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Sunday, 3 December 2017

SEX PISTOLS - Rock'N'Roll Swindle 7'' 1979

Everbody knows the Sex Pistols and this is the 7'' which came out 1979 and Side A is the title track of the film, Side B comes with "Rock Around The Clock" which is sung by TenPole Tudor and the complete soundtrack was then released as a double album and is the last 'official' brilliant output by the Pistols. A few words from wikipedia about the film: The Great Rock'N'Roll Swindle (1980) is a mockumentary film directed by Julien Temple and produced by Don Boyd and Jeremy Thomas about the British punk rock band Sex Pistols. Guitarist Steve Jones plays a detective who - through a series of set piece acts - uncovers the truth about the band. Drummer Paul Cook & bass guitarist Sid Vicious play smaller roles, and the band's manager, Malcolm McLaren, is featured as "The Embezzler", the man who manipulates the Sex Pistols. Fugitive train robber Ronnie Biggs, performer Edward Tudor-Pole and actress Irene Handl also make appearances. The movie tells a stylised fictional account of the formation, rise and subsequent breakup of the band, from the point of view of their then-manager Malcolm McLaren. In the film, McLaren claims to create the Sex Pistols and manipulate them to the top of the music business, using them as puppets to both further his own agenda (in his own words - "chaos"), and to claim the financial rewards from the various record labels the band were signed to during their brief history - EMI, A&M, Virgin, and Warner Bros. Records. The footage was filmed in early - mid 1978, between singer John Lydon's departure from the band and their subsequent split. The movie was finally released nearly two years later. Lydon (who was listed in the credits as "The Collaborator") and early bass guitarist Glen Matlock only appear in archive footage - Lydon having refused to have anything to do with the production." The Pistols are great and their songs are still one of the best punk tunes ever, Black Leather, one more 7'' I posted a few months ago for example, I love them!! - If you have not already seen the film so go ahead and buy a copy.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

SEX PISTOLS - Black Leather 7'' 1980

In a few minutes the Bundesliga starts again with the top game in Leipzig and I'm in high tension. Fuckin' work is done and we come to a very very unknown band, who the fuck are the Sex Pistols?? I don't know but there are dozens of books and more more LP's/CD's that are disproportionate to their complete musical works. The music kicks me right from the beginning when I first listen to them. Can not say which song it was but they had not really much, hahaha....I'm thankful, whoever, who brought me to them and so I start my fuckin' punk life. I imagine that I was not the only one...Summary these two tracks are probably the rarest Sex Pistols tracks, only released as part of the Pistols Pack in 1980 which consisted of six singles with the most obvious Pistols tunes, similar to the Flogging A Dead Horse compilation. In fact these aren't the Sex Pistols but Paul Cook & Steve Jones after finishing the Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle-soundtrack and before forming The Professionals. Two great nuggets + a must have! And now: forza SGE!!

Friday, 16 March 2018

TENPOLE TUDOR - Real Fun 7'' 1980

"We Wanna Have Some Real Fun.......Today" and I have it at this early morning hour. Weekends in and I hope we pick three points tomorrow versus Mainz. Until then I amuse myself with good music and the fucking work at the office later passes also. This 7inch was released on Korova Records and I think it's the first release by Tenpole Tudor. The band were formed 1974 when Tudor-Pole (vocals/saxophone) met guitarist Bob Kingston, bassist Dick Crippen and drummer Gary Long. They played regularly for several years until Tudor-Pole himself (under the moniker of Eddie Tenpole) came to prominence by appearing in the Sex Pistols film The Great Rock'N'Roll Swindle. He was originally billed as a replacement for Sex Pistols singer Johnny Rotten - performing the songs "Who Killed Bambi?", "The Great Rock'N'Roll Swindle" and a cover version of "Rock Around The Clock" for the film and subsequent soundtrack - however, manager Malcolm McLaren and the remaining Sex Pistols instead decided to abandon the group and go their own ways. Later the band signed to Stiff Records and they were one the strangest and silliest groups on Stiff Records, a label that was known for its oddball clients. Led by Eddie Tudor (born Edward Tudorpole), a former actor who could barely carry a tune, the group played a mixture of punk, roots rock, pop, and British dancehall music, developing a thoroughly entertaining and ridiculous style. They released two albums on Stiff Records which sold well and in 1982, the band broke up. Today, Tudor-Pole concentrates partly on acting, but focuses mainly upon his new one-man-show, performing live shows described as a 'One Man Stadium Show'. He has re-formed Tenpole Tudor from time to time, notably in 2001, with Darrell Bath on guitar, Donagh O'Leary on bass and Ben Standage on drums. 2009 Angel Air Records released a compilation CD with all their classics. Fine record and now let's have some fun today!

Thursday, 3 September 2020

ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE - We Are...The League 1982

It's time for one more classic and one of my TopTen records. The debut by the Anti-Nowhere League on WXYZ Records, founded 1979 in Kent, thirty miles south-east of central London and after some line-up changes this four; Animal (vocals), Magoo (guitars), Winston (bass) & P.J. (drums) recorded this awesome platter and before I go on, I open a delicious Augustiner Bräu. Hmmmm... tastes delicious! The band name alone inspired me immediately and I love people who express their dislike and dissatisfaction, frustration and above all their emotions, in a clear direct language, and don't be afraid of any stupid critics or mobsters who only interfere and say; 'it doesn't work that way!' or 'you have to change that!' ANL went their way and caused a furore with this album, and that's what I like because, I'm as well. And after nearly forty years, the twelve goodies are still shockingly up-to-date and have retained their bite. That's what I appreciate about the four gents. They broke up in 1989 but come back three years later and they're still active! Many records and Singles were made and I hope, they will stay with us for a long time. Two more decent reviews for you that do it better than me, enjoy!

"The years pass, the wheel of time turns, and the shocking, moral-challenging ne'er-do-wells of one generation eventually seem almost sweet when compared with those of later days. Every so often, though, something will remain almost gloriously offensive and wrong no matter what the future brings; the League's filthy gob of a debut album fulfills that brief, and then some. Musically, there's nothing here to surprise or challenge anybody -- already dated three-chord thrash, smash, and bash at the time of its release, years later it just sounds like the type of stuff folks like Offspring listened to while killing time in rehearsal studios. However, for all of the band's protestations of "being shit," the roar is actually reasonably produced, with a good oomph to it instead of becoming too treble. Every so often the band tries something just a tiny bit different (the slow opening to "Woman," which is almost a late-'50s tearjerker in modern leather gear before everything revs up), but mostly they just do what they do. It's vocalist Animal, though, who transforms the League from being just another band to becoming veritable kings of trash. His rough vocals tackle everybody and everything, not least of all himself and his bandmates; suspect sex, random contempt (the brilliantly titled "[We Will Not] Remember You" and "I Hate...People"), and more just scratch the surface. The group even trashes their own medium, as "Can't Stand Rock'N'Roll" concludes "the man who made it was big and fat." The undisputed highlight, of all things, is a cover of Ralph McTell's folk anthem "Streets Of London". Transforming the sympathetic look at the city's outcasts and dregs into a celebratory anthem of defiance, the League delivers one of the best remakes ever done, almost in spite of itself." (Ned Raggett, AllMusic)

"The most viscous mean-spirited, gratuitously violent punk band to come down the pike in a long time." and stated the album was for "mature adults, this is the best hard-core punk record England has yielded since the Sex Pistols era. Every song features a slamming, inescapable beat to match the freely flung obscenities." (Ken Tucker, The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Thirty minutes of outstanding, fresh, ugly and rough punk'n'roll how it could perhaps only be played by the Sex Pistols, but continued in seamless fairways by the amazing Four! "We Are The League..The Anti-Nowhere League..YEAH!"

Tuesday, 23 November 2021

SEX PISTOLS - No Future U.K.? 1989

Great compilation of demo sessions taped by the Sex Pistols in July 1976 - January 1977 and give a fantastic insight into the original line-up's rough sound. The majority of the tracks first appeared on the now infamous Spunk bootleg, released a few weeks prior to the bands only album, Never Mind The Bollocks. The songs are recorded surprisingly well and I like every single one. It's really a shame that the Pistols broke up in 1978, we all know the reasons, but with their refreshing provocative attitude they caused a sensation and stay unchallenged in the Punk olympus and this record is a perfect exampleI am grateful that they were there!

Thursday, 11 November 2021

BIZON KIDZ - Get Your Kicks By Throwing Bricks EP 1981

The icon of Punk (Sex Pistols) had just disbanded and in England nobody cared anymore about rebellious young people with a preference for hard three-chord music. But Punk has proved to be a keeper to this day, both in terms of music style and attitude to life in the Netherlands and had just started in 1978 in many cities, including Utrecht (of course the hype which started 1976 in England & the U.S., had not gone unnoticed by the Netherlands before 1978.) On January 7, 1977, the Pistols performed @ Paradiso in Amsterdam and Iggy Pop scored a top forty hit with Lust For Life. The fierce and primitive sounds of such as the Ramones, the Clash, Sex Pistols, etc... had a great influence on Dutch musicians. This sound might be alive and kicking in Utrecht, but there weren't many places to play. Bizon Kidz were one of those bands that were founded in the late Seventies by Bertie & Ilonka (vocals), Oscar & Philip (guitars), Buffel (bass), Frans (drums) & released their only piece of cake on their own (500 copies) in the early eighties. Ten minimalist short songs with two-part singing are offered that can easily harmonize with the pleasant November sun, not bad at all!

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

MÉTAL URBAIN - Les Hommes Morts Sont Dangereux 1981

Before I dedicate myself to football, a small, considerable sound document from the early 80s: "Dead Men Are Dangerous" is the only studio album by the French electro-punk band Métal Urbain. Formed 1976 in Paris and heavily influenced by the Clash and Sex Pistols on one hand, and on the other by an electro approach related to Metal Machine Music by Lou Reed. They relied on heavily distorted guitars and replaced the traditional rock rhythm section of bass guitar/drums with a synthesizer and drum machine, a then-unique approach that foreshadowed the experimental possibilities that were explored by later post-hardcore bands such as Big Black. They were also known for their radical image (the color scheme of albums always being a stark black, white and red), and subversive lyrics sung in French. They were met with some enthusiasm in the United Kingdom, particularly by John Peel and the Rough Trade label. (Métal Urbain's 2nd single Paris Maquis was Rough Trade's first release.). In 1977, their first single "Panik" was named "Single Of The Week" by New Musical Express. They had an enthusiastic but small audience in France, receiving little exposure. The punk rock scene was not as popular in France as it was in the United Kingdom, and they did not interest the French media as British bands like Sex Pistols did. As a result, singer Clode Panik left in December 1978, though the band continued to gig and record with Eric Debris on vocals, and also recording with spin-off bands Metal Boys, and Doctor Mix and the Remix, until 1980, when guitar players brothers Schwartz and Lüger left to form the short-lived band Desperados.

Métal Urbain had focused their efforts on singles and only produced one album during their first period of activity. However, several compilation records were released, gathering their singles with additional material such as BBC sessions and live recordings. Their electro approach was very innovative for its time, and the group are a reference point for such groups as the Jesus and Mary Chain, Bérurier Noir and the producer Steve Albini. The band reunited in 2003 to tour in the United States, and had since toured consistently in France and the rest of Europe. Métal Urbain recorded their second studio album, J'irai Chier Dans Ton Vomi, in 2006, produced by Jello Biafra in San Francisco; a follow up mini-album, Crève Salope, was issued in 2008.

Monday, 29 April 2019

SEX PISTOLS - Kill The Hippies In Atlanta 05.01.1978

Pretty cool shot of the Sex Pistols which was recorded in Atlanta/Georgia @ the Great Southeast Music Hall on 5th January, 1978 and released via Big Music. It was their first show in the states and we all know, nine days later they gave their last concert in San Francisco and then the band split, making their ways separately to Los Angeles. McLaren, Cook and Jones prepared to fly to Rio de Janeiro for a working vacation. Vicious, in increasingly bad shape, was taken to Los Angeles by a friend, who then brought him to New York, where he was immediately hospitalised. Rotten flew to New York, where he announced the band's break-up in a newspaper interview on 18 January. I think the states came too early and the people there were not ready for the shockers from Europe but Malcolm saw it differently and so the tragedy took its course. Anyway, I still enjoy their music and without them Punk would not be what it is today.

God Save The Queen/I Wanna Be Me/Seventeen/New York/Bodies/Submission/Holidays In The Sun/E.M.I./No Feelings/Problems/Pretty Vacant/Anarchy In The U.K./No Fun/Liar

Friday, 11 September 2015

SHAM PISTOLS - Natural Born Killer 2008

In 1979 ex-Pistols Cook & Jones teamed up with Sham's Pursey & Treganna to form a Punk Rock super group. Unfortunately it doesn't work, so only one studio session happened. The result: four catchy tracks, sounding exactly like The Professionals with Pursey on vocals. On the flip side you'll get the 4 encore tracks of Sham's Last Stand (Apollo Theatre, Glasgow). Way back in 1979, the “merger” of the Sex Pistols with Sham 69 caused, for a brief moment, a great deal of excitement. With Johnny now in PiL and Sid dead, both fans and the press waited eagerly for news on Steve and Paul's next move. By May '79 it seemed the answer was known. The boys would be joined by Sham 69's Jimmy Pursey and Dave “Kermit” Treganna. Known for the time being as the Sham Pistols – until a name could be settled on - they went into Manor Studios, Oxford, to lay down some tracks. By August the group was in tatters. It took over 30 years for these songs to emerge. Enjoythem. As for the vinyl pressing itself, the quality of the recordings is very good, if slightly muddy. Side two adds weight to this. Recorded live at Glasgow Apollo, when Steve and Paul appeared for Sham 69's encore in June ‘79, Pursey can be heard bigging himself up, ranting that he told Steve and Paul to get rid of McLaren then he would sing for them, alongside his tales of how he's in the newspapers every day. The whole Sham Pistols episode had a detrimental effect on both camps. After the band fell apart, Pursey went on to reform Sham 69 but with limited success. Steve & Paul went into limbo before emerging a year later as The Professionals.

- Extra Special Thx to Reinhard -

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

THE USERS - Now That It's Over 7'' 1979

One more raritiy from Love Child now and they are always welcome on wdthtc, 250 copies exist from this two sided killer and a few words: "We've got our own individual style. Most punk bands are the same as the Ramones... its pathetic. ..The basic ingredients of rock'n'roll are sex drugs and frustration, If we can getamps and get on stage, that's all.  Its a big V sign from us to you." The Users - Chainsaw 5 March/April 1978. - "The Users were from Cambridge and formed in September 1976. Their sound was a mixture of The Stooges, New York Dolls, Rolling Stones and the Sex Pistols. Young and with attitude - plenty of it. Other songs included Russian Roulette, Heart To Heart, Bad Decision, Slow Death (Flaming Groovies) Louie Louie, Moving In A Fast Lane and Red Hot Rag. Cambridge was also home to Lee Wood and his record shop. "..members of The Users, who had been in the shop before, asked me if I could spare the time to come and hear them rehearse. I went along and they were a five piece. I can't remember the details but somehow we decided to make a record together." Lee Wood Punk77 Interview. More details on punk77 and more Kicks In Style are guaranteed.

- Great Thx to Bristolboy -

Thursday, 30 April 2020

ACME ATTRACTIONS - Anyway 7'' 1980

This rare piece is a smiley and again 'many words for your further education which all from the booklet of the CD compilatin 'Terelene Boys from 2013 on Only Fit For The Bin Records: Acme Attractions released one great single in 1980 called "Anyway" and listen to the lyrics of this song, it is all about the late great 'Keith Moon'. The band did follow up this debut release and backed another local artist Bonnie Parker a year later. After watching the Damned in a local pub in Luton back in 1976, members of this band were mesmerized with their performance and one stand-out moment was when the Damned were being heckled by members of another local band THE Q-TIPS about their ability of playing, Dave Vanian jumped off the stage and poured a pint of beer over their heads. Then a month later they witness the Sex Pistols @ the Queensway Hall in Dunstable. THAT WAS IT! The seed was sowed and Jim and Dave knew they had to be part of this new vibrant scene and Acme Attractions were born (even though at this point it was only a dream).

Now in the bands own words: "Born from an after pub party, while miming in a front room to whatever song was on The threat of "Now let’s see if you can go out and form your own band" Was the only challenge we needed! Within six months of that night the guitarist had self-taught himself and the bass player the basic skills required to form the band (three chords). (I got my first real six strings, played it till my fingers bled). It was happening! (Me and some guys from school we got a band and we tried real hard). After months of rehearsing, it was time to show the local pub that we didn’t want to listen to 'Smoke On The Water' or 'Johnny B. Goode' anymore. It was our time. Having been influenced by the attitude of the Pistols, Clash, with undercurrents of the Who, Mott the Hoople and some self-penned songs thrown in as well Acme Attractions played their first gig. The local interest had drawn big crowds which lead to the band being banned from their first three gigs. This was not caused by violence, but due to over crowding resulting in damage caused to chairs, tables & beer glasses. The band were forced to seek bigger venues and halls this resulted in Acme Attractions being the only local band being able to fill "The Royal Hotel", the biggest of all the venues, not once but twice.

Not all gigs were as successful as that though as the landlord of The Kingsway Tavern Would tell you.  After refusing to leave the stage one night until their set was finished, The landlord locked the band in the dressing room with his Alsatian dog. Threatening not to pay them as they had played over the permitted time. His error had been locking the door, as he had no escape himself When we threatened to break his legs. The bands popularity and reputation was growing and growing and after progressing through a Battle of the Bands competition at the expense of the singer losing a front tooth, the band was making their name. Local newspapers were wanting to know the story behind the band and local promoters were asking them to headline the local festivals such as The Luton Carnival and the Marsh Farm Festival. The money gained through gigging went towards hiring a studio and the costs of producing 1.000 copies of their first single "Anyway"/"Never Again". EMI had tried to claim a percentage of the copy rights through a distribution deal that did not suit the band, so the band decided to distribute it themselves. This is why most copies of the single have tipex on the label over the line that mentions EMI. After continuous gigging and some radio air time, The band had reached a point that required more commitment To take them to the next level.

They had travelled as far as they could have on the local scene. A meeting had been called to discuss the next stage of progression and It was decided it was time for Acme Attractions to come to an end. It was not the end of the band however as the remaining members continued under various names such as 'English Dream' and 'Pressure'. With the new name of 'Pressure', it wasn't long before being signed to Anagram Records a division of Cherry Red Records. Releasing a further two 12Inches and touring the country before finally calling it a day back in 1983.

You can find the band on two splendid compilations, Raw And Rare British Punk Volume 4 (coming soon) & Bored Teenagers #11, as well. Great Stuff!

Saturday, 6 October 2018

THE WALL - The Punk Collection 1998

CD's are not really my source but this one is a damn MUST! This fantastic compilation was released by Captain Oi! and contains all recordings of The Wall, originally formed in Sunderland early 1978, and their six year career may have seen them go through enough members to form their own football team but it also saw them release some outstanding records along the way. The first line-up of note featured Ian Lowery (vox & guitars), Andy 'Andzy' Griffits (bass & vox), John Hammond (guitars) & Bruce Archibald (drums) and it was this incarnation of the band that recorded the superb 'New Way' EP for Small Wonder Records. It's success (it sold over 10.000 copies and was heavily played by John Peel on his (then) important Radio 1 show) led to Lowery & Andzy relocating to London where they recruited guitarist Nick Ward and Drummer Rab Fae Beith (ex-The Pack/Patrick Fitzgerald Group) and they issued the 'Exchange' single for Small Wonder which reached No.26 in the very first published independent chart and was produced by the Sex Pistols Steve Jones (the first band to be produced by a member of the Pistols).

However, not long after this the band suffered the time honoured 'musical differences' which led to the depature of Lowery (he later released a solo album called "King Blank" on Beggars Banquet) who was replaced by one time Ruefrex member Ivan 'Kellz' Kelly and he made his debut with the Wall on a UK tour supporting the Angelic Upstarts and on their first single for Fresh Records, August 1980's 'Ghetto' EP which, produced by Sham 69's Jimmy Pursey, enjoyed a three month indie chart run peaking at the No.19 position. This line-up also recorded the debut LP "Personal Troubles & Public Issues" (which came out in December 1980 in two different sleeves and reached No.15 in the indie chart) which also saw the arrival of guitarist Andy 'Heed' Forbes, formally a member of The Strapps.

Shortly after the album's release, however, Ward & Kelly departed leaving Rab, Heed and Andzy to continue as a three piece with Andzy assuming vocal duties. This line-up was snapped up by Polydor and their debut for the major was the three track 'Remembrance' EP which they promoted by doing a UK tour with Stiff Little Fingers. They also issued one final single for Fresh, 'Hobby For A Day' before a second Polydor 45 'Epitaph' followed in November '81 and it also saw the first appearance of new bassist Claire Bidwell (ex-The Passions) which allowed Andzy to concentrate on the vocals. Their time with Polydor ended with early 1982's album "Dirges & Anthems" (which came with a free 7") and which saw guitar duties split between Heed (who left half way through recording) and Baz.

Rob & Andzy continued under The Wall name throughout 1982, their last release being the ten track 12'' EP "Day Tripper" for No Future (also issued as a four track 7'') which reached No.21 in the UK indie chart. The 'band' folded not long after with Rob later turning up in the UK SUBS and playing on the "Huntington Beach" and "In Action" albums. He also set up RFB Records and released albums by the likes of Condemned 84, UK SUBS and Broken Bones.(Mark Brennan)

In August 2007, the band reformed for a headline appearance at the Blackpool Rebellion with seven of the original members, Andy Griffiths (vocals), Nick Ward (guitars), Al Gregg (guitars & bass), Andrew Forbes (guitars), John Hammond (guitars), Claire Bidwell (bass) and Mark Dyvig (drums) with a warm-up gig the previous night @ The Thatched House in Stockport. This was followed by the release of a new live album in August 2009 on Captive Records (Opus Productions/Captive Records). The debut album "Personal Troubles & Public Issues" is getting a re-issue on CD for the first time, by Westworld Recordings on 13/05/2016.

This little sucker shines with twenty extraordinary nuggets and I love the Wall and you will do it too... 'In Nature'!

Saturday, 27 February 2016

V2 - Speed Freak EP 1978

Damn good debut record by this Manchester combo on Bent Records with three awesome KBD smasher and because I'm a lousy writer I steal a little Info: "V2 were formed in late 1976 by David Wilks and Mark Standley. Both were regulars at Bowie/Roxy clubs in Manchester and became aware of punk rock when Dave Went to see the Sex Pistols in Manchester. This seminal gig at the Lesser Free Trade hall, at which the Pistols were supported by Manchester bands, Slaughter and the dogs, the Buzzcocks, inspired the next generation of bands to come out of Manchester, the Drones, Joy Division, the Fall, and V2. V2 brought their Glam Rock past to the band, and quickly became a popular live act with over the top shows, explosions, smashing up their equipment, and bassist Stan the Man attacking audiences with his cricket bat guitar when they spat at him once to often. Their first single, released on Bent records, (small bent one) was released in late '77, and quickly sold out 3 pressings. It featured three songs, Speedfreak Nothing to do and That's it. It went into the alternative top ten on each release." Read the full V2 bio. R.I.P. David! Compilations featuring the band: England Belongs To Me and the brand new Greater Manchester Punk - matchless!

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

V/A - Wanna Buy A Bridge? 1980

Rough Trade, a British indie label founded by Geoff Travis, was rock's first successful collective and a strong supporter of the arty, left-leaning post-punk music that emerged in the aftermath of the Sex Pistols. This U.S. only compilation introduced Americans to some of the exciting, innovative music released by Rough Trade between 1977 and 1980. The collection's opening number is the closest to Pistols-era punk rock: "Alternative Ulster," a blistering Irish anthem recorded by Stiff Little Fingers. Next in the collection is Delta 5's "Mind Your Own Business," a 1979 recording that proves that abrasive, self-consciously ironic music can also be incredibly catchy; Other highlights include "Soldier Soldier," a protest punk song; the exuberant "Ain't You" by Kleenex, an all-female Swiss band that later changed its name to Liliput; the Pop Group's "We Are All Prostitutes," a chaotic punk-funk-disco political rant with distorted guitar, drums, saxophone, and cello; "Part Time Punks," a beguilingly amateurish name-dropping classic by T.V. Personalities; the Raincoats' remake of "Man Next Door"; a reggae number by Jamaican singer John Holt (whose "The Tide Is High" became a hit for Blondie); and Robert Wyatt's surprisingly haunting rendition of Chic's "At Last I Am Free." I had the LP with the brown cover but use the blue here. I'm too lazy to scan both sides of the original. Overall this may be the best single-album collection assembled of post-punk music.

1.Alternative Ulster - STIFF LITTLE FINGERS
2.Mind Your Own Business - DELTA 5
3.Man Next Door - THE SLITS
4.Aerosol Burns - ESSENTIAL LOGIC
5.Part Time Punks - T.V. PERSONALITIES
6.Read About Seymour - SWELL MAPS
7.We Are All Prostitutes - THE POP GROUP
8.Soldier Soldier - SPIZZ ENERGI
9.Ain't You - KLEENEX
13.Skank Bloc Bologna - SCRITTI POLITTI
14.At Last I Am Free - ROBERT WYATT

Sunday, 9 January 2022

LES VERMINES - Bad Childhood 1983

Now to a combo that already appeared sporadically in wdthtc on some compilations: Les Vermines from Rouen, active around 1980-1989. Line-up: White Spirit (vocals), Torchon (guitar), Ted (bass), Daniel (drums) and this is their amazing debut on Rive Gauche Records. Bad Childhood is peppered with eleven superb candy canes. Info: To history and purists, punk has only lasted for a season. In 1977, the death knell had already sounded. This did not prevent the Vermines from continuing the adventure in the 80s with two albums in their own juice worthy of the best English productions of the good era. Adopting the language of the Queen of England, the group doesn't seem to care about this detail of the story and rushes headlong into a punk à la Sex Pistols and Ramones from which they also cover the title Blitzkrieg Bop and Warhead by the UK Subs on this album. The Rouen scene can be proud of these boys and you can convince yourself by the excellent songwriting and the amazingly good quality of these fourRecorded & mixed in twenty-two hours during summer 1983. They left two albums, a 7Inch and a tape for posterity, plus some compilation appearances. Brilliant debut in every way!

Friday, 1 October 2021

EPPU NORMAALI - Aknepop 1978

Aknepop is Eppu Normaali's first album which was released on Poko Rekords and "has fourteen straighforward Ramones and Sex Pistols influenced seventies goodies with Finnish lyrics full of youthful energy and political zeitgeist comedy influenced by a Finnish proto-punk/rock&roll band Virtanen." Eppu Normaali is one of the most popular bands -- perhaps the most popular -- in the history of Finnish rock music. They have recorded thirteen studio albums since their inception in 1976 -- nine of these have gone platinum and the rest gold. They've sold over a million albums in Finland, which is a significant amount for a country of five million, and are the rare Finnish act able to sell out 30,000 tickets in a stadium concert. They began as an irreverent punk band that turned toward guitar-oriented rock. Finns have called them "the poor man's Dire Straits," although their output is far more varied than that of Mark Knopfler. Their debut was among the earliest & most popular records on the early young Finnish punk scene. Their sarcastic and hilarious songs, such as "Poliisi Pamputtaa Taas" ("The Police Pounces Again") were beloved by both the music press and the kids, while the mainstream and adult contemporary crowds were either unimpressed or hostile. (JT Lindroos) - Sexy Stuff!

Sunday, 29 August 2021

V/A - Bored Teenagers Vol.9 2016

And exactly what I described earlier applies to the following compilation; emotional authentic music by bands that perfectly reflect the zeitgeist and with their attitude towards life bought a few instruments and founded a band to express their emotions, some made it to a single and that was it. The baby is called Bored Teenagers and this is the Volume 9 in this highly collectable series that has done for Punk what the Pebbles series did for the obscure gems from the 60s. We have unearthed another batch of Punkrock Gems! This time only five bands but they had so many great tracks we couldn’t leave any off.

Info: First off is a band called the Crabs that most people are aware of as they appeared on the decent Farewell To The Roxy compilation back in 1978 with their ultra catchy track Lullabies Lie. Sadly no further recordings were released as the band folded in 1978 and became the backing band for Max Splodge but little did we know, the band did record four studio tracks for the highly collectable Lightning label and were scheduled for a release in March 1978. One thing led to another and the band never signed the contract and the tracks were shelved. Rough cassette copies circulated over the years but Tony the singer still had the master tape. This band should of made it and is criminal they are not up there with the likes of some of the bigger bands!

The second band to feature is FU-2 from Southend-On-Sea. Their roots can be traced back to late ’77. After years and years of trying to track this band down after seeing some Youtube footage, we hit lucky and found the singer. He had moved so many times and to our astonishment, he still had in his possession the original five trackmaster tape. The really interesting thing about these tracks is that all the recordings feature a certain lady who was made famous by appearing in the Sex Pistols film The Great Rock'N'Roll Swindle, Yes…. Helen Of Troy. Her vocals are so unique and some might say out of tune but blend perfectly with the opposing vocals of Terry Piper. All five tracks can be heard here! Be warned!!!! These tracks are catchy and you will be singing them all day! Once again, three out of these five tracks have never been heard before!

Next up is a band from Caterham in Surrey called Nuffin’ who were mates with The Damned & Johnny Moped. Their claim to fame so to speak of is that they had Roger Bullen (aka Dee Generate) as their drummer before being head hunted by Eater. Things were looking good for Nuffin’ as in November 1976 London Weekend Television broadcast a documentary by Janet Street Porter on a new youth cult called punk rock that was sweeping the nation. You can hear one of their tracks being played in that program. Here we have all four of their studio tracks that have never been heard before and are direct off the original reel to reel master tape.

The next band are Norwich’s first Punk band the Toads. These tracks that are featured are the essence of Punk, no messing about, straight in with 1234.. Bang! Short and sweet! After only a year or so theywere gone but the nucleus of the band re-appearing as Silent Noise.The last band are the Coils from out of Morpeth in Northumberland of all places… Once again, no  messing about, 1234 and singing about what was happening around them! Just take a listen to Fascist and Smash The Front! - Once again, a fucking ass kick on vinyl!

Enough for today, I'm tired and drunk, I only chilling now and I'm hungry...

1.Victim - THE CRABS
2.Save My Skin - THE CRABS
3.Lullabies Lie - THE CRABS
4.Blue Unction - THE CRABS
5.PG Tips - FU-2
6.Maybe - FU-2
7.Sorry - FU-2
8.Soho - FU-2
9.Sindy Michelle - FU-2
10.Centre Point Anywhere - NUFFIN'
11.Red Day Blues - NUFFIN'
12.We're Plastic - NUFFIN'
13.Pigs Can't Fly - NUFFIN'
14.All I Wanna Be Is A Star - THE TOADS
15.Suppression/Oppression - THE TOADS
16.I Don't Care About You - THE TOADS
17.In The Subway - THE TOADS
18.Nowhere To Go - THE TOADS
19.Bank Job - THE TOADS
20.Eyes - THE TOADS
21.Mixed Up Kid - THE TOADS
22.Blood On My Wheels - THE TOADS
23.Supermousse - THE COILS
24.Fascist - THE COILS
25.Upper Class Cretin - THE COILS
26.Land Of The Dead - THE COILS
27.Smash The Front - THE COILS

Tuesday, 6 July 2021


Today and tomorrow the semi-finals and I can hardly wait until it starts. Four teams, each of which I think has the quality & power for the title, but only two make it to the final, we'll see who achieves it. In any case, my tip is clear if you have paid attention. But let's change the continent for a moment and take a detour to Central America and visit Mexico City and meet Dangerous Rhythm and you heard right, Mexico isn't much known for numerous punk bands, but they exist there too. D.R. was formed in Mexico, August 1978 by Cuban singer Porfirio "Piro" Pendas, Marcelo (guitar), Johnny (bass) & Rip Sick (drums), and can claim to be one of the first punk bands in the country. Piro, the band's vocalist, immersed himself in the whole Los Angeles scene, and was in contact with the Chicano side of the city through Tito Larriva from The Plugz and other bands from the area like Circle Jerks, Fear, and Black Flag. The impact of punk classics like the Sex Pistols, The Clash, or the Ramones obviously had a big influence on their sound. Dangerous Rhythm never forgot their family tree, absorbing large doses of unconventional rock like the New York Dolls, The Stooges, and Lou Reed. All these elements helped the band forge their own style and so they starting with songs sung mostly in English and vibrant, direct melodies and in 1979 the time had come and the band released their first EP No No No via Orfeon with three fantastic killers. After laying the foundations of the non-existent punk scene and recording their first eponymous debut album in 1981. It was released by Hip 70, a label run by Armando Blanco, who owned the club of the same name, which was the focal point of the Mexican scene in the '80s. The end result was mind-blowing and shows a band with nerve that played new wave with a punk rhythm. Their debut was reissued by a Spanish label called Beat Generation on 180-gram vinyl and features replica cover art and inserts plus a liner notes written by Piro in an edition of 500 copies. Solid Stuff!

Monday, 28 June 2021

SUBTRACTIONS - It's Exposed EP 2015

Another uncovered whopper, a massive missing link of first wave West Coast punk. Four incredible songs that never saw a release during their tenure until now, boiling over w/punk brilliance, pulse-pounding and antagonistic anthems that immediately command your attention. From the recently-unearthed 1980 studio recordings, HoZac Records presents Punk pioneers from Fresno/California: The Subtractions.

"When one thinks of Fresno, CA punk bands certainly aren't the first thing to come to mind. This sleepy city located inland and about the halfway point between Los Angeles and San Francisco became a hot spot for 60s rock bands to stop through which carried over into the 1970s, when the wave of hard rock washed over the town, resulting in numerous bootleg LPs from AC/DC, Van Halen and more. Fast forward to the appearances of "punk" across American pop culture (DEVO on SNL, Sex Pistols US tour, Ramones planting seeds everywhere) and you've got bands springing up around every corner, Fresno included. And even on the first Maximum Rocknroll compilation, Not So Quiet On the Western Front, three Fresno bands made their debut appearances, Maniax, Nazi Bitch & the Jews and the Frigidettes, but little was known about the bands that predated those, until now.

The Subtractions were the brightest-sounding pure punk band of the bunch, and although stacked with a lively gig schedule, complete with a sold out support slot for the Dead Kennedys, they sadly never left their recorded mark on the world in their original inception, but luckily they DID have the good notion to make a recording before they went their separate ways, and finally seeing the light of day in October 2015 is the "lost" debut EP called It's Exposed on HoZac Records in edition of 500 copies." (Todd Killings) - Here they have four tracks rescued from the vault, listen!”

Thursday, 13 May 2021

PROBLEMI - Nije Po Jus-U 2014

Holiday friends, bad weather, good times for blog visitors. I open the treasure chest with a compilation nuggets by Problemi. Founded in Zagreb, August 1978 as a result of the social economic situation and new trends (punk) spreading rapidly over the world and the first line-up consisted of Marino (vocals), Valter and Žarko (guitars), Maurizio (bass), Milenko (drums). After some line-up changes they played their first gig in September 1978 at a youth center with several young bands. Interestingly, Marino, as the youngest member, is responsible for the created punk expression of the group, in which he involved slightly older members who grew up on a fiercer, but more classical understanding of rock music. Initially, the band included in the repertoire arrangements of songs by bands such as the Sex Pistols, but they soon focused on their own songs. The music is mostly created by new guitarist Boris, while the lyrics are written by Marino. So, absolute enthusiasm and more than necessary musical foreknowledge blended into the youthful rebellion with a good dose of banter and the Pula legend was created. The band lyrically expressed itself as a voice of the people by saying publically what people thought, and encountered a resistance from the authorities.

Even though art shouldn't have boundaries, the government did a lot of silence the band by restricting public gigs and recordings. Despite this, Problemi survived for several years by changing band members, and consequently, styles of performing. However, they never compromised the message they were bringing to the public. Numerous gigs throughout Croatia and Slovenia are still remembered by fans and members of other well established bands of the time. A month after their first gig, Problemi get their first chance to play in the hottest club at the time Uljanik, which Pero remembers as a big part of that time because only the best were invited by Uljanik. 

At the beginning of the eighties they finally got the chance to record a handfull of songs at Truli, Zagreb which were published on the essential Novi Punk Val 78-80 compilation. They stopped working late 1980 (singer Marino passed away on February 2, 1981) because some members were drafted to the compulsory army, marking a period of silence for the band. 

Nije Po Jus-U is full with their complete former studio sessions and rare pieces recorded at home in Pula, June 1979, a total of fourteen rough smasher. Released via Rest In Punk in an edition of 250 copies with glossy black/white insert featuring liner notes, photos, lyrics. Fine Work!