Saturday, 27 February 2016

V2 - Speed Freak EP 1978

Damn good debut record by this Manchester combo on Bent Records with three awesome KBD smasher and because I'm a lousy writer I steal a little Info: "V2 were formed in late 1976 by David Wilks and Mark Standley. Both were regulars at Bowie/Roxy clubs in Manchester and became aware of punk rock when Dave Went to see the Sex Pistols in Manchester. This seminal gig at the Lesser Free Trade hall, at which the Pistols were supported by Manchester bands, Slaughter and the dogs, the Buzzcocks, inspired the next generation of bands to come out of Manchester, the Drones, Joy Division, the Fall, and V2. V2 brought their Glam Rock past to the band, and quickly became a popular live act with over the top shows, explosions, smashing up their equipment, and bassist Stan the Man attacking audiences with his cricket bat guitar when they spat at him once to often. Their first single, released on Bent records, (small bent one) was released in late '77, and quickly sold out 3 pressings. It featured three songs, Speedfreak Nothing to do and That's it. It went into the alternative top ten on each release." Read the full V2 bio. R.I.P. David! Compilations featuring the band: England Belongs To Me and the brand new Greater Manchester Punk - matchless!

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