Monday, 23 January 2017

THE SEIZE - Dancing Like A Dervish EP 1984

Now a rare record from the Wanted-List and there's not much music in Blogland from The Seize (this is really a shame), a four piece from Reading/Berkshire and they have three 7Inches and a mini album, all via Why Not? Records, released (delight your ears to the 2nd at kbdrecords), and it's fuckin' time to listen more from them because this band is simply delicious, more swingin' powerpop and I will not to say amateurish, rather somehow they give me the feeling there is no evil in the world, you know... Argh! anyway, four nice songs and maybe someone sent their 12''. The Seize can be found on Back To Front # 3 and Bloodstains Across The UK 4. Go for it... 

- Big Thx to trgec -


  1. Straight to download this new rarety; thank you so much and nice week my friend:=)

    1. Aloha David, have a nice week too and enjoy the record

  2. Thanks TRGEC! Last one of the 4 I needed, didn't even know it existed until a few years ago. Cheers, M.