Sunday, 31 December 2017

THE MIRRORS - Dark Glasses 7'' 1978

Last post in 2017 and there is something new from the Wanted list and it's the second single by the Mirrors, a short-lived combo from South Wales, and on these recordings involved: Gary (vocals + rhythm guitar), Alan (bass), Bree (lead guitar) and Trevor (drums), released by the small London-based label Lightning Records. On the a-side we enjoy a lumbering four minute piece who monotonous pulls its laps and I can permanent listen to this fuckin' rhythm. They play exactly the drive as I love it, sure for some boring and uninspired but this soft bluesy melody listen I seldom and the four gentlemen do it very well. On the flip-side is a pleasant 2:30 mid-tempo KBD powerpop/punk goodie which rounding the record out. On compilations not often represented but Cure For Cancer was taken for the Young Raw Sounds UK #1 (Zeus Records, 1997) record, only bands/songs from Lightning releases and highly recommended. Enjoy or endure the music!

I wish you all a nice New Year's Eve and thanks to all who helped me this year, sent good music, gave some comments and we face the 2018 challenge!  

- Great Thx to Bristolboy -


  1. I like so much this cover: thanks a lot.
    and of course...I wish you (and all your partners) happy New Year's eve and better entry of New year.All the best

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  3. Hope you have a good New year ahead too. Look forward to more great shares in 2018 :)
    Cheers, M.

  4. thanx to you,long live rock'n roll

  5. great stuff!! mercí