Tuesday, 3 December 2019

BOSS MARTIANS - Out Of Time Again 7'' 2009

When the Boss Martians formed in 1994 by college students Evan Foster (vocals/guitar) and Nick Contento (keyboards), they stood pretty lonely with their sixties-inspired surf punk and garage rock sound in the birthplace of grunge, Seattle/Washington. But now the quartet is established, they derived their name from two surf instrumentals: "Boss" by the Rumblers and "My Favorite Martian" by the Bobby Fuller Four - outgrown from the long-secret status. Check out their MySpace page for more samples. Here we have two garage punkrock pearls, the title track passes by in just two minutes while the flip is with three minutes a bit slow with both feet on the brake but okay. To date, the band was completely unknown to me, but I can say they really kick my lazy ass and this goes not always sooooo fast.

Sunday, 1 December 2019

V/A - The Thing That Ate Floyd 1988

This huge 1988 compilation is like a history lesson for those uneducated about the world of the Gilman Street and Californian punk scene of the time. Compiled by David Hayes and originally spanning four sides of 12'' vinyl (and later on a remastered double CD) there are few chinks in this musical armor. Unreleased material comes in the form of such Lookout! artists and that’s only scratching the surface. This iconic release, packed with 34 tracks of goodness also has such favorites of the day as, No Use For A Name, Capitol Punishment and The Vagrants. An amazing representation of the fertile California underground scene that went on to define punk into the 90s. Housed in unique packaging wrapped around a huge booklet. This compilation was released to showcase Bay Area punk bands that were playing at Berkeley's Gilman Street Project in the late 1980s. Original first-pressing has Lookout's old Laytonville address on it and a blue jacket. 4000 copies were pressed. The first 50 copies were pressed on orange vinyl. Released with a 24-page newsprint booklet with info on the bands and lyrics. File this release under: Essential!!

1.Straight Edge Song - SKIN FLUTES
2.Win Or Lose - EAST BAY MUD
5.Not One Of Mine - TOMMY ROT
6.Cottleston Pie - CRINGER
7.Bananas Smell Funny Sonata In G - BOO! HISS! PFFTLB!
8.The Incredibly Blue Moustache Of Mr. Tinselteeth - EYEBALL
9.Happy Now - ISOCRACY
11.On And On - BITCH FIGHT
12.Tied/Tried - PLAID RETINA
13.Common Inconsistencies - NEUROSIS
14.We Must Do Something Now - COMPLETE DISORDER
15.Product Of Misdirection - WELL HUNG MONKS
16.Broken Strings - SWOLLEN BOSS TOAD
17.Life Sucks - VOMIT LAUNCH
18.Abandoned Beer Messiah - RELIEF SOCIETY
19.Boredom Zone - MR.T EXPERIENCE
20.Vagina Envy - SEWER TROUT
21.No Way Back - THE VAGRANTS
22.Andorra - SWEET BABYS
23.Don't Lick My Leg - STIKKY
24.What!?! - NO USE FOR A NAME
25.Extreme Racial Pride - SURROGATE BRAINS
26.Outside - LOOKOUTS
27.Jackknifed Rig - CAPITOL PUNISHMENT
28.Summertime - CRIMPSHRINE
29.In My Past - SPENT
30.Change - RASKUL
31.Contraversy - TRIBE OF RESISTANCE
32.Day Of Sun - NUISANCE
33.Hangin' Out - OPERATION IVY


Pretty little Wave/PostPunk slab by the Asphaltindiander from Hanover on Spargel Schallplatten, a short-lived band which were founded in the early 80's by Maunz (vocals/bass), Jens (guitars), Bernd (guitars/keyboard), Tobias (drums) and except this EP, another sign of life of them can be found on the tape compilation Oh Hanover... on Spargel Tapes 1982. Four catchy songs which make the breakfast taste better.

Saturday, 30 November 2019

GATECRASHERS - Desillusioned EP 1980

Only record by the Gatecrashers from Denmark, a very short-lived band (1979-1980). They were part of the DIY movement & released this bloody sucker via the legendary Irmgardz label (singer Kenan was part of the founders), they arranged their own concerts, designed their own posters and had their own fanzine. The band consisted of members Ken Revoltaire (Kenan Seeberg - vocals), Martin Crash Accident (Martin Lind - guitar), Carsten Crewcut (Ole Nyegaard - Farfisa), Peter Durup (bass, 1979-1980), Ole Dreyer (bass, 1980-81 ), Torben Østergaard (drums), Henrik Halvor (drums, loosely attached), Hans Brydegaard (drums, loosely attached) and Lene (Aleine Stern). The band played for several punk concerts "Concert Of The Moment", "NÅ!!80" and "Concerto De Nobrainos Insanos" and regularly at the Danish punk places Rockmaskiner, Saltlageret and Huset in Magstræde. They were inspired by the Stranglers and Doors. One of the hallmarks of them was that the band often had televisions standing on stage which they smashed with an ax great posture during the song "TV & Radio People". On some cool compilations present, one of them Bloodstains Across Denmark. Great KBD stuff!

Friday, 29 November 2019

TT REUTER - Inuti Mig 7'' 1979

Weekend... Yeah and the right sound deliver us TT Reuter, a Swedish band from Lund which was formed in 1978 as a direct continuation of New Bondage. Members were Henrik Venant (vocals/guitars), Peter Puders (guitars), Peter Ivarss (bass) and Peter Strauss (drums) and this is their amazing debut 7Inch on Heartwork RecordsThe gents make so great music that I immediately bought their album Den Udda Gudens Puls (comin' soon). TT Reuter was one of the most influential bands on the label Heartwork which incidentally was founded and is still run by Henrik Venant and they made three albums and four 7Inches. The band dissolved in 1981. After TT Reuters resolution formed Henrik Venant and Peter Ivarss Underjordiska Lyxorkestern along with members from Garbochock and Peter Puders started playing with the Stockholm-based band Commando M Pigg. Brilliant stuff!


Wednesday, 27 November 2019

BOXHAMSTERS - No Room 7'' 1991

This is the first record from the Boxhamsters with a cover version (original by Athletico Spizz 80 from their 1980 single on Rough Trade) which was recorded during the Tötensen session and more singles with classics followed. The four did a pretty good job, fat and schrammeliger sound and the violin at the beginning was replaced with a soft guitar and the rest fits too. The flip has, I believe an outtake, of Herzblut, which is immortalized on Bullerbü. Present musicians were here: Co (vocals/guitar), Philipp (bass), Weilo (vocals/guitar) and Ulf (drums) and this Bad Moon keeps you warm until work calls.

EASY ACTION - Honcho Bongo 7'' + Om Jag Vore Kung (Över Hela Världen) 7'' 1982

One more double feature in this theatre and we turn down two gears. Easy Action was a Swedish glam rock band from Stockholm which were formed 1981 by Pelle Almgren, Bosse Belsen & Björne Froberg. They managed to earn attentive from Stranded Records which released their debut 7'' Honcho Bongo which didn't sell well and they got another try with their second one “Om Jag Vore Kung (If I Were King)”. Shortly after the release, the band broke up. Easy Action was reorganized in 1983 by Greg Belsen (now called Zinny Zan) together with Kee Marcello and Peo Thyrén. They changed their style to glampunk rock and had a Sweet-influenced sound and the debut album was released in 1983 and they were no longer interesting for the punkz (I speak only for me).

Here we have their first two records and they're pretty well, more punk-oriented sound and certainly the metal aroma tastes a bit, and all the four tracks worth listen to, where the short songs rather meet my taste. The first 7Inch has two four minutes goodies while the second comes with two short smasher. Zinny released in 2002 a CD called City Boy Blues on Fastlane Fecords with eleven hard rock goodies and also the other members released records in other bands and continue to play music. US hair metal superstars Poison used the chorus of Easy Action's 1983 single "We Go Rocking" in their hit single "I Want Action" which led to the members of Easy Action suing the American band and winning a financial settlement in the case. They reunited for a gig at the Sweden Rock Festival in 2006. This was followed by several shows in late 2007, including opening for Twisted Sister. In April 2008, the band went in the studio with producer Chris Laney to record a new studio album. In 2011 bassist Michael Grimm died. On December 18, 2018 Easy Action was confirmed to play at the Sweden Rock Festival in 2019. The concert will include a live performance of the album That Makes One in its entirety, performed by the line-up that recorded it, including vocalist Tommy Nilsson and guitarists Kee Marcello and Chris Lind. - So give them high five!

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

IMPACT & EU'S ARSE - Split EP 1983

Superb split EP from the european mediterranean boot. The first side kicks off with Impact from Ferrara and together with Raw Power, Rappresaglia and Stigmathe, they belong to the pillars of the Italian hardcore scene. In business throughout the eighties, the group broke up at the beginning of the nineties, after the last publications, in which they had undergone a change of sound that disappointed the fans and partly also the same members of the group but they back with a series of concerts, Paul Root (vocals), Stefano "Janz" Ragazzi (guitars), Bistek (bass) and Alberto "Gigo" Gigante (drums). In 1983 they started collaborating with Eu's Arse, which results in this self-produced Split EP. On these recordings 'Infa' appears for the first time on the mic & they earned positive reviews of the San Francisco Maximumrocknroll fanzine, which monthly held a column on the international hardcore scene. In 1984 they were then invited by Dave Dictor from MDC to participate in the double P.E.A.C.E. Benefit compilationIn 1985 Impact released via Chaos Produzioni their debut Solo Odio with ten energetic, political smasher, today one of the most representative of Italian hardcore. In the ensuing tour, the group followed various changes of formation that found stability with the passage of Bistek to the voice and the entry of Diego Fabbri, previously a member of Total Disarmament. Two 7Inches followed, 1990 the second album Tutto Tace but record does not receive the approval of the previous ones, triggering a spiral that will lead the group to the dissolution in 1992.

Eu's Arse from Udine were formed in the early eighties and together with Upset Noise they were among the most important groups of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia scene. The band take their name from the name assigned to the Italian punks from European and English punks, and consisted of Stefano (vocals), Teo (guitars), Gianluca (bass) and Luca (drums). In 1982 they participated in the Spring Offensive festival at the Virus Social Center in Milan, then immediately publishing their first EP Lo Stato Ha Bisogno Di Te? Bene, Fottilo. The record was supported by the New Fahrenheit fanzine. In 1983 this split EP. In a review of Maximumrocknroll describes the sound as "a combination of repetitive Discharge matrix riffs combined with an unpleasant sounding voice reminiscent of a poet in the throes of furious madness". After a long tour and numerous training changes, the group broke up in 1985. So that's the story, now music!

Monday, 25 November 2019

WEIRDOS - We Got The Neutron Bomb 7'' 1978

A classic record now and I know you know this. The second 7Inch by the Weirdos on Dangerhouse with two killers. A bit stolen info: the Weirdos were formed 1976 in Los Angeles and broke up in 1981 and recorded new material in the 1990s. The band was formed by singer John Denney and his brother Dix on guitar; they were the only constant members, though guitarist/bassist Cliff Roman, bassist Dave Trout and drummer Nickey "Beat" Alexander were relatively long-term Weirdos. They were originally an art rock band formed in 1976, and were featured in a news article featuring punk rock groups in Time magazine and so the "punk" label stuck. They're still active and that's good.

Saturday, 23 November 2019

ETIQUETTE MONA - Amsterdam 7'' 1980

Another power pop punk band from Motala/Sweden and they were active in the hazy days of punk rock and new wave, 1978-1981. A very obscure private release of 500 copies (at the most) without sleeve. This was their one and only release. They played live frequently in the local area of Ostergotland. And they are great. Two classic kbd numbers, short dirty songs without compromise. So should be punk songs. The band moved to Stockholm and disbanded in 1981. If they would recorded an album, it would probably become a killer for sure.