Sunday, 28 February 2016

TRUST - Hardcore Girls EP 2006

WOW! can't remeber when I heard an all girl band that can play super horny hardcore music like this. Six songs in seven minutes. Holy shit, this blast me away and if you really like HC you agree with me. Trust is an all girl hardcore band from from Buenos Aires and was formed in may of 2004. They were all youngsters and always went to hardcore shows so they decided to form a band. Some of them used to play in other punk rock bands. Trust play old school hardcore style like 7 Seconds, Up Front or Youth Of Today. Their lyrics are related to personal stuff; straight edge, vegetarianism and the place girls should even make hardcore music and life. So that's enough words, I promise this record kills your brain in every way.


  1. Wenn Dir das gefällt, würde ich Dir die Band "Infect" empfehlen. Ist von Stil her ziemlich gleich, aber meiner Meinung sogar noch ein bißchen besser. Hier eine Kostprobe:
    Und vielen Dank für all die super Platten, die man bie Dir entdecken kann!!!

  2. Holy Shit, die gehen ab wie Zäpfchen. Mir ein bißchen zu anstrengend, thx for the info ;)