Saturday, 30 December 2017

ATTAQUE 77 - Dulce Navidad 1989

Christmas is over but this record is currently running up and down because.... A bit info from wiki: "Attaque 77 is an Argentine punk rock group and were formed 1987 in Buenos Aires as a group of friends who got together to play their favorite songs, most of them by the Ramones, their favorite band and the one that influenced them the most. They started writing songs in the same punk rock style, lyrics with proletarian content (about exploited factory workers, etc.), and wore denim jackets, which became one of their hallmarks in their beginnings. Currently, only three members continue performing and recording. When they were just starting, they played the more traditional punk rock and in those years, the band became more popular by virtue of a more melodic style. High points in the band's history include the album El Cielo Puede Esperar in 1990, with the first band's big-hit "Hacelo Por Mí" and performing their first gigs at the Estadio Obras in October 1991." Many records have since been released and the band is still active and touring decent and maybe a new album will follow.


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