Saturday, July 20, 2024

IDIOTS - Emmy Oh Emmy EP 1986

Second release on Mülleimer Records by The Idiots who were founded 1978 and have been actively celebrating their PowerPunk in this country to date. They contributed greatly to the fusion of Punk/Hardcore and Metal in the mid-80s and were thus able to make a name for themselves and gained a lot of sympathy among the Punx with their light-hearted songs, not only in the Ruhrpott area, all over this country. They released their current album König Der Idioten last year on their own label and I'm sure there will be more to follow. The Idiots are a band that doesn't actively express itself politically but still makes people think and disrupts in their own way and that for over forty years, Chapeau! This EP has three cool tidbits parat, for anyone who wants to know.

Thursday, July 18, 2024

GANG GREEN - Another Wasted Night 1986

Time for a classic and we move to Boston and meet Gang Greenfounded 1980 by Chris (vocals/guitar), Bill (bass) and Mike (drums) and broke up three years later. Chris reformed the band the following year, and they experienced numerous line-up changes until its dissolution for the second time in 1992. Doherty has been the band's only constant member and has kept Gang Green active from 2005 onwards. Unfortunately, the slab had to leave my collection many years ago due to financial problems and all I have left are the digital CD versions that were donated to me by a friend. Eight superb songs, each a killer, and I don't need to say more, read the reviews and the band's history online. I'm going to rip another record now and not drink a Bud. Original via Taang! Records, re-released numerous times.

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

SKI & DER REST - He's The One 7'' 1981

First 7Inch by the Munich New Wave Combo Ski & Der Rest on Lächerlich! Schallplatten with two homogeneous, warm-hearted songs, both pushed by the refreshingly driving sound, (the flip was later immortalized in another version on the Reifenwechsel Leicht Gemacht Compilation). These are my favorite recordings of the band; the sound is unadulterated, fresh and underlines the attractive, well-tempered charm of the young Eighties, when the air was still full of ideas and changes, and being active wasn't a strange thing... the music corresponded exactly this attitude of life and was an initial ignition for many, and quite a few fantastic bands gave free rein to their emotions and released records that nowadays highly sought after, the so called rarities. Too much shit is being produced these days that nobody wanna hear, the spirit is gone and Punk is socially acceptable. That's the way it is, my friends! But that doesn't matter. It's your heart that counts, not your wallet! - Ähhh, ja... nice Platte by the way!

THE MOTIVES - Mr. President 7'' 1980

One more rare shit is the first release of the Belgian Kleo label and it's sadly the only record of this five piece from Lier (ten kilometers southeast of the provincial capital Antwerp), and the Motives were founded at the end of the Seventies by Dirk (vocals), Stef & Werner (guitars), Filip (bass), Eddy (drums). A total of four songs are waiting to be discovered, two from this single and two from rare Compilations of the early Eighties. Catchy, melodic minimalistic wavie songs that immediately slip into your ear and stay there, crackling and making you hum and shake your head. You stop for a moment and say to yourself: "Holy Shit, Pretty Cool Stuff!" - You smile and are grateful to have gotten out of bed today. A new experience has been made and will remain forever... what else come next?

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

THE COURT - I Wüü Net 7'' 1985

It's not easy to write about a band when you can't find anything about them on the internet, but that just shows how damn rare this little round black one is, and today it comes by a four-piece band called The Court (Herbie (vocals/guitars), Andeas (bass), Leopold (keyboard) and Kurt (drums), presumably from Vienna, and this two-sided cracker was born by Karma Records. Musically, they move somewhere between Hardrock and Punk at a decent tempo, with a shrill voice in charming Austrian slang and, as far as I can understand, some solid lines. The Flip tries harder and seems a bit more cheeky, because the screeching keyboard wants to go through the ceiling like an alarm, it's amazing. I'm glad I finally managed to check my hard drive again, is sometimes like a treasure hunt with exquisite finds, enjoy!

- Great Thx to Reinhard -

Friday, July 12, 2024

RAZORS - Banned Punx 12'' 1982

Razors were part of the early Hamburg underground scene and Banned Punx is the fifth record on Konnekschen with five superb killers and they still damn gripping today and inspire with their rawness & aggressiveness - definitely a classic of German Punk and their origial records have been hard to get hold of anywhere these times. The band became known by its tracks on the Compilations Geräusche Für Die 80er and Soundtracks Zum Untergang, but in contrast to many of the other bands on it, had exclusively English lyrics and was otherwise strongly oriented towards UK sound. After a longer break and some line-up changes they reunited 2003 again and are still active today.

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

V/A - Heroes Of The Night Vol.2 2023

Now comes a recommendation, so don't be surprised if there's no download link available, but it is important to mention this brilliant record, because who has an overview of when and where which gem is released??? Not me, and since a lot of time and love is involved in this big nugget, it is worth to buy the stuff and enjoy the wonderful presentation, sound/bands and the essential liner notes. A few official words: Welcome to the second installment of the “Heroes Of The Night” compilation and this is picking up exactly where the first volume left off and featuring a cast of twelve of the best and scarcest D.I.Y., Powerpop/Punk and New Wave 45ers, all damn rare and released in a small edition. This litte sunshine continues Reminder Records’ campaign to showcase the talents of Post-Punk’s female musical innovators and pioneers. - Best regards to Olga!

1.Secret Love - SHELLY STEVENS
3.Wonder Wonder - TERESA DEL FUEGO
4.I Should Have Kissed Him Then - CHOIRGIRLS
5.Who's George - WHO'S GEORGE
6.I Didn't Catch Your Name - THE WALK
7.July Girl - JACKIE
9.Fall - AQUILA
11.Heavens Daughter - PLEASURE DOME
12.Fireball XL5 - THE KADETTES

Tuesday, July 09, 2024

FORD'S FUZZ INFERNO - War, Peace & Fuzz EP 2023

I'm a little behind with the latest 7Inch from Ford’s Fuzz Inferno but this is another story. Meanwhile there is a fantastic album (I immediately put it on my phone) which in my opinion tops the singles. I know, it's hard to believe because all the releases to date have been fucking brilliant, but visit them at their home base and have a listen and in August 2024 another orgasm will follow in form of a 12Inch. A few words from Hans and Patrick: ‘War, Peace & Fuzz’ offers five completely shredding tracks that combine the duo’s trademark fuzzed-out guitar attacks and hi-energy drumming with three and four part harmonies and a totally crushing production. Musically it’s melody and harmony versus brutal aggression and destruction. This is Ford’s Fuzz Inferno at its most cynical. This is Ford’s Fuzz Inferno at its very best! Fuck war and fuzz on! - Music that hits you mercilessly and is infectious in all its forms and exactly the sound that some people should subject themselves to, afterwards you will see things more clearly and this stuff works brilliantly everywhere.

Monday, June 17, 2024

V/A - Attack Is Now Suicide 1988

A short appearance from me and in my mind is the next record, a fucking hot Compilation of the late Eighties and released in 1988 by the small but equally important German label Double A Records in collaboration with Americans from Phantom Records and is chock full of superb international Hardcore/Punk material with some exclusive highlights. US.Distress opens the musical ecstasy with an fucking energetic track and so it happens one after the other, short and intense songs (especially the Vatican Commandos & Dusk is a brilliant example with an unusual title and a rough sound and Dresden 45 contributes the longest track, which bears the band's name and creates a dark atmosphere). This beauty offers a diverse mix of aggressive and experimental sounds. Although not all tracks are equally strong, Attack Is Now Suicide is an interesting contemporary document of the Hardcore & Punk scene around the world of the late 1980s. The album also contains a folded insert with band photos and song lyrics which is not included within.

1.Who Possesses You? - U.S. DISTRESS
2.British Troops In Cyprus - SIC BOY FEDERATION
3.Housewives On Valium - VATICAN COMMANDOS & DUSK
4.Fjernsyn - O.H.M.
5.Bimbirimbirimbam - S.H. DRAUMUR
6.Werewolf's Life - FEAR ITSELF
7.Intolerance 2:24 - I DENY
8.When You've Got The Choice - DAWN OF LIBERTY
9.Dresden 45 - DRESDEN 45
10.Korruption - EXTREM
11.Don't Waste Your Time - COLLAPS
12.Paralized - RANCID DECAY
14.Russia Nuked Themselves - STIKKY
15.Aggression - NO FRAUD
16.Koyhat Kyykuyn - TERVEYSKESKUS
17.Breakfast Of Champions - PROBLEM CHILDREN
18.Call For Freedom 3:14 - ASOCIAL
19.Ain't No Crime - DAMAGE
21.Fuck S.A.C.E.M. - PIN PRICK
23.Can't Reach Me Now - AFFLICT

Saturday, May 25, 2024

V/A - BG Hronika Vol.3 [Tape] 1991

Last volume of this small tape Compilation series from U.P.C. with even more bands from former Yugoslavia. I thought there were only two volumes but the network of friends sometimes works well and so I was able to enjoy this fantastic sucker which, like its predecessors, has a lot to offer, very good songs by twelve bands, variable and all in an excellent quality. You won't die of a heart attack while listening to, but the level of rough sound and unconditional hardness will melt the paste of the wallpaper. Jaja, and the beer tastes more intense in the early morning, believe me.

1.Djenka - S.M.F.
2.Burek - S.M.F.
3.Cvikam Žicu - S.M.F.
4.Pig Is Dead - E.H.E.
5.Pijani Odred - E.H.E.
6.Ciga - N.M.I.
7.Bazni Krastavci - N.M.I.
8.Boško, Potkuj Ga - N.M.I.
9.Double Mind - PERSONAL RAIN
12.Our Town - BAD TASTE
13.Paradise Town - URGH!
14.Acid Rain - URGH!
15.I'm Looking Forward To A Nuclear War - URGH!
16.Svi Na Stadion - ŠAHT
17.Ti Želiš Oi! - ŠAHT
18.Smrtna Presuda - KRVAVI PROTOKOL
19.Male Bebe - ŽIVOTINJE
20.Nikad Neću Moći - ŽIVOTINJE
21.Rock'N'Roll - POBUNA
22.Maj - POBUNA
23.Ludilo - POBUNA
25.Čistićete Ulice - DIREKTORI
26.Feniks - MISTER NO

- Great Thx to Rexx -