Wednesday, March 29, 2023

THE A.G.'S - Because A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste EP 1988

Founded 1985 in southeastern New Hampshire, this is the A.G.'S second 7Inch on SuperSeven Records and line-up on this six track piece were Bryan (vocals), Jon (guitars), Thatch (bass), Mike (drums). They released three Singles and one album before broke up early Nineties. In 1996, a solid compilation, This Earth Sucks, with all their studio songs was released via Ringing Ear Records which also includes an extensive biography of the band. Musically a treat for all KBD friends, catchy mid-tempo east coast sound that offers pleasant joy for ten minutes. I'm surprised that the detectives didn't put them on one of the relevant compis. Egal, the boys have talent and the snotty songs are exciting and good to listen.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

TWISTED NERVE - Caught In Session EP 1982

Awesome 7Inch by Twisted Nerve from Edinburgh, a four piece which were founded 1978 as the Insults by Gordon (vocals), Billy (guitars), Norbert (bass), Keith (drums) and this is their first record on Playlist Records. All three songs were recorded on a Session at the BBC Studios on 17/18th October 1981, broadcast by John Peel on November 2nd and 16th. They are one of the most underrated but one of the best goth Punk bands out there and after a long break they're back and and go on tour and here and there further vinyl comes out. A lots of Compilations contributions are not surprising because the catchy songs fits perfect with any decent record. A really interesting band that I can only recommend. Top!

Monday, March 27, 2023

FORD'S FUZZ INFERNO - Death To The Fuzz Family EP 2023

I'm a little behind, because Ford's Fuzz Inferno already put their creative sound machine into operation in January and presented another chapter from the fuzz workshop in the tranquil village of Kekerdom, and as self-confessed flitzefozzi I can only say: "Uiuiuiui!". Five dynamic and also 'melodic' pieces conjured they out of a hat which show a clear progression and infuse any damn tired mind with positive energy. Yesterday I finally had time, muse and the technique to listen & rip their fourth 7Inch and I will not repeating myself, but Mister Hans & Mister Patrick know write impulsive music. The Ford's appear in all songs short, concise, precise and focused on maximum effect, which rarely exceed the two-minute limit and combine explosive songs, a good songwriting with driving sawtooth fuzzbeat in a pleasant way and the fifth book is already out. Superb!!!

"Death To The Fuzz Family will unquestionably appeal to all the fans of raw, melodic, energetic Punkrock that carries all the vital elements of Hardcore Punk, Post-Hardcore, Proto-Grunge, and Indie Rock." (THOUGHTS WORDS ACTION - 30th January, 2023)

A few band words: "Yes boys & girls, it's Ford's Fuzz Inferno's fourth EP of totally fuzzed-out Punkrock awesomeness. Featured are the (relatively mild) track 'My Reality', which was previously available on the Book Of Fuzz - Part 1 CD, plus four more scorchers. Fuzz on!"

Sunday, March 26, 2023


This cool picture vinyl by Knock Out Records feautures four cool live recordings (including the classic 'Goin' Down The Bar') and were taped 23.05.1998 in Hamburg @ the Grosse Freiheit 36 when the Wretched Ones supported Angelic Upstarts and Pit (vocals), G.T. (guitars), Bob (bass), Mike (drums) do a very good jobThe Wretched Ones are a quartet from Midland Park, New Jersey and active since the late Eighties and with the demo ('89) they have released four albums, the last in 2007, and lots of 7Inches. To my knowledge the band broke up in 2009. What a good live band they were, shows this record impressively. "Fueled by singer Pit's gravelly, venom-spitting vocals, thick guitar, these guys are masters at this sort of stuff. It's basic, no-frills Punk, built on good riffs and sarcastic and smart lyrics" and the recording quality round off this little show 100%.👍

Saturday, March 25, 2023

PINKOES - Into The Red EP 1979

OK folks, I'm back in the game and the following EP is the first vinyl rip in a good ½ year and I want to know if the shit works sound-wise and therefore I want to know from you if the rip is good or not. And it would be really helpful if you put your lazy ass up and leave your opinion on the sound. The Pinkoes was a short-lived three piece from London and consiste of Ted (vocals/guitars), Eric (bass), Peter (drums) and this is their lone piece on Popular Music with three amazingly good songs and I took note of the slab via Nolti's broadcast from 23/01/2023, which by the way is a must for any early UK Punk maniac, and I liked this song so much that I looked out for the record and could buy it cheap. Can't say more about the band but that's in this case not important, because their music is so fucking catchy and superb with two mid-tempo shots on the a-side and a dizzy gloomy flip about Mr.Smith, TOP! 

KNOTS - Heartbreaker EP 1980

First one today and it's a superb re-release by Knots only 7Inch with three tracks on RaveUp Records (500 copies). Info: "Back in the 1970s, Max’s Kansas City introduced many fine bands. Some of the best never got famous. Fuse, aka Knots, was one of the finest. Let’s start at the beginning: Joey Pinter (guitars) was looking to put a band together in the mid Seventies when he met ‘the loudest drummer I’ve ever heard in my life’: Niki Fuse! They recruited vocalist, Tommy Bell and began rehearsing with a parade of now forgotten bass players and began gigging at various dives in and around Manhattan. Soon, they scored gigs at CBGB and Max’s and began to attract a following that included Eric Dufaure, a former Island Records executive who asked them to record for his new label, Ideal Records. Unfortunately, band infighting had reduced Knots to Joey and Tommy, so they entered Neal Steingart’s Fly Studios in Brooklyn with replacement drummer, Jerry Ryan, and Pinter doing double duty on guitar & bass guitar! There, they recorded a few songs: the two that made it to the single, plus “Rock‘N’Roll,” “New York,” “Blinded By The Darkness", and “Glad To Be Alive“. When the finished record hit the streets in 1980, Knots became a hot commodity. I put the single on the Max’s jukebox, and Bleeker Bob’s sold out multiple copies. On Manhattan’s downtown club circuit, Knots shared bills with now-legendary outfits like the Heartbreakers, The Cramps and VON LMO, as well as headlining their own shows at Max’s. With Nick Fuse back in the drum seat and Big Tony Corio on bass, the Knots were on their way to fame and fortune! Knots also toured the nation with Johnny Thunders, but then in ‘81, Max’s Kansas City closed, CBGB went New Wave and Johnny took off for Europe. Knots broke up. Joey and Tony joined The Waldos, Fuse went on to play in a number of local groups, and Tommy disappeared. However, the Knots recordings have had a life of their own. They were covered by underground bands all over the world, used in a film soundtrack, and included on Punk Compis and so the legend has been kept alive. Through the years, only three of their recordings survived: “Action”, “Heartbreaker” & “Glad To Be Alive”, the latter released here for the first time!" (Peter Crowley)

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Friday, March 24, 2023

V/A - This Is Mod Vol.2 (More Rarities 1979-1981)

I'll end the spring week with another compilation that's bursting with interesting music and a perfect start to recharge your batteries. A few weeks ago I started Volume 1 of this nice little series by Anagram Records which is brilliantly stocked with rarities, and the second ties in seamlessly with it. Seven more mod revivalists with their 7Inches are gathered here and intensifies this short-lived subculture with impulsive sound. And with this, a sunny weekend.

1.Twisted Wheels - KILLERMETERS
3.Plane Crash - PURPLE HEARTS
4.Scooby Doo - PURPLE HEARTS
6.The Fashion Plague - THE EXITS
7.Cheam - THE EXITS
8.Needs Somebody To Love - THE V.I.P's
9.One More Chance - THE V.I.P's
10.Stuttgart Special - THE V.I.P's
11.Who Knows? - THE V.I.P's
12.Janine - THE V.I.P's
13.Modern Boys - THE CROOKS
14.The Beat Goes On - THE CROOKS
15.Wild About You - THE CROOKS
16.Movements - THE CROOKS
17.All The Time In The World - THE CROOKS
18.Banging My Head - THE CROOKS
21.Just A Little Mod - TERRY TONIK
22.Smashed & Blocked - TERRY TONIK

Thursday, March 23, 2023

DER MODERNE MAN - Sandman 7'' 1981

Today a four piece from Hanover which were founded in autumn 1979 and disbanded in the beginning of 1984 and Sandmann is the second 7Inch on NoFun Records with two solid New Wave goodies, recorded by Mattus (vocals/synth), E.K.T. (guitars), Jens G (bass), Claudius (drums). Der Moderne Man was an experimental band descended from the Punk band "The Worst", their records appearing primarily on NoFun Records and one of the first radio hosts to spin records for the group was John PeelIn the spring of 1980 the first EP Umsturz Im Kinderzimmer was released on the Heile Welt Records label and was soon sold out. The reactions to this debut weren't really enthusiastic. At a time when the more conservative German rock groups woke up and frantically tried to find connection to what is en vogue, Der Moderne Man flirted with a wink to be unfashionable. That concerned wit, humor and more relaxed approach to the diversity of style, the attempted competition is light years ahead. In 1981 the first single with a new line-up was released. The two titles fulfilled the motto that E.K.T. once put it this way: "A three-minute song that gets off to a good start is much more important than some experiment that blows the ears of a few people. And the much-vaunted avant-garde is also going in circles: experiment today, convention tomorrow." Sounds certified that the quartet delivered "a good piece of German Pop Music" with the single. Two more albums followed, including one live, and by late 1983 they were working on new material and planned to release the third LP in spring 1984, but never came.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023


This split on Taang! Records features two early Boston bands. Info: Comprised of members Tom Keenan (lead/rhythm guitar, vocals), Pete Mulford (lead/rhythm guitar, vocals), Cathy DeMarco (drums), and a host of bassists over the years (including Tom, Frank & Romeo), the garage/punk-pop outfit Last Stand has been slugging it out since 1984, when they issued their first split single with Noonday Underground for the Taang! label. A three-song EP, Violent Solution, followed in 1985 and a year later, their first full-length album, Approved Cuts. Further releases followed throughout the '80s (1988's Faith In Fate and 1989's Boston Callin) before the group went on hiatus by the mid-'90s. (Greg Prato) - Noonday Underground were basically almost the same members and consisted of Tom (vocals/guitar), Pete (guitars), Leslie (bass), Kathy (drums) and has only this vinyl appearance, followed by three demo tapes (1984 &1987) and in the late Eighties the band broke up. Amazing that no label took pity on pushing the four. Well, even if it's just a short pleasure, you'll get two crunchy cocktails in return. Solid all-around.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

UTANGARÐSMENN - Ha Ha Ha (Rækjureggae) EP 1980

Let's move to the far north of Europe and meet a band that I'm happy to invite to my home and that led the New Wave movement in Iceland. We're talking about Utangarðsmenn from Reykjavík which were formed 1979 and this is their rare debut EP which came via Steinar. The name of Utangarðsmenn is complicated when talking about the Punk revolution that hit the country in the summer of 1980, although the band's music is considered much more rock than Punk. Utangarðsmenn appeared at the same time as Bubbi (vocals) as a solo artist, and changed the Icelandic music scene, which had been in the doldrums for many years. At the same time and as a result, fresh Rock & Punk bands sprung up in the same spirit and the country's youth absorbed new currents, a new revolution that surrounded Icelandic music, and even today there is a hint of those changes. It soon became clear to the people that something new was brewing, and the band immediately received a lot of support with their original raw sound and indeed also reggae music. Two 12Inches plus a single (guest on numerous compis) were made and in 1981 they disbanded after only two years. Brilliant stuff!