Friday, 16 March 2018

TENPOLE TUDOR - Real Fun 7'' 1980

"We Wanna Have Some Real Fun.......Today" and I have it at this early morning hour. Weekends in and I hope we pick three points tomorrow versus Mainz. Until then I amuse myself with good music and the fucking work at the office later passes also. This 7inch was released on Korova Records and I think it's the first release by Tenpole Tudor. The band were formed 1974 when Tudor-Pole (vocals/saxophone) met guitarist Bob Kingston, bassist Dick Crippen and drummer Gary Long. They played regularly for several years until Tudor-Pole himself (under the moniker of Eddie Tenpole) came to prominence by appearing in the Sex Pistols film The Great Rock'N'Roll Swindle. He was originally billed as a replacement for Sex Pistols singer Johnny Rotten - performing the songs "Who Killed Bambi?", "The Great Rock'N'Roll Swindle" and a cover version of "Rock Around The Clock" for the film and subsequent soundtrack - however, manager Malcolm McLaren and the remaining Sex Pistols instead decided to abandon the group and go their own ways. Later the band signed to Stiff Records and they were one the strangest and silliest groups on Stiff Records, a label that was known for its oddball clients. Led by Eddie Tudor (born Edward Tudorpole), a former actor who could barely carry a tune, the group played a mixture of punk, roots rock, pop, and British dancehall music, developing a thoroughly entertaining and ridiculous style. They released two albums on Stiff Records which sold well and in 1982, the band broke up. Today, Tudor-Pole concentrates partly on acting, but focuses mainly upon his new one-man-show, performing live shows described as a 'One Man Stadium Show'. He has re-formed Tenpole Tudor from time to time, notably in 2001, with Darrell Bath on guitar, Donagh O'Leary on bass and Ben Standage on drums. 2009 Angel Air Records released a compilation CD with all their classics. Fine record and now let's have some fun today!


  1. Damn! So early on a Friday here in the office after some small bud tokes on the way in today you are absolutely right in starting my weekend fun Vildemone! And now I have to search my backlog files on this band to see where I stand since I am highly addicted to silly/ridiculous style. In fact, while I sit awaiting new applications, I think I need to unzip this one for a listen. May it glisten....

    1. I'm sure your ears will be enchanted VCCMD