Sunday, 22 January 2017

FUZZ - Satan's Fans 7'' 1981

Never heard of this combo from Marseille and this is their only record on Les Productions Amicalement Vôtre with two hard rockin' metal fetzer. Was not on my Wanted-List and a positive little surprise in my mailbox and the first metal post in 2017. The a-side is really cool and the guitars blow me out tremendously, the tempo proper kept high and the voice nice angry & wild, a decent number, the flip is also good, a stomper which can only hardrocker play... very charming.

- Big Thx to François -


  1. Hello, i'm a singer/bassist at the left of the picture...
    Thanks for your post !!! It's a great pleasure for me to read this com ! If you want to follow our actuality :
    Sorry for my bad English but i'm frecnh ;-)
    Bye and long live hard rock !!!

    1. Hey Gilles,
      thx for your comment. Fuzz are still active, very cool. Facebook is crap and I'm rare there. Hope you find good stuff here and enjoy the Blog.