Monday, 11 December 2017

MEN AT WORK - Business As Usual 1981

This record was also very influential in my musical history and I remember very well their hit that splashed over the ether day and night but I mean Men At Work have more to offer than Down UnderFormed 1978 in Melbourne by Colin (vocals + guitars), Jerry (drums) & Ron (lead guitar). They were joined by Greg (flute, saxophone, keys) and John (bass). Business As Usual is the debut album and was released 1981 and is one of the most successful albums internationally by an Australian group. The excellent mix of Pop, Reggae and New Wave makes these ten songs absolutely worth listening to, without stress, melodic, anytime and bring you to a pleasantly relaxed level (that's the case with me). Thirty-five years old and still a delicacy. Also album #2 (Cargo 1983) is, in my opinion, a solid record which I like to hear as well but with the third slab (Two Hearts, 1986) the band loses its class in all points: Uninspired, Boring, Poor, Cruel! Ergo, the group had to disbanded in 1986. Now sing the classics with me again.


  1. Oh, I like MAW so much (and Colin Hay too),the following album, called "Cargo" is another Master Piece too. Have a nice week, my friend and obviously, many thanks for this one .

    1. yeah, I enjoy them very too, a) MAW is nice music and b) brings lots of memories and c) why not?