Tuesday, 12 December 2017

V/A - Osaka Battle Royal 1990

This fuckin' christmas time is full with all kinds of crap but the best goodies are the cookies and hot Äppler/Punch/Wine, etc... and I'm getting fatter each time. Well, enough from my little private stories and let's talk about Japanese music. This compilation on O.B.R. Records is decorated with Osaka maniacs, six bands, two songs each and I'm a litte surprised because we find excellent mid-tempo goodies, Punk/Metal/Oi! style, and no screaminhardcorenoisecantunderstandpunk lullabies and that looks interesting like blood im urine. Now I need a shower and come back with a fresh lemon scent. 

1.Easy Life - CYCLAMENS
2.Run Like Hell - CYCLAMENS
3.The Angel Kills You - DOROCHYS
4.Dead End Dreamer - DOROCHYS
5.Wind Jammer - GRUESOME
6.Dog And Stag - GRUESOME
7.Holy Terror - BUGS BUNNY
8.Rusty Eyes - BUGS BUNNY
9.Come Back, Maria - WHITE ROPES
10.Heartache & Trouble - WHITE ROPES
11.Fireman (My God Ittue) - GHAPPS
12.Heavy Time - GHAPPS


  1. I was at Westphalia outdoor market in Munster in 1998 and had the hot cider...what a treat to behold! I bought the black 1998 commemorative mug and they let me buy the blue 1997 mug and I still have them both and cherish. Happy Holidays my friend and enjoy the fine shopping!

    1. Well Via, drinking Äppler from a Bembel is original! I think, it's time for you to book a trip overseas...

  2. "interesting like blood im urine", hahaha.... I like your style