Saturday, July 25, 2015

NEW ORDER - Never, Never Play Berlin Again 1984

Another highlight here in my blog is the bootleg record from a band which I will not say much, you all know them and love or hate their records and you can find lots of information in the Web. New Order were formed 1980 in Manchester, shortly after the suicide of Ian Curtis (Joy Division, Warsaw) they released a lot of awesome albums (my faveourite one is the first LP called 'Movement') and a lot of bad and cool bootlegs. This here is a cool one. The sound quality is quite good and the song selection too. And if you should ask about the title then you will hear that the singer and the band were not amused about the audience. I don't know what happens at the gig but the boys are really pissed and if somebody of You out there was present I would like to here what went wrong. Maybe the mixer or the sound acoustic was bad or anything else. - Well at least it's a long time ago I heard New Order albums and so it comes to this rip and it was a good idea or, hahaha... - The plate cracked a little bit but I don't think the sound goes in a trashcan (Well, that's the deal with unoffical releases). Anyway, enjoy this nice sound right now and I hope I get the whole story.

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