Wednesday, May 25, 2022

TRÖCKENER KECKS - Nie Alle Meisjes Zijn Verliedfd Op Kors EP 1982

Or "Not All Girls Are In Love With Kors", a clear statement and so we swing into this excellent second EP by Tröckener Kecks from Amsterdam with three lively numbers. When it comes to releasing records, the band worked according to the 'Do It Yourself' principle and up to and including 1987, records are released independently, so also with this small piece of wax full to the brim with hearty enjoyment. From 1983 another guitarist was added and gradually, the band's sound shifts to that of a mainstream rock band; and that is remarkable at a time when many bands opt for the fashionable new wave sound. Numerous albums and singles followed and the band has become one of the most popular in the Netherlands.

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