Wednesday, 13 December 2017

CONDEMNED 84 - The Boots Go Marching In 1991

One of the oldest English Oi! veterans are Condemned 84 from Ipswich and they were formed Autumn 1980 as Criminal Tendencies, after three years the band changed their name to Condemned. The 84 moniker was added a year later, coinciding with the release of their first demo tape. This compilation (released via Cock-O-Rama) contains, in my opinion, their best songs: all from the Oi! Ain't Dead EP + In Search Of The New Breed 12'' and a few Gröhlies from the Battle Scarred mini album. Thirteen streetpunk anthems from the Eighties and they don't get tired... but I and there's coming soon a fine movie with Louis de Funès (the man with forty faces per minute). Yeah!!


  1. Louis de Funés !!!! Which film ? all are hilarious but Fantomas and rabbi Jacob are awesome.

    1. L’aile Ou La Cuisse, He as Duchemin, an editor of an internationally known restaurant guide... famos :))

  2. last 4 tracks is from cassette 1984 "original tapes (approved)",not from "battle scared"mlp 1986