Friday, 8 December 2017

ALONZO & FAS 3 - Dansa Som En Fjäril 7'' 2012

Now something almost new with Michael Alonzo (singer of KSMB) have not made music since KSMB's reunification in the early 90's, but now he felt it was time and in summer he contacted bassist Inge Johansson from The (International) Noise Conspiracy. The band, Fas 3 is Sulo (acoustic guitar) from Diamond Dogs, Nicke Andersson on guitar (Hellacopters), Tony Johansson (guitar) and Tomas on drums. This is their debut record, released on Ny Våg Records and you get two tracks and both pretty damn good. The title track is a perfect upper mid-tempo punk rock number, powerful & melodic while the flip starts tranquil and increases slowly to a proper ballad. I like both songs even if the length is more than three minutes and those of you who like the legendary KSMB albums is well served here and all others become new fans. Alonzo & Phase 3's debut album is released on Blue Fin Recordings in 2013 and the second 'Hur Du Blir En Man' (300 copies) two years later. Also Obacht!!

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

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