Monday, 25 December 2017

V/A - Metropolis 3LP 1980

I've decided to post some compilations for the holidays that I have a while and now as little gifts throw out for you; I think the start yesterday was not bad but it goes still better. Door #25 is a three record set from the Finnish label Johanna with bands who released their slabs there, partly only on this record, and musically there is something for everyone: solid '77 punk, weird rock'n'roll, a little surf twist, in short: forty-two nice melodic Christmas carols for a harmonious togetherness... is not that nice?

1.Saippuaa - RATSIA
2.Ole Hyvä Nyt - RATSIA
3.Ne Ei Haluu Kuunnella - RATSIA
4.Pikkuaikuinen - RATSIA
5.Me Noustiin Kellareistamme - RATSIA
6.Tämä Hetki Ja Tulevaisuus - RATSIA
7.Gotta Getaway - RATSIA
8.Louie Louie - RATSIA
9.New Rose - RATSIA
10.Raw Power - RATSIA
11.All Your Love - JIM PEMBROKE BAND
12.That's All Right - ROCK BOYS & THE AGENTS
13.Blue Suede Shoes - ROCK BOYS & THE AGENTS
14.Can't Help Falling In Love - ROCK BOYS & THE AGENTS
15.Kitara Twist - AGENTS
16.Snake Shake - AGENTS
17.Yes, I Love You Baby - DUCKTAILS
18.Drinkin' Wine (Spo Dee O Dee) - DUCKTAILS
19.Eileen - DUCKTAILS
20.Backstreet Boys - BRIARD
21.I Want Ya Back - BRIARD
22.Miss World - BRIARD
23.Fuck The Army - BRIARD
24.Superstars - BRIARD
25.The Famous Five - WIDOWS
26.Hang Yourself - WIDOWS
27.Cartoon Rock - WIDOWS
28.What You Want - WIDOWS
29.Mun Kaverit/Elvis - MAUKKA PERUSJÄTKÄ
32.Tulevaisuus? - VAAVI
33.Uhoan Voimaa - VAAVI
34.Me Voitais Vaikka Rakastella - VAAVI
35.Suomalainen Yleisö - VAAVI
36.Juosten Kohti Elämää - PELLE MILJOONA 1980
37.Ajassa Tapahtuu - PELLE MILJOONA 1980
38.Tämä Sukupolvi - PELLE MILJOONA 1980
39.Raitsikka Oot - PELLE MILJOONA 1980
40.Koko Yö - PELLE MILJOONA 1980
41.You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover - TUMARI NURMIO & KÖYHIEN YSTÄVÄT

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