Thursday, 4 January 2018

THE STALIN - Stop Jap 1982

Original published on Climax Records this is the second record by Fukushima's band The Stalin and my copy is an unoffical one but that doesn't matter, is just as cool. Formed 1980 by leader and vocalist Michiro Endo, Atsushi on guitar and Jun on drums and their first single "Dendou Kokeshi" comes out via Political Records the same year. Tam replaced Atsushi on guitar and on X-Mas 1981 they released their first full-length album (half studio/half live) Trash. They toured immense, they had a couple line-up changes and released many singles and albums, among them a live record, and the band split up 1993. In 2001 there was a special Stalin concert entitled "One Night Dream". Michiro Endo performed with Keigo Nakata (ex:The Stalin) on drums, Shinichi Suzuki (Pulling Teeth) on guitar and Katsuta on bass. Other bands and artists also performed and paid tribute to the group, including Loopus, Cobra, Panta and Kenzi. The show was recorded and released as the Hakike Gasuruhodo Romanchikku Daze!! video in June 2001. The concert coincided with the release of the 365-A Tribute to The Stalin album, which has some of the bands that performed covering Stalin songs. Stop Jap is full with fifteen first-class snotty punk nuggets and is one of the best record from the land of the rising sun.


  1. Thank you for last three posts.Have a nice weekend, (and Fredrik too);)

  2. Hello Michael
    Believe it or not but I'm just discovering this album
    What a smasher !!!!
    Thank you

    1. REALLY???? - Well, I'm glad that you have discovered something new what you like, BUMM!!