Tuesday, 24 May 2022

THE UPRISE - One By One EP 1988

Looks like a typical Oi! record but that's isn't the case. The Uprise were a Hardcore/Oi! band from Morrisville, formed in 1986 by Skinny Jimmy (vocals), Scott (guitars), Matt (bass), Rob (drums) and disbanded two years later. In their short life-span they released two demos and this nice EP via Oi! Core Records with four fantastic killers. An apt review from Threatening Society fanzine I would like to quote: "Oh No, Skinheads!" is what you’re probably thinking. But these guys are different. They’re really nice and they’ve dedicated to the scene. And their EP rips, to boot! They’ve really improved, and their melodious sound comes across incredibly well. They’ve also matured a lot lyrically. Very positive lyrics (despite the titles), especially in “Destruction” where they plead for unity. Now that legitimate reason has called it quits, the Uprise seem to be the most promising band here in Philly, Watch for them! [MICKEY, Threatening Society/Issue #7, circa 1989] - They're featured on a couple of compilations, mostly on cassettes.... and that's it for today. 

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