Tuesday, 26 December 2017

V/A - Live & Alive [Special] 2017

It's time again to torture you with one of my superfluous self-made compilations and since I'm a Live person, this Machwerk is full with sixteen Alive goodies from bands which I have seen live multiple times, whose records I love and being a constant companion in the past and present. Simply strong songs that impress and touch me or which I just only like. The artwork came on its own and I hope it appeals to you. Take this as a small gift and listen to it while cooking, in the train/plane, while cycling or body sport... made to play loud! 

1.Not Another Hit
2.The Traveller
3.Remember Tomorrow
4.Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
5.Ruperts Grün
6.A Forest
7.Shot Down In Flames
8.In Shreds
9.Chelsea Monday
11.Such A Shame
14.Walking On Both Sides
15.Very Ape


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