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Monday, 23 May 2022

ØRESUS - Ansikt Til Ansikt 1983

Øresus was a Punk/New Wave band from Skien and existed between 1979 and 1983. The band started under the name Mikey Mads Band and released two 7Inches and one album (Uncle Remus Records) during their lifetime. Øresus consisted of Jan Ove Lorentzen (vocals/guitar), Pål Lillefjære (guitar), Frode Wara (bass) and Ragnar Køhn (drums)Galt Et Sted was the great debut 7Inch on Øreplater, followed by the second one Mannen I Badekaret in 1982 before the album came out in 1983. All were released on the band's own record label. Musically, the band developed from ska-inspired Punk via more aggressive sound to gloomy new wave inspired by Joy Division. They disbanded in the summer of 1983 when Lorentzen moved to Bergen, where he was part of the Radio Phantoms. The rest of the members have all been in several bands, Frode has played in Electric Gangsters, Fructdrops, Tracemen, Svarte Faen, and Ragnar in Paal & Paal Band. Øresus is one of very few bands from the period that has a reunion and plays concerts here and then. Ansikt Til Ansikt has ten catchy powerful candies that come across amazingly professional. Nice Record!

Saturday, 2 November 2019

ØRESUS - Galt Et Sted EP 1981 + Mannen I Badekaret 7'' 1982

Øresus ("Tinnitus") started in Skien in 1980 with Frode Olsen on bass, Pål Lillefjære on guitar, Ragnar Khøn on drums and Jan Ove Lorentzen on guitar and vocals. They were soon the leading band in the Telemark area with their mixture of punk, rock and ska combined with crass lyrics about society at large, sung in a Greenland dialect. They released their EP Galt Et Sted ("There Is Something Wrong Someplace") in 1981 and they went on to win the local Championship of Rock the same year, but boycotted the finale in Oslo as a protest against greedy promoters. In 1982 they released the single Mannen I Badekaret ("The Man In The Bathtub") and the year after they released the LP Ansikt Til Ansikt ("Face To Face" & could anybody send this to me? - The band split in 1983 but will reunite for a short gig in March of 2003 to release a CD of their material." by Bård. - All in all six brilliant kbd killers with a tough tempo, a cool saxophone plus a cute ballad. Yeah!! Compilation: Hurra For Norge #2 – Ich habe durch!

Monday, 1 June 2020

V/A - Anarki & Kaos #2 2007

"Punk, Råråkk & Aggression - Archaeological excavations from the Norwegian underground 1978-1981", so briefly about the content of the second Anarki & Kaos compilation from Voices Of Wonder Records and this Silberling is full with rarities and classics. Comes in a decent artwork with much infos, but I don't understand why nobody came up with the idea to translate the whole thing into English... but with a short video which is apparently without sound, hmmmm.... frankly, I can't see any sense in it. Well, somehow I think this CD shouldn't go beyond Norway and is certainly very interesting for locals, but let's be not so critical; Fakt is: together with Volume 1, both provide an excellent insight of the subculture by this country of the early wild years.. Unfortunately only as CD available, but essential for all KBD friends... choose an indispensable listening experience!

1.Produkt Av 70-Åra - HÆRVERK
2.Hurra (For Norge) - Z-OFF
3.Smukke Folks Børn - OSLO BØRS
4.Galt Et Sted - ØRESUS
5.Landsbygda's Fortapte Sønner - ISCHJAZZ
6.Pond - DE PRESS
8.Tvangsinnlagt - ANFALL
9.Klaus - HJERN & MENTAL
10.Stumblin' - BØRRES KORK
11.Rene Hender - THE ALLER VÆRSTE!
12.Urbane Problemer - KJØTT
13.Bølle - FORT & GÆLI
14.Full Kontroll - FEBER
15.Uskyldig Dømt - KOLLAPS
16.Berre På Jævel - SVARTEDAUEN
17.Hva Faen - 1984
18.Jeg Har Fått Nok - STROYERS
19.Babij Jar - BABIJ JAR
20.Parklåt - GEITOST
21.Egertorget - SUNWHEELS
22.Unge Høyre - SQUIRMS
23.Hounds Of Hell - DORIS NIGHT

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

V/A - Hurra For Norge # 2 2007

Get ready for the second Volume of rare Norwegian punk 1979-1986 by Svindel Records and it's again full with goodies you never hear before. Taken from demos, rehearsals, outtakes and much rough live numbers which are here available for the first time (as with Volume 1) and all infos you need about bands/songs are withinGood mood and sweaty hands are guaranteed, discover something new and inject the dose of wild passion into your pear.

1.Snutesvin - Ø.B.K.
2.Konstant Anfall/Fader Vår - K-ANFALL
3.Skyggene Fra I Går - OSLO BEURS
4.Det E For Jævlig - KVIIIN
5.Problemer - HÆRVERK
6.Drøm Eller Mareritt - FEBER
7.Dødsonanist - DATAKLUSS
9.Rockerne Er Nekrofile - DE SJENERTE
10.Det Er Bare Løgn - BETONG HYSTERIA
11.Hærverk - SVARTEDAUEN
12.The Crazed - FLINTSTONES
13.Hippieblod - STROYERS
14.TV's Cool - Z-OFF
17.Supermann I Kvikksand/Skoletrøtt/Ku Klux Klan - OVERDOSE
18.I Don't Know - FRONT PAGE
19.Tel Hævete Mæ Dæm Aill - KONFRONTASJON
21.Regjer - SVARTE FAEN
23.Omega - BANNLYST
24.Brenn Loven - OPPSLUTNING
26.Kværk Kleppe - SLIPS
27.Se Dæ Rundt - MITTI SKRITTI
28.Complicated Minds - EASTER BUNNIES
29.Hooker - PINK DIRT
30.Alle Er I Mot Oss - KAOS
32.Mannen I Badetkaret - ØRESUS