Saturday, 9 December 2017

DENTIST - s/t LP 1978-1979

Dentist was a french punk from Nice, founded in the late 70's. They play fast, rough & they make it good. Dentist chose superbly their covers ranging from Otis to Radio Birdman, from The Stooges to Question Mark, essential songs exclusively... Even more, Dentist got to writing their own material inspired by the models that they were caught up in, producing an original sound that was neither ridiculous or immature. The A side of the album presents the 1978 session and on side B their 1979 session. Sliding towards a more 60's sound which was an early sign of things to come and the end of the group. Late 1980, Dentist split to leave space for another story: Les Playboys. All in all a classic punk rock nostalgia and this compilation was released by Mémoire Neuve in 2009.