Friday, 5 January 2018

DIE BLUMEN DES BÖSEN - Übermut Werde Spaten 1995

80s punk combined with wave influences, that's the sound of Die Blumen Des Bösen, founded in 1992 in the southwest German province and named after the poetry book of the same name by Charles Baudelaire. They could never describe their music and the influences are varied: punk, new wave, C-86 guitar pop and much more. Striking in the early years was the tender voice of Marty. Over time it came to frequent cast changes, including Marty left the band and was replaced by a male successor. Despite all the changes, they were productive over the years, released a total of three albums and gave concerts in Germany and France. After a last tour in Germany fall 1999 as opening act of the Fliehende Stürme, it became quiet around the flowers. In 2000 they finally withered and 3/4 of the members founded the new band Dot-Commando. Übermut Werde Spaten is their debut album on Kaktus Records and we enjoy fifteen melancholy beats, including a nice cover of a Cure song in Spanish, plus an awesome one from Loonatik which is written by the Blumen and presented in their version, grandiose! Altogether a very nice album what the four recorded in my opinion.

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  1. dot.commando released an excellent demo.a pity they called a day soon after that.