Friday, 29 December 2017


Huvudtvätt existed from 1981-1984 and were formed by brothers Mats and Torulf Nilsson. After the demise of Sundsvall's famous (and orthodox) punk band Massmedia in 1980, the two brothers moved to Linköping to study and they were eager to play again. It was originally planned as a solo project by Mats, but it resulted in Huvudtvätt (HT). With new influences from the US hardcore scene and England’s Discharge, they step towards in a wild/tougher style and they were noticed in the clubs. All the song titles have a cleaning theme and the ambiguous lyrics were humorous but serious at the same time. The band also appeared as Headcleaners, whose name came from a cleaning cassette and their music was as rough as HT, but the social critical English words were written primarily by Janne and they released one or two 7Inches via the Uppsala label Malign Massacre. On stage Huvudtvätt only performed once during their career. - From the Picnic Boys came the B-Side with two classic KBD tunes. They were a three piece combo (also Sundsvall) and that's all info I have for you. These both tracks are damn cool and I think this is all they pressed on vinyl. Unfortunately, I think a full length would become a killer LP.

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