Sunday, May 15, 2022

NEW ORDER - @ The Venue, Blackpool U.K. 30.08.1982

It's strawberry season again my friends and for the past few days I've been enjoying 500 fresh grams of them, that I can buy here on the side of the road from a local farmer. Even today, not exactly cheap but fresher. Yesterday I told you, that I have a lot of housework to do and today I finished Part 2 and I can tell you that cleaning windows is exhausting, especially when they are big. It's an old building where I live but I would never want to live anywhere else. For musical accompaniment I had this fantastic soundboard recording of New Order's Blackpool performance from 1982 in and I thought: why not post it? The sound quality is okay throughout and I like the early recordings of the four because I think they combine a perfect fusion of Joy Division & New Order and some of their new stuff is also to my liking and runs temporarily on my turntable. Nine songs but that's enough for an entertaining pastime. And now I want to go out in the sun.

Procession/Ceremony/586/Truth/We All Stand/Hurt/Everything's Gone Green/Age Of Consent/Ultraviolence

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  1. Bacon PB Muffin15 May 2022 at 15:14

    Great era of N.O. - thank you...