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Sunday, 27 February 2022

THE MIDDLE CLASS - Out Of Vogue [The Early Material] 2008

The Middle Class were an American four piece established 1976 in Santa Ana/California and consisted of Jeff (vocals), Mike (guitar), Mike P. (bass), Bruce (drums). Debate continues to this day as to whether Middle Class were the first Hardcore combo or if Black Flag or Bad Brains were. It is unlikely that Bad Brains were aware of Middle Class, however, as they were unknown outside of California. Their sound evolved from being a blistering, shouted, arty version of punk which would be extremely influential to the hardcore sound that would emerge in the years following their first release, the 1978 Out Of Vogue 7Inch. This record featured the title track along with three other songs. After this they released the Scavenged Luxury 7'' in 1980 which retained the assault of the first record while introducing the influence of UK bands Gang Of Four and Joy Division. 1982 saw the release of their first full length album, the dark Homeland. Their first seven inches were rereleased on the compilation album "Blueprint For Joy" along with several live tracks and songs they contributed to the Tooth & Nail compilation.

In the mid-1980s Mike & Bruce Atta briefly formed a soul/dance band with former The Bags vocalist Alice Bag called the Cambridge Apostles. Bassist Mike Patton went on to produce the Adolescents' first album, guitarist Mike Atta now owns and operates a vintage furniture shop in Fullerton, California called "Out Of Vogue", and drummer Bruce Atta went on to UCLA to major in Philosophy and now teaches Philosophy at Cal State University at Los Angeles. And now enjoy this fifteen track collection (Frontier Records) with their two EPs, compi tracks & rare demos.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Thursday, 1 March 2018

ÞEYR- Mjötviður Til Fóta 2001

And we stay wavie and visit the small volcanic island in the far north of Europe and find us in Reykjavík and meet Þeyr, a renowned new wave band from the early 1980s. Shrouded under a veil of mystery, their three-year existence was characterized by a deep interest in ancient wisdom. Þeyr helped bring about the new wave movement in Iceland and became one of the first Icelandic bands to be known abroad. Their music was now something very special, raw and angry, sometimes compared with works of Killing Joke or Joy Division. Their music never has been re-released as the masters are believed to be lost. However in 2001 a compilation was released called Mjötviður til Fóta. It contains songs recovered from the album Mjötviður Mær and the single Iður til Fóta, two records released in 1981. Thus, the only recorded material of the band currently available is this release, as well as some Icelandic compilations which feature a few tracks, released in 2001 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the creation of Theyr. Stolen words again but I think these describe the work of the band excellent and for that they're made by people who can do it better than me. Extra: the Life Transmission 7'' from 1981.

- Great Thx to Dante D -


Sunday, 15 May 2022

NEW ORDER - @ The Venue, Blackpool U.K. 30.08.1982

It's strawberry season again my friends and for the past few days I've been enjoying 500 fresh grams of them, that I can buy here on the side of the road from a local farmer. Even today, not exactly cheap but fresher. Yesterday I told you, that I have a lot of housework to do and today I finished Part 2 and I can tell you that cleaning windows is exhausting, especially when they are big. It's an old building where I live but I would never want to live anywhere else. For musical accompaniment I had this fantastic soundboard recording of New Order's Blackpool performance from 1982 in and I thought: why not post it? The sound quality is okay throughout and I like the early recordings of the four because I think they combine a perfect fusion of Joy Division & New Order and some of their new stuff is also to my liking and runs temporarily on my turntable. Nine songs but that's enough for an entertaining pastime. And now I want to go out in the sun.

Procession/Ceremony/586/Truth/We All Stand/Hurt/Everything's Gone Green/Age Of Consent/Ultraviolence

Saturday, 6 March 2021

SOUTH OF NO NORTH - Fell Frozen 1986

South Of No North was one of the first true darkwave bands to emerge in Greece and consisted of Andreas (vocals), Michalis (guitars), George (bass), Fivos (drums), George (keyboard) and when Charles Bukowski wrote South Of No North, he didn’t know that an Athenian dark wave band would use his title as their band name in November 1983. They had their first gig at Grava’s High School in 1984 with the bands Metro Decay, Villa 21, Yell-O-Yell and Art Of Parties, all label-mates in Creep Records. Mostly influenced by bands such as Japan, Bauhaus and Joy Division, they covered a dark music spectre which was made obvious by their only video shot in their rehearsing studio (check “Baby Steps To A New Era, Vol.II”).

 Their gigs were very rare, considering the existing live clubs of those years, but this didn’t stop Creep Records from signing them up to release the first Greek dark wave album in history. “Lacrimae Christi”, their debut, was recorded during September 1984 and was released April 1985. New wave and dark wave took over in the Greek underground. It was easy to attend to some small gig and see the Headleaders in a bar called “Blue Note” (later called “Masswell”) near Kipseli Square, which was territorial South Of No North’s area. This bar had one of the first VCRs in Athens, playing music vids of foreign new wave bands. Punks like the band Ex-Humans were also hanging around. Actually, Fivos, Ex-Human’s drummer, was also playing with South Of No North, as well. The band used Edgar Alan Poe’s poem “Anabell Lee” for one of their songs in their second album, “Fell Frozen” (which was the last release of Creep Records). During the following years there were a few changes in their line up as two keyboard players were added, which pushed their style away from the guitar-oriented sound. In 1989 they opened for Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at Rodon Club and released the album “South Of No North” reaching the peak of their career with their most successful song, “Sha La La”. One year later they parted ways after a concert with Last Drive and Villa 21. Their last album, a compilation called “Rajah”, was released in 1992 featuring material taken from their past albums. Rumor has it that the band had a new album recorded, which was never released. Later, some of them formed the band Rock Xerox. In 2003 they had a reunion show for the Elfentanz Festival, in Gagarin 205 Club.

Friday, 29 October 2021

NOCTURNAL PROJECTIONS - Studio Recordings 2018

All right friends, for the weekend a band that I appreciate very much and whose music is extra class, a few basics: Formed in Stratford, near New Plymouth, New Zealand in 1981, Nocturnal Projections was the explosive project of legendary and prolific brothers Graeme and Peter Jefferies (who would later form This Kind of Punishment before launching their solo careers), who along with friends Brett Jones and Gordon Rutherford, created some of the most energetic and influential avant-garde punk rock to emerge from the country.

Largely ignored during their tenure (but revered and referenced in the years after their breakup) and often compared to UK contemporaries like Joy Division, Comsat Angels, The Fall, or Wire, Nocturnal Projections stood well apart - never enjoying the luxuries of unlimited studio time, music videos or international fame, the NPs possessed a driven, rough-hewn serrated edge that cut through the lot comparisons to the UK post-punk exports of the era. They were ahead of their time, completely singular, and for those that had the benefit of seeing Nocturnal Projections play live – formative, with a dedicated cult following to this day.

As residents of New Plymouth’s Lion Tavern during their first year as a band, they perfected their soaring, impactful live set locally (often as the only band, without an opener and 3 hours to fill!) before heading off to Auckland in January of 1982, performing with bands like The Fall, John Cooper Clarke, and New Order at venues like The Mainstreet Cabaret, The Rumba Bar and Reverb Room. *The band recorded three EPs at Stebbing Studios in Auckland: The self-titled and self-released 7” single released April 1st of 1982, with the “Another Year” 12Inch following later that year. Their self-titled three song 12” was recorded in 1983, and released by the band posthumously that June, after the band called it quits. The Jefferies would move on and regroup with Rutherford and sound engineer Andrew Frengley shortly after the NPs fell apart to work under the This Kind of Punishment banner.

“Complete Studio Recordings” comprises the three original Nocturnal Projections studio records, direct to board recordings on a 24 track and not a synthesizer to be found! This release is a crucial part of New Zealand’s punk history, remastered and collected for existing fans and new audiences. Frantic and fast punk anthems like Nerve Ends In Power Lines, Isn’t That Strange, and In Purgatory are a shot in the gut, while slower, more introspective tracks like Difficult Days and You’ll Never Know reveal what the band had in store later with TKP. Nocturnal Projections are hard to pin down: bright, slashing, and prominent guitars with driving solid basslines and drums in tight lockstep, all with Peter Jefferies’ urgent signature baritone vocals soaring alongside – the result is still perhaps the most energetic, unique, and fresh music to ever emerge from the post-punk scene. 

One more great album Inmates In Images was released in 2018 and comprises the band’s best and rare material recorded right off the board at key gigs, capturing the unique and unbridled energy of Nocturnal Projections. And now: ENJOY!!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

LARSEN - No! EP 1983

Larsen were from Madrid and were one of the pioneers of punk rock in Spain, with a lot of influences of postpunk bands like Joy Division. Emerge in 1980 in Madrid were Monk on vocals, guitar Chicken, Frog and Fly on bass and drums. The Monk's distinctive voice quickly becomes a renowned group of Movida particularly through her song "The French Border." In 1982, Chicken left the group, becoming a trio until 1984, when the voice enters Chema. In the spring of 1985 the group eventually disbanded and Chicken, along with components of the ICU, formed another punk band called Commando 9mm, perhaps the most long-lived punk band from Spain.

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

NEW ORDER - Movement 1981

Exceptionally early this Wednesday and not really my time but somehow I want to introduce this slab, the extroverted debut of a band that has been with me since the early 80s: New Order, surely everyone of you knows well. They were formed 1980 by vocalist & guitarist Bernard Sumner, bassist Peter Hook, and drummer Stephen Morris. Info: The band formed after the demise of Joy Division, following the suicide of lead singer Ian Curtis; they were joined by Gillian Gilbert on keyboards later that year. New Order's integration of post-punk with electronic and dance music made them one of the most acclaimed and influential bands of the 1980s. They were the flagship band for Manchester-based independent record label Factory Records and its nightclub The Haçienda, and worked in long-term collaboration with graphic designer Peter Saville. The initial release as New Order was the single "Ceremony", backed with "In A Lonely Place". These two songs were written in the weeks before Curtis took his own life. With the release of Movement in November 1981, the band initially started on a similar route as their previous incarnation, performing dark, melodic songs, albeit with an increased use of synthesisers. They viewed the period as a low point, as they were still reeling from Curtis' death. Hook commented that the only positive thing to come out of the Movement sessions was that producer Martin Hannett had showed the band how to use a mixing board, which allowed them to produce records by themselves from then on. More recently, Hook indicated a change of heart: "I think Movement gets a raw deal in general really - for me, when you consider the circumstances in which it was written, it is a fantastic record." Numerous albums & singles have been released and none of them sound like the previous ones, that's the great thing about the band, they develop and try out the equipment that is available and Movement is the beginning of a long musical diversity. Great music from a great band.

Monday, 23 May 2022

ØRESUS - Ansikt Til Ansikt 1983

Øresus was a Punk/New Wave band from Skien and existed between 1979 and 1983. The band started under the name Mikey Mads Band and released two 7Inches and one album (Uncle Remus Records) during their lifetime. Øresus consisted of Jan Ove Lorentzen (vocals/guitar), Pål Lillefjære (guitar), Frode Wara (bass) and Ragnar Køhn (drums)Galt Et Sted was the great debut 7Inch on Øreplater, followed by the second one Mannen I Badekaret in 1982 before the album came out in 1983. All were released on the band's own record label. Musically, the band developed from ska-inspired Punk via more aggressive sound to gloomy new wave inspired by Joy Division. They disbanded in the summer of 1983 when Lorentzen moved to Bergen, where he was part of the Radio Phantoms. The rest of the members have all been in several bands, Frode has played in Electric Gangsters, Fructdrops, Tracemen, Svarte Faen, and Ragnar in Paal & Paal Band. Øresus is one of very few bands from the period that has a reunion and plays concerts here and then. Ansikt Til Ansikt has ten catchy powerful candies that come across amazingly professional. Nice Record!

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

CHUZPE - Love Will Tear Us Apart 7'' 1980

Chuzpe was very likely the first real punk band in Austria and was founded in 1977 by the Austrian Underground-/New-Wave-Band singer, guitarist and songwriter Robert "Räudig" Wolf with versatile cast and "Wiener Schmäh" (With Weaner Schmäh is popularly referred to one of the residents of Vienna awarded mentality, which is characterized by humor or the associated state of mind: often somewhat melancholy, sarcastic or morbid, humorous and belittling, sometimes slightly cunning and mischievous, often grantelnd (misanthropic), usually accompanied by a smile and friendly.The term libel is not associated with an insult in conjunction). They sang English and Viennese. Under the influence of the Ramones and Sex Pistols, their music evolved more and more into punk. In 1978 they recorded in the gorilla studio a few songs and which four were selected for a single. This would have been the first punk release in Austria but the production was, unfortunately for cost reasons, set prematurely (Two songs were posthumously released on the noteworthy Austro-punk compilation Es Chaos Is Die Botschaft from 1997). In May 1979, Chuzpe appear with three songs on the Wiener Blutrausch compilation. The band performed in 1979 for a short time as Robert Räudig & The Beat Boys and published in the same year, the first Chuzpe single and their style already went towards into neo-garage and mod-wave. This was the beginning of a development that Chuzpe were known as one of the Austria's most successful new-wave bands. The absolutly brilliant cover of Joy Division's 'Love Will Tear Us Apart', which made it to number 8 in the Ö3 charts is awesome and one of the best covers I ever heard. As Chuzpe77 the band released in 2003 a 16 song album with their old stuff in heavily guitar-based versions. After a farewell gig in 2004, the project Chuzpe77 was buried.

- Big Thx goes to Reinhard -

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

X-BELIEBIG - Leben Ist Blut 7'' 1982

Started 1980 in Vienna, X-Beliebig based primarily on German Punk, although none of them felt as a punk. After months of rehearsals, followed later that year the first performance at the Wiener Neustadt Snack Bar, followed by numerous gigs which organized by the band themselves and in summer they released their first 7'' on Panza-Platte, "Leben Ist Blut" become a hit at the U4. Founding member Franz then left the band and was replaced by Zoltán and they moved away from punk and turned more towards to Wave (inspired by bands such as Joy Division). Shortly they released a mini-LP which is hardly known today and extremely difficult to find. After a gig in Innsbruck the band disbanded in 1983. Visit the Austro-Rock-Lexikon blog for more secrets and catch this rare copy yet!

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

BEFORE - A Wish Of Life 1982

From Denmark came Before and they were active from 1980-1983. At it's time considered one of the most important punkbands in Denmark. Fronted by vocalist Fritz Bonfils, the band featured a dark and intense music, recollect Velvet Underground or Joy Division, and their only album considered a landmark in the Danish underground. In the earliest incarnation of this shortlived band, the line up included Danish electronica pioneer Martin Hall and future lead-singer of Sort Sol (Sods), Steen Jørgensen. This Album was recorded at Karma and Hookfarm Studios in the spring of 1982 in Copenhagen and was released by Irmgardz Records. Ten remarkable driving punk/wave songs contains this awesome album which fits any mood. A permanent guest on my phone.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

V2 - Speed Freak EP 1978

Damn good debut record by this Manchester combo on Bent Records with three awesome KBD smasher and because I'm a lousy writer I steal a little Info: "V2 were formed in late 1976 by David Wilks and Mark Standley. Both were regulars at Bowie/Roxy clubs in Manchester and became aware of punk rock when Dave Went to see the Sex Pistols in Manchester. This seminal gig at the Lesser Free Trade hall, at which the Pistols were supported by Manchester bands, Slaughter and the dogs, the Buzzcocks, inspired the next generation of bands to come out of Manchester, the Drones, Joy Division, the Fall, and V2. V2 brought their Glam Rock past to the band, and quickly became a popular live act with over the top shows, explosions, smashing up their equipment, and bassist Stan the Man attacking audiences with his cricket bat guitar when they spat at him once to often. Their first single, released on Bent records, (small bent one) was released in late '77, and quickly sold out 3 pressings. It featured three songs, Speedfreak Nothing to do and That's it. It went into the alternative top ten on each release." Read the full V2 bio. R.I.P. David! Compilations featuring the band: England Belongs To Me and the brand new Greater Manchester Punk - matchless!

Sunday, 23 January 2022

THERAPY? - Troublegum 1994

Melodically dark punk with a dose of metal-like sound, this is Troublegum by Therapy? from Larne/Northern Ireland and this masterpiece were recorded by Andy (vocals/guitar), Michael (bass), Fyfe (drums) and Nowhere was the single that drew my attention to the band. This Sucker is a high watermark of early alternative punk/metal, spectacular, powerful and a clutter-free record and it got them some attention in the commercial world, but other than that, this album is the best and most haunting thing they've ever done in my opinion. Dynamic songs with excellent songwriting that the Nineties needed. A review: "Densely packed at fourteen songs in forty minutes, there's sharpness on every level, demonstrating that the promise evidenced on Nurse was no mirage. Chris Sheldon's job on the boards provides separation among all the instruments, avoiding the mashed effect from Therapy?'s previous outings. Fyfe Ewing and Michael McKeegan basically do what they've been doing all along as a rhythm section, but the increased clarity really allows for one to fully appreciate their abilities. Andy Cairns' vocal range and ear for melody increase tenfold, and his guitar takes on countless tones and textures only hinted at before. Detractors might claim that the riffs are too predictable and too "metal," which is somewhat understandable but ultimately unfair. One could call them simple, and one could call them focused; it's more the latter. Since the songwriting is more direct and less concerned with merely knocking things out and stopping after three minutes or so, everything is fully formed and completely realized. It's the absolute opposite of aimless, which is something Therapy? was sometimes guilty of. There's much more variety, too. With each play, it becomes increasingly obvious that no two songs sound much like each other, yet each song hangs together to form a singular piece. Metal-phobes can't help but give in to the irresistable pop-punk hooks of "Screamager" and "Nowhere." An obvious influence is acknowledged in a storming version of Joy Division's "Isolation," which pays tribute and transforms at the same time. "Unrequited" can't be missed, featuring a rattling guitar riff that gets yanked away by a violent cello tug from Martin McCarrick." (Andy Kellman) - Should you demand for more now, I recommend a visit over to the big city where further examples of the band wait.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

WARSAW PAKT - Safe & Warm 7'' 1977

Warsaw Pakt was a short-lived punk group which were active in the years of 1977-78, though some of its members had heritages linking them to the 1960s underground. This was apparent in their sound, which was a sophisticated punk thrash with plenty of energy but also more structure than some contemporaries. Drummer Lucas Fox had been in the first incarnation of Motörhead with Larry Wallis of the legendary Pink Fairies, while Colquhoun's other work includes spells in The Deviants and Pink Fairies reunions. Their claim to fame is to have recorded an awesome album Needle Time that was in the shops 24 hours after the first note was recorded (viz the session ended at 10 p.m. on Saturday 26 November 1977 and the album was ready to be sold by 7am on Sunday 27.November 1977). The band was trying to make a point about technology in doing this, and the album sleeve was a 12" square brown bag with stickers and rubber stamping to display the band name and album title. After Warsaw Pakt, guitarist Andy Colquhoun joined Brian James' Youth, subsequently moved on to the band The Pink Fairies, and then a band with ex-MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer. When Needle Time was deleted by Island Records within a week of release (after reputedly selling 5,000 copies), the band released a tape with few out-takes under the title See You In Court before evaporating. The seminal post-punk band Joy Division (at one time called Warsaw), changed its name to the former in late 1977 for fear of being confused with Warsaw Pakt. (source: wikipedia)

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

VISITORS - Compatibility 7'' 1981

The Visitors hailed from Edinburgh, where they started off as the Deleted. Members were John McVay (vox), Colin Craigie (guitars), Derek McVay (bass) and Keith Wilson (drums). They released three 7inches and their third single on Rational records featured two tracks taken from the band's second Peel session. Both songs very emotional, bass-driven and long. Very nice gloomy atmosphere where you can indulge in nostalgia, not desperation this is about new hope and get up again. They are represented on some compilations, for example: Neighbour Annoyer and who like Joy Division, Pink Turns Blue or melodic New Wave sounds should not waste any time to download this fine record.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

NEW ORDER - Never, Never Play Berlin Again 1984

Another highlight here in my blog is the bootleg record from a band which I will not say much, you all know them and love or hate their records and you can find lots of information in the Web. New Order were formed 1980 in Manchester, shortly after the suicide of Ian Curtis (Joy Division, Warsaw) they released a lot of awesome albums (my faveourite one is the first LP called 'Movement') and a lot of bad and cool bootlegs. This here is a cool one. The sound quality is quite good and the song selection too. And if you should ask about the title then you will hear that the singer and the band were not amused about the audience. I don't know what happens at the gig but the boys are really pissed and if somebody of You out there was present I would like to here what went wrong. Maybe the mixer or the sound acoustic was bad or anything else. - Well at least it's a long time ago I heard New Order albums and so it comes to this rip and it was a good idea or, hahaha... - The plate cracked a little bit but I don't think the sound goes in a trashcan (Well, that's the deal with unoffical releases). Anyway, enjoy this nice sound right now and I hope I get the whole story.

Lonesome Tonite/Your Silent Face/Dreams Never End/The Japanese One/Thieves Like Us/Confusion/586/Temptation

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

V/A - Live & Alive [Special] 2017

It's time again to torture you with one of my superfluous self-made compilations and since I'm a Live person, this Machwerk is full with sixteen Alive goodies from bands which I have seen live multiple times, whose records I love and being a constant companion in the past and present. Simply strong songs that impress and touch me or which I just only like. The artwork came on its own and I hope it appeals to you. Take this as a small gift and listen to it while cooking, in the train/plane, while cycling or body sport... made to play loud! 

1.Not Another Hit - DISCO ZOMBIES
2.The Traveller - A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS
3.Remember Tomorrow - IRON MAIDEN
4.Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment - RAMONES
5.Ruperts Grün - TURBOSTAAT
6.A Forest - THE CURE
7.Shot Down In Flames - AC/DC
9.Chelsea Monday - MARILLION
10.Shadowplay - JOY DIVISION
11.Such A Shame - TALK TALK
12.Halleluja - RAMMSTEIN
13.Staub - MESSER
14.Walking On Both Sides - PINK TURNS BLUE
15.Very Ape - NIRVANA
16.Weiter - EA80


Sunday, 5 July 2015

PEKINŠKA PATKA - Strah Od Monotonije 1981

After their great debut Plitka Poezija from 1980 Pekinška Patka released their 2nd and last album again on Jugoton Records and they changed their sound complete into a more alternative/wave (darkwave) sound. This makes the album more interesting I think and the distinctive voice of the singer is made for it. I can imagine that some will be disappointed but the change of the sound is not done badly, my hit is clearly 'Monotonija', wavige keys meets a driving bass playing, the baritone voice and the monotone rhythm kicks the song to Joy Division feelings and after that comes with 'Neko' a groovy punk firecracker like from the old times...the LP is rounded off with a beautiful ballad. A real good album I think - Listen!!! So now I have to go for a cold shower!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

V/A - For Our Beloved Departed! [Special] 2014

Exactly one year ago, I lost my love - R.I.P. my beloved Girl, still missing you!

1.In A Lonely Place - NEW ORDER
3.Jewel - CRANES
6.Nur Zu Besuch - TOTEN HOSEN
7.Kein Zurück - WOLFSHEIM
8.Der Tanz Der Schatten - THEATRE OF TRAGEDY
9.Where The Lights Won't Shine - PSYCHED UP JANIS
10.Atmosphere - JOY DIVISION
12.Missing You - PINK TURNS BLUE
13.Let Your Fingers Do The Walking - SORT SOL
14.It's All Over - THE GOD MACHINE
15.Late Night - THIS MORTAL COIL
16.Exit Music - RADIOHEAD

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

CRISIS - The Guilty Have A Past 2004

This unofficial compilation by State Laughter Records is full with fourteen nuggets and we talkin' about Crisis, a band which was formed 1977 in Guildford, a large town in Surrey, with the lineup of Phrazer (vocals), Lester Jones (lead guitar), Douglas Pearce (guitar), Tony Wakeford (bass) and Insect Robin (drums) and they released in their short lifetime three great singles and a mini-LP. "Crisis adopted slower tempos and concentrated more on the atmosphere and tension of the music rather than just making a loud, generic thrash.In many ways, by 1978 they were already dabbling in a style which, much later on, would be referred to as Post-Punk, not a million miles away from early Joy Division or The Ruts’ moodier moments." In early 1979, the band underwent a major change in personnel when Phrazer and Insect Robin were replaced by Dexter (a longtime fan and roadie) and Luke Rendle. After performing their last show, supporting Magazine and Bauhaus in their hometown of Guildford @ Surrey University 10.05.1980, the band broke up.