Monday, 14 November 2016

V/A - Back To Front Vol.1 1993

Loud Fast Rules! Hell Yeah! All right folks, here it is by request and with this record starts the awesome Back To Front series, released via the German label Incognito Records. All vinyl versions are limited to 1000 copies and you know what waits for you. 1A rare '77 punk/powerpop from the finest. I don't have to keep talking, check the blog for more volumes and what I especially like on # 1 are the many Australian bands (where are the Kelpies?). A fuckin 'great compilation for all those who like this sound, and I know: we are many! - And the beer tastes even better on a frosty Monday.... BRRRRRR.... I Hate Winter! The last two will follow soon, no questions.

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

1.Idi Amin - The K9's
2.Funky Bastards - BASTARDS
3.Half Two - HELMETTES
4.Adolph, You Beauty - THE CHOSEN FEW
5.Loud Fast Rules! - STIMULATORS
6.Drive My Car - NASTY FACTS
7.Don't Want You Back - THE LETTERS
8.Chaise Electrique - ELECTROCHOC
9.Stamp Out Disco - RAZAR
10.My City Of Sydney - XL CAPRIS
11.Nazi School - CRACKED ACTOR
12.Opera Huset - ATTENTAT
13.Impossibilities - BASTARDS
14.Eddie's New Shoes - BLITZ BOYS
15.Kick Them - FRONT PAGE
16.Hardcore - MITTAGEISEN
17.Nothing For You - QUICK & THE DEAD
18.Paperboy Song - PREDATOR
18.Nervous - VICTIMS

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