Thursday, January 26, 2023

V/A - Lung Cookies (A National Collection) 1983

All right friends, today one of the rarest records that exist on this planet and how many copies were pressed is unknown. What is certain is that it was never re-released and acquiring it in mint quality with the 12-page (photocopied) insert with full page from each band will cost you a few euros. This awesome compilation features eleven bands from the States and was made via Amphetamine Reptile record label owner Tom Hazelmyer and is a joint release between Smoked Seven Records (California) and 'Your Flesh' fanzine (Minnesota), 'Lung Cookies' logo created by Pushead. This babe is a find on my hard drive and how I come to this now, well... while searching for the perfect wave I would say. This sweetheart wants to be discovered and I wish you a pleasant listening pleasure with much early Punk history & pre-grunge roots on this record.

1.Is This The Way? - 10 MINUTE WARNING
2.Judgement Day - 10 MINUTE WARNING
3.Buried Alive - 10 MINUTE WARNING
4.Self Defeated - FINAL CONFLICT
5.Why Me/Rage And Frustration - FINAL CONFLICT
7.Law & Weather Rut - GROUND ZERO
8.No Marine Recruit - GROUND ZERO
9.Struggle - REJECTORS
10.Anti-Patriot - REJECTORS
11.The End - REJECTORS
12.Velvet Emporer - OTTO'S CHEMICAL LOUNGE
13.Shopping On Heroin - OTTO'S CHEMICAL LOUNGE
14.Reggae For The Rich - BOY ELROY
15.Not Now Generation - RF7
16.Submit To Them Freely - RF7
17.Deprogramed - WILLFUL NEGLECT
19.Social Fuck - RED MEAT
20.Power Of The Minds - RED MEAT
21.Another Day - RED MEAT
22.White World - RED MEAT
23.Icky Bitch - SACRED ORDER
24.She Kills Me - SACRED ORDER
25.The Right To Be Poor And Radical - SACRED ORDER
26.Parties' Over Now - NO THANKS

Wednesday, January 25, 2023


Debut EP by this Hamburg four piece on Triton, Pat Frazor & His Bazookas formed in June 1988 with the following line-up: Honey & Hopper (vocals/guitars), Todd (bass), Kalle (drums). Although they dedicated themselves to early Punkrock, their music cannot be described in three chords alone, nor is it just a warm-up from the old days, but rather a fresh, powerful and guitar-oriented form of Rock & Roll. Characteristic is the constantly changing singing of the two guitarists, which gives the songs both a melodic and an aggressive character. Altogether they made two 7inches and one album and were a very good live band. Four dynamic, powerful songs are waiting for your ears and the Bazookas rarely at home on Compilations, suitable for the mountain festival and tonight Bundesliga... Yes!

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

SUZANNES - New Disease EP 1978

Well, this record is nothing new in Blogland, every one of my friends has posted this, and now I'm the last, here we go: Early Dutch stuff now by the Suzannes, a four piece from Enschede who were active in 1976-1978, and this is their only record on De 1000 Idioten Records (cool name). The band consisted of Fedde (vocals), Loek (guitars), Dick (bass), Klaas (drums) and as the cover says, 2000 copies were pressed. Influenced by the Ramones they called themselves after the song 'Suzanne' by Leonard Cohen, and it was always in the repertoire in their own special version. Without an interruption they played all their songs in one go (their concerts were famous for ecstatic proportions). Six cool songs, of which 'Teenage Abortion' is the most famous one and also, besides 'Hippie', invited to some relevant compilations. JoJoJo!

Monday, January 23, 2023

THE LURKERS - Freak Show 7'' 1977

Veterans of the London Punkscene are The Lurkers and this is their second 7Inch on Beggars Banquet. Part of the first wave of British bands to emerge in the mid Seventies, playing tough, meat-and-potatoes Rock & Roll with plenty of attitude and a jaundiced eye toward the world around them. This little dittie came out in October 1977, and by the time it was released, Arturo Bassick (vocals/bass) had left the band to form his own group, PinpointBut the band found an adequate replacement and since then they've been delighting us with their straight-forward music and their debut Fulham Fallout from 1978 is for me one of the best UK records ever. So friends, the shitty world of work is calling and a good start has been taken care of, may Monday pass quickly.

- Great Thx to Nolti -

Sunday, January 22, 2023

THE IGNERENTS - Woodbines Tears & Jealousy 1997

Seventeen years later than planned, the British Ignerents released their first full length in 2017 on Rundown Records. Formed in Kent 1977, the bands only vinyl release to date was the Radio Interference 7Inch from 1979 and two songs at the First Offenders compilation. After drummer Stan died in a car accident in 1981, the band renamed themselves the Beekeepers and recorded another single. After the former bassist Chris died in 1994, the remaining band members decided to sift through and secure the band's musical legacy and with this fourteen song album, many unreleased, they carefully finished the selection and made it available to us freaks and the result is a powerful, dynamic selection of strong, energetic songs just the way I love them. And it's great to listen to. Limited to 600 pieces, so hurry up if you want a copy and in any case: perfect for the 3:00 pm beer, Cheers!

Saturday, January 21, 2023

V/A - Labels Unlimited (The Second Record Collection) 1979

"Here we go then, just nipping round the corner into another decade and, in marked contrast to the more ludicrously large corporations, the small independant labels are healthier than ever." I'll quote David from the backcover and he was right, because underground music, i.e. Punkrock/New Wave, was emerging more and more and the majors sensed easy money (best example NDW). Formed in Great Malvern, Worcestershire in 1978, Cheery Red Records is one of the labels that at the time gave a number of very good young talented bands the opportunity to get their music noticed and spread beyond the local scene. This compilation is second one after the Business Unusual record with sixteen combos from Great Britain. Musically not fixed to a genre, but rather variably designed, partly equipped with a few songs that are rather uninteresting for me, but overall a decent mix which shows once again how creative and emotional the start of a new movement far away from the mainstream can be. If I compare that with today, where only junk is called music, this album is a masterpiece. Well, society just keeps getting stupider and they prove it to me every day. Enjoy the record and I'm looking forward to the Bundesliga ⚽ afterwards, Ja Ja Ja, here we go then!

1.Big Time - RUDI
2.Take It All Away - GIRLSCHOOL
3.Iggy Pop's Jacket - THOSE NAUGHTY LUMPS
4.Cold City - SPIZZOIL
7.Holocaust - CRISIS
8.I Don't Want To Work For British Airways - SCISSOR FITS
9.Wot's For Lunch Mum? (Not B***s Again!) - THE SHAPES
11.Pleasant Valley Sunday - STAA MARX
12.Who Killed Bruce Lee? - GLAXO BABIES
13.Closed Shop - POISEN GIRLS
15.After All Love - AK PROCESS
16.Metal Sheet - SECOND LAYER

Friday, January 20, 2023

THE IMPS - s/t LP 2022

Interesting plater by Bollmora Rekords and this combo meets me for the first time and they kick really ass. The Imps started 1977 in Stockholm and members were Anders (vocals), Jonas & Kai (guitars), Magnus (bass), Christer (drums) and unfortunately never made it onto vinyl during their active days. So this little compilation features fourteen songs (recorded 1978-1981, I think) from their rehearsal room and probably also live pieces in an extreme uncooked & raw quality. A few liner notes: "And in the late '70s, when the Sex Pistols and Ramones were putting out their records, musical ability wasn't important. However, we were motivated and formed the Imps at a young age (fifteen and still students) and took part-time jobs to fund our equipment. Somehow we got everything together and started rehearsing in a basement of our school with cover versions and after a while we played our first gig to a full house at a school party in Fisksätra. It was a great loud evening and when we were finished after thirty minutes, only ten people were left in the room, but those ten loved us. The Imps got better and better and they gigged all around Stockholm. In 1981 we opened for the Dead Kennedys at a place called Underground in Stockholm. The band made two demo tapes before we called it a day in 1982." (Anders, January 2022)

You see, this is a little story of how it happened at many places in those days, and the will & desire to make music burns like wildfire and is the drive to start something meaningful with its young age. The Imps are passion, crazy & musically simple but incredibly sympatheticListen!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Thursday, January 19, 2023

THE PINCHERS - Tonight 7'' 1981

The Pinchers were a short-lived combo from Westerlo, a small village near Antwerp, and this their sole single which was released 1981 on Color Records with two hot tracks and is one of the most sought Belgian Punk singles. Comped on Bloodstains Across Belgium #2 as well as other KBD style comps, original copies go for a hefty price tag and in 2018 Belgian Waffles brought a reissue in a limited edition of 500 copies out. Lacking any kind of distribution most records were sold at local shows and very few exist in the wild. Nothing of further information about the band which means that probably only a few know them at all.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

ERIC HYSTERIC - Fool Around 7'' 1983

A gentleman who likes to be a guest in my theater celebrates a little evening mood and "Fool Around" was one of three songs (The Stiff Demos) recorded by Eric Hysteric with The Esoterics @ London's Elephant Studio in September 1980. Wasted Vinyl Records released this version three years later and the line-up were Eric (vocals/guitar), Leigh (guitar), Andy (bass), Dieter (drums). A short review: "More garage grunge from Mr. Hysteric. A couple of noisy, almost poppy songs appear here, the best of which is “I Wanna Be A Kid Forever” with its cool background vocals, fuzzy guitar, up-tempo approach, and lyrics that I can totally identify with." (Jeff Bale, MRR #12 • March 1984) - Two refreshing Lo-Fi numbers reviewing a sunny but cold day. Nice one!

Tuesday, January 17, 2023


Great stuff from Brisbane's Young Identities which were formed 1978 by Clay (vocals), David (guitars), Gavin (bass), Paul (drums) and they made only two EP's but both are standouts among the Savage/Shake releases (the label released seven vinyl singles and two cassette compilations, of which they probably sold as many copies each and nowadays high sought by collectors). The band's line-up was mixed in with other band Brisbane bands who were, in turn, part of other groups. In other words, a history of the Young Identities is necessarily a history of a few other bands. I can certainly be counted among the "overseas overseers" who became interested in the early Brisbane punk scene several years ago. Without further ado, another history from the younger, snottier contingent of the no-scene Brisbane scene... (Ryan Richardson) - The band present "a lot of youthful energy, a martial spirit and all-important Punk attitude, or in short: primitive, snotty-nosed Punkrock". In the early 1980s, the band changed their name to Kicks, joining the emerging new wave sound and made one 7Inch and a couple of split cassette EPs before they too imploded in mid 1982. Both EP's were repressed in 2010/11 via 540 Records. Compilations featuring the band on At The Fuhrers Request and more essential well-known Nuggets from the Nineties. You can't pass!