Thursday, 17 August 2017

V/A - Life Is A Joke 1984

A collection of Punkrock, Hardcore and high energy noise from around this planet. Yeah, exactly and this is the first part of this mini serie, a total of three compilations exist, shot from the Hamburg label Weird System in the 80s into the orbit. I remember at that time I was interested in the publications of the label and bought a lot of records, together with AGR the most important in Germany for essential punkrock. While AGR put its focus on German bands gave the Hamburger international bands the chance to send their demos to them and connections were established, lots of plenty stuff roll in and so they created some damn cool records with awesome songs/bands which are, in my opinion, nowadays belong to the best ever. Life Is A Joke is full with rare tracks, partly nowhere else published, Volume 2 was released as a limited double LP, all records numbered and the first presses come in colorful vinyl, always in an elaborate artwork, made in Germany! 

1.Red Threat - FANG
3.Miseria E Fome - INOCENTES
4.Oblivion - HYSTERIA
5.The Buck Stops Here - CIVIL DISSIDENT
6.Capital Investment - RIOT SQUAD S.A.
7.Der Söldner - RAZZIA
8.Sota (Endless Version) - TERVEET KÄDET
9.Fuckin' Shit - SHIT S.A.
10.Enorm In Form (Manchmal Träum' Ich Vom Holzbein) - RAZZIA
11.Silent Hate - HYSTERIA
12.Revive Tu Vida - SHIT S.A.
13.Fun With Acid (Ill Version) - FANG
14.Aprendi A Odiar - INOCENTES
16.Message - TERVEET KÄDET
18.Mirror Of Deception - CIVIL DISSIDENT

V/A - Kick Your Mama's Ass 1996

OK Leute, now we meet a fantastic bootleg which is peppered with eighteen raw and furious punk nuggets from around the world and a label called Reverendo Moon Records from Italy, certainly another synonym for an KBD maniac, pressed this compilation in an edition of 500 copies to the surface. Excellent mix of songs which mark the punk sound between 1977-1981 and you can say what you want: The music was at that time simply better and I wish I had been part of it. Well, no matter. All infos written on the back cover, superb record, let the drugs flow into your brain!

1.R.A.F. - SODS
2.The Hell - THE MAD
3.Poliisi Ramputataas - EPPU NORMAALI
4.I Don't Care - THE KIDS
5.Punk Man - PREDATOR
6.Intoxication - RANCID X
7.Star In The Street - F.U.2
8.Wall Of Berlin - WIDOWS
9.No Solution - HITLER SS
10.Devil - SEXY ANGELS
11.Johnny, Johnny - JOHNNY CONCRETE
12.Iluinen Rakkaus - RATSIA
13.Low Down Kids - RAZORS
14.Tumor Boy - MENTALLY ILL
15.Amputee - ROTTERS
16.Marodna Pjesma - PARAF
17.Television Viewer - THE VACANTS

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

V/A - Vancouver Independence 1980

A short trip across the Atlantic to Canada with stop in Vancouver. There pressed the label Friends Records this nice compilation with eight bands, who had their first concerts and possibly 7Inches at the start, and said: "Hey! It's time to make a record and wake wp the messed up society with new impulses, away from stupidity with fresh sounds." And the result is a varied piece of punk/ska/synth rock. I'm always amazed why such good bands with really great songs shortly afterwards disappear from the scene, also here, lack of money, different kind of interests or other personal differences, who knows. Perhaps it is well so, it makes such rare slabs interesting and in today's mp3 era accessible for everyone. So I guess you will like this stuff + enjoy the early 80s sound.

1.Behind The Smile - SUBHUMANS
2.Don't Like It At All - METROS
3.The Conquest Of Daytime - SI MONKEY
4.No Excuse - NO EXIT
5.Nuremberg '34 - DROOGS
6.Spy Vs Spy - THE B-SIDES
7.What Would You Say? - M.E.C.
8.Underground Radio Stars - THE B-SIDES
10.Nothing New - NO EXIT
11.Get Rigid - SI MONKEY
12.Out Of Line - SUBHUMANS
13.In With The Crowd - METROS
14.Midnight Cowboy - SINGING COWBOYS

V/A - Tollschock 2 1991

Today was sunny so we need the second compilation on Pedder's label Skan Produktions with more bands which partially appear for the first time on vinyl and all fifteen songs are exclusive and unpublished (status 1991 of course). The creative individuality of each band speaks for itself and, with all its diversity, fits into a provocative and homogenous whole. Pogo Ist Trumpf my Friends! A perfect continuation to Tollschock 1 in my opinion. All scans included. 

1.Groschengrab - DAILY TERROR 
2.Ausgelacht - TRINK ZEHN 
3.Scheißegal - HANNEN ALKS 
4.Am Gipfel Der Macht - DÖDELHAIE 
6.Morgen - DIE MEISTER 
7.Der Präsident - FORESTER 
9.Phantasiegedanken - BECK'S PISTOLS 
10.No More - TRINK ZEHN 
11.Boris Becker - DIE MEISTER 
12.Ein Kurzer Augenblick - HERBÄRDS 
13.Auf Wiedersehen - DÖDELHAIE 
14.Zeichen Setzen - KELLERGEISTER 
15.Friggin... - DRUNKEN ALL STARS

Monday, 14 August 2017

V/A - Bloodstains Across Belgium #3 1998

Last blood across Belgium with more essential punkrock blasts from the early days and this small country had a lot of good bands ready. I guess writing more about this record is superfluous like a stone in the shoe. I'd rather tell you that I'll get another Jever and watch football at home in bed. Also required the other two volumes and I promise, more awesome compilations coming this week, stay tuned.

 1.Neeneeneenee - WOLFGANG
2.Final Solution - WAR RISK 3
3.Punk Rebel - SEXY BOLLOCKS
4.Photo Photo - TOO MUCH
5.Je Vous Hais - SPERMICIDE
6.Labyrinthe - NEO ARYA
7.Wanted - STRUGGLER
8.... (Aka 'Eruit') - DE BRASSERS
11.Factories - CELL 609
12.Police - SPERMICIDE
13.Don't Care - STRUGGLER
15.Chaperon Rouge - SEXY BOLLOCKS
16.Ca Gaze Pour Moi - PLASTICHKE

PANSY DIVISION & JELLO BIAFRA - Average Men 7'' 2009

San Fransisco collaboration between Pansy Division and Jello. I believe the only recording and what should I say? Simply brilliant. 'Average Men' is taken from their 2004 album 'That's So Gay' and the band has been active since 1991 and released their seventh album last year. Jello is by far the most famous punkrocker of the states and what he does has always, in my opinion, hand and foot. The flip is a non-album track, I think a cover version, which ends in a locked groove. - Two superb shots!!

Friday, 11 August 2017

VANDAALIT - Betonikolossit 7'' 1981

Vandaalit (Vandals) is a punk band from Hyvinkää. They have been active as musicians ever since the mid-70's, when they were known as Hard-Boiled and performed Hurriganes-type rock'n'roll in English. It all changed in 1977 when they heard Ramones' 2nd LP "Leave Home" being introduced on the radio. The boys changed into fast punk rockers, opted a new name Schlachthof Fünf (did they read Vonnegut?) and soon switched to singing in Finnish after seeing punk pioneers Eppu Normaali. Vocalist Vesa Häkli, bassist Sepi Rautiainen, guitarist Pekka "Piitsi" Huhtakallio and drummer Ari Lindroos debuted on record as one of the eighteen bands on the legendary punk compilation Hilse (1979). Apparently their song became so popular that they were allowed four songs on the sequel "Hilse 2" (1980). One of these four songs were their first-ever composition "En Ole Nainen". Making his debut on a Vandaalit recording was new guitarist Jari "Klide" Pelkonen, whom the other guys had noticed playing in a punk band called Hermones. Sepi Rautiainen headed off to Canada after the debut album was released and lived there until his death from cancer in the liver in 2004. Aki "Appa Nasaretilainen" Kuronen became the new bassist. Another assignment for Häkli was Billy Boys with Terveet Kädet man Läjä Äijälä. Two singles and a mini-LP during 1983-1986, described as experimental electronic psychobilly. Ari and Klide formed hard glam band Sticky Fingers in 1984, and made the "Fight For Fun" LP in 1984. Vandaalit decided to re-unit after seeing each other on Klide's 30th birthday. This reunion lasted for three years and produced two more albums, 'Apinoiden Platta' (1992), which the boys regard as their best, and 'Psykoakatemia' (1993). Vandaalit took great care in their street boy/labourer image, with leather jackets, and guitar straps so long that the instruments almost sweeped the floor. On their records they were far from any preachers or intellectuals, just fun-loving guys who liked playing music much more than going to school or to work.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

DIE SEUCHE - s/t LP 1990

Time for Die Seuche and they released two records in the 90s via Karl Walterbach's AGR label and I think the last Punk ones. After that, as far as I know, only German metal bands come out on his new label Noise International because he prefers this genre and AGR became history. You can hear this on this album: excellent lyrics, catchy powerful metalpunk sound: Die Seuche!! A short bio in their own words: In the winter of 1984/85 Mannsteinstraße in Berlin-Schöneberg is haunted by a loud and contagious epidemic. It penetrates into the brain via the hearing and settles there. A humid cold attic serves the 5 Urviren (Tom, Frank, Jens, Mark and Ludger) as a breeding ground for the further spread. At the end of 1986, this "New Plague" was briefly dammed up and then spread out over the borders of Berlin with a new occupation as "The Plague" in 1987. They are followed by highly contagious concerts and tours across Germany. Three contaminated phonograms are released and the neighboring countries are infected. Since 1993, Die Seuche has been confined, but not eradicated. Individual components are still active... - In the same year, a mini-album followed 'Pächter Des Wahnsinns' with four new and five live goodies. A solid debut.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

REVOLT & SKÄLBY ÖRJANS - Fritt Spelrum EP 1981

Two Järfälla-based bands with three songs each and both play excellent '77 punk and this record was released in an over sized foldout sleeve with all lyrics printed on it and all in good D.I.Y. manner. Both bands toured a lot in Sweden together and the result were these six sound orgasms. Skälby Örjans with their only vinyl songs, Revolt went on releasing a great mini-LP called Vår Blotta Existens (as bonus with it) in 1982 which goes more into rock but they have not lost their punky roots and they also featured on the Förortsrock - Musik Fran Järfä compilation which was released in 1983, of course via Järfälla Rock Records. In any case one more rare + beautiful record and I know you would like both. And now I have to move in bed.

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Monday, 7 August 2017

TARGETS - Schneller, Lauter, Härter EP 1984

One more superb German Punk I like a lot and I regret to sold this awesome EP many years ago. So if anyone wanna sell this record I'm the right man, of course at a reasonable price, please leave me a message in the comment section for fair offers. Targets were founded ca. 1984 after the dissolution of the best German political punk band Slime in Hamburg by Eddie (bass), Elf (vox & guitars) and Stéphane from the Buttocks (drums). Targets stand for aggressive punk with brilliant offensive lyrics and anyone who knows their full length album can imagine how great they are live (I was lucky to see Slime in HH anno 1990 in Altona/Fabrik: awesome!!). Hamburg had a very active scene + many cool bands released lots of classics and the list is endless. Schneller, Lauter, Härter was released on Karl Walterbach's AGR label and their second 'Menschenjagd' in the same year. 1985 they went to Berlin again and recorded their fantastic album 'Massenhysterie'. Shortly after, the band broke up. What remains are three brilliant records which should have a place in every well-stocked record collection.