Tuesday, December 26, 2017

V/A - Live & Alive [Special] 2017

It's time again to torture you with one of my superfluous self-made compilations and since I'm a Live person, this Machwerk is full with sixteen Alive goodies from bands which I have seen live multiple times, whose records I love and being a constant companion in the past and present. Simply strong songs that impress and touch me or which I just only like. The artwork came on its own and I hope it appeals to you. Take this as a small gift and listen to it while cooking, in the train/plane, while cycling or body sport... made to play loud! 

1.Not Another Hit - DISCO ZOMBIES
2.The Traveller - A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS
3.Remember Tomorrow - IRON MAIDEN
4.Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment - RAMONES
5.Ruperts Grün - TURBOSTAAT
6.A Forest - THE CURE
7.Shot Down In Flames - AC/DC
9.Chelsea Monday - MARILLION
10.Shadowplay - JOY DIVISION
11.Such A Shame - TALK TALK
12.Halleluja - RAMMSTEIN
13.Staub - MESSER
14.Walking On Both Sides - PINK TURNS BLUE
15.Very Ape - NIRVANA
16.Weiter - EA80


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