Sunday, 28 February 2016


Another classic Swedish Punkrock band from the 80's are Pojkfan Trilskas from Stockholm. The band was formed about a year before this debut EP came out. Two years later they released their second EP. The band plays excellent noises of the early dirtys as I like it, fat guitars and powerful drums push the shit out of my mind. All sung in finest Swedish language (who needs english?), and I'm always surprised how much great bands I discover. Without the help of my estimated supporter Fredrik this blog would be only half interesting. I raise my glass at this point, SKÅL! - The band recorded some more songs but split up in 1987 after through some member changes. As soon as possible I will post their second record, be patient! See below, there's one more song by the band on the little nice 7Inch .EP. compilation. And now 2.Liga!

- Huge Thx to Fredrik -

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