupid - SCA
15.Weekend For Maniacs - SCA
16.Media Controll - NOG WATT
17.Feel Like Killing Someone - NOG WATT
18.Constitutional Lies - NOG WATT
19.Beuke Hakke - GEPØPEL
20.Destroi - GEPØPEL
21.Deus Fallus Est - GEPØPEL

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

V/A - Fin De Siecle 1999

Back in Europe and just before the turn of the millennium, the French label Crânes Blasés has released this nice Oi!/Punk compilation in an edition of 999 copies with fifteen interesting bands. Some already known to me, others not at all. Most have made at least one album and on the elaborate gatefold sleeve are all infos about the bands printed what I personally always likeLikewise, the mixture of fast and 3-4 minute pieces makes this record an entertaining listening pleasure. Solid Plate.. Now a glass Federweißer, that lifts my mood!

1.Long Chemin Mortel - CHARGE 69
2.That's Yer Lot! - LUTECE BORGIA
3.Peter Bowler - NEGATIVE IQ
4.Conscience - ETHYLIC SYSTEM
5.Sorriso Doloroso - STOICKS
6.Rangers Celtic - USUAL SUSPECTS
7.Comme Tous Les Matins - COUP DE GRISOU
8.Headbanger - LES TECKELS
10.Rotterdam - KK 44
11.Cruelle Section - CRUELLE SECTION
13.Yaourt - EBOLA
14.Hors La Loi - P.38
15.Le Vieux Millionnaire - 2 D'TENSION

Friday, 18 October 2019

V/A - Ataque Sonoro 1985

Fantastic HC/Punk compilation from Brazil on Ataque Frontal Records with twenty killer tracks from rather unknown, but high-grade bands, which were active in the 80s and most of them have also brought their sound to vinyl with at least one album. Two songs per band and we get what we all like: short songs, lust for pogo, distorted guitars, angry vocals, energetic rhythms, positive vibes, thirst... no time for sleep. Come with loads of infos and band bio's, reissued on CD in 2006 with ten bonus tracks. TOP record!

1.Reprecaos - VIRUS 27
2.Condenado - RATOS DE PORÃO
4.Trabalhadores Brasileiros - ESPERMOGRAMIX
5.Ignorância Cega - AUSCHWITZ
6.Progresso - DESORDEIROS
7.Rebeldes - CÓLERA
8.Skate Gralha - GRINDER'S
9.Super Projetos - ARMAGEDOM
10.Faces Da Morte - LOBOTOMIA
11.Lobotomia - LOBOTOMIA
12.Cérebros Atômicos - RATOS DE PORÃO
13.Mortos De Fome - ARMAGEDOM
15.Eu Não Sei O Que Quero - GAROTOS PODRES
16.Corrupção - AUSCHWITZ
17.Vira-Latas - CÓLERA
18.Como E Que Pode - GRINDER'S
19.Capitalismo - VIRUS 27
20.Holocausto - DESORDEIROS

Thursday, 17 October 2019

TORTURE - Vom Ersten Bis Zum Letzten 7'' 1980

First release of the small Frostschutz label from Hanover and was issued with three different covers. Torture were a predecessor or side project of the later well-known band Klischee. Of the single there are only a few hundred pieces (about 200-300), making it one of the rarest Hanoverian punk record. Cover in D.I.Y. style glued together by the band itself. Otherwise little info for you, no compilation contributions and for the palate there are two juicy fillet pieces. The 7'' is also known as Rock Gegen Rechts.

BORED! - Satisfaction EP 1989

Fourth 7Inch on Dog Meat, 1200 copies, from Bored!, formed in Geelong 1987 by Grant Gardner (bass), Adrian (keyboards), Justin (drums), John (guitar) [ex-Behind The Magnolia Curtain] and Dave (vocals/guitars) [ex-Bodies, Slaughter House]. Thomas' previous punk band, Bodies, had formed in Geelong in 1983, by 1985 he had joined the Melbourne-based group, Slaughter House. Late in 1986, Thomas started a new band, International Rescue, which successively became Sister Anne and then White Noise. By 1987, the group had the line-up of Gardner, Hann, Munday, Nolan and Thomas and were renamed as Bored!. Their name was derived from a 1978 single, "Bored", by Detroit punk rockers Destroy All Monsters. In October 1988, Bored! issued their debut extended play, Bored!, on the independent label, Grown Up Wrong, which included a cover version of Lobby Loyde's "Human Being". Punk rock webzine, 'Noise For Heroes' Steven Gardner, described the EP, "basic, heavy riffs that grind away, drums that never tap when they can bludgeon, and David Thomas singing voice, a voice whose general texture sounds like The Rules being ripped in two." In the following year they released, Negative Waves, their first studio album. After its appearance Gardner was replaced on bass guitar by Tim Hemensley (ex-Royal Flush, God). With Hemensley on board they released a second album, Take It Out On You, in 1990 and toured Europe.

In 1991 Hemensley and Nolan left to form Powder Monkeys, Munday and Thomas continued with Russell Baricevic (Gas Babies, Macho Clowns) on bass guitar. In December they released a third album, Feed The Dog, on Survival Records. Their fourth album, Junk, appeared in October 1992 with eight tracks produced by The Celibate Rifles guitarist, Kent Steedman; and four tracks by Rose Tattoo's Peter Wells. In March 1993 a compilation , Scuzz, collected thirteen studio out-takes, recorded between 1991 and 1992, and nine live tracks recorded on 13 May 1992 @ Prince Of Wales Hotel. By the end of 1993 the band had disbanded.

Dave Thomas managed fellow Geelong band, Magic Dirt, he later joined the group on guitar from August 1995 to July 1997. Tim Hemensley (1972–July 2003) on bass guitar and lead vocals, and John Nolan on guitar, founded punk, indie rockers, Powder Monkeys (1991–2002). From 1997 Baricevic, Munday and Thomas periodically reformed Bored! with Matt Randall on rhythm guitar. In 1999 Thomas oversaw a 2× CD compilation album, Chunks 1988-'94, for Full Toss Records, which was issued in March 2000 and with line-up of Thomas with Matt Daley (guitar), Mark (drums) and Ben (bass) undertook a short European tour.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

DIE WUT - Die Wut EP 1982

Gelsenkirchen, November 1980; the foundation of the occupation Stefan (vocals), Semmel (guitar), Eric (bass) and Pedro Cigar (drums), by Die Wut (not to be confused with the fury hardcores WUT from Langenfeld) was celebrated and on 24.04.1981 followed the first official gig with Upright Citizens at the Paul-Loebe-Haus in Gelsenkirchen. In late 1981 they recorded four dirty punkrock numbers for their debut EP which was then released in March 1982. And this record is pure energy punkrock which I love listen to: raw, wild, dirty & real. One year later the band broke up because of personal differences. 1999 reissue of the EP via Dirty Faces Records and the label sold 2000 copies in three days, while the band have sold in 1982/83 just 500 copies. 2007 the band is re-formed and the band played again several concerts with sensational feedback, so the mob demanded more and the band did them a favor and threw out an compilation called The Early Years 1981-1982 with rare demos & live material, a nice gesture I think. For 2019 a world tour with the Scorpions and the Rolling Stones is planned, so order tickets quickly.

Sunday, 13 October 2019

SCREAMING DEAD - The 12'' Inches 1983-1985

Screaming Dead were formed 1980 in Cheltenham and were a punk band with a strong interest in the dark and morbid. They described themselves as a horror punk band. Guitar Player Tony McCormak played an important role in the sound and image of the band. They released five records during their existence of which you'll find the three 12"s here. The other two records are the 'Valley Of The Dead' 7" and the 'Paint It Black' 7" (which I don't own for the moment). There has been a discography CD released in 1993 via Angel Records called 'Bring Out Yer Dead' but it is hard to find nowadays. The band reformed in 1997 to do some reunion gigs and recorded the 'Death Rides Out' CD that contains re-recorded old songs and some new ones. The band split up again in 1999.

Saturday, 12 October 2019

NAUSEA - Ευρωπαϊκή Αναγέννηση 1992

Normally I watch Bundesliga at this time but this weekend is not so let's come to another rare record from my favorite holiday country and this little nugget was released via Greek Athanati Levendia Productions and it's the debut by Naftia (Ναυτία, Greek for Nausea), a four piece from Thessaloniki, and were formed 1988 by Vaggelis (vocals/bass), Yiannis & Hristos (vocals/guitars), Sonia (vocals/drums). A bit info: "This band has absolutely nothing to do with what went before or what follows. From angry citizens and with many changes in their compositions, Nausea saw punk as a way of conveying their messages and claiming their ideas. Keep away from any commercialization, no affiliation with companies, even independent ones, from music movers, music producers, concert venues or tickets to them. Unique in their authenticity with a strong and faithful faith and a non-negotiable ideology.

They immediately become the most important representatives of anarchopunk in Greece. Leading the way in setting up the Thessaloniki D.I.Y. on stage, they call bands from all over Europe. With double vocals by man and woman, lusty lyrics, animal rights, sexism, globalization, extreme hardcore as successful as Conflict.

They tour Europe and release the live Sex Cartridge, Drugs And Greek Salad. After another cassette of Sweet Secret Of Life comes their album European Renaissance. Manifesto tray with no payroll and direct hit to the snail. In 1994 comes a split LP with the German Graue Zellen entitled The Nautical Kinky Horror Show which also features an old track of Out of Control Mother of Morph. The band broke up in the mid 1990's." (Miltos Tsipsios)


Sick Pleasure was a short-lived combo from Berlin and consisted of Dave (vocals), Subi (guitars), Rolf (bass), Alwin (drums) and Aids is their only album, released via Pleasure Principle. In the same year Dave founded Destiny Records and sang after Sick Pleasure in other well-known Berlin bands: Porno Patrol, The Rest and No Allegiance. The band toured numerous but couldn't hardly establish and so their album is only known to a few. We listen to thirteen pieces which hiss like a decent Erdhuka on a relaxed warm October afternoon. I would be grateful for good scans because this is not my rip but the quality is okay. More posts soon, enjoy!

Friday, 11 October 2019

BERLIN - Over 21 7'' 1980

One of the early Dublin Punk/New Wave bands. Early line-ups included John Borrowman & Chris Green who left in mid-1978 to form The Atrix . Ex School Kids drummer Charlie Hallinan joined around the same time, while original drummer Pat Moylett (brother of Boomtown Rat Johnny 'Fingers' Moylett) became the bands manager. Berlin were accused of cashing in on the Rats connection by some and even of copying their act outright, especially lead singer Brian Devon, but these accusations was unfair.Berlin supported both The Clash and The Jam at the Top Hat in Dub Laoghaire, two legendary gigs in Dublin which thousands now claim to have attended. They were treated badly by roadies when supporting Graham Parker at the Olympic Ballroom, which resulted in some equipment damage. They turned down an offer from RSO Records and had two tracks ("Tube Talk" and "Waiting For The Future" slated for inclusion on the aborted/delayed Irish new wave comp which eventually became Just For Kicks in late 1979. During November-December 1978, Berlin and the New Versions set out on the "Streets Ahead Tour '78" across Ireland, the first new wave tour of the country. They appeared on Our Times on RTE TV at the end of the year.

Berlin played the Dandelion Market twice in 1979 and once in 1980: on 5 May 1979, 25 August 1979 and 2 February 1980. Most of 1979 was spent building momentum. They recorded demos which were aired by RTE Radio 2. They were courted by Charisma Records Dave Hitchcock as early as May and finally signed a deal with Charisma in September. The contract was for two singles and one album. The first single was announced for October but didn't come out until the following January 1980. Meanwhile their vinyl debut was on the "Just For Kicks" various artists LP released at the end of 1979, which included their track "Stop Stop", a strong effort. They played a farewell show at McGonagles on October 14, signalling their move to the UK. The band released their debut single January 1980, well after it's originally announced release date of October 1979. "Over 21" is a great pop punk track, though the band came in for some stick for being well over 21 themselves, especially Brian Devon and Maurice Czerniak. Both sides were written by bassist Maurice Czerniak. The Portugese issue appears to have predated the Irish & UK release by a few weeks. They performed the A-side (and, as far as I recall, another track) on Our Times on RTE Television, though I may be remembering the 1978 appearance. I vaguely recall Brian Devon holding up a sign saying "Hello Mum" or "Look Ma, I'm on TV". Does anyone have video of this? In February 1980 they embarked on a UK tour and appeared during the Sense of Ireland/Sounds of Ireland gigs in \ London in March 1980, playing Acklam Hall with U2 and the Virgin Prunes in support on the 19th (with at least one warm up gig in Nottingham a few days previous). When this failed to break the band, they split up, in April 1980.

Berlin reformed later in the year and released a second single in November 1980. "Boyfriend" appeared on Philips Records. It is a much weaker effort than their debut and sold poorly, which may explain why it is so hard to find now. It seems to have had very little distribution, unsurprising as the band split again soon after it's release. There are undoubtedly unreleased recordings (eg "Tube Talk"). Not to be confused with the Australian pop band on IRS Records who took your breath away. (Source: irishrock)