Monday, May 23, 2022

ØRESUS - Ansikt Til Ansikt 1983

Øresus was a Punk/New Wave band from Skien and existed between 1979 and 1983. The band started under the name Mikey Mads Band and released two 7Inches and one album (Uncle Remus Records) during their lifetime. Øresus consisted of Jan Ove Lorentzen (vocals/guitar), Pål Lillefjære (guitar), Frode Wara (bass) and Ragnar Køhn (drums)Galt Et Sted was the great debut 7Inch on Øreplater, followed by the second one Mannen I Badekaret in 1982 before the album came out in 1983. All were released on the band's own record label. Musically, the band developed from ska-inspired Punk via more aggressive sound to gloomy new wave inspired by Joy Division. They disbanded in the summer of 1983 when Lorentzen moved to Bergen, where he was part of the Radio Phantoms. The rest of the members have all been in several bands, Frode has played in Electric Gangsters, Fructdrops, Tracemen, Svarte Faen, and Ragnar in Paal & Paal Band. Øresus is one of very few bands from the period that has a reunion and plays concerts here and then. Ansikt Til Ansikt has ten catchy powerful candies that come across amazingly professional. Nice Record!

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