Monday, 18 December 2017

THE DETONATORS - Billion Dollar Nazis EP 1991

Great four track EP by the Detonators, formed 1979 by Bruce Hartnell & Juan Camacho in Redondo Beach, California, to participate in the emerging hardcore punk rock scene that was exploding in southern California at the time. Just out of high school, the two life-long friends played various parties and gigs with numerous drummers as punk rock was still fairly frowned upon by most musicians, and finding a drummer willing to stick around long enough to allow the band to build an audience what quite a task in itself. Korky Ollerton joined on drums in 1981, and with Hartnell on bass, and Camacho on guitar, the band took to putting and advertisement in a L.A. weekly paper, “The Recycler”, for a vocalist. Mike Mooney passed the audition, and with his inclusion, the band set off work on material that was to become their first album “Emergency Broadcast Systems”. This is just a little intro and you can read their full story via soundclick and not unimportant as well: the needful Smelling Just Another Bad Breath compilation from 1986.