Saturday, 2 November 2019

ØRESUS - Galt Et Sted EP 1981 + Mannen I Badekaret 7'' 1982

Øresus ("Tinnitus") started in Skien in 1980 with Frode Olsen on bass, Pål Lillefjære on guitar, Ragnar Khøn on drums and Jan Ove Lorentzen on guitar and vocals. They were soon the leading band in the Telemark area with their mixture of punk, rock and ska combined with crass lyrics about society at large, sung in a Greenland dialect. They released their EP Galt Et Sted ("There Is Something Wrong Someplace") in 1981 and they went on to win the local Championship of Rock the same year, but boycotted the finale in Oslo as a protest against greedy promoters. In 1982 they released the single Mannen I Badekaret ("The Man In The Bathtub") and the year after they released the LP Ansikt Til Ansikt ("Face To Face" & could anybody send this to me? - The band split in 1983 but will reunite for a short gig in March of 2003 to release a CD of their material." by Bård. - All in all six brilliant kbd killers with a tough tempo, a cool saxophone plus a cute ballad. Yeah!! Compilation: Hurra For Norge #2 – Ich habe durch!

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