Saturday, 21 January 2017

SEX PISTOLS - Black Leather 7'' 1980

In a few minutes the Bundesliga starts again with the top game in Leipzig and I'm in high tension. Fuckin' work is done and we come to a very very unknown band, who the fuck are the Sex Pistols?? I don't know but there are dozens of books and more more LP's/CD's that are disproportionate to their complete musical works. The music kicks me right from the beginning when I first listen to them. Can not say which song it was but they had not really much, hahaha....I'm thankful, whoever, who brought me to them and so I start my fuckin' punk life. I imagine that I was not the only one...Summary these two tracks are probably the rarest Sex Pistols tracks, only released as part of the Pistols Pack in 1980 which consisted of six singles with the most obvious Pistols tunes, similar to the Flogging A Dead Horse compilation. In fact these aren't the Sex Pistols but Paul Cook & Steve Jones after finishing the Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle-soundtrack and before forming The Professionals. Two great nuggets + a must have! And now: forza SGE!!