Monday, 14 June 2021

V/A - Punk Territory Vol.1 - U.S.A. 1976-81 [1994]

Half time in Seville and again a damn good match. I really enjoy Euro 2020, I think the football crazy among you see it similarly. - I wanna use the break for a quick post of another small series, this time from the Italian label Anthology, their baby is simply called: Punk TerritoryA total of seven CD's with rare singles by American, British and Italian bands were ruthlessly scattered among the cheering music lovers in the mid-nineties and like the well-known detectives, finest material s been accessible again and refreshed our listeners' hearts. A long time ago I posted Vol.7 and now I'm overwhelmed with the rest that I don't want to withhold from you and that will gradually appear here in this theater. One more reason to stay on the ball here (unfortunately no scans of the booklets within, should someone have these please send) Fazit: Volume 1 is full with twenty-six smashers, thirteen bands and only hits. And now ready for the second half ⚽⚽

1.We Don't Need The English - THE BAGS
2.Kill Me I'm Rotten - THE LUCHS BROTHERS
3.Hot Wire My Heart - CRIME
4.Kill The Hippies - THE DEADBEATS
5.No Long Good-Byes - VKTMS
6.100% White Girl - VKTMS
7.Suicide Child - THE NUNS
8.Decadent Jew - THE NUNS
9.Savage - THE NUNS
10.Media Control - LOS NUNS
11.Smoke Filled Rooms - THE TOOLS
12.Adopted Procedure - THE TOOLS
13.Everyone's A Bigot - THE OFFS
14.Zero Degrees - THE OFFS
16.I'm A Bug - URINALS
17.Ack Ack Ack - URINALS
18.Sex - URINALS
19.Out Of Vogue - THE MIDDLE CLASS
20.You Belong - THE MIDDLE CLASS
21.Situations - THE MIDDLE CLASS
22.Insurgence - THE MIDDLE CLASS
23.No Passion - MODERN WARFARE
24.Suburban Death Row - MODERN WARFARE
25.Nothing Left - MODERN WARFARE
26.The Beat - LOS NUNS

- Great Thx to Reinhard -

Sunday, 13 June 2021

THE DETONATORS - Balls To You 1989

I'm happy to see some more tips and after the exciting game day yesterday, the tournament will hopefully continue relaxed, but enough football. - High Energy Sound now from the Detonators, a hardworking, long-running, prolific and vastly underrated band. That sums up the career of the Detonators, who began in California in the mid-1980s but inexplicably decided to move to Eugene, a sleepy nest in Oregon, maybe they wanted a challenge. The band considers Balls To You as their best effort. They create hand-crafted fine, memorable dynamic smasher with a good dose hardcore, strong guitar riffs and simple vocal lines but each song is uniquely its own. This album shakes your balls properly through and Bruce (vocals/guitar), Juan (guitars), Bryson (bass), Scott (drums) are merciles. Compare the record to their Billion Dollar Nazis EP from 1991 and you will know what I mean. Now an appetizing tuna fillet and then guggn what England brings.

Saturday, 12 June 2021

V/A - Red Rossetten Records Proudly Present EP 1995

Well, your participation in the prediction game is very modest and I think it's a shame, try something different and it's certainly interesting which teams you would favor. Well, we have a handful and I'm setting the deadline for your last instincts on Sunday evening 18:00 CET.

The following small but great 7Inch fits perfectly to Euro 2020, all six bands come from countries that take part in the tournament and half of them were recorded live, all known with famous Gassenhauer and the record should be only appeared as promo, at least readable on the labels, but I think that's a hoax. Never mind, a fertile slab and convincing like yesterday's appearance by the Italian team. Now the second game with Switzerland, which is traded as secret favorite.. hmmm, let's see.

1.Punx Picnic - OI POLLOI
3.Skins & Punx - BLANC ESTOC
5.Staatsfeind - CANAL TERROR
6.No Future - ATEMNOT

Friday, 11 June 2021

UEFA Euro 2020 ... later than expected!

Yeah, the European Football Championship is finally rolling across our continent (of the eleven selected cities and countries, seven cities and six countries have never hosted a European Championship finals match before) and that took's a long fucking time because of the superfluous corona shit. Sorry for my vulgar pronunciation, but this crap, made by people and costing us all many days of life and freedom makes me angry. Nobody is responsible, nobody takes care, there is bluntly lying, and we, I repeat, WE are always the stupid ones who pay for their damn ruthlessness.

No wonder their whining is great when someone runs AMOK somewhere... but enough of these assholes, from today theis rolling and at many places in Europe we come together and cheer with our team for ninety minutes with great emotions, much food + beer, good friends and far far away from all this trouble what I call "Human Bastard". I got the idea to organize a little prediction game with you, who will be the Euro 2020 winner? Submit your tips in the comment section, the best receives a CD with its favorite songs from wdthtc, I'll put it together, add a cover and ready... what do you think? Deadline for placing tips tomorrow 12:00 CET. This should be a pure fun event and everyone can join in.

And as always with big soccer tournaments , the sun is shining continuously for four weeks and I put my bad mood aside, because the kick-off in Rome will be three and a half hours. 🍻 Have fun with the games, don't forget to leave your tips, and enjoy living!

- - - - - - - -

ABERRANT - D.H.I.B.A.C. - Split EP 2004

Aberrant are from Colorado and they have a few EP's out and a split Album with Canada's Grindcore band named Fistfuck. 2010 was a CD with all their songs published called Complete Grindworks 2010 by Criminal Attack Records. I think, this must drive you really insane, D.H.I.B.A.C. is from Nancy/France and they have two split EP's and a few tapes released, maybe they exist no more, no idea. From this little fucker are 508 copies made and I think you need no further words to get this stuff, so start this friday with scathing grindcore tracks that will blow your mind and a must for fans of grind, crust and punk alike!

Thursday, 10 June 2021

TÜCHEL - Eat Shit EP 1995

A trip to the southern Alpine region on a date with Tüchel, a combo from St.Gallen and the five doing their Punk'N'Roll thing since 1993 and have numerous tapes, vinyl and CD releases as well as articles for compilations and radio shows published all over the world. This is their debut EP on Boin-n-g! Records and was recorded by Huldi (vocals), Hüe & Aldo (guitars), Roy (bass) and Sascha (drums). This Cracker offers four fat extraordinary stomper which I'm not used to from this country and I'm positively impressed, the five do an excellent job. Due to numerous good reviews, another five hundred copies of the single were pressed soon. The newly inflamed interest in punk naturally contributed to the most successful section in the history of Tüchel. Many line-up changes have accumulated in their lifespan, but they celebrate their no-frills, explosive sound with the same passion as they did a quarter of a century ago. Trend-free and hand-knotted and they are far from the end.

Tuesday, 8 June 2021

VERBAL ABUSE - Just An American Band 1984

Nothing new today and more a re-post which was original posted by Vin from Blogged & Quartered blog and to be honest, I'm currently a bit demotivated and dull... - Vins Words: "Texas hardcore band who later moved to CA. This is their first and best album from 1984, ripped from the CD on Beer City with a full live set as bonus tracks. On this album they were a powerful and fast hardcore thrash band. They recorded another album in '86 with a completely new line-up and went full on metal." Info: Verbal Abuse was formed 1981 in Houston by 17-year-old singer/writer Nicki (vocals), Radi (bass), his brother General Electric, aka G.E., (guitars) and John (drums). The band lived together in a church, where Radi was working. G.E. left the band after claiming to have found religion and declaring that Nicki was evil. He was replaced by guitarist Joie. During this early period, drummer Jason from the band Skate Death occasionally assumed drum duties when John was not available.

Verbal Abuse was signed by Fowl Records and in 1983 they recorded their first album, Just An American Band, which was released early in 1984. Next, Brett left the band to join the army, and Nicki's former Sick Pleasure bandmate Dave "Koko" Chavez took his place on bass. The band then embarked on a four month tour of the U.S. and Canada to promote their record and performed with numerous influential bands. After finishing, Nicki decided to leave the band early 1985 due to stylistic and creative differences, citing Joie's penchant for flamboyant wardrobe choices including a bolero, a cape and various scarves and bandanas tied around his legs and microphone stands, as well as his leanings toward a more glam metal musical style. Nicki returned to Houston and formed the band Afterbirth.

Five more records followed, but never reached the quality of their first smasher, and thus no longer my attention.

Sunday, 6 June 2021

THE LURKERS - Fulham Fallout 1978

It's time for a classic one which is dedicated to the Lurkers, legendary British punx from Uxbridge/West London, formed 1976 and the original line-up consisting in Pete "Plug" Edwards (vocals), Pete Stride (guitar), Nigel Moore (bass), Pete "Manic Esso" Haynes (drums) and still active nowadays. They are notable for being the first group ever on Beggars Banquet Records for whom they released two albums. The style on their debut is a good demonstration of how they earned the nickname "The British Ramones" and it came out between the previous two singles, containing fourteen slices of nearly melodic lowbrow masterpieces, including a new version of the pogo-tastic 'Shadow'. "No pretensions, no hype, no frills and were nothing less than pure rock'n'roll. This is a band who deserve so much more respect than they get" One reviewer described it as by far their best with production that really makes the guitar kick. It's sloppy and amateurish, but that's what makes it so great. "Be My Prisoner", a song from the album, appeared on Streets, a compilation (BEGA1) from 1977 of early UK combos from a variety of independent record labels. - In my opinion their best album; catchy songs, singalong choruses, simple Punk'N'Roll, must have!

Saturday, 5 June 2021

THE WUFFY DOGS - Boys Went South EP 1983

One rare lost nugget by the Wuffy Dogs from California and the band consisted of Peter (vocals & guitars), Bob (bass), Johnny (drums), Roger (keys/vocals) and their only single was released on Beerhall Putsch Records (ca. 250 copies) with members of The Rotters and MIA. It has become one of the rarest records in Punk in it's 36 year history, most copies chucked in the trash on a last minute trip to Japan, this rarity has entered the four figure price range in recent years. Re-released 2020 by Meat House Productions as limited edition, 500 copies I think, so grab one before they are gone because the four catchy songs are fun and relaxing. Not represented at all on compilations and I would say the detectives didn't do enough research.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

CÓLERA - Dé O Fora EP 1986

Nice re-release from Can I Say Records/Your Poison Records of the Dé O Fora EP by Cólera from São Paulo, originally released on the Belgian Hageland label back in 1986 and it's good that an Iryic sheet is included because I really don’t understand a word (my Portuguese teacher became too expensive) and it’s not immediately apparent which is Side-A, but that's irrelevant. This litte fucker contains four unpolished pearls of melodic HardcorePunk: exotic, raw & catchy. 2011 then the reissue with different covers and in limited editions. Their sound is a bit similar with Italian bands, I don't know much melodic punk bands from either country, apart from the Oi! sound, and the South American HC bands are without exception an enrichment of these genres. Cólera started 1979, formed by Redson and his brother Pierre on drums, they were soon (1980) joined by Val (bass), forming the classic line-up that would record their best material. After almost twenty years out of the band, Val would return in the late 2000’s which gave young kids a chance to see the classic trio live. Cólera were one's that never turned its back on punk or D.I.Y. ethics. While their contemporaries tried (some succeeded) to make it big by turning metal or new wave, they kept pretty much the same formula all along: energetic, melodic hardcore punk with extremely catchy choruses. They released eleven albums, three singles and lots of compilation goodies. Cólera didn't reinvent the wheel, but like the dice for backgammon they were an important motivator for the Brazilian underground scene and has sown the seeds for the new explosion.