Tuesday, 30 December 2014

CHUZPE - Love Will Tear Us Apart 7'' 1980

Chuzpe was very likely the first real punk band in Austria and was founded in 1977 by the Austrian Underground-/New-Wave-Band singer, guitarist and songwriter Robert "Räudig" Wolf with versatile cast and "Wiener Schmäh" (With Weaner Schmäh is popularly referred to one of the residents of Vienna awarded mentality, which is characterized by humor or the associated state of mind: often somewhat melancholy, sarcastic or morbid, humorous and belittling, sometimes slightly cunning and mischievous, often grantelnd (misanthropic), usually accompanied by a smile and friendly.The term libel is not associated with an insult in conjunction). They sang English and Viennese. Under the influence of the Ramones and Sex Pistols, their music evolved more and more into punk. In 1978 they recorded in the gorilla studio a few songs and which four were selected for a single. This would have been the first punk release in Austria but the production was, unfortunately for cost reasons, set prematurely (Two songs were posthumously released on the noteworthy Austro-punk compilation Es Chaos Is Die Botschaft from 1997). In May 1979, Chuzpe appear with three songs on the Wiener Blutrausch compilation. The band performed in 1979 for a short time as Robert Räudig & The Beat Boys and published in the same year, the first Chuzpe single and their style already went towards into neo-garage and mod-wave. This was the beginning of a development that Chuzpe were known as one of the Austria's most successful new-wave bands. The absolutly brilliant cover of Joy Division's 'Love Will Tear Us Apart', which made it to number 8 in the Ö3 charts is awesome and one of the best covers I ever heard. As Chuzpe77 the band released in 2003 a 16 song album with their old stuff in heavily guitar-based versions. After a farewell gig in 2004, the project Chuzpe77 was buried.

- Big Thx goes to Reinhard -

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  1. Can you image how this tune reminds me to my youth?
    Buried memories are awaken once and Genesis, Alphaville, Paul Young & Cindy Lauper come to my mind.

    I liked this song very much, even more the short guitar riff at the end (remember I hated the sax tho) - and I was always pissed when public broadcast (Ö3) faded out before it started … and I swear they did almost every time.
    Many Years later (or was it decades?) I discovered it was a cover and as usual: The song you´re used to outplays the original by far.

    Thanks WDM for bringing those old memories back!