Tuesday, 30 December 2014

PPPÖNK - PP. EP 1997

Here’s a blast from the Icelandic underground past. The band started in 1997 with an exchange student named Benjamin Jay Kline, who studied in Flensborg High School. He had agreed to partake in the school’s singing competition, with his own song. When the time came he decided to go to the movies instead and asked his “sister”, Laufey, to sing it instead, to which she agreed. The school band had one Freyr Gígja on guitar and Guðni on drums, and their co-operation proved so fun that they decided to continue, and recruited Nonni on guitar and Bjössi on bass. While waiting for the drummer on their first practice, a chap they knew named Kjartan was out walking his dog, and dropped in on a visit. He sat behind the drum-kit, counted in, and thus the band was fully formed. The band had one popular song, called “Surferboy” which got on some charts, and was released on a compilation CD called “Drepnir”. Then Freyr dropped out and Gísli Árnason took his place. The Sugarcubes’ label Bad Taste got wind of them and released this awesome 8 Song EP in 1997.

- Special Thanks to Sunny -

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