Friday, 20 January 2017

FLEISCH - ... Macht Süchtig EP 1989

Late in the evening we visit Horgen, a kaff in no mans land of Switzerland and meet Fleisch, a punk/hardcore four piece of the late eighties and 'Macht Süchtig is their first record on Far Out Records and it has songs singin' in French, English and German and the bandwidth of their sound goes from powerful punk into atmospheres of bellicosity, aggression and melancholy. I bought the 7Inch because of the brilliant band name on ebay for five bucks or so and when I listened to them I must say they make their thing astrein, just six pissers in ca. thirteen minutes and that is already a house mark, boom out pleasantly and the artwork with all infos within let my punk heart enjoy a drink and move me to the fast lane and lead me on the left track with frosty balls. Bloody Hell, I need my bed, tomorrow I have to work unfortunately.... Kackladen.... :(


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  1. nicht schlecht, alter.... nicht schlecht....