Friday, 24 January 2020

TEARS FOR FEARS - The Hurting 1983

Back to wavie pop of the early eighties and a band that really impressed me was the duo Tears For Fears; formed 1981 in Bath by Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith. The band achieved their first taste of success with their third single, Mad World (a timeless classic that I still love listening), which reached #3 in the U.K. in November 1982. The debut was then released in March 1983 and for this and the next keyboardist and composer Ian Stanley and drummer Manny Elias were considered full band members, though Smith and Orzabal were still essentially the frontmen and public faces of the band. They released six albums so far and they're still want to rule the world with very beautiful songs.

Thursday, 23 January 2020

V/A - Die Zähne Zeigt, Wer Das Maul Aufmacht #2 2001

Four years after #1 followed on Alerta Antifascista the continuation in form of a CD with more rare stuff (demos, live or other sources) by bands from all over this planet. Colorful mix of all punk genes and never boring, even should rock your humble hut. Detailed booklet integrated as pdf especially for you gourmets. I wanna hear praise!

1.Schweinegalopp - AMEN 81
2.Betjente I Civil - PARAGRAF 119
3.Lebendig Begraben - VOLL AUF ZERO
4.Sonne, Mond, Emoscheisse - UNABOMBER
5.I Fought The Law - DEAD KENNEDYS
6.Dummer Mund - KOBAYASHI
7.Lastwagenfahrt - DELLWO
8.Reality Is Dead - CHISPAS
11.Down Tonight - MR. BURNS
12.18:09 Mist, Verlaufen - TURBOSTAAT
13.Innenraum (Live) - EA80
14.Popeye - PETROGRAD
15.A Mi Manera - FUN PEOPLE
16.Spinaci - SUBCUTAN
17.Election Erection - ANGER OF BACTERIAS
18.König - DEADZIBEL
19.Total Kontroll - OPERATION
20.Unknown - KINDLE
21.08/15 Und Allein - MUFF POTTER
23.Hunde Wollt Ihr Ewig Leben? - STAHLER 80
25.Die Soße Macht's - HEIMATGLÜCK
27.Mer Politi - SKALAR
28.Kreis - HALE BOPP
29.Bam Bam Bam - BAMBIX
31.No Justice No Peace - BAD TASTE
32.Schnauze Fällst - ANARCHOPHOBIA

Friday, 17 January 2020

V/A - Bloodstains Across Buffalo 2014

500 copies exist from this blood compilation and thereby a warm welcome to the weekend. Buffalo is the second largest city in the US state of New York and has to offer a lot of good & awesome combos, fifteen of them prove it with this record. Good idea from Extra-Evidence Productions to start with city selection for this essential bootleg series now. Surprises and lost treasures guaranteed, pick up!

1.This Is It - THE JUMPERS
2.One Way Street - THE COBRAS
3.Big Money - AUNT HELEN
4.Go To A Party - THE FEMS
6.Of Life - THE STAINS
7.Test Tube Baby - THE ENEMIES
9.Miss Ogyny - PAROUSIA
10.First Love - SECRET SAVIOR
12.Clouds - THE GOOD
13.See For Yourself - PAULINE & THE PERILS
14.Love Canal - THE VORES
15.The TV Made Me Do It (Blame It On The Quasar) - LIP SERVICE

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

THE KRIXHJÄLTERS - Guineapig Assasinator 1986

The Krixhjälters, later Omnitron, was formed in Stockholm in 1982 by Rasmus Ekman (guitar, vocals), Pontus Lindqvist (bass, vocals) and Stefan Gorini (drums, vocals), inspired by the American bands Black Flag and Dead Kennedys. The band name was created partly as a parody of the construction of certain dance band names. The band's debut album was recorded in 1984 but first released in 1986, on the record label Rosa Honung. Already in 1985, however, the songs Magic Mushrooms and The Guardian Of Society were released on the compilation Really Fast Vol.2 with current Swedish punk bands. During a period of the mid-1980s, the band were more or less inactive. Pontus Lindqvist and Pelle Ström then joined the band Aggressiv, where Pontus sang and Pelle played guitar. Shortly after the first MLP was recorded, in 1985, guitarist Pelle Ström also started in the band, Gorini quit, and Stefan Kälfors replaced drums. The group signed a contract with CBR Records and recorded another Mini-LP, Hjälter Skelter (1988). At Krixhjälter's early recordings, some songs are sung in Swedish, but from Hjälter Skelter and onwards all texts are performed in English. The full-length album Evilution was released in 1989 and the band also had the opportunity to record the Christmas single A Krixmas Carol (1989) under the original name. This record consists of a common song on one side and on the other side in front of the band members, their song, with text and music written by each, in exactly one minute each. In 1989 the band was also represented with the song He Speaks on the collection album The Swedish Stand, published by Sinderella.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Tuesday, 14 January 2020


A fine record is now waiting and I quote a little info from the essential upthepunks site, the source for music/bands from down under: TAB began playing in 1988 with a set of originals and smattering of Black Sabbath and Agnostic Front covers. Guitarist Simon Gotlieb (previously of After Shock and Compos Mentis) was originally on vocals before Aaron Watson joined, with this early version also including Hamish Laing on rhythm guitar. The band played fairly regularly in Wellington’s late 1980s’ scene with gigs alongside other local acts Flesh D-Vice, Microwave Babies, The Sub-Dominants and a young metal act out of Wellington High School called Shihad. In early July of 1989 TAB went into Writhe Studios and recorded the seven songs for their sole-release 12'', the sound is a meld of punk/metal/hardcore/reggae with TAB veering across a number of musical lines and ending in a punked up version of John Denver’s: (Take Me Home) Country Roads. The record starts with Brave New Soldiers a song credited to Kevin Kermack who played with Simon and J.P de Raad in early 1980’s thrash-punk outfit Aftershock. The next two tracks, Kill The Dogs and Fred are 80s metal riffs within a punk framework, with 3rd track Fred breaking down into a slow-tempo reggae beat half-way through before jumping back into thrash tempo. The B-sides three original tracks takes a leaf out of Bad Brains with Video Nasty and Used Prophylactics showing Watson’s strong vocals can throw out a halfway decent H.R. yelp, while third track Sniffin is a slow tempo reggae/ punk song based on seeing kids glue sniffing in Porirua. The Argumentative Bastards EP was released at The Carpark off Willis Street on June 21, 1990 with 500 vinyl copies pressed on New Plymouth label Ima Hitt. The gig was videoed and there were plans for some form of video release with interviews, three new songs and footage of people smashing cans of beer on their heads. A second EP, Ganja and Chocolate Fish, was also recorded but not released before the band split up, and now languishes on tape somewhere in the Hutt Valley. In June 1991, TAB played at New Plymouth’s notorious Mushroom Ball where vocalist Aaron ensured one of TAB’s last gigs was seared into the psilocybin plastered minds of those in attendance by igniting his pubic hair on stage.

KANGRENA - Estoc De Pus 1984

First, good news: the Domestic Bliss 7'' is complete... well well!! Now music extreme by Kangrena from Barcelona. The quartet was formed in 1981 and consisted of Quoque (vocals), Like (guitars), Johnny (bass), Loco (drums), after releasing the legendary Terrorismo Sonoro EP and two cassettes recorded between 1983 and 1985, their activity was diluted in the second half of the 1980s. They were characterized not only by their love of noise and disorder on the musical level - already expressed in the title of their only album - but for the nihilistic mentality and destroy, which, in the middle of the decade, placed them a little on the margin of the hardcore scene of Barcelona, which generally tended to the anarcopunk activist and positive ideology. This is the re-release on B-Core Disc with twenty-two raw & blunt hardcore attacks.

Sunday, 12 January 2020


I'm very busy converting music so that I only can find now muse for the blog, but it's worth the wait: 350 copies exist from this EP with three songs which were recorded at MediaSound Studios in spring 1987 and released via No Plan Records. Misanthropic Charity were Danish punx from Copenhagen and formed by ex-members of Electric Deads & Enola Gay and consisted of Bibi (vocals), Anderz (guitar), Lars (bass), Michael (drums). They play melodic, powerful and intense music and weren't active for too long, they released one album and a demo, which is featured on this EP here. Now breakfast and sehen was noch geht!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Saturday, 11 January 2020


The Conditors was founded 1980 in Dortmund and first they initially texted in English, but soon switched to German. Peter Freiberg had already sung and played the drums with the folk rock band Cochise, the other band members had released the LP "Another Sunday Morning" (1979) with the band "Messalla". In 1982 their first LP was released, which offered solid Rock/New Wave with humorous German lyrics (New Wave in the direction of The Police, so influenced by reggae and punk). The music express wrote: “The Conditors please because of their, let's call it anarcho-touches. Sure, the boys haven't come up with any topics that can be attested to as having never been roasted on records. Nevertheless: Singer and lyricist Peter Freiberg has quite convincingly managed to make his points of view clear and personal!”. In 1982 and 1983 they went on a concert tour through Germany and Switzerland. Peter Jureit switched to rough cutting and was replaced by Philipp Imdahl. With the single "Aba Sia Maria" they had their first radio success. The Conditors soon became one of the more well-known bands from the Ruhr area, along with vulture dive. In 1984 they released their second LP Dankeschön Bitteschön and the WDR showed a 30-minute film about the Conditors: how to play upwards and the single "Kalt Wie Eis" often played on the radio. A hit followed with the single raspberry ice cream in hot tea, with which they appeared twice in the ZDF charts. In 1985 the group changed its name to Freiberg & The Conditors, in 1986 the third and last album "Pass Auf"was released. 1989 followed the compilation "Am Andren Ende Der Stadt 80-88". Peter Freiberg and Peter Jureit have been playing in the band The Buh since 2010. In honor of guitarist Uli Steinert, who died in 2010, several former band members gave a concert with the bands "Messalla" and "The Buh" on September 10, 2011 in Dortmund and only songs were played written by Steinert.

Friday, 10 January 2020

CODIGO NEUROTICO - Humillación, Tortura Y Muerte 1991

Back to roots with finest catch mid-tempo punk by Codigo Neurotico from Terrassa with their second vinyl on Illa Records with fourteen loud short eruptions and a year earlier they made a cute little live tape on Estopi Records which was recorded summer 1988 in Bellvitge/Barcelona called Sin Pelos En La Lengua, within the file (uncut). Their first EP is also worth the download and you can find more information in the web. In 1998 the band broke up. And now into the weekend...

AXODRY - Save Me 12'' 1986

A relic of my short electronic time in the early 80s is the following slab by Axodry, one of the well known names when it comes to electropop Made In Germany and were one of the main forces in the German electropop scene based at the legendary Westside label located in Frankfurt, mostly produced by famous mastermind Axel Henninger (Camouflage, Moskwa TV, De/Vision and more). They published six beautiful Maxi's in their lifespan and were a popular band in the relevant clubs at the time and I like to pull out one of their records every now and then, depending on the mood. Surrender was a classic and is still a top song. Certainly not everyone's taste but I like it.