Friday, 20 January 2017

LIK - Total Krig EP 1981

Another unknown band from Norway is this two piece called Lik and they released their only three song EP on Likvider Plater in 1981. The fast title track 'Total Krig' is a-typical punk and boasts a wry guitar solo. The other two cuts are more slower songs, but added with some cold synth-lines, almost early synth-punk. Works well together and rough produced. Overall, it is noted that in this way, the band manages to create a very sterile and gloomy apocalyptic mood. I also like that the songs are sung in Norwegian. They also had a track on the brilliant Anarki & Kaos compilation. Check them out and decide for yourselfs.

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  1. let's check this Norwegian band out aas you said: thanks as usual and have a nice weekend ;)