Thursday, May 26, 2022

THE VORES - Love Canal EP 1978

Juhuuu, Feiertag today and finally being myself and this feels so perfect. What's for breakfast today? The Vores from Buffalo/New York recorded two 7Inches on Family Only and this is their first one. The line-up consisted of Biff (vocals/guitar), Dave (guitar/vocals), Gary (bass), Mike (drums) and four pieces we have on this little sucker. Forming in the late 70s they came from the Punk/NewWave and apart from being included on various compilations documenting that era in US punk/music from New York at that time, they have generally been neglected. This is apparently due to the few really interesting labels of the time and therefore no entry ticket was available. But the slab is acceptable to me and it's not for nothing that the detectives invited them to the catchy series called Killed By Death and Bloodstains. Schee!

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