Sunday, 20 June 2021

WILD YOUTH - Afrika 1979-1982 [2019]

There are bands whose music immediately infects me and Wild Youth is exactly such one. Arguably the first punk combo in South Africa and founded out of boredom in March 1978 by Michael (vocals/guitars), Skid (bass), Mark (drums) and grew up in the culturally spiritually devoid and morally corrupt wasteland of Apartheid South Africa. Mark was replaced by Rubin and a single, Radio Youth, was released by their own in 1979 in an edition of 300 copies. It was to be their only slab of their short-lived history (they broke up 1980). But fortunately the three recorded more songs which are available posthumously as singles or compilations, and that was a wise decision. This fuckin' great nugget of eleven blasts came out via Patron Of The Arts in a limited edition of 188 copies, two of them in clear vinyl. Their music is raw, wild, short, dynamic and catchy. This sound is what I call punkrock, and I have to think immediately of the divine Scavengers, whose music thrills me as well and is irreplaceable for my existance. I tell you, these songs let tufts grow out of your ears and you press the repeat knob more than once and I guarantee: if you feel down, choose Wild Youth and you give a shit about the fucking gray world!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Saturday, 19 June 2021

PERZONAL WAR - The Inside 1998

Mon Dieu, washing and chopping the berries is exhausting and arduous, but the shake is yummy. But enough of the toil. Now a little trip to the Metalzone and I got to know about this band through a friend; "check this out, interesting band from Germany, they sound like a famous US metal combo which everyone knows, you will gonna like it." Said and done. And he was right! A bit info about the band: PowerThrash Metal band from Troisdorf and was founded 1996 under the name Personal War by Matthias (vocals/guitar) and Martin (drums). Together they recorded a first demo. A short time later, Martin's brother Frank (bass) and Sascha (guitars) joined them and after a second demo the band appeared on Rock Hard's compilation Unerhört. As a result, the group reached a contract with Gernhart Records in 1997. They then recorded their debut and released it in early 1998 as The Inside. Over the next two years the band changed their label and signed a contract with B.Mind Records and released their 2nd album Newtimechaos in May 2000. For legal reasons the band had to change their name to Perzonal War in early 2002. More records and countless shows followed (including Chicago Powerfest USA, Sziget Festival Hungary, Summerbreeze Open Air, Rhein-Kultur Festival) and the youngsters never get tired and still wanna know and underline their independence, uncompromising songwriting, brute riffs, filigree guitar work, pushing drums and self-confident, aggressive vocals, which never lack the necessary portion of melody, have always been the hallmarks of the band. These attributes - combined with their twenty years of stage and studio experience - ensure that Perzonal War kick asses live and give the scene new impulses. Perzonal War stay at the forefront of the German underground metal scene and that's a good thing. And now on to a long EM day... enjoy!

The Early Picker Harvests Fresh Kilos!

And as you can see, that's a good five kilos of fresh strawberries. I almost inclined to say the paradise is on the doorstep, this farm is about a kilometer from my girlfriend's domicile and it is always a highlight in July every year, but picking is extremely sweaty in the blazing sun and therefore best at an early hour. But it is worth the effort and afterwards I enjoy one or two delicious fresh strawberry shakes. But now a cool Weizenbier first. 😊

- - - - - - -

Friday, 18 June 2021

V/A - Bands That Could Be God 1984

Decent Potpurri with bands from the Boston area which came out via Conflict/Radiobeat Records and we listen to a very varied selection that exactly meets my taste, solid punk songs shake hands with some dark characters who are fed up with television and finally open their hearts and float into the clubs and meet some funny people. There playing some bands fast & snotty songs who animate the crowd to pogo and sweat but also rest periods are held with stunning poetry which flows through the room and blows your head off. You need quick a drink before you step back into the crowd and exhaust yourself completely. Very satisfied with you and this great evening you get in your car and drive home at full throttle and you're ready for the British duel England versus Scotland. Cheers!

2.Changing Your Mind - MOVING TARGETS
3.Time To Stand - DEEP WOUND
4.My Word - SORRY
6.Waiting For The End - MOVING TARGETS
8.Harassment - BEANBAG
9.100 Million Flowers - CHRISTMAS
10.My Little Book Of Lies - CHRISTMAS
11.Sleep On Flowers - SALEM 66
13.The Plunge - THE FLIES
14.Nautical - BUSTED STATUES
15.You're False - DEEP WOUND
16.Cat's Pajamas - BEANBAG
17.One More Step - SORRY

Thursday, 17 June 2021

KORRUPT - s/t 2x7'' 1992

Six piece from Bremen with their debut EP and Korrupt's line-up falls out of the tight punk scheme: In addition to two guitars, bass and drums, Smeagol and Sonia share the vocals, and recently a saxophone adds a certain danceability to the band's sound. Founded early nineties the band released two records and three singles plus a few tapes before they broke up at the end of the old century. The seven play solid dynamic loud punkrock, with some skabeats, fast power pieces and move lyrically, socially critical and politically with a clear form of expression. I really like their varied performance and the artwork is also great, a folded paper cover with lyrics printed on the inside and a screen printed patch plus two 7Inches. With Korrupt everything is just right. So far completely unknown to me and nice to discover such an interesting combo. Listen and start the Pogo!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

PANIK - Aujourd'Hui Plus Qu'Hier... 2018

An intense game yesterday for both teams with the happier result for France. But I noticed that these guys are unsportsmanlike, crybugs and behave like small children, top players but absolutely unsympathetic, no character and it hurts me to see such a lousy attitude. Well, I hope these Ikonomats don't win the title, they don't deserve it. This is my opinion! 

Today's Post: "Non Je Ne Regrette Rien!"exactly my motto and also of Panik LTDC, French punx from Paris and active from 1981 to 1986, reactivated and since then more or less active again. They could take the stage as legends of french spikes, but the length of their songs is probably the reason they didn' so they earned rather mediocre laurels. Their first album Les Troubadours Du Chaos came out in 1983 without the help of a label and proves this impressively. Not a bad record and now, after almost forty years, I am also more amenable to melodic long nuggets, but back then, the clocks went differently. A few tracks were often included on compilations and handmade tapes, whether they are from the period or today and 1986 the band stopped after the departure of Noel (bass) and Pierre (drums). A tape Live Au Plan followed 1991 and in 2007 the group was revived with Christian (vocals), Guy (guitar), Ben (bass), Xavier (drums) and gave an unforgettable concert in Geneva with other old heroes. 2018 marks a turning point in the history of Panik LTDC with new members and the release of the official second album Aujourd'hui Plus Qu'Hier on Combat Rock/Dirty Punk Records. Ten songs were written and thirty-five years passed between this and the debut and their style has been refined, Christian's voice kept again all its energy in and the album does us the honor of paying homage to Alain Bashung by offering a superb cover revisited from one of his iconic songs "La Nuit Je Mens". Solid record and not only interesting for us old sacks.

 - Great Thx to Fredrik -

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

ÄNI(X)VÄX - Punkrockers On Speed EP 1998

Time to pay tribute to a band which deserves your full attention. Scandalous, legendary & historical; Münster's cult combo Äni(x)växFounded 1984 by Adam (vocals), Frank & Fast Gonzo (guitars), Carsten (bass), Hakker (drums) and unfortunately they didn't make any record, only contributions on various compilations and this bootleg EP (limited edition) came posthumously out with all seven studio recordings. "To believe that this band's popularity was due to their musical ability alone would be a grotesque fallacy. Äni(x)Väx concerts also flocked to young people who were less likely to like punk rock sounds. Rather, these people were attracted by the spectacular trappings of the Äni(x)Väx performances, such as the street battle between punks and police after a concert in the Neuen Krug (1984) or a pizza battle 1988 in the Odeon." The band were known and notorious far beyond Münster's scene and toured nationwide. And that although hardly anyone knew how to pronounce the band name. Namely Änimälwäx. The name was a code for animal vaccination. Now, thirty-two years after the band's very last concert, their first record, Schock Und Drama, has been released, to which an elaborately designed twenty-page booklet is enclosed. Old photos, historical documents, lyrics and liner notes from Adam. A total of thirteen songs: six studio recordings and seven live takes, 100 copies in red and gold vinyl and released via Power It Up. Well, I can only say an excellent slab (I already have one!) and absolutely recommendable, a visit to their bandcamp site will clear up any doubts. Unless, you have no feelings for honest, loud, rough & dirty vibrations. In 1989 the band became history.

Monday, 14 June 2021

V/A - Punk Territory Vol.1 - U.S.A. 1976-81 [1994]

Half time in Seville and again a damn good match. I really enjoy Euro 2020, I think the football crazy among you see it similarly. - I wanna use the break for a quick post of another small series, this time from the Italian label Anthology, their baby is simply called: Punk TerritoryA total of seven CD's with rare singles by American, British and Italian bands were ruthlessly scattered among the cheering music lovers in the mid-nineties and like the well-known detectives, finest material has been accessible again and refreshed our listeners' hearts. A long time ago I posted Vol.7 and now I'm overwhelmed with the rest that I don't want to withhold from you and that will gradually appear here in this theater. One more reason to stay on the ball here (unfortunately no scans of the booklets within, should someone have these please send) Fazit: Volume 1 is full with twenty-six smashers, thirteen bands and only hits. And now ready for the second half ⚽⚽

1.We Don't Need The English - THE BAGS
2.Kill Me I'm Rotten - THE LUCHS BROTHERS
3.Hot Wire My Heart - CRIME
4.Kill The Hippies - THE DEADBEATS
5.No Long Good-Byes - VKTMS
6.100% White Girl - VKTMS
7.Suicide Child - THE NUNS
8.Decadent Jew - THE NUNS
9.Savage - THE NUNS
10.Media Control - LOS NUNS
11.Smoke Filled Rooms - THE TOOLS
12.Adopted Procedure - THE TOOLS
13.Everyone's A Bigot - THE OFFS
14.Zero Degrees - THE OFFS
16.I'm A Bug - URINALS
17.Ack Ack Ack - URINALS
18.Sex - URINALS
19.Out Of Vogue - THE MIDDLE CLASS
20.You Belong - THE MIDDLE CLASS
21.Situations - THE MIDDLE CLASS
22.Insurgence - THE MIDDLE CLASS
23.No Passion - MODERN WARFARE
24.Suburban Death Row - MODERN WARFARE
25.Nothing Left - MODERN WARFARE
26.The Beat - LOS NUNS

- Great Thx to Reinhard -

Sunday, 13 June 2021

THE DETONATORS - Balls To You 1989

I'm happy to see some more tips and after the exciting game day yesterday, the tournament will hopefully continue relaxed, but enough football. - High Energy Sound now from the Detonators, a hardworking, long-running, prolific and vastly underrated band. That sums up the career of the Detonators, who began in California in the mid-1980s but inexplicably decided to move to Eugene, a sleepy nest in Oregon, maybe they wanted a challenge. The band considers Balls To You as their best effort. They create hand-crafted fine, memorable dynamic smasher with a good dose hardcore, strong guitar riffs and simple vocal lines but each song is uniquely its own. This album shakes your balls properly through and Bruce (vocals/guitar), Juan (guitars), Bryson (bass), Scott (drums) are merciles. Compare the record to their Billion Dollar Nazis EP from 1991 and you will know what I mean. Now an appetizing tuna fillet and then guggn what England brings.

Saturday, 12 June 2021

V/A - Red Rossetten Records Proudly Present EP 1995

Well, your participation in the prediction game is very modest and I think it's a shame, try something different and it's certainly interesting which teams you would favor. Well, we have a handful and I'm setting the deadline for your last instincts on Sunday evening 18:00 CET.

The following small but great 7Inch fits perfectly to Euro 2020, all six bands come from countries that take part in the tournament and half of them were recorded live, all known with famous Gassenhauer and the record should be only appeared as promo, at least readable on the labels, but I think that's a hoax. Never mind, a fertile slab and convincing like yesterday's appearance by the Italian team. Now the second game with Switzerland, which is traded as secret favorite.. hmmm, let's see.

1.Punx Picnic - OI POLLOI
3.Skins & Punx - BLANC ESTOC
5.Staatsfeind - CANAL TERROR
6.No Future - ATEMNOT