Monday, 29 February 2016

I.A.F. & RÄHÄKKÄ - Split EP 2003

Again further with more extreme music, this time with two absolute brilliant bands and I love this awesome record. AARRGGHHHHHH, I'm fuckin' angry!!!! OK, first side is awesome killer trash hardcore from Barcelona from a band called I.A.F. (Ideal Anti Fascista) and if you have heard this you wonder if the B-side hardly beat this. Driving played hardcore volume with tempos and they're really pissed. I don't understand a fucking word so I think music like this speaks for itself (don't worry there's a lyric sheet inside) and I love this aggression and anger underlaid with a terrible sound, these guys are damn good. The same applies to Rähäkkä, a scandi-thrash-hardcore-crust band, extremely drunk but still political. The band was formed in the mid-90's in Tampere, Finland, featuring members from such legendary bands as Kaaos, Bastards and Kohu-63. The band is now back from a hiatus as long as three and a half years and is more fucked up than ever before, doing shows every once in a while and about to record some new material in the very near future.

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