Wednesday, June 21, 2017

X-BELIEBIG - Leben Ist Blut 7'' 1982

Started 1980 in Vienna, X-Beliebig based primarily on German Punk, although none of them felt as a punk. After months of rehearsals, followed later that year the first performance at the Wiener Neustadt Snack Bar, followed by numerous gigs which organized by the band themselves and in summer they released their first 7'' on Panza-Platte, "Leben Ist Blut" become a hit at the U4. Founding member Franz then left the band and was replaced by Zoltán and they moved away from punk and turned more towards to Wave (inspired by bands such as Joy Division). Shortly they released a mini-LP which is hardly known today and extremely difficult to find. After a gig in Innsbruck the band disbanded in 1983. Visit the Austro-Rock-Lexikon blog for more secrets and catch this rare copy yet!


  1. Thanks WDM! I wonder what is "the U4"?


    Fernando :)

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  3. X-BELIEBIG was founded in Wiener Neustadt in 1980 by the two then-17-year-olds Rene Adamecz (guitars/vocals), Franz Heuschneider (bass), as well as Bernd Bechtloff (drums)—Bechtloff had just turned 13 years old at the time.

    The primary musical focus was at first German-language punk, although none of the musicians considered themselves punk rockers.They rehearsed for several months and, in 1980, gave their first concert at the Snack-Bar, a highly popular venue in Wiener Neustadt at the time. Performances near Wiener Neustadt with various smaller bands from Wiener Neustadt (among them Zerbrechlich and Dämmerattacke), mostly in self-organized concerts, followed. The band later went on to perform in Vienna, at the Amerlinghaus, Metropol, Gassergasse and the U4.In the spring of 1981, the original bassist Franz Heuschneider switched to the Wiener Neustadt band Dämmerattacke and was replaced by Zoltán Daróczi. Starting at this time, a clear change in the band’s musical focus, away from punk and towards music inspired by the band Joy Division but with German texts, could be observed.In the spring of 1981 a cassette recording was recorded for the Panza-Platte label, and the single Leben ist Blut / Illusionen (english: Life is Blood / Illusions) was recorded in the summer of 1981.