Monday, 3 July 2017

THE REPORTERS - Bare Hands 1983

Music for your ears by this New Wave combo from Athens and this is their one & only album on Creep Records, the first independent record label of the so-called "English-speaking" bands. This record is a classic new wave album with great charismatic personality in vocals and the Reporters founded by Kostas (guitar + voice), Solon (bass), Chrysostomos (keys), Paraskevas (guitars) and George (drums). Bare Hands is a nice post-punk/new wave record with very good atmospheric synth compositions with lush and dark lyrics and existential references and worries. But don't be frightened, it's a fantastic album, great cover and with Headleaders one of the best records from Greece and the label. In 2012 Geheimnis Records released a 30th anniversary edition of 2x10'' in 215 copies with the album plus the 7Inch 'Computer World' lots of pics and a small biography.

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  1. 3rd day of week and 3 gems I download just now:Thank you very much and enjoy this week:)