Tuesday, July 04, 2017

BEFORE - A Wish Of Life 1982

From Denmark came Before and they were active from 1980-1983. At it's time considered one of the most important punkbands in Denmark. Fronted by vocalist Fritz Bonfils, the band featured a dark and intense music, recollect Velvet Underground or Joy Division, and their only album considered a landmark in the Danish underground. In the earliest incarnation of this shortlived band, the line up included Danish electronica pioneer Martin Hall and future lead-singer of Sort Sol (Sods), Steen Jørgensen. This Album was recorded at Karma and Hookfarm Studios in the spring of 1982 in Copenhagen and was released by Irmgardz Records. Ten remarkable driving punk/wave songs contains this awesome album which fits any mood. A permanent guest on my phone.


  1. danke für diese und die Reporters Scheibe.

  2. I'm not sure what I was doing in 2017 but I wish it was visiting your blog to learn about Before. Sounds incredible. Could you please repost?