Monday, 13 July 2020

KSU - s/t LP 1989

Debut record by this punx on Pronit and KSU is one of the oldest Polish bands, founded in 1977 in the southeastern town of Ustrzyki Dolne (in the Bieszczady Mountains). According to its founder, Eugeniusz Olejarczyk, the band was the fruit of listening of radio stations from Western Europe, in which several punkrock songs were played. Young listeners from Ustrzyki decided to play covers of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, and in 1978 they came up with the name KSU, which comes from car licence plates, issued by the Krosno Voivodeship authorities for vehicles from Ustrzyki Dolne. With new name came new music - KSU began playing songs inspired by Sex Pistols, Damned, and UK Subs.
In 1980, due to friendship with Kazimierz Staszewski, KSU travelled across Poland to Kolobrzeg, to participate in the New Wave Festival. The band was dubbed a sensation, but soon afterwards its members were one after one called up to the Polish Army and KSU ceased to exist. In 1988 KSU recorded a LP "Pod Prąd" ("Against The Flow"), which was warmly welcomed by its fans. Currently KSU consists of four members, including Olejarczyk. Its lyrics are in most cases written by Maciej Augustyn, the brother of former singer Bogdan "Bohun" Augustyn. A total of twelve albums were recorded and the band's last album Two Nations, released on December 8, 2014 and to my knowledge still active. Thirteen decent songs with a pinch of Oi!

Sunday, 12 July 2020

ACID ATTACK - Suburbias Dream 7'' 1983

Love Child Records are very pleased to be releasing for the first time on vinyl, recorded in Thatchers Britain in 1983. So put the studs in your leather & make sure to grab one of the very limited 250 press records with DIY sleeve. Formed in 1980 in Southsea, Hants Acid Attack have proved to be legends of the Punk Scene of the early '80s and the subject of much interest. Two stand out tracks are presented here, totally re-mastered, on the bands first 7" vinyl courtesy of Love Child Records; "Suburbias Dream"/"Warsaw". Acid Attack were originally in existence for four years in which time they released the thirteen track cassette album “Sulphuric” and contributed the track “Suburbia's Dream” to the  Sane Records 1984 compilation On The Street. In terms of era, they fit into what is now known as the UK82 punk scene but they think the sound is not so easy to categorise. They were neither Oi or hardcore punk.  Acid Attack aimed beyond such restricting labels. Gigging mainly locally, aside from one headline slot in South Wales, the name Acid Attack spread far and wide thanks to word of mouth, sales of Sulphuric (aided greatly by the practice of smearing postage stamps with soap in order to reuse them) and interviews in many of the punk fanzines of the time. Sulphuric also received a short but favourable review in the music paper Sounds, who noted that “Acid Attack are a spirited punk band with sufficient ideas and energy to lift them above the morass of thrash-and-screech merchants”. Acid Attack formed in late 1980, went through numerous line up changes and had split up by the end of 1984. They are still out and about now - plying the same in yer face '82 punk with the same enthusiasm as over thirty-five years ago.

- Great Thx to Bristolboy -

CORAIL - Laissez-Nous Refaire La Terre EP 2018

This superb EP by Corail is also part of the strictly limited 8 EP box De La Pure Came!! 32 titres Punk-rock-Cold Inédits 1977/1982. Info: "Corail is first and foremost childhood friends living in La Teste de Buch, on the Arcachon Basin, who make music together under the name of SEISM from 1974. They gave their first concert in 1975. They played at the Bergerac festival in 1977 with Bracos Band, Madrigal & Telephone. Then in Toulouse in the "Le Pied" room. They occur at Golf Drouot on March 17, 1978. They decide to go try their luck in Paris in 1977. They changed their name to Corail and then consists of: Yves Marty (solo guitar, vocals), Laurent Marty (drums, vocals), Pierre Banneau (rhythm guitar, vocals ) and Jean-Marc Levasseur (bass guitar, vocals) After many concerts much appreciated by their fans and the departure of Jean-Marc, they find, not without difficulty, in Bordeaux Martial Pain on bass guitar and Jean-Marc André says "CHINOI" who made his debut with CORAIL as a sound engineer and has since illustrated with different groups including: Dogs, Les Garcons Bouchers, Pigalle, Les Negresses Vertes, La Mano Negra and many others also talented. Little anecdote, his nickname of "CHINOI" was given to him by Michel Banneau blacksmith and father of the guitarist who seeing Jean-Marc for the first time who was wearing a small braid falling on the nape tied by a ribbon, we asked: "and who is he, The Chinese ???". The group nicknamed him from this day, Jean Marc decided to keep this nickname but without the s at the end, so "Chinoi". He died in 2015.

The group sets out again on the road in their covered Citroën HY brand tarpaulin truck which did not fail to point them out, especially by the gendarmes. After several concerts and tours with this new formula, notably several times featured in the legendary Golf Drouot (June 13, 1981 for example), Corail records a 7Inch with two songs at Studio Florida in the XIth arrondissement of Paris "Comme Un Surfer" (Chinoi does the backing vocals on the finale) and "J'ai Vécu Tout Ca". The cover photo is taken from their visit to the L.C.R. in Versailles. They will play Rose Bonbon on May 13 at Rose Bonbon (with Chrysalide), Gibus and many other rooms in the Parisian suburbs.

The group separated in 1981. Some will continue under the name of Tutti Quanti (two 12'' released in 1987). Following the contacts established for the compilation, Yves Marty made me listen to some tracks recorded in 1979. Here are three new tracks from this fabulous group, including one live, certainly in its medium, but which demonstrates all the power on stage of this combo. The title "J'ai Vécu Tout Ca" already appears on the compilation and on their first and only 7Inch released at the time. On sale alone (200 copies) or in the box with seven other EP's, a newspaper sheet with the history of the groups, and a crossword puzzle for cultivated people" (source: 45vinylvidivici).

Four decent PowerPop goodies, great stuff!

Saturday, 11 July 2020

GOLLYWOG - Fredagskväll 7'' 1978

Now a small highlight from the Swedish province of Jönköping county and the historic province of Småland. Gollywog was a punk combo from Tranås and were actice 1977-1980 and consisted Håkan (vocals), Peter & Jois (guitars), Anders (bass), Tomas (drums), and this is their very rare, much sought by collectors, only fuckin' record which they released by themselves in an edition of 300 copies. The five were inspired by the Sex Pistols, Iggy Pop, Ramones and others and most of their own songs (and there were a lot) were mainly written by singer Håkan. In their short livespan they played a handful of gigs in Tranås, Malmö, Motala and Stockholm. In 1980 the band broke up and Håkan became singer in the Nässjö band Rottweiler. The A-Side is a superb catchy number with killer guitars and if they had released an album in this style, it would have been on everyone's lips, one hundred percent. The flip is a solid rockin' track, equally brilliant. TOP record!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

ERIC HYSTERIC - Für Dich 1988

This is the second album by Eric Hysteric on Orgasm Records and all instruments are played by Eric, Drum Programming by Dieter Krist. 1981 he has already released the Drive You Crazy album with the Esoterics and there you will find more detailed information about him. With this record Eric continued to develop its “heavily idiosyncratic but highly sensitive music”. Absolute D.I.Y. minimalistic experimental punkies packed in fourteen skin-tight songs and you can say what you will, he was a pioneer of this genre in my opinion, a real individualist with an innovative spiritIf you are not a fan yet, you might become one. Two singles from the early 80s are also released, let's see where I have both. Stay tuned, I'm sure I still have one more...  

Friday, 10 July 2020

SPECIAL DUTIES - '77 In '82 1982

Let's start the weekend with a very good album from Colchester/Essex: the solid debut album by the Special Duties and on this record were involved Steve (vocals), Bart (guitars), Steve (bass), Stu (drums). A bit info: Created in October 1977 by friends Steve Green (Aka Arrogant), Steve Norris (Aka Duty) and Nigel Baker. They were punks at school, but the idea of forming their own band came when they saw The Adverts in Colchester. The fact that the three schoolboys couldn't play and didn't own any instruments didn't discourage them. They decided to put Arrogant on vocals, Duty on guitar and Baker on Bass. The band was originally going to be named X-pelled, but they switched to Special Duties when a box of around 200 badges with "Special Duties" printed on them which had been stolen from a school in Colchester came into their possession, the band deciding that they could save money on getting badges made by simply changing their name to match the stolen ones. For their debut live show, the band spread the word through the underground punk grapevine that they would performing a free gig underneath the shopping precinct in Colchester. Hundreds of people turned up to see them play a fifteen-minute version of the only song they knew, "There'll Be No Tomorrow", performed in the Marks & Spencer loading bay. In 1980, Bart Povah joined the band and they recorded their first demo, which got them a record deal with Charnel House Records. The band moved to Rondelet Records soon after and recruited drummer Stuart Bray. Their second EP for the label, "Police State" spent two months in the indie chart, prompting Rondelet to get the band into the studio to record their debut album, '77 in '82. - The band is still alive and with this sixteen songs they conjured up a typical UK punk record which is hard, rough + reflects perfect the mood of the early rebel days. Great Stuff!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Thursday, 9 July 2020

STRASSENJUNGS - Wir Ham Ne Party 7'' 1980

Legends have grown up around the Strassenjungs since 1977 with their debut album Dauerlutscher pioneer for NewWave/Punk. In 1979 bassist and singer Nils Selzer founded the Tritt label and produced the second album Wir Ham Ne Party with new musicians, and the Frankfurters became a cult band for teens and twens at parties and demos. Their songs land in the independent charts and appear on many compilations. Their rousing gigs make them one of the top ten most popular live groups. The INTERNATIONAL MUSICIAN praises: "A healthy mix of humor and politically conscious aggressiveness." This is their second Single with two tracks from the second album and I think in a different mix, I sold the album so I'm not sure. Solid Punk'N'Roll with great anarchist lyrics and their third LP Los! you should grab too.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Wednesday, 8 July 2020


The Billy EP is a promo record from Swedish pop group Gyllene Tider, released in November 1978 in an edition of 900 copies. It should not be confused with the Gyllene Tider EP, which was released in 1996. The group was founded in 1978 by Per (vocals/guitar) and Mats (guitar/piano). Micke (drums), Göran (piano) & Anders (bass) completed the quintet. The song Billy released in 1978 helped to get a record deal, the album Gyllene Tider was released 1979 and became extremely popular in Sweden. The group's best-selling album is Moderna Tider (1981). More albums followed. The attempt to conquer the world market in 1984 under the name Roxette and with English-language titles failed. It was not until 1989 that Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson made their international breakthrough as Roxette. 1985 separated Gyllene Tider. 1995, however, there was a reunification, which was initiated by a legendary concert in Halmstad and the publication of an EP and the best-of album Halmstads Pärlor with a total of four new songs, which was followed by a tour of Sweden the following year. 2004 was marked by the band's 25th anniversary. Gyllene Tider released the new album Finn 5 Fel! and completed an anniversary concert tour through Sweden with twnty-one concerts and around 490.000 visitors. In April 2013 the album Dags Att Tänka På Refrängen was released, in July and August the tour of the same name took place. Gessles Roxette partner Marie Fredriksson acts as background singer for the title Run Run Run. On the group's website, the tour beginning on July 4, 2019 was described as final, so the story so far. Musically five cozy rock songs with piano inlays, knock me not off the chair, but why not.

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Friday, 3 July 2020

GENERATION X - Your Generation (Winstanley Mix) 7'' 2019

A quick post because my train departures in thirty minutes. website shows Limited to 1500 copies. Previously unreleased mixes by Alan Winstanley from the Generation X album sessions 1978. Band here Billy (vocals), Derwood (guitars), Tony (bass), Mark (drums), excellent record, red vinyl, Chrysalis records. Re-upps will follow next week..... enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, 2 July 2020

AUS LAUTER LIEBE - Pingelig 7'' 1981

Als kleiner Bonus zum Sampler folgt die zweite 7Inch der Hamburger Aus Lauter Liebe auf ZickZack Platten und tja, ist absolut nicht so mein Zeugs. Dieses minimalistische Geklimper ist so aufregend wie ein Kehrmaschine die mich morgens aus dem Schlaf reißt. Alle Instrumente von Aus Lauter Liebe & Niki mit tatkräftiger Unterstützung von Hedwig, Kitty Cittny und Leffy Flamingo. Ich frage mich wirklich warum solch 'Musik' aufgenommen wird und zu welchem Anlaß das aufgelegt wird. Die B-Seite ist hier der Gewinner, immerhin schrammlige Gitarre mit schmerzenden Geschrei. Kann man nehmen und ein absoluter Ausnahme Beitrag. - As a small bonus to the sampler, the second 7Inch of the Hamburgs Aus Lauter Liebe on ZickZack Platten and well, this is absolutely not my cup of tea. This minimalistic strumming is as exciting as a sweeper that wakes me up in the morning. All instruments from Aus Lauter Liebe & Niki with the active support of Hedwig, Kitty Cittny and Leffy Flamingo. I really wonder why such 'music' is being recorded and on what occasion this will be played. The B side is the winner with shabby guitars and a painful scream voice. You can take it and an absolute exception post. 

- Special Thx to Reinhard -