Monday, 25 December 2017

V/A - AK•79 1979

This little masterpiece was released by Ripper Records and has six bands, each with two pieces, from lovely New Zealand in the luggage and brings us the early underground of the late 70s closer. Not easy to get nowadays some slabs from there in Europe and the original 7Inches are as rare as a polar bear at the South Pole. Hence that is important there are records like this that shine at least with a little bit of the sound otherwise not reachable. Hugh, I spoke!

1.Mysterex - SCAVENGERS
2.Never Been To Borstal - TERRORWAYS
3.I Am A Rabbit - PROUD SCUM
4.True Love - SCAVENGERS
5.Suicide - PROUD SCUM
6.She's A Mod - TERRORWAYS
7.Certain Sound - SWINGERS
8.Funny Stories - PRIMMERS
9.Squeeze - TOY LOVE
10.Baby - SWINGERS
11.You're Gonna Get Done - PRIMMERS
12.Toy Love Song - TOY LOVE


  1. One of my favorite Regional Compilations! Here's a link for the 1993 expanded 25 track Reissue (CD scans available from discogs: