Thursday, 18 April 2019

ZOWISO - At A Jogtrot To Death 1982

Now a request and not really a live record but with two cuts at the Rote Fabrik/Zurich from 8. July 1982, which belong to the record as a free single, so don't buy any for expensive money without. In the early 1980s, Wormer was known as a punk center and fourteen bands from the region were on the Oorwormer compilation and Zowiso started 1980, initially under the name Slanders, and were formed by Eric (guitars), Rick (bass), Aad (drums) and John (vocals) who joined the band a little later. The first performances were made in 1981. They did a lot of performances together with The Ex, which gave Zowiso a certain name recognition. The band did more than 150 performances, crossing the border to countries including: Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark. This is their debut on Atoomaatje Records with twenty-two played nice, snotty & unconventional numbers, refined with fast shorties, exact my cup of tea. In May 2006 they played a reunion performance at Club Helsinki. That's it for now, enjoy Easter and see you soon.


V/A - Can You Hear Me? Music From The Deaf Club 1980

A decent live compilation by PVC Records/Gammon Records is this little record which was recorded at the legendary Deaf Club in San Francisco with local bands. The Deaf Club was a notable music venue located on Valencia Street for two years until closure in december 1980 and many cool bands performed there as you can see on the insert. Recorded on a mobile 8 track during early 1979 and it's a testament to the authentic underground punk and "new wave" scene during that period in San Francisco's music history.

1.Police Truck - DEAD KENNEDYS
2.Short Songs - DEAD KENNEDYS
3.Straight A's - DEAD KENNEDYS
4.Dying In The U.S.A. - K.G.B.
5.Picture Frame Seduction - K.G.B.
6.Hundred Dollar Limo - OFFS
7.Die Babylon - OFFS
8.I've Got The Handle - OFFS
9.Tribute To Russ Meyer - MUTANTS
10.Monster Of Love - MUTANTS
11.Jane Blank - PINK SECTION
12.Francine's List - PINK SECTION
13.Been In The Basement 30 Years - PINK SECTION
14.19th Nervous Breakdown - TUXEDO MOON
15.Heaven - TUXEDO MOON

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

NEON PRUNES - Rat Tracks 1998

Now a rare gem by the Neon Prunes, a short lived combo from Frankfurt and consisted of Ilka (vocals), Ralvieh (guitar), Eaglebauer (bass) and Jesco (drums) and they released 1995 a tape via Get Happy Records and three years later it was thrown again among the people as CD in an edition of 100 copies. The first half was recorded at Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt on 29.01.1993, the other are rehearsal demos from 1992. The sound quality is rather modest but who has already visited the small cozy cellar knows how fast the mood rises and the evening turns out to be a family celebration, plus the delicious beer and everyone is in a good mood, as far as I can tell - Solid mid-tempo punk in English, what more you want. 

X-Ray/'77/City Oy My Life/Cue Up/In My Town/Bastard/Turns To Brown/Phone Rat/Heaven Knows.../Wild Rover/Life Is Hell/Cue Up (Acoustic)/Wild Rover (Again)/X-Ray (Again)/'77/Cue Up/In My Town/Phone Rat/Heaven Knows.../Bastard/City Of My Life/Wild Rover/Life Is Hell

AGENT ORANGE - @ The Dive Bar, Las Vegas 26.09.2014

Hmmmm, I hope you enjoy this month with live stuff and for all those who are on Easter holidays I wish carefree relaxation and for us at home as well. Next show shoot us to Las Vegas in the Dive Bar where Agent Orange played on 26.09.2014 a grandiose gig and they are a fantastic live band and one of my favoritesEnergetic surf punk from the very best and I can't understand why since 1996 no further album was recorded. I believe that there are enough ideas, but obviously it is not easy to unite all members for a short time because family and everyday life make it difficult. Well, maybe there's something to follow and as long as they go on tour they stay alive. Enjoy!

Miserlou/Everything Turns Grey/Tearing Me Apart/Secret Agent Man/It's All A Blur/America/Whistling Past The Graveyard/Mr.Moto/Voices In The Night/Breakdown/Say It Isn't True/This House Is Haunted/No Such Thing/Cry For Help In A World Gone Mad/I Kill Spies/It's In Your Head/Somebody To Love/Police Truck/El Dorado/Living In Darkness/Wouldn't Last A Day/Too Young To Die/Bloodstains/The Last Goodbye


Tuesday, 16 April 2019

CHARLEY'S GIRLS - Fuck 2x7'' 1993

Now an absolutely rare gem that was released by Incognito Records as part of their 333xUp & Down series. Charley's Girls, a short living combo which were founded 1977 and the band consisted of Peter (vocals), Franz (guitar), Muscha (guitar), Sabrina (drums) and Peter (bass) and they performed in the center of Düsseldorf between 1977 and 1979 at the legendary Ratinger Hof. They never made any record and in 1978 they formed other pioneering bands like Mittagspause and Fehlfarben. This murderous, lousy quality cocktail was recorded on 3 March 1978, at a masquerade ball under the motto "Punk", at the New Orleans, Düsseldorf but these ten rebellious songs document the ravages of that time and many questioned the system's obedience and lockstep and wanted to do their own thing. Sometimes I miss that spirit nowadays, all has become easier and more commercial and a lot of shit is coming out, here and there cool stuff too but I'm not a real friend of this. Well, no matter... it is important that it pleases.

In Der Tat/Testbild/No Fun/X-9200/Achtundsiebzig/Innenstadtfront/Marmorstein/Schaust Gut Aus/3 x Nordpol/Neue Musikwelle

SAGA - In Transit 1982

I guess you've heard it in the news, Notre Dame on fire and usually I'm not interested in that, but that was a little shock yesterday, after all, it is the most famous cathedral in Europe and that does not leave me cold. Large parts are destroyed, but the towers are still standing and it's unimaginable if the building had completely disappeared, a great French tragedy could be prevented thanks to the vehement use of the many firefighters. I'm sure they will restore this ancient masonry through donations.

Today's post dedicated to a band whose first six records still excite me and I had the pleasure to see them live in the Festhalle 1983. Originally known as Pockets, Saga were formed 1977 in Oakville, Ontario from the nucleus of Canadian rock band Fludd. In Transit is their fifth album and was recorded at the Rudi-Sedlmayer-Halle, Munich on February 5th, 1982 and at the Tivoli Theatre, Copenhagen on February 22nd, 23rd & 24th, 1982. The nine songs are famously selected and now we start our little time travel with classics of their first four albums, no punk... but finest rock. Let them in!

Careful Where You Step//Don't Be Late/Humble Stance/Wind Him Up/How Long/No Regrets/A Brief Case/You're Not Alone/On The Loose

Monday, 15 April 2019

COCKNEY REJECTS - Live & Loud!!! 1981

Time to honor another band which is since 1978 active, the Cockney Rejects were formed in the East End of London by brothers Jeff and Micky Geggus, with their brother-in-law Chris Murrell on bass and Paul Harvey on drums and their song "Oi, Oi, Oi" was the inspiration for the name of the Oi! music genreTo date, they have released nine albums and are also a lot on tour, especially at festivals always welcome. The violence depicted in their lyrics was often mirrored at their concerts, and the band members often fought to defend themselves (often from supporters of opposing football teams) or to split up conflicts between audience members. This slab, their third one, was recorded at Abbey Road on 25th January 1981 and fifteen classics were banned for the next punk generation. So join the Rejects my dear readers!

The Rocker/Bad Man/I'm Not A Fool/On The Waterfront/On The Run/Hate Of The City/Hang'Em High/Easy Life/War On The Terraces/Fighting In The Streets/Greatest Cockney Rip Off/Join The Rejects/Police Car/East End/Motorhead

Friday, 12 April 2019

THE DAMNED - Early Demos & Live 1976-1979

Into the weekend with a real rarity and I can't say when this litte piece was released. Facts are: 1-9 Demos ca.1976, 10-21 live elsewhere 1977, 22-24 John Peel Session 11/79 and we listen to the wilder and rogher side of London's the Damned, hopefully everyone knows, the recordings are in my opinion fuckin' special, at least for meThe recording quality is relatively decent and it is always worth putting out a record of the band who been intoxicating us since 1976 with their great music.

So Messed Up/Neat Neat Neat//New Rose/Stab Your Back/I Fall/Stretcher Case/Sick Of Being Sick/Feel The Pain/Fan Club/You Take My Money/Idiot Box/I Feel Alright/Born To Kill/Sick Of Being Sick/Neat Neat Neat/Fan Club/Stretcher Case/Help/Stab Your Back/So Messed Up/New Rose/Smash It Up/Liar/(I'm So) Bored

- Great Thx To Reinhard -

Thursday, 11 April 2019

THE ADICTS - Rockers Into Orbit 1990

Before I watch the Euro-League match now a superb recording by the Adicts from 31. October 1986 in the Alabama Hall, Munich which was released via Fallout Records. I guarantee you the dynamic and energy that you can hear here is really so, I saw them some years ago in the Batsche and was flashed. A bit info: the Adicts originated as Afterbirth & the Pinz in late 1975. They soon changed their name to the Adicts and became known for their distinctive Clockwork Orange "Droog" image. "Droog" is a word derived from fictional Nadsat language, meaning "Friend" (a combination of Russian and English) which along with their urgent, uptempo music and light-hearted lyrics, helped set them apart from other punk bands. Their music has catchy melodies and lyrics, and often features extra instruments and sound clips, such as carousel music in How Sad, violin played by Derick Cook in Joker In The Pack, and gongs and keyboard percussion by Anthony Boyd in Chinese TakeawayThe musicians wear all-white clothing with black boots and black bowler hats. The singer, Keith "Monkey" Warren, wears joker makeup, wildly patterned suits (such as checkerboard or polka dot), flared trousers, colorful dress shirts, bowler hat and gloves. The band's visual look is complemented by their stage shows, involving items such as streamers, confetti, playing cards, beach balls, joker hats, toy instruments, bubbles and glitter. Still active and a popular live act... indeed!

Viva La Revolution/Let's Go/Tango/England/Hurt/Put Yourself In My Hands/Change/Joker In The Pack/Just Like Me/Rockers In Rags/Chinese Takeaway/Odd Couple/Steamroller/Numbers/Bad Boy/Ode To Joy/Crazy/Sensitive/Rocking Wrecker/Na Na Na/She's A Rocker/Easy Way Out/Shake Rattle Bang Your Head/Get Adicted/Straight Jacket/Organized Confusion/Calling Calling/How Sad/Viva

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

ANGRY SAMOANS - Live @ Rhino Records 12.05.1979

This nice release from Triple X Records I bought at the legendary concert of the Angry Samoans in Wiesbaden in May 2007 and I still remember exactly how splendid that was. The atmosphere was great because the band played a funny quiz with the audience, of course I can not say what it was all about anymore but it was unique with the good sixty minutes show, especially I have all their records and they rarely came to Europe at that time. To this moderate recordings is a little info inside and more about the band itself you find in the web.... I add five more songs from a gig at 171 A in New York which was recorded on 14.06.1981 and now: Punkrock!

Too Animalistic/Right Side Of My Mind/Commando/My Old Man's A Fatso/Party Games/Todd's Not Here/You Stupid Asshole/I'm A Pig/I'm In Love With Your Mom/Search & Destroy/I Wanna Be Your Dog/No Fun/Wild Thing/1970