Monday, May 16, 2022

DIE ANGST - Die Angst In Euch Ist Die Angst In Uns 2012

The following band is always a welcome guest in my theater. 3 out of 26 reasons a) we're talking about Die Angst from Rathenow and one of my faves, b) their powerful, sombre music turns me on with its driving dynamic extra long elegiac bass runs, scrappy 80s guitars and refreshing heaviness, that's the sound that keeps me awake, and c) a new 7inch is coming out these days on their own Moon Records label (order/listen now via bandcamp) with two crackers in the typical Angst style. On this superb six track mini CD are Seve (vocals/bass), Kilian (vocals/guitars) and Jensen (drums) making music... splendid music. The only thing I have to complain: the slabs are too short. I've barely arrived and after thirty minutes the journey is already over. I mean, it's different with a hardcore record because of the number of tracks, after that I'm inspired and it's good. With the Brandenburgers I'm on my trip in the middle of nowhere and waiting for the bus, you know what I mean? 'ZackBumBäng' - Well, I'll get in again. Enjoy all the wafts of fog and don't miss the next episode when it says again: Mommy, I don't have a bus ticket!

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