Sunday, 31 December 2017

TROTSKIDS - A Mort!...A Fond!!... 1986

Francophone punkrock between snot and hymn is comin' from Brittany and released via Terminal Records this is the 'second' Album by the Trotskids from Rennes. They play the typical hard fat French Punk sound and with this record they emphasize this in every way. I like this slab because I love an decent Oi! sound and the production is well rough. The band formed 1982 in Rennes by brothers Doumé (vocals) and Félipé (drums), Ivan (guitars), Ruff (bass) and occasionally Nono as second drummer. After many gigs their vinyl debut was made on the Chaos En France #1 compilation and in 1984 their first album with six songs was released via Chaos Productions. Chaos #2, line-up changes, a tape (4 Fois En 10 mn!!) followed inbetween until A Mort !...A Fond !!... comes out and in June 1987 the band split up for reasons of musical divergences.

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