Friday, 22 December 2017

TARGETS - Massenhysterie 1985

We start the long X-Mas weekend with full steam and let's open door #22 with a German classic, thirty years ago and not a bit rusty, this legendary and only album of the Slime successor band appeared. Targets existed only two years, released two EP's (listen) and one album, all on Aggressive Rockproduktionen, and they are still popular in our orbit nowadays, no wonder that Colturschock/Höhnie Records reissued the slab in 2014. Why AGR only at the first pressing with red labels the track "Großer Bruder" has is a mystery to me, my copy has yellow labels. Anyway, the songs sounds still fresh, dynamic and with such intensity which is unparalleled in my opinion, and lyrically as brilliant as Slime: "An Outbreak Of Emotions, People Running Around, On A House Sits A Madman With A Sharp Rifle - Chaos Panic Masshysteria!" - I think that's enough info, buy the record, enjoy this German punk nugget and have a nice time!