Thursday, 15 March 2018

ANA HAUSEN - Professionals 7'' 1981

British Post-Punk band who released a single for Human Records in 1981. The line-up included: May Matisse (vox), Douglas Campbell (guitars), Craig Nugent (guitar, bass & keys) and Craig Ferguson (drums). To make you this little gem tasty I'd like to use this review from Goregirl which she wrote in July 2008 because a) it is also true for me, b) it's better than mine, c) why not?, d) more I could not find, e) I am a lazy sack: "Listening to this actually brought about more questions than anything, like why haven't I heard of her before? Why does she only have one single when both songs she has are really very good. The first song 'Professionals' is a cute little catchy little three-chord post-punk ditty with a good beat, her vocals are really quite perfect for this sort of thing. The second song on the single 'Tunnel Vision' is more instrumental but does include a few vocals. The music is actually quite interesting sounding and mellow, but it picks up into some really well blended guitar and synth work that is fantastic (although simplistic). I'm not even sure which song I prefer, but I know I'll be listening to both an awful lot now that I know they exist. I can't really find out any more information about Ana no matter where I look but I can tell you that you should go out of your way to hear this single, it's simply lovely." I chose the a-side for my Bad Times For A Change compilation, you guess why.

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  1. Thank you for this Brit post-punk as you said. Enjoy the weekend, dear friend.