Thursday, 19 July 2018

V/A - Invasión 88 1988

Well, this compilation I didn't know to date and it had to take thirty years to come in touch with this rare record, released via Radio Tripoli, 3000 copies exist in clear vinyl. We listen to twenty featured up-and-coming bands from Argentina with each two songs (I think most were taken from demos) and we get everything: solid mid-tempo Punk, Hardcore and Oi! in a pleasant mix, to that a booklet with info about the bands. I spiced the Rip (thx to unknown) a bit up as you are used to it. 2003 re-released as CD by Imperdible Discos with bonus tracks. And now a well-kept beer and all knobs on full volume.

1.Minifaldas - LOS LAXANTES
2.Escuelas - LOS LAXANTES
3.B.A.D. - ATTAQUE 77
4.Pasión De Multitudes - ATTAQUE 77
5.Los Campos De La Muerte - DIVISIÓN AUTISTA
6.Straight Edge - DIVISIÓN AUTISTA
7.Cáncer - FLEMA
8.Buscando Un Lugar - FLEMA
9.Del Apocalipsis - EXEROICA
10.Nanxy - EXEROICA
11.Último Recurso - COMANDO SUICIDA
12.El Guacho Pulenta - COMANDO SUICIDA
16.Tropas De La Noche - RIGIDEZ KADAVERICA
18.En Libertad Condicional - CONMOCIÓN CEREBRAL
19.Juntado Tropas - LOS BARAJA
20.Operación Ser Humano - LOS BARAJA

- Great Thx to Reinhard -

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

BLANKER HOHN - s/t LP 1984

Late in the evening I present you a rare German Punk classic: Blanker Hohn were Oile (vocals), Frank (guitar), Thomas (bass) and Lorenz (drums) and were formed in Hamburg and belong to the German punk bands of the first hour but have never made it beyond an album, which was then released on the relatively unknown label Jax Pax Records. You can find them on compilations as well, for example on the 1985 EP Auf Tierfang Durch Die Welt Für Unseren Zoo with two tracks. Musically the four celebrate frenetic Hauruck music with serious profound lyrics. In 2003 was a CD compilation released via Elbtonal, Punks Ist Unser Hobby, with thirty three songs including some Raries and if you want to know more read an Interview with a click on kinkrecords. Enough for today, off to bed.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

HERBÄRDS - Eu! Se Bois 1983

The Herbärds were founded 1982 in Stuttgart by Jörn (bass), Moppel (drums), Oimel (guitar) and Tek (vocals). They originated from the oi/punk band Total Kaputt, which Oimel founded at the turn of the year 1978/79 and in which Jörn already played and the Herbärds are considered one of the first German Oi! bands. 1983 they contribute two songs on the Ultra Hardcore Power compilation and shortly thereafter they released their debut album Eu! Se Bois on Mülleimer Records (007) and the songs were recorded on one day live in a small studio near Stuttgart with lots of beer and good mood. On the second day a song was mixed as a basic setting, a few effects of a noise plate to it, plenty of beer and the recording was done. During this time they played many live gigs, especially in southern Germany. On small punk festivals and some together with the friendly punk band Normahl. But also with sizes like Cockney Rejects.

In 1984 Micha joined a saxophonist and extended the previous oi-punk with ska influences and 1985, Micha, Jörn and Moppel got out and Willi came in on drums and new bassist Timo. One year later the second album Wakos appeared on Rat Records. Shortly thereafter the musical direction changed again and the band renamed themselves first in Balzer Ross and then in Overload. 1987 singer Tek had a serious motorcycle accident in which he lost a leg and the band paused after this shock. Two songs Wir and Goldfieber appeared on the first Tollschock compilation on Pedder's label Skan Productions in 1989. Ein Kurzer Augenblick followed on the second part of the Tollschock series. All three songs Tek played with friendly musicians, under the old band name Herbärds. 1999 Oimel and Tek decided to provide the Herbärds with fresh wind again. They were supported by Macke on bass and Rolf on drums. In 2000 the third album Wir Sind Zurück was released on Teenage Rebel Records and Eu! Se Bois as CD with black cover. There were also live concerts in Stuttgart and Freiburg. 2017 then the live comeback, as part of the book presentation with exhibition: Wie Der Punk Nach Stuttgart Kam.

THE EJECTED - A Touch Of Glass 1982

Two hours until the final in Russia and Belgium made it excellent yesterday and are deservedly third and I can't wait until the Final begins. Let's push the first album of the Ejected in between. A Touch Of Glass was released by Riot City Records and is a solid punkrock album with sixteen stomper. The band was formed by ex-Dawn Patrol members Big Jim Brooks (vocals, guitar), Gary Sandford (bass, vocals), and drummer Mick 'Sticks' Robinson. Signing to the Riot City label, their first release was a contribution to the various artists compilation Carry On Oi. 1982 saw the release of the band's debut EP Have You Got 10p?, a song which once saw the band answered by a shower of 10p coins throughout their set. The EP reached number eight in the UK Indie Chart, and saw the band receive a lot of press coverage, including an interview by Garry Bushell in Sounds. This was followed by the Noise For The Boys EP and debut album A Touch Of Class, with Paul Griffiths replacing Robinson on drums. Sandford then left the band for a short while, replaced by former 'D.I.R.T.' bassist Paul Quain for the Press The Button EP. When it came to recording the second album Spirit Of Rebellion in 1983, Quain went 'missing' for some months and so Sandford returned to the fold, with the band also acquiring a second guitarist, Kev 'Dynamow' Pallett. This album was produced by UK Subs' Nicky Garratt and achieved a much fuller sound. A further EP entitled 'Public Animals' remained unreleased due to the folding of Riot City Records, and the subsequent splitting up of the band. This is the CD Version with eight Bonus tracks. Enjoy!

Saturday, 14 July 2018

EX HUMANS - Ανώφελη Επιβίωση 1984

Saturday is my favorite weekday and in six weeks I finally have holidays, guess where I'm going? George-Havoc-Alevaras (vocals/guitar) Yannis Trumbetas (bass) and Fivos Pergaliotis (drums) formed Ex Humans in September 1982 in Athens and after a demo on Bluurg Tapes they released their only album on Enigma Records and this ten track slab is a damn h-bomb, an excellent harmonious teamwork of all three, great distorted guitar, driving bass line and variable drums, all in Greek and lyrics with a sociopolitical and anti-authoritarian verse. The Ex-Humans were among the pioneers of the punk scene in Greece for their time, and along with other bands such as Stress, Panx Romana, Magic De Spell, were the causes of this scene, not accidentally considered as a band legend of the Greek punk scene, they disbanded in 1985. Awesome Stuff!

Friday, 13 July 2018

TRASTE & SUPERSTARARNA - Pengar 7'' 1979 + Space Race EP 1980

Weekend and let's welcome it with a two record file and five classics therein. Traste & Superstararna was a Swedish punk band from Bollnäs with six or seven members, formed as The Calefactorys in 1970. They later changed their name to Sally & The Crackers before settling on Traste & Superstararna (Trush & The Superstarlings) in 1975. Their first 7inch 'Pengar' came out on Mesrock and is a brilliant Swedish KBD cracker, the a-side pretty '77 and the b-side a kind of punky rock'n'blues ballade, slow and I think the lyrics must be funny because the song is called 'Traktor' and I think it's about a farmer who loves to drive his tractor, spitze! Space Race follows one year later on Mamma Records with three cuts. Equally worth listening to. 'En Liten Rebell' is here my favourite song. After this release Mamma put out their full length album and that's it. The band split up in 1982. They featuring on various compilations. Massproduktion released in 2007 a collection CD called 'Du Din Jävla Sopa' with all their classics and many prevously unreleased tracks. Overall two good records by another interesting band from Sweden and I'm pleasantly surprised. Both Thumps Up Baby!

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Thursday, 12 July 2018

GERHARD HELMUT - Unter Der Faust 7'' 1979

A totally unknown record to me is this rare 7inch. PowerPop I think is here to stay and I thank Reinhard for the following info: Graz-born vocalist (in the 1960's he fronted the Austrian beat band VAMPS) who moved to New York in 1969, but relocated to Hollywood in 1972 (to join glam Punks Shady Lady) with lone release recorded with RIPPER, but put out under his name with the help of Greg Shaw's Bomp imprint. ''Unter Der Faust'' (compiled on Shaw's UK-only 'Who Put The Bomp' sampler...) is a punk version of Rolling Stones' ''Under My Thumb'' with German lyrics (written by Vienna's Rolling Stones cover band Peter Schleicher... Dirt Shit used some of their lyrics as well) and the flipside was penned by RIPPER bassist Bobby Paine who was JOSIE COTTON's boyfriend back than and who went on writing most songs for her early LP's. Guitarist Jerome T. Youngman and drummer Quito Ecudor relocated to New York and started HOOKS. Don't miss Gerhard & Ripper live @ Rock Corporation/Hollywood USA 1975.

- Extra Special Thx to Reinhard -

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

V/A - Bloodstains Across Finland 1996

I dedicate my bloody nightmares the right soundtrack with this compilaion of rare Finnish punk singles (1977-1979) and nothing is more unpleasant to them. With twenty-three essential punk rock blasts I arm myself for the fight against the everyday demons, throw the razor-sharp 7Inches at them and cut their heads off, nobody can hide... I find all of you and after almost forty-five minutes, I'm the winner, Yeah! You think tomorrow will be better for you? Never, because I have the best weapon: Punkrock!! - No matter what you do, it will always end the same. You must know: 500 copies pressed on black vinyl and on some copies one side of label is completely white, while the other side is black. Amen!

1.I Really Hate Ya - BRIARD
2.I Want Ya Back - BRIARD
3.Olen Työtön - PELLE MILJOONA & N.U.S.
4.Mä Vaan Pogoon - PELLE MILJOONA & N.U.S.
6.Ei Tää Lama Päähän Käy - PROBLEMS?
7.Häirikkö Oon - PROBLEMS?
8.Kaljupäinen Gangsteri - KARANTEENI
9.Vihaan John Travolta - KARANTEENI
10.Suomi 60 - HELLHOUND
11.Kasvot - HELLHOUND
12.Mari Pogoaa - YPÖ-VIIS
13.Mikkiteline - YPÖ-VIIS
14.Lontoon Skidit - RATSIA
15.Kassapäät - RATSIA
16.Mihin Jäi Punk? - VAAVI
17.Uhoan Voimaa - VAAVI
18.Kirjoitan Seinään - SENSUURI
19.Olet Sokea - SENSUURI
20.Neuroottiset Pohkeet - SEHR SCHNELL
21.Selittäjä - SEHR SCHNELL
22.Mua Potkitaan Päähän - LOOSE PRICK
23.Velton Nimeen - LOOSE PRICK

Monday, 9 July 2018

LES CORONADOS - Rien (Dont Je N'Ai Besoin) EP 1982

Four piece from Paris with their debut EP, called the Les Coronados and they had become cults during their lifetime. Born in the middle of the 70's in Limoges on the benches of the National Superior School of Ceramics, Bernard and Dominique (guitars), Yves (bass) and Berko (drums) land in the 18th district of Paris and the quartet will remain faithful to its neighborhood and its rehearsal cellar throughout its existence. The first EP including three sung in French and one cover of Alex Chilton recorded "at home" and is the only weapon of Berko who found a job & leaving the group. Dilip joined as new drummer and operates from the second 45t which came 1983 with again three French and a Beefheart coverTheir aesthetic garage sound seduced fanzines and free radios, Les Thugs and Johnny Thunders want them as support. In 1984 they released their first record N'Importe Quoi on Romance Records which confirms that the rock dandies have a wild elegance plus crazy talent. This doesn't prevent Dominique leaving the group without any explanation. So it's this formation and it tooks over five years to release the second and great album Un Lustre via Accord. Yet sales doesn't follow despite a rave press review and the band brokpe up. Recommendation: Paink (French Punk Anthems 1977​-​1982) compilation. And now enjoy four wild garage goodies and tomorrow the first semi-final :)

- Great Thx to François -

UPSETS - Back To Afghanistan 7'' 1980

Planning an Australian Getaway? Fly to Brisbane above the clouds and arrive with a headful of steam when you get there. Find a local record store and try to get the only 7Inch by the Upsets from EMI Custom Records with two decent KBD smasher, 300 sleeveless copies made and a few with a folded color promo poster. And as a little recommendation, we shake a cocktail with twenty-six other bands and call it Shakedown! Book us again soon and now please strap yourself in for landing.