Saturday, 21 April 2018

JESTERS - Hillbilly Bop 7'' 1981

From Newcastle to Berlin with another rare record by the Rockabilly combo Jesters, a five piece combo, in detail: Richie (vox), Detlef (bass), Mickey (lead guitar), Sheeby (guitars) and Leroy (drums). This little two-sided cracker were released on Blue Moon Records and offers hearty rockabilly pleasure, rough and unpolished from the cellars of the Führerbunker. They recorded an album but was never released, maybe financial reasons or because the band broke up in 1981. Unfortunately, there is no further information available about this band in the net and so this remains to be their secret. But luckily Rotten Totten Records released a 10'' in a limited edition of 200 copies with all their recordings '79-'82 and it's nowadays fuckin' rare. If anyone could send a copy this would be great. Now let the wild cats out and turn the knobs to maximum.

Friday, 20 April 2018

WARFARE - Total Death EP 1985

I'm ripping at the moment the first solo album by Evo which is called Warfare and was released via High Roller Records and it's a nice appearance and Evo is probably better known to you as drummer/singer of the Newcastle Metalpunx Warfare, which made in the 80's some great records on Neat Records and that's why I choose in this little four track EP as next post. What should I tell you? I always like to remember a festival with four bands in a gym in Frankfurt 1986 and it was fantastic, Warfare was the last act and thirty people were left, simply the real Hardcores. The band threw cucumber juice and the pogo usually ended up on the ass, I never experienced anything like that and I was young and enjoyed it very much. Those who were there at the time can remember what I'm talking about; yes yes, the good old days. Don't miss the Crescendo Of Reflections compilation with old songs in a new dress ('91). And now off to the weekend!


Completely new for me is this band which originally formed in Sète 1985 as Manchakou by Tierry Tannières (ex-Joli Garçon and Fall Of Saigon), Jacques Séris (ex-Joli Garçon), Freddie Bonetti and Marc Duran (both ex-Phulacontarques), and they moved to London in 1986; three years later changed moniker in Electric Manchakou after Freddie Bonetti left the band; in 1990 Pippo and Romano Pasquini of The A-10 joined Electric Manchakou, disbanded in 1991. They released three 7Inches and two albums to my knowledge. Contained in this file all crazy's from the EP's plus a few dynamic garage hellriders from the '93 slab - Kick Out The Fuzz Motherfuckers!!!!

- Great Thx to François -


Wednesday, 18 April 2018

MASSMEDIA - Das Jazz 7'' + EP-EP-EP 1979

YEAH!!it's done, the SGE is in the cup final in Berlin vs fucking FCB and that will be extremely difficult to win. Anyway, next post: Massmedia was a classic punk band from Sundsvall/Västernorrland who recorded their first EP during Christmas 1978 at Torkhold, a bomb shelter @ Västermalms gymnasium which was also used for punk gigs in Sundsvall. In February 1979 they released their first 7Inch on their own label Massproduktion in a print run of 492 numbered copies and is now regarded as a fuckin' collector's item, even before they recorded the first EP Das Jazz/Jag Vill Inget on a memorable night in the damp rehearsal room togehter with Jan Zachrisson from Diestinct and still one of the most untamed Swedish records. The EP-EP-EP 7Inch follows this year and in 1980 comes the compilation EP with Massmedia, Vacum and Förbjudna Ljud called Sundsvallspunk Vol.1 out. After the delays that hit Sundsvallspunk EP & the Vacum EP they discovered the advantages of pressing in Sweden and under a few months a lot of local punk band released their debut slabs on Massproduktion. The last EP Ingen Hets (listen!) and their only full length Sista Ackordet (ca. 800 copies) were also released in 1980. Musically wild, chaotic, rough & pure impact. Classic Stuff!!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

C.O.D. - Who Needs The Moon When We Got The Stars? EP 1986

Well, the match is a bit uninspired and before I fall asleep we meet Blacky (vocals), Dieter (bass), Frank (guitars) and Klaus (drums): C.O.D. (no idea what this means) a short-lived combo from Nuremberg and I guess this is their first record, released via Herbe Scherbe in a hand numbered limited edition, with four rough catchy candles which reflect the typical 80s sound. A second EP was recorded, also limited but never heard, maybe anyone can sent it to me? More signs of life are on the Nuremberga In Vertebris ('87) and Lokale Leidenschaften Vol.I ('88) compilations and that's all. If you more interested in music from this region take a look @ FrankenPunk and find your band.


DIE TOTEN HOSEN - Pushed Again EP 1998

Before I pay full attention to the DFB Cup semi-final in Gelsenkirchen a fine release by Die Toten Hosen from Düsseldorf. I don't think I must say much about this five gentlemen. The legend start as ZK in 1978 in its three-year life span, two 7Inches and three albums were published. In 1982 Campino, Andreas von Holst and the roadie Andreas Meurer founded then the Hosen. They released sixteen studio albums by May 2017, many 7Inches and are one of the most successful bands in Germoney. Personally, I like their first three albums because they are rougher/crazier and rarely played on Radio or TV. Also songs were written in English and Pushed Again is one of them and here I like them very much, two in English, two in German and for the Australian fans was create 1999 the album Crash-Landing with sixteen nuggets. I'm not the band's big fan but sometimes they kick out a burner. Enough blah blah, listen and watch soccer!

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

OSLO XI - Morgen Stemning EP 1980

Another classic EP from a band I can't find no further info but I guess they're from Oslo and this is their debut via Blått Øre Music and it's a nice one. Not so punky as the other raw & killer bands from this country but all four songs have a solid heavy rocking tempo, all sung in native norwegian so what more can you expect? - Puhhh, I'm still tired and in three hours starts my day in the office with strenuous people, Yippieh.. - In 1982 they released an album called Stikk Finger'n I Jorda and no compilation injections. So get this little piece of history and start the download.

Monday, 16 April 2018

DINOSAUR JR. - Just Like Heaven EP 1989

Dinosaur Jr. is an American alternative rock band formed in Amherst, Massachusetts in 1984. Originally called Dinosaur, prior to legal issues that forced the group to change their name, the band disbanded in 1997 until reuniting in 2005. Guitarist J Mascis, bassist Lou Barlow, and drummer Murph were the band's founding and current members; Mascis has been the group's sole continuous member. Mascis and Barlow had previously played together in a hardcore punk band called Deep Wound, formed in 1982 and broke up in mid-1984. - As initially named Mogo, they played their first show on University of Massachusetts Amherst campus in the first week of September 1984. Nakajima went into an anti-cop rant during the performance, and Mascis was so appalled by his behavior at the show that he disbanded the group the next day. A few days later Mascis called Barlow and Murph to form a new band without telling Nakajima; "I was kind of too wimpy to kick him out, exactly," Mascis later admitted, and explained, "Communicating with people has been a constant problem in the band." The trio named themselves Dinosaur, and Mascis and Barlow took over lead vocal duties. Their distinct sound, characterized by high gain, extensive use of feedback and distortion, and frontman J Mascis's melodic guitar solos, was highly influential in the alternative rock movement of the 1990s.

Friday, 13 April 2018

LOST PROPERTY - Persuasion 7'' 1981

Only piece by this very unknown combo with female singer on Clubland Records. Two decent powerpop numbers, released without a cover and certainly in small editions. Good for me, not much words except: cool record!

- Great Thx to Reinhard -

Thursday, 12 April 2018

ARTICLES OF FAITH - What We Want Is Free EP 1982

Awesome Killer record by Chicago based hardcore punx Articles Of Faith, active between 1981-1985, and they were considered as vanguards of that Midwestern city's scene and released a handful of highly influential records. Later work is credited with superior songwriting and with foreshadowing the emo sound. Fronted by former protest singer and eventual history instructor Vic Bondi, Articles of Faith first came on the scene in 1981. Their first EP, What We Want Is Free, was released 1982 and was followed by the Wait EP in 1983 and the LPs Give Thanks ('84) + In This Life ('85), which were both produced by Bob Mould. While their early releases contained a mélange of differing styles, their last release, In This Life, is one of the records credited with kick-starting the emocore sound. The band Bondi (vocals & guitar), Dave Shield (bass & vocals), Virus-X (drums), Dorian Tajbakhsh (guitar) and Joe Scuderi (guitar) broke up in 1985. Bondi went on to form Alloy and Jones Very, released the EP Fortunate Son in 2003 and appeared in the 2006 documentary American Hardcore. In 2002 punk rock label mainstay Alternative Tentacles released Complete Vol.1 and Complete Vol.2; a comprehensive anthology of the band's work. (source: AllMusic)

- Great Thx to Donot -