Monday, 29 February 2016

HERMANN'S ORGIE - Die Moderne Welt & Andere Disharmonien 1980

Now a request from a very underrated band I think is this combo. Founded 1978 in Hamburg, members were: Clement Hülse (bass+vox), Jörg Holst (drums), Tom Meyer (vox+guitars), Christian Haimerl (sax) and they were one of the first to use German-language lyrics. They released two records, the 'Moderne Musik' EP in 1979, and their incredible debut album in 1980, both on their own Label Moderne Musik. The label Moderne Musik then went on to release other classic German language punk singles amongst others Slime and Napalm. Every song on this album impresses with its clear statement and bring the attitude of the band clearly expressed. Simple, directly and without ambiguity. A hearty renunciation to all those who make our lives difficult. And musically Hermann's Orgie keep the level high. Short fast songs mixed with a bit reggae and the saxophone shines as another solo & rhythm instrument, that confirms the two live songs at the end of the record. Check this Interview with bassist Clement from 2011 (in German) for more info. For me one of the best D-punk albums by a really good band from the Waterkant.


  1. yes, very underrated old band,thanx for this one, mate!
    "Hamburg I love you, why are you so cold to me..."

    1. I used this song as my relationship with my Hamburg Pearl broke. "We move to Berlin":