Thursday, 21 February 2019

THE REST - s/t LP 1986

Berlin had and has a very active underground scene and this rare piece is an excellent example of this. The Rest were Frieder (vocals), Ringo (bass), Dietmar (guitars) and Klaus (drums) and they released their only album via Destiny Records and contains seventeen fast killers, among them a cover of the Avengers 'We Are The One', 'Your Eyes' and 'Every Sperm' from Monty Python. They also guested on two great compilations of Destiny: Mutti's Muntere Melodei ('84) and What Doesn't Hurt Us Makes Us Stronger ('85). Frieder (known as frontman of Porno Patrol) sings in German and English and that expresses their aggressive lyrics more clearly I think, hallo VKJI guess in the same year the band broke up, Klaus later drummed at Die SeucheLet's punk my dear followers!

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

THE DRONES - Further Temptations 1977

Back to classics with the Drones, started out in the Manchester area in 1974 as a Glam Rock outfit called Rockslide, releasing a lone single 'Jump Bump Boogaloo/Roller Coaster' in October 1975, before reinvented themselves as a punk rock band the following year. The Drones then relocated to London and became one of the pioneering punk bands that performed in the first few months of the now-legendary Roxy Club. They supported The Vibrators in January 1977, headlined in February, and supported X-Ray Spex and Chelsea in March. Later that year they supported the Stranglers on a full UK tour, and appeared on two influential early punk compilation albums Streets and Short Circuit: Live at the Electric Circus. Their debut single, 'Temptations Of A White Collar Worker' (1977), was described by one reviewer as "classic dole-queue punk." In October 1977, their second single, 'Just Wanna Be Myself' / 'Bone Idol', was released, and on 6th December they recorded a session at Maida Vale 4 studio for John Peel. Later that month, they released their debut album on Valer Records, Further Temptations, a shoddily produced document of a highly underrated band, armed with angry lyrics and a sharp sense of humour fuelling fiery originals like ‘Lift Off The Bans' and 'No More Time'. It's was a great record but its release marked the beginning of the end for the band.

Friday, 15 February 2019

V/A - Bloodstains Across Austria 2019

All right folks, now a brand new Bloodstains compilation and this time we focus the likeable Austria punk years 1978-1987 and we meet twenty-four divine examples from the beautiful Alps Republic and some of these rare goodies you can find in this blog - Snotty punk, melodic wave and rocking bangers shake hands and illustrate how versatile and colorful the Austrian scene was at that time. That's why I got the idea to pay tribute to them with this small compilation (otherwise nobody else will do it). That's just a small selection of great bands but I'm very satisfied with the result and the liner notes and I don't wanna say thx at this point, those are hereby most cordially greeted and I hope you enjoy it!

1.Shoot Me - FERRUM
2.Weiße Rosen Aus Athen - KLEENEX AKTIV
3.Ich Will Frei Sein - STORMBRINGER
4.Verbotene Früchte - MORDBUBEN AG
5.Cold Love - CADILLAC
6.Schleicht's Eich - DEAD NITTELS
8.Nazis - S.T.D.
9.Es Lebe Hoch Die Perversion - PÖBEL
11.Typische Mädchen - WILLI WARMA
12.Scheiß Drauf (Live) - SCHUND
13.Sometimes - THE KEY
14.Der Letzte Dreck Von Wien - DIRT SHIT
15.Nette Mörder - CHUZPE
16.Who Needs People? - THE LOSERS
18.Last Time - COSMETICS
19.Too Much Monsters - INTIMSPRAY
20.Kein Spaß - RONNIE URINI
21.Freiheit - DYNAMIT
22.Ganz Allein - STEILEIHU BAND
23.The Star - ISIS NORËIA

V/A - England Belongs To Me #3 1997

Third part of this damn cool mini-serie which came via 77 Records to us. Eighteen rare UK smasher from 1977-1982. I know a quarter of the songs, the rest is new and I guess that their 7Inches appeared on small short-lived labels, or self-released, in small editions. Very good compilation in any case and the first two volumes can be found on the Posts By Country section which I have re-upped. England Belongs To Me is presentable and in total there exist four of them (all strictly limited, I guess 500-1000 were pressed). Excellent Friday sound!

2.Oy! - LUCY
4.Sid Never Did It - THE SURGEONS
5.She's In Love - CHERRY POPPERS
7.Heat House - MOSCOW
10.Anti Social Disease - THE SICK THINGS
11.In Love - THE PLAGUE
12.Summer Of Hate - CHAOS UK
13.Life In A Cardboard Box - INTESTINES
14.When The Tanks Roll Over Poland Again - AUTOMATICS
15.Hornsey At War - HORNSEY AT WAR
16.Psychopath - THE PIGS
17.Bottles - NEON
18.Development Corporations - THE NOW

Thursday, 14 February 2019

THE CURE - London 03.12.1981

Can't say exactly where I got these beautiful recordings but the early concerts of The Cure are always a highlight for me because I grew up with them and they are still part of my life. Eighteen songs from their first four albums recorded here in a very good sound quality and it's amazing that they sound still fresh and audible at all times. Thanks to unknown for this pretty nostalgic dessert. Don't miss them in Melkweg/Amsterdam 2.12.1979 which is almost even better and further stuff on this Blog.

The Drowning Man/In Your House/Splintered In Her Head/Funeral Party/Primary/The Figurehead/Charlotte Sometimes/Other Voices/At Night/The Hanging Garden/M/Play For Today/A Forest/Forever/One Hundred Years/Faith/10:15 Saturday Night/Killing An Arab

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

SLIME - Musa, Göttingen 04.10.2012

In 2012 entered Slime from Hamburg the stage again and in the baggage their new record which appeared almost twenty years after the Schweineherbst album. Of course I was curious and had to see them live (last was 1990 in the Fabrik). Although I did not like the new album very much, I was hot for the gig, especially as I wanted to hear the old classics. So we go to the Zoom and experienced a refreshing evening with lots of fun, beer and a band in an euphoric playing mood, as if they had never been away. Grandios! Now here are quite good recordings from their show in Göttingen, enjoy!

Wir Geben Nicht Nach/Schweineherbst/Sich Fügen Heißt Lügen/Alle Gegen Alle/Alptraum/Zum Kampf/Störtebeker/Bett Aus Lehm & Jauche/Revoluzzer/Gewalt/A.C.A.B./BGS/Zu Kalt/Freiheit In Ketten/Untergang/Etikette Tötet/Rebellen/Brüllen, Zertrümmern & Weg/Seenot/Der Tod Ist Ein Meister Aus Deutschland/Linke Spießer/Religion/Gewinnen Werden Immer Wir/Gerechtigkeit/Legal-Illegal-Scheißegal/Deutschland/1,7‰ Blues 

- Great Thx to Markus -

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

CIRCLE JERKS - Live @ The Fillmore 24.05.1982

Yeah, one more excellent live recordings from my favorite live band Circle Jerks. I had the luck to experience them twice and the gentlemen are giants with their energetic short, fast pieces. Of course, I have all the records until the VI, the last (Oddities, Abnormalities & Curiosities) is a disaster. Funny that I didn't digitize any of them, I should change. I recommend you another show at the Fabrik/Hamburg 02.12.1987 and as you know Keith is still active in the famous combo OFF! which was formed 2010, nor harder, furious, pissed hardcore and pure energyProof of this are recordings from a gig 2013 in Sydney which stumbles your speakers. Enough bla bla, fire-free for finest American Hardcore!

Moral Majority/Letter Bomb/Back Against The Wall/Question Authority/World Up My Ass/I Just Want Some Skank/Beverly Hills/Operation/Wild In The Streets/Red Tape/86'd (Good As Gone)/Meet The Press/Murder The Disturbed/Deny Everything/What's Your Problem?/Paid Vacation/Trapped/Stars & Stripes/Behind The Door/Defamation Innuendo/Don't Care/Live Fast, Die Young/Wasted/Just Like Me/Put A Little Love In Your Heart

Sunday, 10 February 2019

LOST KIDS - Live Copenhagen 2005

Ok, the response to yesterday's post is modest and I admit is a matter of taste. Let's start today's cold gray Sunday with an excellent live gig by the Danish Lost Kids which was recorded in Copenhagen. Connoisseurs know they have released two albums, some 7Inches and compilation tracks in the 80's and how it came to this concert eludes my knowledge. Anyway, the sound quality is excellent and powerful and presents the band in top form, was certainly a nice show. Good start for breakfast, continue ripping vinyl.

Rådden Dig/Cola Freaks/Skidt På Det Samme Lokum/Spil Det Ud/Delerium Tremens/Fascist Blues/Negativ/Paranoid/Skrid Mand/Åh Jeg Er Så Glad I Dag/Dekadencen/De Siger Oj/Reservemor/Hvem Slikker Hvems

Saturday, 9 February 2019

BOTS - Aufstehn 1980

Now I present you my only Hippie record that I still own and do you know that too? You love a record at young age, then a change of life follows, you sort out your records, put the old stuff back and memories stop you from giving away the slab, so I feel with Aufstehn. When I think about how many times we have roared 'Sieben Tage Lang' I still get goose bumps today. Bots is folk rock group from the southern city of Eindhoven and were successful in the Netherlands and Germany, formed in 1974 by Hans Sanders and they initially published only songs in Dutch. The lyrics were predominantly political, socially critical, cynical and influenced by the peace movement of the seventies. After appearing at the festival Rock Gegen Rechts in Frankfurt/Main in June 1979 they received an offer to recorded their songs in German, well-known writers like Wolf Biermann, Dieter Hildebrandt, Hanns Dieter Hüsch, Hannes Wader and Günter Wallraff helped with the translations. In addition, the band were a few times guest in the GDR, first time 1976 for the Festival of the Political Song in East Berlin, where the group dedicated the song Sieben Tage Lang to poet Wolf Biermann, at the time for ten years a performance ban, last at the largest Open Air Festival of the GDR on 19 June 1988 on the Radrennbahn Weißensee in East Berlin. After the decline in popularity and the release of the Dutch album Paradijs in 1990, the members of the group retired to private life. Great songs are: Nichtsnutz, Der Mann & Krüppel. On 3 November 2007 Hans died at the age of 61.

Friday, 8 February 2019

APPETITE FOR NOTHING - Don't Kiss The Frog 1997

The small Piraeus label Wipe Out! Records give us this limited to 500 hand-numbered copies by this four piece which formed 1994 in Peristeri/Athens. They started playing as Αποκτήνωση and after two self-released demo cassettes they changed their name to "Ορεξη Για Τίποτα" ("Appetite For Nothing"). They released this full-length album and just before they disbanded in 1999 a last 7Inch with three goodies via Fes Ulopas Records in an edition of 300. The band consisted of Alexis (vocals + guitar), Eleftheria (vocals), Stephanos (bass) and Christos (drums)Twelve catchy mid-tempo böller with female/male vocals and I already know today where I spend my holidays this year :)