Saturday, May 14, 2022

ASTA KASK - Handen På Hjärtat 2013

Founded 1978 in Töreboda, Asta Kask have been on the road for a number of years and have released a couple of important albums. Handen Pa Hjärtat is their latest one and the first thing that strikes you is the grandiose cover, which I think is very successful. Speaks a clear language, doesn't it? Also noteworthy the record label with the sonorous name "Kloakens Alternativa Antiproduktion" which immediately makes me smile and I tip my hat to so much creativity. This is what I called D.I.Y. Their two 80's albums Med Is I Magen & Aldrig En are fantastic must-listen slabs and with this piece of wax they continue seamlessly. Eleven melodic icings that delight the heart and push you into another dimension, even the Martians fall off their chairs. Despite singing in Swedish, the band have gained international reputation and their songs have been covered by acts from three continents. You see, you don't always need English. Enough words, I have a lot of housework today and maybe I'll rip another record, ma gugge.

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